Arsenal player ratings v Burnley – A few players put in some improved performances

A 3-1 away win in our final Premier League of the season is very much welcomed, it gives the team a boost and means that we end the domestic season on a positive note and not with the lads being criticised for another dismal performance.

As well as a good win we can also celebrate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being crowned the Golden Boot winner along with Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane of Liverpool.

That said, it was far from perfect but then again, it was the final game of the season and it showed with some laid back performances and that is reflected in some of the player ratings.

Bernd Leno – 6

An ok game where he made a couple of good saves and was not bothered too much

Stephan Lichtsteiner – 6

No complaints really other than I wish he was a better passer with the ball

Konstantinos Mavropanos – 6

Average game until he was sadly subbed through injury, remains a work in progress.

Shkodran Mustafi – 7

I think this is the fourth game in a row where I have said he had a decent game, has certainly improved after a woeful couple of months and I am starting to like the German as each game passes.

Nacho Monreal – 6

Average game with no real complaints, he did his job efficiently.

Matteo Guendouzi – 8

I thought he had a very good game, was his usual busy self and played as if this was the first game of the season. Overall I was surprisingly very pleased with the youngster.

Mohamed Elneny – 7

Another one that surprised me, he was efficient and showed hunger, in fact, he looked as if he was trying to impress in the hope he was not sold.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan – 6

Better than some of his recent performances, maybe he has woken up to the constant criticism and is starting to get his act together.

Joe Willock – 6

Had the odd moment of showing us what he can become but lacked consistency and more game time is definitely needed.

Alex Iwobi – 7

Weirdly enough he also had a decent game and just like Elneny and Mkhitaryan played as if he had something to prove.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 9

Two goals and a Golden Boot winner and deservedly gets the highest rating today.


Laurent Koscielny – 7

I Thought he had a decent game from the subs bench and again showed how valuable experience is.

Eddie Nketiah – 7

Not the best performance but his rating gets bumped up slightly because he did his job and scored.

Overall it was a decent display and it was noticeable how the most criticised players put in some decent performances, it was if they knew the writing was on the wall for them and were trying to prove a point.

Too little too late for some but it all bodes well for the Europa League final at the end of the month.


  1. Well done guys, gutted we miss on top 4 by lone point. Those 4 loses , well ,hopefully Auba form still intact on may 29.
    Dont know how to categorise this guy Auba, he isnt ypur waooo player but get the job done, Golden boot award in his first full season is commendable. Congrats, i hope he continue delivering for at least 3more years

  2. Nothing to complain about really. Delivered an away win when most didn’t expect anything. Hope that’s the last we’ve seen from Mustafi, Lichtsteiner and El Neny. Heading over to The United Stand for a good laugh now.

        1. Haha brilliant!! He clashed with some of the fans after the game!! Plus Sanchez issued an apology on Instagram ?? oh QD it gets better & better!

  3. Just want to say well done Arsenal! I had my doubts today, especially after I saw the line up, but you proved me wrong!!
    Well done Auba – that’s a lush golden boot you have ???

        1. Right first of all what was your reaction when Brighton scored ? Be honest ? haha banter fc beaten again, how does 6th look! Whatever happened to Ole at the wheel Sue did it break off or something? ?

          1. I threw a right little hissy fit ? soon got over it though!!
            Oh I bloody loved it…. can’t wait to see their fan’s reactions… and the looks on Warnock & OGS’s faces!! To lose to a relegated team – bloody brilliant! ?

            1. Haha did Coco run out of the room ?? watching the city game now, I bet Liverpool fans aren’t though ? they probably thought when Brighton scored, the double is on another magical day at anfield ? surely Ole has got to go now ? Or do they save face and give him until September? Lol ?

              1. She was scared ? City’s goals were good! So were Auba’s… didn’t see Edward’s ?
                He signed the damn contract, he has to stay.. I mean they only conceded 2 against Cardiff (at least 4 was expected ?) couldn’t happen to a nicer team, Kev!!

                1. Hahaha poor dog ?? it was a decent goal slipped it under the keepers legs from a tight angle ? I know lol.. me thinks they will regret that now ? I hear they might have to pay Alexis 13 mil to get rid of him could that be the piano man’s last appearance in the PL Sue ? ? So Arsenal go off on they’re holidays now oh wait our season isn’t over yet ?

                    1. Too right it is Sue ? I remember being really angry losing that Uefa cup final to galatasray in 2000 we have to put that right ? they shouldn’t have even been in that final after those 2 Leeds fans were killed in Turkey

    1. And prey for liverpool to win champions league otherwise it will be hell if spuds won it would seriously have to move country unbearable!!

      1. Never ever thought I’d cheer the scousers on ? breaks my heart… but the spuds can’t win it, they just can’t

  4. “Some improved performances ” 3 league games to late. We still need a clear out. Happy for Abu, some great performances through the league campaign but there were some very poor ones. Hopefully some new players to come in and at least 7 have to go.
    5th is a disappointment when 4th or better was there for the taking. Just have to wait for the cup final.

  5. Overall miserable season (so far) but definitely improving over last season. 6th to 5th and semi-final to Final (maybe a trophy)

    Aubameyang, Lacazette, Torreira and Guendouzi were my favourite players this season. We MUST keep ALL 4.

    Aubameyang was the stand out player.
    31 Goals including 22 premier league goals. Nobody can argue that he isn’t one of the best strikers in the Premier League

    He and Lacazette would have had so many more if we had someone other than Ozil and Mkhitaryan to feed them

    We desperately need quality CAM and wingers

    1. If they had both been on the pitch AT THE SAME TIME then Ozil could have fed them. Unfortunately UE often picked a lone striker, who was then usually surrounded by defenders, so there was no point Ozil passing to him was there?

      1. i don’t mean to be rude but this is plain disrespectful to arsenal players .i can count the games Ozil has started with both strikers and almost never supplies an assist .
        I assume you know another Ozil .i honestly hope he gets better because we are being robbed .

        1. Great stuff! You can count the games! Fantastic! Now all you have to do is just give some examples of this . . .

          … and if you can’t then welcome to the Ozil Hater’s Bandwagon! There are plenty on there who will greet you with open arms.

          1. Then u are an ozil fan…
            Cause if u are an arsenal fan u would know ozil is close to garbage
            No goals, No assist, No fight, doesn’t even press opposition players
            Just another arsenal big boy

            1. You sussed me out! Yes I am an Ozil fan. How did you ever guess? They’ll be calling you up for the next Brain of Britain contest next.

              And so in your opinion someone who is an Ozil fan cannot be an Arsenal fan? Where did that wonderful piece of wisdom come from? What about someone who is a Guendouzi fan . . . or a Leno fan or . . . are they all banned from being Arsenal fans as well in your opinion?

              Please tell me – who would be better in the No.10 position? This should be fun!

          2. I counted 11 games in the Premier League this season where Özil, Auba and Lacazette have started together.

            Özil have made 2 assists in the Premier League in total.

            Could this mean that Gizzle makes a valid point?

            1. Not too sure about the 11 games but what about the following report:

              “Perfect line-up? 4 Gunners who’ve won all 5 games when started together this season
              1) Ramsey, Ozil, Auba and Laca have only started 5 games together this season so far.
              2)The Gunners won all of them and outscored their opponents 11 to 3.
              3) The quartet managed to contribute a combined tally of 7 goals and 5 assists.
              You can find the report at

              If you think I shouldn’t include Ramsey then you missed my earlier article where I clearly stated that Ozil needs 2 strikers, an attacking midfielder such as Ramsey and hopefully a couple of decent wing backs.

              Just found my copy of the article and I said:

              ‘… this would give Ozil passing targets of 2 strikers, an attacking midfielder and the wing backs – NOT JUST LONE STRIKER LACA!’

              ‘Please stop the Ozil hating until you understand his role and realise he needs the ammo, in the form of striking options, to pass to. If a defensive line up is played then Ozil should not even be in the squad. On the other hand if we want to attack then Ozil should be the first name on the team sheet.’

              When UE first arrived I think he tried to bully Ozil and sort of ‘keep him in his place’ after his experience at PSG with what was called at the time ‘star power’. So Ozil worried him. And if you think I am blaming UE . . . you are dead right! Unlike many here I think he has made the wrong decisions many times. But we can argue about that another day.

          3. shameful comment. he is just stating the obvious. Ozil has only two assists in theepl this season and none is to either strikers.

  6. I love the Mustafi comment. But that’s what Mustafi does. He can have a good run of games. And then he ruins it all by making a horrendous error and costing us. And this is why he has to go. If he wasn’t so error-prone he would be a good defender. Stat-wise he is excellent. It’s his positioning, awareness, and bone-headedness that makes him garbage.

    1. RSH – I can’t believe I’m saying this (i.e. to an Ozil hater) but for once I totally agree with you! However, maybe we could all be a little kinder to Mustafi if we also take into consideration that at the other end of the pitch Auba also makes glaring errors and has missed many easy chances. So in fact BOTH players can cost us a game.

      1. Following on from this I wonder what the answer to the following question would be (unfortunately there’s no way to find out) – Who costs Arsenal the most points?
        1) The defence because they make silly errors?
        2) The attack because they miss so many easy chances?
        Maybe it would be closer than we would at first think.

  7. I can still remember few matches ozil,auba, lacazette all started such as at
    Cardiff,Everton,Brighton,stad rennes, Watford, Liverpool,wolves,Burnley, Valencia and I know there are few others too we all have players we adore but don’t be blind to see when quality is not up there with the besties

  8. Thumbs up to Aubameyang for grabbing the golden boot award. He deserved it for his hard work & he’s a complete striker. Yes he misses chances sometimes but man, today he ran the show.

  9. Team next season..
    Bellerin. Kos. New cb. New lb
    Amn. Torreer new cm
    Auba. Lacca. New winger
    Sell …release….leices …Chambers….mustafi…
    Monreal…elneney…ramsey…wellbeck…ozil.. mikhi..

  10. Sell …release….leices …Chambers….mustafi…
    Monreal…elneney…ramsey…wellbeck…ozil.. mikhi.. and IWOBI, Guendouzi.
    we finished 5th which means we are a small step ahead of Leicester, Wolves, Everton, Watford and a bad UTD team, we are miles behind Livershite and City. big changes required.

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