Arsenal Player Ratings v Chelsea – Ozil and Monreal best on the night

So Arsenal are on their way to Wembley once again, and we will have taken a lot of confidence from beating Chelsea, although the two sides were pretty evenly matched as usual. Conte must hate the sight of Wenger on the touchline!

Well here are my player ratings for Arsenal v Chelsea…

Ospina 6
Petr Cech probably wouldn’t have stopped Hazard scoring either, but otherwise he was okay..

Ballerina 6
Better in defence for a change but sacrificed his wing services

Mustafi 7
Can’t fault the defence except for the goal

Koscielny 7

Monreal 8
Great and a wonderful goal lol. Our unsung hero and silent leader according to Wenger

Elneny 7
A very positive all-round performance from the Egyptian

Xhaka 6
Lucky he got the goal or he wouñd have been slated yet again

Wilshere 7
Jack was born for these local derbies. Has he signed yet?

Ozil 8
Please don’t go Ozil. On a brilliant run of form. Pay him whatever he wants!

Iwobi 6
He still isn’t very convincing and he definitely needs to work on his shooting. No point going past everyone if you can’t shoot straight.

Lacazette 6
Looking more settled at last but not involved too much. Caught offside a lot

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  1. Sue says:

    Will Ozil ever sign or is he off to Manchester?

  2. jon fox says:

    By and large, I agree with most markings; some MINOR arguments here and there only. Iwobi has loads of possession but never looks dangerous and is lightweight in every sense. Some technical ability but no fight , no courage to make a key pass, no presence, zero(or worse still) finishing ability and I don’t think he has a cat in hells chance of ever making a really top player. IT IS NOT HOW MUCH POSSESSION YOU HAVE BUT WHAT YOU DO WHEN IN POSSESSION. FOR THAT REASON ELNENY WOULD HAVE ONLY GOT A FIVE FROM ME. Great result and we did deserve to win BUT Chelsea were shagged out after halftime and most did not look match fit. All in all it was a poor quality match with very few chances on either side. Monreal MOTM by a country mile and he was our real star, even more so in winning attitude, which stood out a mile. Suddenly he looks indespensible.

    1. A.Ball08 says:

      Your a hard man to please jon fox.
      In games like these all that counts is the winning.
      Nice to play free flowing football and win in style but digging in and getting a spot of luck along the way matters.
      I thought elnany done ok.
      Was disciplined. Held his position a d made a few telling interception and tackles
      Wobs done ok…doubled up well and held up there play down our left. has so much to learn but still young done a reasonable job for us in the last few games and will probably be the person to make way for miki.
      The boys done good last night and the last couple of games they showed they have a little fight still in them..but a swallow doesnt make a summer
      This result might paper over the cracks and give aw another few games to stick around but for now lets enjoy a few days of feeling good again and dumping chelski out…

  3. Innit says:

    Ozil has really turned his season around.
    Monreal is always reliable

    Just saw a photo of childish smirk of Alexis signing a contract. Made me ill
    I hope Ozil stays. Alexis and Ozil would not have played as much if they had stayed at Barca and Real. Alexis could have had £300,000 per week and the love of Arsenal fans but he was just interested in money.

    I just hope Ozil sees the bigger picture

    1. Me says:

      Ozil has really turned his season around?
      Has he?

      1. Phil says:

        Wow – you are demanding or delusional.Not sure which

    2. Kroenke Out says:

      What is the bigger picture? He is constantly criticized, he is not always played in his favorite position. Behind him he is lacking two fighters that make him really tick ( as in Germany squad)
      He can make more money elsewhere, and most importantly, he can actually win something elsewhere where the board and the manager actually show ambition.
      And if he performs well, he will get the love of the supporters of whatever team he goes to.
      I think players actually see the big picture better than we think, that’s why those who can go to greener pastures do so.

  4. Guneal says:

    Ozil is awesome. Yeah pay him whatever he wants.

    Laca has to improve on his runs behind the defenders. EPL defenders are more intelligent and organised he must learn.

    Iwobi needs a role model to learn from, I hope miki will help with that.

    Great display yet again from our silent leader Montreal.
    It always feels good getting one against chelshit.
    Wenger Out…….

  5. Grandad says:

    Xhaka was anonymous in the first half and Kolasinac was embarrassingly poor when he came on.He looks overweight and unfit.Yet another poor signing by AW?

  6. Me says:

    A few days left in the transfer window.
    Very disappointing so far.
    The only team who is actually weaker than it was before.
    Wenger is a shambles…

    1. Kroenke Out says:

      Apparently, Giroud is the problem. And obviously our resistance to pay the asking price for any player.

  7. georgie b says:

    Conte may be leaving Chelsea before too long (perhaps). I think he would make a fine manager for us.


    Vs Swansea my Starting 11

  9. GB says:

    Iwobi had a good game and did a job, he had Moses in his pocket. Ok he made a mess of a shot when put through but made some really good tackles on the left hand side and generally did a lot of good stuff for a change. Xhaka was better than usual too. Having said that, we were somewhat fortunate to win but credit where it’s due.

  10. Bur says:

    In the first half the defence gave away the ball in dangerous areas but in the 2nd half the team played like a team. They worked for each other and created a number of chances to seal the game. Well done Arsenal!

  11. Sven Knows Best says:

    Elneny’s marking was useless most of the game, especially as a DM he’s the main culprit for Hazard’s goal. Although, his passing was better than usually.

    Elneny 6, Lacazette 7, otherwise I quite agree with you.

  12. Grandad says:

    Sven, with respect you are incorrect the main culprit for the Chelsea goal was Mustafi who was drawn out of position. .Enemy had an excellent second half in the centre of the back three.These are the facts.

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