Arsenal player ratings v Chelsea – no generosity for that shambles

Where to start? Even though this is now roughly 12 hours or more after the game and the anger has subsided a little it is almost impossible to be anything other than damning towards the entire team.

When you consider the magnitude of the game to see a performance like that is unacceptable, no words can describe the disappointment that Arsenal fans feel, not at the loss but the manner of that loss.

These ratings are not reactionary at all, they are my honest assessment of what I can only describe as one of the worst cup final performances I have seen from Arsenal.

Player Rating

Cech – 6

To think he was being slammed before the game and should not have been selected tells you everything when he was actually our man of the match. I am not convinced he could have saved the first goal and cannot really blame him for any of the others and if it was not for some of his saves we could have lost by more. When your keeper is the man of the match and you concede four goals then that is a huge problem.

Monreal – 2

I am being generous here and the only reason he gets a two is that I have no choice but to rate him higher than some of his teammates.

Koscielny – 1

Captain of what, the Titanic? No leadership at all, his defending was poor and it just got worse as the game progressed. This has to be his last game for us.

Sokratis – 2

Dreadful game, spent the match flapping around, he was not strong at all and if we have him in defence next season god help us.

Maitland-Niles – 1

He did ok first half but absolutely collapsed in the second half, was responsible for at least two goals and was simply out of his depth and not for the first time either. I am no longer sure he is of Arsenal quality.

Kolasinac -1

Horrendous performance, offered absolutely nothing, was utterly useless, his crossing is some of the worst I have ever seen, when he gets the ball and starts his run I just drop my head.

Torreira – 3

At least he tried but Chelsea put him in their pocket and never let him out, as ineffectual a game from him I have seen all season.

Xhaka – 3

Another poor game but it is not his fault that he is average, he is what we got and nothing much better to replace him with but he did try but you have to ask, what was the point of him last night?

Ozil – 1

That is a generous one, started bright but as usual, simply went missing, his body language was one of I don’t give a shit and when you stand him alongside Hazard you just know we have been royally screwed. He has to be sold.

Lacazette – 2

So much was expected and so little was delivered, he had an appalling game, he collapsed mentally like the rest of them, no passion, no urgency, nothing.

Aubameyang – 2

Golden Boot winner that played like a Timberland winner, he should have had a field day against that defence and yet it was the defence that had a field day against him.


Guendouzi – 2

If running around like a headless chicken is a talent then he gets a ten but for what he offered when he came on he deserves nothing more than a two.

Iwobi – 5

Tells you something when a sub comes on and is close to being the man of the match. He scored a wonderful goal and showed more in his 25 minutes than almost anyone else in the team.

Willock – 3

Should have scored but can hardly blame the lad too much when you have so many around him that simply did not give a toss, at least he tried to inject some energy into the game.


Emery – 0

This is on him, he has to hold responsibility for what happened out there and for the first time that I can remember I have handed out a zero.


  1. i would totally agree with you on every score, however, seeing as you awarded emery a big fat zero, then i would personally award the ghost known as ozil a big fat zero also. it is about time we spoke the truth here. as ive suggested earlier at least eight of the team that startde should never wear the arsenal shirt, at least eight, and thats being generous.too many excuses for this team, time to cull the blubber.

    1. I totally disagree, you can’t concede 4 goals in a finals and be MOTM, no way.

      Iwobi vs Chelsea (EL Final)

      23 Minutes
      1 Goal
      15 Passes / 94% Acc
      3 Chances Created
      2/3 Duels
      2/2 Dribbles

      Took matters into his own hands ?

      That’s our MOTM by far, enough of this bias rating.

      1. TH-14 i have no other option but to agree with you about Iwobi.He did more in that brief time than the majority.He looked confident and full of running.But the thing that stood out was his desire.He came on DETERMINED to make a difference and for that alone I commend him.And that goal.Wow.What an effort and no more than he deserved.For that I commend him and believe it or not I’m pleased for you.Its been a season we are all glad is over.I went in and out of Baku with the Clubs official trip and back and spent 14 hours in the air,5 hours in airports,7 hours travelling to watch THAT performance from a team that got what they deserved.
        So praise for Iwobi on the night but ask yourself this-Shy has he played like an absolute tosser for the majority of the season?And deep down even you must admit to that.

  2. Terrible performance, the mentality at this club is its biggest issue. When the goals were going in, the players had this looks on their faces, it’s like they were resigned to their fate, they know deep down they’re not good enough so no confidence to fight back.

  3. Arsenal awful run in final games In Europe continues. Even Emery The king of Europa couldn’t prevent the rot.

    Sometimes you think arsenal is cursed…. We have gone backward. However, I won’t totally blame emery yet. I will give him another season to see what he has got. My only worry is will the owners invest in players? Will Emery now know his best eleven…

  4. I would say that apart from defense, our midfield is also dreadful. Nowadays, we don’t control the game anymore. The midfield trio of Xhaka, Torreira, and Ozil has never been able to control a game. Neither of them is good with the ball and so we end up struggling against well organized teams. I would not put a lot of blame on our two forwards as they did not get the service they deserved. For this reason, I don’t think any of our three mids is worth a first team slot. Yes! including Torreira. He does not influence games anymore like when he first arrived. I think it has got to do with his small body frame. As for Xhaka and Ozil, well….the less said about them, the better. I am not optimistic at all with next season.

  5. So many of our fans are giving up on Arsenal. I think I am about to join them. The heartbreaks, disappointment and frustration is too much.

    1. I move to Australia in 6 weeks so very easy for me to give up as most games are at crazy times.

  6. The author is not being honest, because his fav’s failed miserably he decided to take them all down with them. If you are going to judge player performance, separate ratings for each, then do it right and don’t allow your dire mood to influence the rating. Some players were better than others, not too many, but some were completely abysmal in that second half. Strange how we collapsed after being arguably the better team in first half, there are root causes and this author has no business judging them.

    1. I somehow agree with you, but the pain of the lost will make even an enemy of the gunners score some players below what the writer had scored. Do you agree with him that Kolasinac should be score 1?
      If yes, tell me what did He do the whole 90mins to deserve 1? He was whacked throughout and should be scored -0.000.

  7. Tbh I can’t even be bothered to rate any of them… another final, another loss… we’re just not meant to win anything in Europe, are we??
    Oh well at least Oli got his hands on the trophy ??

    1. Yeah, well done Oli!!!

      Always liked him and he deserved it. Why did we sell him again? ?

    2. Sue am glad I had the time to detox before the game. I just woke up knowing stray away we were going to lose. It was still very painful but I think the less love I have for Arsenal the more sanity I will have. Please try and do something interesting. Eddie too, and everyone that is feeling hurt. Arsenal Football Club is losing fans gradually, the football isn’t interesting, the players are clueless, the manger is clueless, the board should start losing money. I will not be spending a penny on them next season.

      1. Pat.. I wish it was that easy!! I’ve been a gooner for 28 years… yes some weeks I’m heartbroken, then others I’m on top of the world… I just can’t imagine my life without Arsenal in it…the way i’m feeling right now, it would make a lot of sense, but.. once a gooner, always a gooner, hey?!
        Anyway you’ll have 2 bundles of joy soon enough, to keep you busy!! You won’t have time to think of anything else ?

        1. Yes my love. I haven’t been an Arsenal fan for that long, only 18 years. But I think it is healthy to take a step back as the disappointment is beginning to take a toll. I felt a sense of loss yesterday, honestly all long I never thought it will end this way. But the. We have to move on. Am not looking forward to next season as a really really don’t like Emery as our manger. We seems to be moving backwards. The bundles are still inside wriggling ???? my life is changed for ever.

          1. Awww bless those little bundles ? Pat, I can honestly say, we’ll look back on this (this little blip) and laugh!! ? ( I hope ???) hahaha!!

  8. I refuse to be corrected, given Kolasinac a 1 is bias, I had my eyes on him all through the game and it will be fair for me to score him -0 if there is any score like that. He is my scapegoat and should be release, not sold oooo, RELEASE TO GO. Not even a cross nor a square play from him went through. Couldn’t beat pass his maker the entire game. And for EMERY, Mr. Coach stop underating IWOBI, when you have HAZARD Tormenting your defense, dont you think IWOBI little foot tricks would have been a plus on the opposition defense? EMERY -0.000 score card.

  9. Totally agree!!

    I never expected Arsenal to win (or at least win comfortably). But I did expect a performance that showed some balls at least..

    Well, after 30 minutes you could see that Chelsea had worked us out. They could see that the “usual” gaps were there after all and that we had nothing to offer than we did in the last four PL games. We were limp. We were lame. We were “The New Arsenal”.

    This is Arsenal of the modern area. From the stadium with Marble halls that we all loved. The stadium of The Invincible’s to “Stadium of Promise”. The Emirates has become the ground that many will witness how average football can become.

    Last night proved it! There was nothing on offer last night that (unfortunately) we Arsenal fans have become accustomed to. A lack of gumption and grit. The pride has long since gone and the badge? Well, it’s just more cotton adorned onto a another shirt with “just another number” on the back.

    I feel for the fans that travelled over 10,000 miles and spend £1000’s to see that S**T!!!

    Anyway, at least Chelsea had a good training session, eh?!

    1. I’m not going to argue with any that, but please tell me you aren’t one of these fair weather fans that/who say they are packing it all in and giving up on the club. Anger I understand, even hate, disgust, lacking confidence, but I can’t relate to the fair whether pack it all in types.

      1. No I’m not mate!

        On the contrary, I’m Arsenal through and through and will always support Arsenal!

        I just can’t understand why we have a fantastic stadium without the “fantastic team” to go with it..

        It’s like owning a Bugatti Veyron except, It’s got a Fiat Panda engine in it?! WTF!!!?

    2. Even a second division club in England knows to beat or atleast hold Arsenal with a hell of defence…Who doesnt know Arsenal defence collapses on quick counter attack. So when it comes to English clubs Arsenal struggles with their game style of walking to goal…Instead their tactics bloomed against European clubs..That is why they reached final..Unfortunately the final was against English club…which knews every loopholes of Arsenal…They same Arsenal fans once screamed for Giroud’s head and he was sold to Chelsea . Look atEven a second division club in England know to beat or atleast hold Arsenal with a hell of defence…Who doesnt know Arsenal defence collapses on quick counter attack. So when it comes to English clubs Arsenal struggle wuth their game style..walking to goal…Instead their tactics bloomed against European clubs..That is why they reached final..Unfortunately the final was against English club…which knew every loopholes of Arsenal…

      The same Arsenal fans once screamed for Giroud’s head and he was sold to Chelsea . Look at him now….Was he really a crap? Similarly we shipped out Walcot…was he really a crap? How many goals in his last full season? Did we replace him?…Now mourning to get a winger.

      .I think Arsenal should change game plan and start quick counter attack rather than holding ball…These monkeys dont know it…Why do everyone getting crowded in the box…Quick counter attack always leaves enough space to penetrate rather than allowing the 7..8 opponents to gather at their box..Finally all our monkey defenders will take part in attack leaving their goal post open to keeper…

      These monkey defenders will never clear the dangerous ball in their box..instead they try to hold it and finally concedes goal..How many goals they have conceded after getting opportunity to clear the ball far away..Very often they escape narrowly…

      So i think it is the duty of manager to use a team of players , who defeated Napoli and Valencia in dream margins, in an effective way. If they can beat Napoli and Valencia..then they are not at all craps as you people say…I think it is the game plan..Substitutions in Crystal palace game will vouch my views…

  10. i am not an Iwobi fanboy but give credit where it due . he scored a sublime goal. created what should be a goal every day of the week , combined with willock and was wreaking havoc in the time he was on. You can imagine if he started the game . He changed the game but people give him stick forgetting he is 22 years of age from the academy . People will say he has done this only once but that is a lie . You said Ozil played well in the beginning i beg to differ . Passing the ball to side and backwards is nothing .
    Miki ,Iwobi have been played out of position to accommodate Ozil and yet they get insulted week in week out yet the prince is given excuses . while the while team was shit yesterday.i will say Ozil and Kosc are my Men of the Match.
    Most of these players are not playing for Emery simple and short .
    you cant blame Emery for LAca missing a tap in or Auba missing a goal or Kol squaring the ball , or Willock playing it to the side . thats four goals already .
    Phil , Sue, Dan the king of assists reigned supreme yesterday . i am still heartbroken .
    i wonder why Emery didnt field the team that played against Burnley . Academy player over pampered rotten overpaid bigots

  11. For me a gk can not be man of the match if four goals are put past him, that is just people trying to add insult to injury. A man of match performance by gk is when he’s saving the ones he’s not said to have much chance on, four of them?. So he gets man of the match for some good saves but ones he should be having a chance on, and still gets it with four put past him that people say he had no chance. It doesn’t make sense. Giroud fair enough, but I don’t agree that four can go past a gk and him receive man of match, it’s an insult. Xhaka and Iwobi were the best two Arsenal players, people might not like that but it’s true.

  12. Iwobi easily gets MOTM. He only added positive things when on the pitch, and he wasn’t even on that long! Just pray for Liverpool now!

  13. Every goal they scored came from our right hand side of defence that was the only thing in the difference Chelsea have players in there right spots and we are still shuffling around and it cost us big time.

    Ozil crap .
    Niles wrong position
    Iwobi fair play made us look good when he came on like we knew how to attack when before we looked lost around there box.
    And before any says ah Ozil getting stick WELL he deserves it and if you think he doesnt you better go back watch the match again.

  14. But some of us have been labelled as hating football. Labelled as lacking football knowledge. Labelled as Ozil haters season after season because we have been demanding more from our supposed only world class and best paid player in Arsenal history.

    I am glad that now the Ozil tinted glasses from his custodians are clearing a bit after so many seasons. Getting back to reality now.

    And for the rest of the other embarrassing players that are also draining us. As I keep saying, clear out all the deadwood. Sell Auba and get as much as you can. Keep Leno, Torreira, Laca, Guendouzi and the other younsters, give them a change as we now have nothing to lose, no money to strengthen and the senior overhyped, overpaid just keep embarrassing our club season after season with these embarrassing scorelines 4-1, 5-0, 6-3, 6-1, 5-2, 5-1 etc.

    Get rid of them. They should be principled enough to forfeit their current contracts and move on from our club.

    I can’t relate to these frauds.

  15. Poor performance as an overall it was barely a 1.

    The players were even given a bonus if they won (Chelsea players were not). What more do these players need to be motivated???

  16. Sell, sell, sell! One of our strikers need to go as well! How else are we going to get funds to get players that aren’t trash? Auba’s attitude yesterday really showed a lot about him. Not a fighter. Our entire backline just isn’t good enough. As I said, we need TWO CB’s. Many people are banking on Holding somehow fixing our problems and that is very delusional. We need BIG BIG BIG changes. I hope to look back in two years and laugh about how bad this lineup was.

  17. Leno. Bellerin. Holding. Mavropanos. New leftback. Torrera. Ndidi. Willock iwobi. Nkethia. Laca. Bench Chambers. Medly. Saka. Bielic. Illiev. Sm Rowe. Folarin. Nelson Xavier

  18. People need to relaxe about girou. Hehad a good game it can happen but he is not in the shoes of laca and auba. Trust me girpu is more frustrating than anything. Let s fix what need to be fixed and arsenal can compete again. Come on arsenal !!!!

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