Arsenal player ratings v Eintracht Frankfurt – one player gets a 3

Another poor performance and the player ratings reflect that.

Normally I wait a couple of hours before I stick the player ratings up but I have a sneaky feeling Unai Emery may be gone tonight and that will be the focus of upcoming articles.

Also, I am not sure the players deserve for emotions to be calmed. This time they will be rated while the fury is still raw.

Martinez – 6
Cannot really blame him for the goals, did as well as expected I suppose.

Tierney – 6
Did ok in defence but where was the blistering runs up the flank we were lead to believe he would bring?

Mustafi – 7
Thought he put in another solid performance, do not blame him for the second goal because he took a knock and you could see that on his face.

Sokratis -3
He was poor, no idea how he keeps getting in the team, made one good stop from memory and that was it.

Chambers – 4
Did about ok in defence but was woeful going forward, he is not a wing-back.

Luiz – 5
He looked ok in the defensive midfield role but his first touch was poor, was subbed early due to injury.

Xhaka – 6
Had a fairly decent game all things considered but was lacking going forward.

Willock – 8
The youngster was electric in the first half but went into his shell in the second. Best Arsenal player tonight.

Martinelli – 6
A decent performance and was unlucky not to score in the first half but faded as the game went on.

Saka – 5
Showed a lot of energy and that was really about it. Average game.

Aubameyang – 5
Gets a five purely because of his goal otherwise would have been a four. Another poor game it has to be said.


Guendouzi – 5
Poor first touch. offered no creativity at all.

Ozil – 5
Just average when he came on, made no difference.

Torreira – 5
Did what he could but he is no game-changer, strange substitution when you are a goal down.


  1. Going to a very busy night behind the scenes at the Emirates tonight. Unai Emery has to be sacked or he walks away from a mess he made worse. I dont know who comes in if it’s someone like Allegri but does he even speak English? We need a coach who can get through to the team and that the players understand what he is saying and trying to create on the pitch.

    We are in a bad way but if nothing happens be prepared for maybe a top10 finish and latter rounds of the Europa league olif we are lucky in the draw as nobody is scared of Arsenal at the Fancy Emirates.

    Long gone are the days of the 1-0 to the Arsenal at Highbury with hard hitting counter attacking football or the Invincibles who knew how to win in the League at all costs or better how not to lose…

    Arsene may have left us in a mess but we are worse off now no matter what anyone says since he left. Raul needs to so his damn job now!!

  2. AdMart, what happened to Emery’s rating?

    Aside that, the biggest issue disturbing me right now is how Emery’s leaving Arsenal way more worse than Wenger left it.
    Freddie or whoever’s taking over will have a lot of shít to clean

      1. 8 for Willock, are you sure? What precisely did he do? Presuming 10 is an absolute blinder, you’re saying Willock was just short of a blinder ha ha, are you kidding. Not one payer in the side deserved more than 5. That performance was a 2 to 5 maximum for the whole team and 0 for the manager.

        1. have to agree Kenny, Willock is to light, cant tackle and isn’t aware of the people around him, for me he was a 3-4. Guendouzi was a 3, please watch the game again and watch his tracking back……..non existent. For a young lad he has no speed or stamina, foresight nor passing abilities, cant tackle and can only go across the field or backward, sorry 2 for him. Every pass that Mustaffi made out of defense found an opposition player, watch the game and tell me I am wrong, is he colored blind.

          The pace is pedestrian, there is no one who can ping the ball over the top, split the defense or break down the opposition defense. You cant say the front lads arnt making runs but there is nobody there who can give a telling pass. WE ARE PISS POOR!!!!

          1. Make you right Bur about Mustafi, I mean, it’s not as if were asking him to thread a pass, just a simple pass out from the back to maybe a midfielder, not a difficult skill but Martin seems to think he played almost a blinder LOL. Maybe we need a new assessor. Think he’s getting bogged down with too many articles.

            1. I should change it maybe seeing as so many agree with you. Oh wait, it is just you. Think I will stand by my ratings.

  3. Raul and Edu need to step up and sack Emery, can’t believe the subs in this game. Laca and Pepe sit on the bench when we’re a goal down, sheesh.

    If Raul and Edu defend Emery and cost us more points, they will be questioned next.

  4. I`ve changed my mind about Emery, if he survives beyond this Ebening, then he isn`t a Vampire, he`s a f##king Cockroach, he would be the last man standing at Armageddon watching the worlds last ebening sunset !

      1. I hope so Administration, it’s embarrassing all around now. The low turnout was bad, but can you really blame the fans?

        Spending time and money to see 7 defenders play some of the most boring and dull football in the league.

        Leaving Laca and Pepe on the bench when we needed a goal was the last straw for me. Love to hear Emery explain that one.

        Announce Freddie as caretaker at least and move heaven and earth to get the right manager this time.

        1. It may well turn out to be wishful thinking but more and more are tweeting the same thing now. This is not my info but what I have read and I believe it to be cast iron. Emery will be gone tonight, if not by the morning at the latest.

  5. So glad I didn’t get up early to watch that tripe! Since I’ve moved to Aus, it’s been a killer watching Arsenal at crazy times, especially when the performances have been horrific!

    Like I said, I didn’t see the game, but I’ve seen the match report. To bring on a DM, and a CM, whilst leaving a CF, and a RW on the bench, when you’re losing at home, is beyond delusional. Remember that Laca is one of our best players, and Pepe is our most expensive signing ever!

    The only conclusion I can draw, is that Emery knows he’s more or less getting the sack whatever happens, so he deliberately sabotaged the game. I can understand how ridiculous that sounds, but despite how bad he’s been performing, I honestly can not come up with another logical reason for those subs.

    1. Seriously that was my taught, the guy obviously knows its game over for coz I was expecting to see Laca at least

  6. Emery should be sacked asap. He does not know what he is doing. Maybe he is waiting for the 6m. Cos he wants to be sacked

  7. The craziest thing is how gullible the board were when this Vlad the Impaler look-a-like walks into the interview room with a box of Panini stickers on all the Arsenal players and were impressed with his knowledge !

  8. If Admart is right, then I expect to wake up in the morning and Emery is sacked, so I`m going to bed early now………………… feels like Christmas Eve, I`ll put some milk and cookies out ! hahaha

  9. For the love of God is no one going to talk about Xhaka’s overly cheery interaction with the Frankfurt players following another appalling defeat…a game that he had no right to be a part of regardless of his sob story

  10. Guemdouzi does not know how to pass a ball forward, he also does not know how tp play 1-touch to speed up the movement. But that is just in passing. Terrible formation to start with, peculiar choice of players, INSANITY IS DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT.

    They did try in the first half in spite of the silly formation, but too many passes overcooked, and then wemt to sleep in second.

  11. We keep playing 7 defensive midfielders every game and expect a different result. Lunacy! Play 5 defensive and 5 attacking players….its no brainer now. And since Bellerin is injured…..4-1-4-1






    1. Yesterday, Luiz was actually playing alongside Xhaka as a DM and he was doing good before he was knocked. But again it was an overkill for Xhaka and Luiz to both be in the midfield really, as Xhaka is just a Luiz lite.

      I would have gone with Luiz as a sole DM, with three CBs of Chambers, Papa, and Mustafi, with Tierney and AMN as left and right midfielders. Our front line was working good as we saw in the first half but we missed very easy chances really. Sorta like 3-4-3 with wider midfield diamond, but also with proper wingers. Sorta like below:








  12. When will I get the official news “Emery out”. It is unbelievable, unacceptable, disappointing and delusional. I don’t know what to think and make of it. Are the Board watching a different Arsenal and a different Arsenal game?

  13. Regardless of the system used last night,the fact of the matter is Emery selected four players who are recognized centre backs and are of limited use elsewhere.I was all for giving Emery a chance but he is clearly not up to the task.There is now a very real chance of Arsenal being sucked into a relegation battle.Finally those who were responsible for recruiting Emery and his assistants, should do the recent thing and resign.

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