Arsenal player ratings v Burnley – defender gets best rating

Arsenal player ratings – Another poor away performance from Arsenal and the rating reflects that.

Where to start with the Arsenal player ratings? well, I could just copy and paste from earlier player ratings when Arsenal are on the road. This was not a vintage performance and a lot of the players have to hold their hands up and acknowledge they had a bad day at the office.

To say one is annoyed and frustrated at what we witnessed today is an understatement. However, I suppose we should not be too surprised considering what we have been watching all season long.

Not all the usual suspects had a poor game, but most did.

Player Ratings

Leno – 7
Did ok, no spectacular saves but he was in the right position for most of Burnley’s shots on target.

Saka – 6
Was bright and dangerous down the left but an injury forced him off at half time.

Mustafi – 8
Best Arsenal player on the pitch, says it all.

Luiz – 6
Poor with his passing and his defending was erratic on occasions but not his worst outing.

Bellerin – 7
Not as effective down the right as one would wish, made the odd poor pass but played well considering.

Xhaka – 5
Not his best game since Arteta took over, poor with his passing and offered little going forward.

Guendouzi – 5
Lacked quality all afternoon. Wish I could understand why he started.

Ozil – 4
Standard Ozil performance

Martinelli – 5
He tried but needed a flying wing-back in support and looked lost without one.

Lacazette – 4
Another poor game, how many more before Arteta makes the right call.

Aubameyang – 4
Missed at least two good opportunities, rarely defended from the front, maybe he was rusty after a break.


Torreira – 5
Did average and thus an average score

Willock – 5
Did better than Ozil.

Nketiah – N/A
Seriously? what is the point of bringing him on so late.


Arteta – 4
Poor team selection, late subs, whatever he said at half time made no difference. Worse game since he took over.


  1. Mustafi did very well today. He deserves the appreciation. I also think Xhaka and Luiz also helped us in the air too. We needed them to survive through the onslaught of crosses. One thing I will say is it was kind of disappointing to see Auba and Laca miss chances to win the match for us. I don’t even base it on this game when I say none of them is world class. They are highly service dependent and don’t possess the inspiration if someone like Van Persie. However, Laca is worse atm and must be dropped. It’s painful watching Guendouzi control the ball and Ozil once again offered nothing

    1. I don’t comment on post here, but I think it’s time to respond to you regarding you incessant compliant about Aubameyang.
      1. To begin with, this a Player with 46 and 10 assist (56) from 72 premier league matches. 10 goals from 16 Europa league matches not counting EL assist, cup goals and assist etc.
      2.This a Player who joined the club at the middle of the season with no preseason.
      3.This is a Player who reached the half century faster than any Player in the history of the club (a tall order for 1000th of your lineage)
      4.This is a Player who has played over 60% of his arsenal games on the wing (at the age of 30+)
      5.In the premier league area players have been deemed greats just for scoring goals (ask Ruud van Nistelrool etc), but Auba even has more assist than Ozil over the past 25 months. Auba’s has more interceptions/ball recovery than Ozil. Of course u didn’t remember Ozil played this game (saying he offered nothing while stating that Auba and Laca are not good enough?). That’s putting him above them and that’s an insult to them. Even MA said Auba is probably Arsenal’s most important Player and then Xhaka is not a Player he can afford to lose. But of course kev knows better. Why not apply to be the next manager so you can play Nelson as a AM.
      The good thing about blogs and social media is that it gives voice to misfit like you. The biggest problem of the club at the moment are fans like you. Fans that attack a Players like Auba and Xhaka and praise the likes of Ozil and Nelson… Soon (like man u fans have done to their club) players will have a second thought about joining Arsenal. If arsenal fails it’ll be as much the fault of fans as it is the management. I will make it a point to remind you how narrow your mind is.

      1. I like the fact that you’ve given me your reasons as to why you think different but I ask, why reply out of ignorance and assumption?? Why do you assume I attack players like Auba and Xhaka and praise the likes of Ozil and Nelson?? In fact I’m not attacking Aubameyang at all and I don’t attack players. I simply like to call a spade a spade. If you claim Aubameyang is world class then it should be without reasonable doubt. You think football is all about stats?? So based on your logic and points raised am I to assume that you believe Sergio Aguero is better than Thierry Henery?? I ask because Sergio Aguero has more goals. Where was the stats that also showed last season that Aubameyang missed the most chances out of any player in the league?? I couldn’t care less about any stats because my eyes never deceive me. With this same eyes I was able to tell Fabregas, Cazorla, Van Persie, Sanchez etc. were world class players. Aubameyang’s best strength is his positioning. He doesn’t have the quality on the ball as a player to be called world class. If you were true to yourself you’d admit that Auba is poor with ball at feet. He prefers to run to the ball and finish it. There’s not much excitement with him too. He’s best in those games where theres loads of space and not games where the opposition defense is tight or there’s reduced space. He is extremely service reliant and is bang average most of the time when he doesn’t score. I’m starting to believe stats is making people less intelligent because they use it to satisfy their own agenda rather than judging from what actually happens on the pitch. Van Persie is far better than Auba and Laca too. Don’t let the stats fool you. His quality on the ball as well as his goalscoring and the way he sxored goals sets him apart from them. I know opposition teams would rather have a prime Van Pesie than a prime Auba. Never assume I stand for mediocrity. If a player plays poorly no matter how I love the player I’d still point it out. Please do not be ignorant and close your words carefully. You are even more narrow minded than I am. You fail to say what is clear before your eyes. You rather believe in numbers just put together to satisfy the agendas of people. Use your common sense and your eyes ad you’ll be okay.

        1. I am have more common sense than you up to your 10th generation. And no… Stats don’t fool me… If it does I would have been commenting on every post as you do. If you want to test my IQ or sense of judgment against yours am all in… Let’s check out each other’s personal accomplishements… After which you can decide if am a fool or lack a sense of Judgement. Where do we start?
          Social media account?
          Track record?

          1. @PaulSnow, I don’t agree with a lot of @kev’s posts but you really are a piece of work, arrogance personified.

          2. Truth be told if you had common sense you wouldn’t have typed all that trash to me. The fact that you believe in mere worldly accomplishment says a lot about you too. Even Bill Gates and the like don’t brag as much. Pride comes before a fall and if you don’t change this terrible mindset and mentality of yours you could be on the losing end. What are worldy achievements compared to life??

        2. I will provide you will stats of his missed chances… Same as Mustafi’s mistakes…
          1. Players who get into scoring positions more will have both high numbers of missed chances and goals. You can’t have a high rate of missed chances when you don’t even get into scoring positions. Does Ozil or Lacazette have a high number of missed chances…? No! It’s because they don’t get into goal scoring position enough… The match today shows that… Auba making runs that others should be making… The other 10 outfield players had zero missed chances so that’s makes them world class according to one know-it-all called kev.
          2. Why is Mustafi preferred to Holding? Holding makes less mistakes… So why not pick him and drop the error prone Mustafi? Simple : he doesn’t commit to tackles… U can’t make mistakes when you don’t even get involved… Good managers know this… But of course kev knows better…
          3. Van persie was never skillful… Certainly not more skilful than Auba… He was 10x slower… But to you he was world class. By what standards please?
          4. Agüero comparison with Henry? That’s low… Both are great but I wouldn’t go as far as comparing them… What Agüero lacked in talent he makes up with positioning and finishing
          Again stats don’t fool me… Facts are that the goal net is open to all Arsenal Players… If scoring is so easy such that Auba goals don’t matter, other players (your so called world class players) should please start scoring… START SCORING!

          1. “Players who get into scoring positions more will have both high numbers of missed chances and goals.”

            So is this an excuse for him to be missing chances?? Do you know if not for some of his missed chances we could have been in the top 4?? Do you also know that in those chances would also be many big chances where Auba should score rather than miss?? By your logic there is no problem with that stat because he was gettibg into good positions. That argument is flawed because those missed chances involved missed chances which had an outcome on matches and our season. Was Giroud also not criticized time and time again for missing several chances. If youre using this logic then I guess Giroud shouldn’t have got the criticism he got because he was simply getting himself into good positions most of the time because he was always missing several good chances.

            “Why is Mustafi preferred to Holding?
            U can’t make mistakes when you don’t even get involved… Good managers know this… But of course kev knows better…”

            That makes no sense. How many times have you seen Van Dijk have to make a tackle?? Does that mean Van Dijk isn’t a top team defender. There is absolutely no direct relation between how good a defender and the number of tackles he makes. It must be subject to context. The stats(tackles) also diesnt tell you if when Using played we had a better team, possessed more and hence lesser tackles. So many limitations I could add. No wonder Maldini implied if he had to make a tackle it meant he already made a mistake.

            “Van persie was never skillful… Certainly not more skilful than Auba… He was 10x slower… But to you he was world class. By what standards please?”

            Van Persie wasn’t the most skilful player but he definteky had skill far more than Auba. The only thing Auba had over him was pace. In dribbling, holding up the ball, passing, finishing, shooting and football IQ he was way way ahead. In fact it is only Arsenal fans I know of that think Auba is better than Van Persie. Most rival fans I know of don’t even think it’s close. In fact if a neutral were to watch a prime Van Persie and prime Auba I know definteky that he wpuld choose Van Persie because he was not only here but far more exciting to watch.

            “Agüero comparison with Henry?”

            I used that angle to show you how far stats could be away from reality. The stars even show today that Ozil was our best attacking player. Do you agree?? Stats(goals) tell us Aguero has more goals than Henry bit for some reason people think Henry is better so Why?? Is it that Henry clearly had more to his game which the stats failed to capture?? What I’m saying is the stats could deveive us but if we at honest by using our eyes we won’t be deceived. In fact on watching Henry and Aguero I can definitely say Henry was far far far better and I don’t know how anyone can say different

          2. @Bruce Lee thanks for the support but it’s better to settle this debate. I hate it when stats it’s used to satisfy agendas. I mean I’m supposed to believe based on stats Auba is better than Van Persie but for some inexplicable reason I’m not suppose to believe based on stats(goals) Sergio Aguero is better than Van Persie?? It makes no sense to me that in the first case we ignore the player’s game and base it on numbers but in the second case I’m told that Henry had far more to his game and that stars don’t tell the whole story.

          3. @paul snow. I will take vanpersie any given day of the week over auba. Vanpersie took free kicks. Don’t let me get started with epic goals and his shooting accuracy was about 90 %. He wasn’t slow either. I keep hearing auba is fast but I yet to see blistering pace from him. Can you honestly say van Persia won’t have buried at least one of the chances wasted by both lacazette and aubamayang.

        3. But you are attacking Gouendouzi out of pure ignorance to the fact he is 19 years old doing a great job and learning while he is doing it. If you go on sky sports, they actually gave him a 7 for today’s performance. I know it opinion but slagging our youth is low.

          1. Pure ignorance?? I’m sorry you can’t handle the truth. It was annoying reading comments of his many thought Guendouzi was the next big thing when on the face of the evidence on the pitch he’s far from that. Never good enough in my book and by the time we start winning major trophies I’m confident he wont be a starter

        4. Did we buy Aubameyang to dribble or to score goals? He is our striker and all that we demand of him is goals. I care less if we play ugly and bang in goals to win trophies.
          Aubameyang has been Arsenal’s best player from the time he joined till date and he is world class.
          Yes, the Gabonese striker, our striker, is world class and has payed back and will pay even more than we bought him for. Top top class.

          1. Your opinion and I respect it. He’s not world class in my book. He’s great with positioning himself into goalscoring positions which make a him score a ton of goals. He’s one of the best ever at that but if you’re a world class striker in my book your game shouldn’t he so limited.
            To me Aubameyang is nowhere near Van Persie in terms of football ability and mind you Van Persie could score too. Van Persie can carry a team whereas Aubameyang can’t because his poaching style is highly dependent on service. In a match where he doesn’t score it means he’s average

      2. I am on the same page with you. Many of our fans keep defending players who sleep on the field why criticizing players who are even trying. Anyone who defends Ozil has no right of criticizing any other player. We are at the moment lacking in creativity, which is Ozil’s chief responsibility. Instead of us to hold the bull by the horn, some are talking of Xhaka who is already doing so much defensively.

  2. Mustafi 8 😳 I must have watched a different game
    No player deserves more than. 6
    Lacca 1 struggle to think of one thing he did right
    Auba awful

    Arteta has to take the blame
    He selected

    And he failed to change it when it went wrong

    1. I think Mustafi was out best player but I agree that 8 is too high for him. He’s an average defender so even a good performance from him would be overrated
      For me jes still the same player he is but the way we press and win the ball these days means he isn’t as exposed as much

        1. I don’t rate both but Holding over a long consistent run of matches would prove to be far better than Mustafi. I won’t lie to you, I’m expecting a huge mistake from Mustafi soon. That’s how bad he is. I have no problem giving any players props for a good game regardless of their past

  3. I wish I could stop watching our games till next season. Pieces of shit.

    Arteta had no coaching response when the going gets tough.

    1. It’s not an excuse but some of these inexperienced decisions should be expected. This is his first full time job as head coach. I still maintain my point that if Arteta was already part of our coaching set-up at Arsenal he wouldn’t have gotten the job because when you are from within the club you would have to be exceptional to get it. The board would have looked at the end results of our matches and thought of it as similar to that of Emery. Fans too would have put so much pressure to employ a so called top coach instead of a project

  4. I don’t agree about Mustafi.The whole group were slow and had no intensity. Mustafi, Luiz, and Guendouzi played at such a slow pace when moving out. Against Burnley we needed movement, pace and purpose. We were so slow.

  5. For me Xhaka deserves a 7 atleast,covered well for saka,made some lovely passes(auba should have scored)
    Guendouzi was very sloppy today and he sure needs to quicken his game,holds on to the ball.

    Mustafi and luiz did very good with defence today.And particularly luizs long ball is superb

    Bellerin needs to improve his crossing.

    Auba worked hard but was suprisingly not clinical,if he did take those chances we would have won by atleast 3 goals.

    Laca and martinelli did try but burnley was too much physical for them but they did ok defensively.

    Ozil started very brightly,was very effective in the first 20-25 mins.Lacked service from behind after burnley started to mark him and was good defensively today.The difference between him and willock is visible,willock got much space because burnley were not marking him like they did ozil but he was very poor in the final 3rd when it comes to decision making.

    Burnley was too much physical for torreira,he did ok whenever the ball was not in the air though.

    MA needs time,he needs to improve the offensive side,lacks fluidity in the attack and some players have no clue what to do when they get the ball(can call that inexperience as well)

    1. I agree. Xhaka deserved better rating. Laca was particularly poor today. Seems it’s no more just about form, I think his confidence is at an all-time low m

  6. I agree this was Arteta’s worst game since he became out head coach.
    Our players do not know how to play from the back.
    Their ball passing was poor, shooting poor and they are not physically strong…often getting tired after 30 minutes.
    Team selection was also poor.
    The jury would soon be out on Arteta.

    1. Well, I thought they played very well from the back against Bournemouth. But then, they were creating space by running, today everything became static again.

  7. I don’t understand what’s going on at arsenal anymore. Why would we be looking for a goal and bring on Willock and Eddie ahead of Pepe and Ceballos.
    I know the season is done but majority of the squad are worse than average, we can’t rely on these lot to win the Europa League.
    This match was clearly looking for a player like that could carry the ball and run at defenders but he brought on Eddie

  8. The Ozil effect will continue to haunt Arsenal until the very last day of his contract.
    He seems to cause unrest in the dressing room when dropped but offers absolutely nothing when playing.
    Lacazette is at least a yard of the pace and has even lost the ability to hold the ball up.
    Torreria should, if fit, always play ahead of Guendouzzi.
    Martinelli is the future of the club so his position should not be changed to accommodate any misfiring so called superstars.
    Ceballos must have been looking on at that display shaking his head in disbelief.
    He is the most creative midfield player we have SO PLAY HIM please!!!!

    1. Agree on Ozil. Lacazette is simply too slow to be a goalgetter upfront and he is not good in holding up, but his work rate is highly required since Ozil always hides from rough actions

      Guendouzi won a lot of duels. But he had to play safe, because we don’t have attacking players who can split Burnley’s defense

      Luiz should get at least 7, since his performance is not far from Mustafi’s

  9. Bench lacca and start nketia next orem game please !!!!

    Also start willock

    Switch martineli to the left

    And toriera is our best midfielder and should always start

    Then we have a game on

  10. fans fav Victor Wanyanama could be available on a free transfer

    a few seasons back fans demanded the club to sign him

  11. Arteta got it all wrong from the start, mustafi an 8!! Then I saw another match, ozil is no longer so useful plus he gets frustrated for offering nothing. The reason matteo started this game I still don’t know and xhaka did well. Ceballos is not playing I really don’t know why because he can’t be that guendozi is better than him. In summary this is arsenal I saw play today reminded me so much about emery!!

  12. I appreciate Lacazette’s hard work, but he isn’t scoring goals and should be dropped. Auba central, pepe on right and Martinelli on left.

    Ozil dropped, b/c opponents close him down and we’re playing with 10 men.

    Arteta didn’t change things soon enough, and we were 2nd best in most everything all day.

  13. Really badly managed game for Arteta. Talk is cheap in the end Mikel.The worst substitutions for quite a while. The worst squad we have had for years. How come Mustafi is still playing for us? How low can we go, because we were POOR.

    1. Well, SW, today Mustafi was just about Arsenal’s MOTM, so I don’t know what you’re on about? The problem was in midfield and up front, not at the back.

      1. SAgooner

        So they luckily survived. Players like Mustafi may end up having a better game….but could never be part of a top side. He’s not good enough along with Luiz. Your standards are not high enough.

  14. even if we had benched laca and ozil, but our chances of beating Burnley were minimal, why? I think its our traditional that if our main rivals drop points, we also do the same. As for article, I don’t agree on willock and martinel, they both deserve 4

  15. I believe the bus stops with arteta,he could have used the team that beat Bournemouth 2-1.he still has auba,laca and ozil phobia,as a team manager,it’s high time he makes had decisions .

    1. Agree, filayesa, the buck stops entirely with Arteta. Hopefully, after this game, he has the ammunition that the useless players themselves gave him, to be ruthless and drop them into oblivion. It will be better to give them away for free at the end of the season because they have lost value by not playing, than to have them drag the team down every week and spoil any chance of at least msking 6th spot.

  16. 100% I agree with what shakir commented on previous article, he said ozil played really well in the first 25 minutes, he created chances, he made dribbles and key passes and he worked hard off the ball,, so for me as well ozil had a decent game but people just hate him for the mistakes and poor from other players.. to my supplize fans are not talking about martinel and auba of which both of them had very poor game . Game that I was watching ozil had a good game than martinel, auba, laca, guez, and not to mention these useless kids, wilock and kentiah

    1. I think the reason that people bring up Ozils poor performances is because he isn’t actually doing anything. Please how can you justify paying 350 big ones to a player with no goals this season and 1 assist in the prem. What does he actually bring onto the football field. He cant head a ball, he cant tackle, now he is an attacker i know so lets look at what he is bringing to this team in attack, OH Nothing. People are living in the past with Ozil, he isn’t bringing anything to this team and that one of the reasons we are struggling with results week in week out. OZIL WHERE ARE YOUR ASSISTS AND WHERE ARE YOUR GOALS. I do hope that Arteta actually has got fed up with him and the fact he hauled him off for his effort today after an hour, is the light bulb moment that actually is telling him,im wasting my time waiting with this guy to come good because he isnt doing.

    1. I never mentioned willock and i presume you mean Nketiah. I just think we are getting nothing from Ozil as an attacking force.

      1. But i will say this, i have no problem with Willock or Nketiah, they are talented young players and will bring more to the table that Ozil is at the moment.

  17. I believe we have a good manager, and managerial team now. Plus we have the young talent which will improve greatly, if they are given the time and support that all clubs need to progress. Fan support coupled with financial backing qs needed, will produce a successful well balanced team. We the fans cannot expect magic tomorrow.

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