Arsenal player ratings v Chelsea – one player gets a well earned 8

Arsenal player ratings – it was a loss but the performance was better.

Arsenal was unlucky to be on the end of this defeat today at the Emirates. Chelsea got very lucky with an inept referee performance, I mean, how was Jorginho even on the field to score the winner and of course, Leno had a nightmare moment.

That said, the signs are clearly there that things are improving, patience is definitely required.

Player Ratings

Leno – 3
Unfortunately for Leno, I cannot judge him on his whole season, just this game and he had a bad one.

Maitland-Niles – 7
Not to blame for any of the goals and was strong and stable. One of his better games.

Chambers – 6
Created an assist for Aubameyang’s goal but was taken off through injury and we never really got to see him when he mattered.

Luiz – 6
Had a decent game considering, however, his inability to come out with the ball effectively keeps the pressure on.

Saka – 5
He tries but he really is not a left-back and it is starting to show.

Torreira – 8
I thought he was immense for most of the game, he dominated the first half and stood his ground in the second half.

Guendouzi – 5
He is starting to lack any self-control. It was once entertaining to see him running around like a headless chicken. Not no more.

Ozil – 7
Excellent in the first half, tired significantly in the second. If Arteta is to build a team around the German he needs to get him to play an entire 90 minutes as he did in the first half.

Nelson – 7
The young lad had a good game overall, his pace did cause Chelsea problems and there is definitely more to come.

Aubameyang – 7
Obviously scored the Arsenal goal, that is what he does and he worked his socks off but there is just something missing when he is always out of the left.

Lacazette – 5
Another substandard game. He tries for sure but he is simply not in form and should not be starting.


Mustafi – 6
He did ok replacing Chambers, made no massive errors but he was lacking a little for the second goal but that is being slightly petty.

Willock – 5
Average when he came on

Pepe – 5
Average rating because he was not on long enough


Arteta – 5
Its a loss, sure there are excuses and the performance in the first half was excellent but the bottom line is we lost at home and really, we should not have.


  1. Loved Ozil, Torreira, Luiz and Auba!
    Huge shout out to Luiz – he was really up for it against his former team, and I’m disappointed for him we didn’t bag all 3 points!

      1. Arteta should have a 3 and no one above 6! We lost home and you saw great performance! I saw a set piece lucky goal and us defend most game, Auba first one!

        1. Well it’s been much better than the drab performances we witnessed under Emery. Yes we lost and were very unlucky and I’m gutted.. but there were positives, sorry if you missed them!!

    1. Sue, totally agree about Luiz. I’m his biggest critic but today he was very good. Probably his best game for us in along time

    2. Morning sue how’s you?.anyway we need to get rid for Nelson and lacazette just not good enough buy Warner and volland and a good CB this window and build in the summer window

      1. Hi Thomas! All good thanks, yourself?
        Be interesting to see if you do have many incomings/outgoings. I agree about a new CB (Mings, for me! Plus Grealish 😁)
        Laca has been a little rusty, but I’d like to keep him. Not sure if we will though (contracts and all). Not been impressed with Nelson overall, but thought he had a good game yesterday.
        Another day closer to the window opening!

  2. I thought Luiz did very well, made so many vital blocks, Saka fought hard against willian and won most of his tackles, Arteta deserves 8, his tactics were very good, we played with courage, passion and grit. We were very solid defensively until Leno committed a massive blunder. Luiz deserves 7, Saka deserves 7. Aubameyang was defensive today. Am very pleased with developments.

  3. I don’t understand why Nelson will start ahead of Pepe and since he started the game he should have been sub earlier base on those chances we should have scored if he got some foot work or some skills that can be found in Pepe He always over worked his self for no reason

    1. I thought that earlier, but Riess had a pretty good game, better than I was expecting!
      I would like to see Pepe start though.. OPAL – that’s what I’ve been dreaming of!

    2. pepe doesnt track back, nelson works harder. Thats what it seems to come down to. Pepe also needs to learn when to just run and not dribble by a bunch of players. This is three managers now that have not started Pepe immediately so there is something Pepe is not grasping.

  4. I would give Lacazette no more than 4, he is a complete passenger, and doesn’t score when it is actually easier not to. The sooner we have young Martinelli back, the better. MA waited too long to make changes to the team, although admittedly, the bench was a bit weak today and the injury to Chambers didn’t help either. Boldness is required.

    1. I’d also give the same rating to Lacazette. Had he scored one of those easy chances, we would have less pressure and could just sit back to counter

      My MOTM is Aubameyang, because he scored and he defended well for his teammates. He showed his leadership today

  5. Well to be honest i understand why pepe doesnt start yet, of course he is better than nelson but pepe never releases the ball on time and slows the attack down
    It was a very good performance which sadly leno lost for us.. nobody else to blame but leno and of course jorginho should have got a red but they should have got a pen and yellow for guend so cant put the blame for the loss on the ref

    1. Krish I don’t put all the blame on Leno why was Abrahams allowed to run from his half of the pitch unchallenged our two CB kept backing off giving him the freedom of the pitch.He should have been tackled before he was within shooting distance from our goals.

  6. who gave away the free kick that led to the first goal, idc if it wasn’t the right decision, he still made the referee blow the whistle and he should immediately be de-rated to 4 at best.

    1. Your comment is ridiculous.. first of all you dont care if the freekick was right or wrong? What a clueless opinion.. players have to foul sometimes and if its no foul you should really care.. we need more objective fans..

      1. Tactically wrong from Arteta in the 2nd half.He tried to preserve the advantage forcing the team in defense.Only small teams do that-we are a small team already,being afraid to attack 90 minutes.And we got the prize for being scarred-we lost the game.Arteta’s fault 100%.No excuses.What about the “ Wenger tactics” of making substitutions after 75th minutes when nothing can be done anymore?Why that mediocre Nelson is playing instrad of Pepe?After Unai war against Ozil,now we have an Arteta war against Pepe?MOTM was Luiz,no questions.Why Willock still in the squad?Why Arteta not seeying the helpless Guendouzi begging for a red card?Watching the so called “ small teams”-Wolves,Sheffield,Sotton,even Norwich-they are 1 class above us by determination and style of play.Everybody is seeing “ a different team under Arteta”….as a matter of fact,I see the exact Unai Emery’s shittyyy team, playing by luck,in a total chaos.What an experienced nanager can do-look at Morinho or Ancelotti…then look at disoriented Arteta.3.5 years with him-OMG!One more defeat against MU(very possible) and we are in the relegation dance.Tough times ahead,we don’t impress nobody anymore.Championship,here we come!

        1. Nelson had good game. Remember we have ceballos out injured. We need him. N hopefully martinelli back soon. Team improved well n showed glimpses of Wenger beautiful football..we need to get the fitness levels up…saka was battling to keep up for chelsea 2nd goal. Also missing kolasinic. Bellerin…Tierney

          One or two vital signings..we good to go.chambers was outstanding before injury too.

  7. The players tried their best in the 1st halve. I want to expect they would have mastered Arteta’s tactcs well after 3-5games. The positive from what I saw today is that Arteta is good tactically; he needs to buy one or two players(defensive midfielders and at a physially & technially good center back).The players tired out in 2nd halve of the game bcos they are not used to playing with lots of energy like they did in the 1st halve today.

  8. Nelson will still start the next game…,works extremely hard..
    Pepe can’t defend to save his life so won’t still get a start…
    You know the saying that a manager’s likes that plays to instructions ..Nelson is that kind of player and arteta can really improve him…
    Arteta should have added a body to the midfield..sacrificing an attacker.
    Anyways the team is improving sha …
    Hope in January we buy right sha..

    1. Football is not just about defending, you have to attack and score as well. What’s the point in working hard without end product? Nelson’s primary responsibility is to attack, create chances and if possible score. Defending is secondary.
      How about starting Pepe and then withdrawing him for Nelson when we’re wining? Or bringing Pepe early enough to impact the game after Nelson (the hardworker) had the defending?

  9. A really poor game from lacca. Not only did he offer very little going forward, he also gave away a very stupid freekick, that led to their first goal.
    Mustafi did make quite a big mistake when they scored their second.
    But, we have to admit, that the whole second half belonged to Chelsea and we should have been very lucky to win this game.

  10. I saw a much more committed Arsenal today and would give more than 5 to Arteta who has already made a more positive impact on the team. Hard to know what score he deserved, but definitely more than 5 so I will go with 6.5

    Lacazette was disappointing and should have scored when in a couple of great positions so I would rate him as a 4

    1. For me Sue, Amn, Ozil, Nelson, Arteta and Chambers all got their ratings from the first half because non of them did nothing or was there in the second half to influence the game. Torreira, auba, luiz (who i believe deserves more tham admin gave) all played well all game.

      1. Hi Reggie,
        I think you made fair points but I gave Arteta more because I believed he has made a real impact, although as the game went on this did decrease. He has on the whole improved what has been a pretty dire team. That then enabled the likes of Luiz and Torreira to show improvement themselves. Aubamayang worked very hard defensively and scored a good goal. Poor Chambers with his injury seemed to change the mood of the game as did Lampard’s substitution which improved Chelsea no end. I know that you didn’t agree with me earlier but I think they were all pooped well before the end of the game and this may well affected their concentration and focus

        1. Hi Sue it wasn’t that i didn’t agree about stamina but changing the game and personell is a way also of reviving players and giving them something different to think about. Chelsea looked slow and unsure but one change and a different approach changed everything, we didn’t respond.

    2. That’s why Arteta gets 5. He knows Laca is not up to it, he should have played Nelson on the left and Pepe on the right so that Auba can go central. Pepe would have kept that Chelsea defence very busy.

  11. Absolutely gutted to see how average we’ve become! Some fans are pleased how we played today but I’m certainly not one of them.. that Chelsea team were well beaten by Southampton and a awful West ham and Bournemouth team.. I watched Wolves play Liverpool and they are proper team, well organised and work really hard! We more often than not concede and just collapse.. I feel sorry for Arteta inheriting this squad of players.

  12. We lost more than Chelsea won. We controlled first half, but Arteta had no answer for Lampard’s change in tactics.

    I know we have injuries, but he should have parked Torreria in front of CB’s to relieve the pressure. With Ceballos still unfit had no choice but go with Willock because Ozil was tiring.

    Willock needs a loan, he’s young but clearly not ready for midfield responsibilities.

    Martinelli couldn’t play, and bringing him on for Laca could have pinned Chelsea back; we missed him today.

    Arteta had a bare cubbard for subs, but he didn’t do anything to adjust in 2nd half.

    Hopefully he learns from this. Martinelli for Laca, and leave Willock on bench when Ceballos fit.

    Thought we played better without Xhaka and he can leave if HB gets real about their offer. Mustafi just reminds everyone when he’s not starting.

  13. Don’t see why we don’t try Pepe for Lacazette and either play him or Ababemyang centrally. It hasn’t worked out for him on the wing so far but maybe he attributes are more suited to a central position where he only has to beat one defender to be in on goal.

  14. Why both luiz and mustafi just watching backward to william dribling, its either one of them should intercept willian before he pass to tammy.

  15. AMN ,Torreria and Auba did very well but sad to say Leno and Lacazette let us down in a match which we should not have lost.Just a word on Luis,he had his best game in an Arsenal shirt.I hope the injury to Chambers is not a bad one.

  16. If not for those 2 dreadful errors and a stupid referee we could have actually won the game.
    We had chances in the 1st half in which we should have actually scored 2 or 3 goals but lacazette seems to have run out of form recently.
    I think the 2nd half we were actually oraganized defensively waiting to counter attack and we got some glorious chances(particularly for willock and torreia).
    One of the many positives in this match is the fight shown by the players.They fought hard even ozil.He was no liability or passenger off the ball today.
    Performances seem to get better and better,i hope the results will too very quickly
    Martinelli and ceballos need to start the next game instead of laca and guendouzi

    1. I agree with Martinelli because Laca should no longer be starting games – but you need 2 central midfielders, otherwise the defence will be sitting ducks. Xhaka cannot play because, you know, he is being Xhaka – so we have a problem already before the Man U game

  17. You are right, 5 is enough for Arteta.

    Some may feel it is harsh considering: Jorginho should not have continued the match before he scored; Leno’s mistake would not have led the team to bomb forward to quickly restore the lead thereby leaving the backline wide open, but I like some feel there should still be a spot for Pepe. Yes he does not work hard, but he scores and creates goals.

    We got 3 goals when he played against Westham, and yes he was hopeless against City (which has been the last time he started)but this is really unfair – most players are useless against a City determined to win.

    What Arteta has not realised is that while we need hard workers, what is the point if they do not know how to score goals – only goals win football matches. We have only scored 2 goals in 3 games, and I do not think that would have been the case if Pepe was playing. We spent £75m on him and sit him on the bench – is this club cursed!!! Surely somebody need to kick him up the backside to force him to work; and this is Arteta’s job. What is the point of saying Kroenke does not spend decent money, and when he does, we cannot get the player to at least work hard.

  18. I don’t know why Arsenal are not in for Emre Can. He his what we need next to Toreira as a Central Midfielder. He is the perfect replacement for Xhaka and Juventus will let him go. We don’t need Rabiot. Problem is that Arsenal as usual are not always smart in the transfer market. We have seen that for years. Another team will snap Emre Can up and the rest will be history!

    1. Ok Rabbi can you go bring Can over and let him know that he will no longer be playing Champions League but instead in a relegation battle lol. Sometimes i wonder if some of you have a clue what you are on about!
      Ps. We are just about capable of going after players that are mid table in their respective leagues!

  19. Nothing will help this team, you guys will be saying the same thing every week! Kroenke’s won’t invest and they won’t sell until they have sucked the well dry! Then it will be dumped like Leeds United once was. The Kroenke’s know this club is full of fickle fans who have no fan power lol….sorry to say but nothing will change until fans do mass protests outside games and stop coming into the stadium and stop buying merchandise! Liverpool fans got rid of Hicks and Gillet and we can do the same but it needs strong minds and a united fan base!

    1. He is naive, weak and sub standard player. Mustafi playing for Arsenal again made us to lose this game. I think he should be the first player to leave the club before Dhaka.

    2. He was doing what he always does; went to ground and misread the way the forward went. That IS Mustafi, He is beyond uselss but right now we have him so have to suffer him; together with the other defensive clowns. REALITY. NO POINT ASKING WHY a clown behaves like clown though I’d say!

  20. mustafi, leno, and lacazette were the main culprits today. i thought everyone else did a pretty good job. individual mistakes caused this loss and we need better players. Nelson had his best performance in an arsenal shirt.

  21. People blaming Arteta -and some are on here, unthinking reactionary fans only though – seem oblivious to the fact that Arteta has taken over a hand of poker with only low cards and no real ace at all. One totally daft comment above said Arteta had no answer to Lampards change of tactic. Well, perhaps he should have brought Messi , Ronaldo or Suarez off the nench instead of Pepe, Willock and all the other moderate to poor players he inherited! What planet are these fans on! Honestly! The level of non thinking by SOME fans on here is beyond description. Totally out of touch with the awful reality of Artetas huge task. I have every confidence in him and thought he played his dreadful hand with an assurance and panache BUT he still has low 2’s and 3’s in the main, not picture cards. Get real you daft fans who do not engage your brains before writing tosh!

    For what it’s worth , I thought the first 35 minutes was thre first time I has seen ateam resembling the REAL ARSENAL for this whole season and much of last too. Once MA has had a chance to get rid of all the useless passngers and clowns and bring in his OWN choice and coach them properly(and that will be a novelty these last several years too!!) we will swiftly show how a proper coach can change things. A COACH who actually coaches and who speaks understandable English , has man management skills and picks the right teams, formations and tactics(another novelty these last few years). Kepp the faith and IF you are one of those daft fans writing tosh, please engage your brain; if you have one.

    1. Ive got to say that is something Arteta has to learn whatever players he has on the bench. He has to respond to the game as he sees it as quick as he can and learn quickly. Lampard brought one player on, changed formation and cured their faults. Arteta is very green in that area at the moment and to be fair none of his substitutions have had a positive effect in any game yet. Its part of the game, you need to read and figure out.

      1. In this case I think you are being unfair to Arteta. Lampard had the “luxury” of being able to bring on a an experienced midfielder valued at almost 60 million. Arteta’s options: Willock and ESR. And he had already been forced into a change due to injury.
        As I and others have pointed out Arsenal’s squad is not good enough and that will remain a limiting factor whoever is the manager.
        Unless of course there is effective investment!

    2. Jon
      Totally agree with a everything you have said
      It’s the first time in a season and a half that I felt we looked and felt like a team
      We played as a unit and I cant remember the last time we actually caught someone off side 10 years in to our own half…
      Once he has had a chance of riding us of the sub standard players and replace them with an upgrade we will start climbing up the table
      First to criticise the guy but ozil was really good today
      Not only with the ball but with out it
      Really enjoyed the first 45 as we bossed the game and also enjoyed the first 35 of the 2nd. It showed we can dig in and defend and whilst Chelsea had most of the possession we restricted them half chances.
      Until leno blunder we were comfortable
      Once we conceded there was only every going to be one winner…
      That’s the bit arteta needs instil.. a not to lose at all cost mentality
      1 point is better then nil points
      Wasnt sure on arteta but after witnessing today’s performance then I am optimistic the future could be bright and red and white once again in the future

    3. @Jon Fox – most of the Chelsea squadp is full of youngsters, why is it that they are doing better and we are not? Don’t blame players, blame the structure of this club! Arteta is just the face of the club, behind the scenes this club is done and dusted, no one can cure it unless new owners and a new board come in! Arteta wont change much but thats not his fault (although he accepted this job knowing he wont have much funds or a great structure)!

      1. well said Jim, we keep blaming our coaches when the players are at fault.Is it Mikel’s fault Ozil has no stamina for 90 minutes considering he had a good first half? Or our defence cannot be trained to defend. Or a silly mistake that led to a free kick.Can anyone train these players further? Mikel brought some energy but i the first half only, we were on the back foot for most of the second half

  22. I’ve been saying this and I’ll say it again. We need to build a team first and not build up youngsters.

    We need cover in the important areas with experienced players when the transfer season comes.

    If we keep playing youngsters they’ll make mistakes and poor decisions as they should since they’re learning.,but right now we need a solid team to cement a structure for the youngsters to build from

    1. Precisely Grandad! I am not so convinced with the backroom staff that came with Arteta! I think Arteta should have bought in Alonso and should have moved Ljunberg on as he doesnt have the appetite to be a top manager!

      1. Arteta tried to get Alonso in his backroom staff but he didn’t want to come the rest of his coaching staff are highly experienced so not sure what you want!!

  23. Sorry but I said it before he was appointed and I am saying it again Arteta is not the man for this job.
    Arsenal were the better Team in the first half but the second half they were a different team playing deep.
    Lampard got his team in at half time and changed the game Arteta did not know how to go on and win the game.Arsenal players not good enough.Arsenal need a big clean out.

  24. I thought it was our best performance of the season. If we can keep this up we should start to win a few games soon. It is easy to change things tactically when you have quality experienced players such as Jorginho on the bench. Arteta did not have that luxury. We weakened our squad last summer and it is really showing now we have a few injuries. I hope we can bring in 2 or 3 more experienced players this window.

  25. Nelson has done nothing in last three straight games he started

    In fact I don’t see any of Nelson , willock , Saka or Amn scoring a goal , creating a dangerous chance , or winning games like Pepe (e.g. west ham , Victoria , Aston villa , Bournemouth)

    Give him a chance to start , results and winning matters more then training and defending

  26. I commend all the players and the coach for a work well done though we lose but their performance was great, with what i have seen in the two matches Arteta be had been in charge he will definitely give us trophy very soon

  27. Didn`t see the game followed it on the text commentary which was encouraging if it was accurate.Long, long way to go both for Arsenal and Arteta.

  28. This is not a personal attack but we really have to look at the Freddie Ljunberb situation. One on here said it before and now I repeat. Freddie is a massive trouble.
    He all thought Emery was the one picking the team and academy boys. But Freddie came in and nothing changed. Same Emery team just more attack minded. Let’s not forget that FL was an assistant of Emery. What I noticed from Freddie’s tenure was that he was highly influential under Emery. Too many youth players. The first team is not an Academy
    In Freddie’s last match it was obvious that he is a very selfish man. He almost totally ignored the experience players. I think most on here are blinded by the fact that he is a legend. Not me. Even one if his former Invincible team mate has said that FL was a very selfish player.
    It is a well established fact that problem Willock has always been a FL favorite during the his Under 23 spell. Same Since FL got promoted to join Emery then we saw a massive involvement of the inexperienced youths. Even during his tenure same.
    Now Arteta. Arteta is a very technical coach so he obviously knows Willock and the rest of our your players are not up to it, with the exception of Nelly and Saka. So why will MA keep playing Willock? Is there a clause in Willock’s contract? Surely not Willock,it will be down to FL’s influence. He still has a huge say in the team.
    The most troubling of all this was when I saw FL in the Director’s Box or whatever its called. Arteta said he sent him there, that he wants another view.Arteta also said his place there will be permanent. That’s very funny.What is going on? Something is surely fishy. Is FL the Board’s informant? How powerful is he?. Arteta worked with Guadiola who is know to be almighty powerful at any given club he goes. So I expect Arteta to be same. Maybe recognizing this and sending him to the stands is his own solution.
    Our youth players are not up to it and they all need to be loaned out. Dont defend their dross. They all need go out and learn football. Yes we were bad but ever since the youth came in our total performance graph has been worse.
    How influential is Freddie? I’m afraid he is or is going to be a huge problem soon. Remember these words.

    1. I cant say i see any of it that way, its your opinion but mine is totally different. Freddie is no influence on decisions made at this club and Arteta sent him up there to view the game from a different perspective.

    2. @ElChapo I echo your sentiments on Freddie – he should have been let go and Arteta should have reshuffled the backroom staff! Freddie is not capable of coaching and he is there for sentimental reasons only! Arteta should have bought Alonso with him and then you would have seen a better team! Sorry to say but keep employing yes men, then keep seeing the team slide down the table! This club won’t ever learn so best to let it learn the hard way 👍🏼

  29. Calm down guys! Our transfer business last summer saw many of the experienced players leaving, either sold or on loan. Those were the same players people here wanted to see leave. We’ve been left with only two established senior midfielders, Ozil and Xhaka, plus Guendozi and Torreira who are still developing, and Ceballos who is injured and doesn’t especially convince me. The manager has no option but to play young players, and I welcome seeing them being given the opportunity to develop in the first team. We have lost too many of our good young players because they couldn’t get a first team chance.
    It is really concerning that the fitness levels of the squad are not good enough to play with intensity for 90 minutes, but let’s give Arteta time to make changes. Frank Lampard has had a pre-season plus a half season to work with his squad (which is full of youngsters) so it isn’t fair to compare him with Arteta after two matches.
    Cheer up and I think we’re in for a good 2020!

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