Arsenal player ratings v Everton – some decent performances

Arsenal player ratings v Everton – Defence and midfield a lot more organised.

It was not the most entertaining match it must be said but in terms of performance, Arsenal were decent all things considered.

Most of them played as if they had something to prove and for some of them they certainly passed the audition.

Player ratings

Leno – 6
Had very little to do really, shows how well the lads in front of him played

Maitland-Niles – 6
I thought he did rather well down the right, was rarely caught in possession and made a couple of decent runs.

Chambers – 7
Bounced back from an awful display last time out. Was assured and calm.

Luiz – 6
He still is a liability as a couple of dodgy tackles will testify to, however, he did ok overall.

Saka – 7
Considering he was not playing in his usual position I thought he had a fine game. He also posed a threat going forward.

Xhaka – 7
Put in a decent display, battled hard in midfield and never gave an inch.

Torreira – 8
Another one that had a good game both defensively and linking up with the forwards. Battled hard.

Nelson – 5
He tried but never looked like he was going to make a big difference.

Smith Rowe – 5
Another youngster that put in a solid display but never looked like creating anything, to be honest.

Martinelli – 6
Was eager and he at least tried to hunt the ball down and get involved.

Aubameyang – 5
Not his best game and even though he was lacking in service he could have attempted a bit harder to get more involved.


Willock – 6
He may have been on for just 25 minutes or so but he showed energy and confidence

Lacazette – 5
Not on long enough so gets standard 5


Ljungberg – 5
Ended with a credible draw but his lineup was a bit weird.


  1. I give Luiz better rating than Chambers. Because Chambers made a bad touch near the end of match, which gave Everton a dangerous free kick and luckily our defense was solid

    Start Nelson as RW again in another two matches and we will see the difference. Smith-Rowe is another one who needs more EPL games and his energy could be more useful in 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1 formation

    We defended better in this match, because Martinelli, Nelson and Smith-Rowe helped the midfielders and the defenders a lot. I couldn’t see the same level of aggression in Ozil and Pepe

    1. Right. We defended well in this match compared to our other matches. Martinelli, Smith Rowe and Nelson are different to Ozil and Mkhitaryan because they try their best to defend

    2. @gotanidea most straight wingers in the modern game end up playing as fullbacks. If Nelson wants to be a winger, he best learn to play on the opposite side of his stronger foot

      1. Nelson didn’t play well as an LW in the first two EPL games, but he showed some improvement in Europa League

        Unfortunately, after he showed some progress as an LW, Emery benched him again for playing Saka in EPL. I think he got confused, because he is not too versatile nor is he a prodigy

        It’s better to play him in one position only for several matches, either on the left or right side. He can only be confident if playing regularly in a steady role, which also applies to the other youngsters

    3. I can see that you are really trying to rationalize his inefficiency. Let us be frank with ourselves, Nelson isn’t as good as you ‘wish’ he can be. And there in lies the problem. If a player is good, it would show immediately…not all this plenty talk of ‘give him some time’. Check Velverde out at Real Madrid(Same age as Nelson). Check Frank deJong at Barca. Check Odegaard at Socidead…they are all the same.age as Nelson but way way way superior. Please let’s call a spade a spade and admit, Nelson is good enough for teams like QPR or Forest Green Rovers

  2. We saw a decent performance because everton was very poor from the start.Iwobi was missed.We should have played 4-4-2 with laca or pepe partnering up instead of playing ESR a CAM.He needs time to improve.Some would argue that would make us vulnerable but we all saw how poor everton was today except for the last 10 mins maybe.We should have taken the game to them but we were also very cautious except for maybe some moments in the second half.

  3. I thought Torreira had a really good game. Showed why we got him. Arteta will turn him around. Some of the kids aren’t ready….Smith Rowe and Reiss Nelson, and in some respects Willock. Martinelli IS ready.

  4. A well needed point as we have still dropped to 11th at present.
    Burnley and Newcastle above us 😟
    Good to see some decent effort from the lads though.

  5. The fact that Freddie said he picked players who put shifts in at training this week bodes well for our Academy grads but raises alarm bells on Pepe, Lacazette and Guendouzi

  6. Wow … talk about a delusional fan base … torreira and martinelli deserved 7s if only for effort … chambers and Leno 6s … the rest were 4 or less … wake up and smell the coffee but arteta will need something stronger to get us moving in the right direction … top 6 and a cup run will be a triumph with this lot

    1. We did not concede a goal – for that alone, never mind how poor Everton really were (we’ve played against poorer sides this year and lost), the back 6 of AMN, Luiz, Chambers, Saka, Torreira and Xhaka should get at least 7. They threw themselves into the fray with more determination than we have seen all season. Class? Probably not, but at least effort.

      1. 7s for being just as s@@@ as the opposition and one we have considered inferior opponents for decades … no thank you a bit of objectivity needed … not one of back for is epl quality and it showed ( not Sakas fault in that position) … it was hopeless stuff so 4s or less all round

  7. Under Emery we would’ve been under immense pressure from Everton. Even in an average performance it’s our best away performance in the EPL.
    I don’t think anyone can name me one away performance this season where the draw wasn’t based on luck as the opposition couldn’t finish off their chances. In this match we had control but we made so many poor decisions in the final third. I actually thought we should’ve scored a goal

  8. let’s atleast appreciate xhaka,he too tried good passes .

    l could say the whole team tried,but martineli has some thing special going to come out of him.
    he has a good touch, energy & has that push to get things done
    watch out guys!!

  9. Dont think Ljungberg’s lineup was weird. HE stopped using players that are continual let downs. Something that needed to be done long ago.

    1. Its just finding a reason to fault him.
      The only mistake he made today was not making some substitutions earlier

  10. Hopefully, Arteta has some tricks up his sleeve to really improve this team. This was not a good performance from Arsenal. The one positive thing about the play was the team did not give up a lot of chances. The ratings are inflated as the opposition was poor today. Everton showed little ambition.
    As for those praising FL consider this-
    FL results: 1 win, 3 draws, 2 losses.- do people really expect us to believe that these are better than what Emery would have achieved?
    I feel that that the biggest problem remains player quality; I just hope Arteta can improve them because it does not seem that there will be much investment in the team; which it really needs to be competitive.

    1. Arteta is lucky to be coming in from Man City. If he was here at Arenal in Ljunberg’s place the results would probably have been the same for him and fans would be calling for a top manager to come in. The team really played bad under Emery and it was always going to be difficult for FL. I feel sorry for him because deep down I know he wanted the job. Arteta also now has less much to do bevause Ljungberg has made the team more positive in their passing and has helped to remove the negative mentality from the players.

      1. Granted Emery did not do enough but the roster is poor. The team is unbalanced and lacks quality in key areas.
        The youngsters are talented but are not ready for a season long campaign.
        I was unconvinced by FL and I disagree that he made the team more positive. On the other hand, there is no doubt that it was a difficult situation for him.
        Arteta now has his chance and we will see what he can do.

        1. That is what Ive bee implying all along. Ljungberg was limited by the quality of his player’s and so will Arteta. He’s only lucky to be getting the Arsenal job because it’s difficult for me to see how different the results would be under him if he managed those games Ljungberg did. Fans would’ve then be calling for a top manager and the board may have been unimpressed. Think about it!

      2. Really funny kev. I don’t see any positive in their passing at all. I failed to see any major improvement of what Fl have done so far. The squad needs 2b cleared asap.

        1. If you’ve seen no improvement then that’s fine. I can’t make everyone agree with me but I believe everyone must be criticised where due and given prips when they do something good. In any case Arteta is the head coach now

    2. As I have said a significant number of this squad have now failed under 3 head coaches, to show the character, physical and mental toughness, personal and professional pride and commitment to play for the Arsenal.
      Hopefully Mikel Arteta can sort the squad out, bring the best out of the players and move on the non performers.
      Similar to his predecessors, Arteta’s success is dependent upon the support of the Board and Owners in the transfer market.

  11. OT
    What a goal by Vardy!! This is the reason why I’ll never call Aubameyang world class. Vardy is similar to him. In that, their overall game is average but the way they play is tailor made to score many goals. If Vardy was at Real Madrid or Barcelona he’d be banging them in but because his game is average like Aubameyang he can’t be called world class

      1. I’m not calling him average. I’m I’m implying far his game is incomplete. He’s a one tricky pony but he’s great at what he does. He’s similar to Aubameyang

        1. Dennis Bergkamp was the most complete footballer I ever saw at Arsenal, and he even missed a penalty. He created, scored goals, tackled, won the ball back and had a combination of power, technique and toughness, with a touch of mongrel. No one is perfect.

  12. This line up was to see how many of our youngsters can cut in and what business we may have to do in January. I’m just glad to see all four figures watching today which will help any future discussions about ins and outs.
    It’s a bit harsh to say auba could have tried more the guy is probably exhausted. He nat be fit and a professional but hes played some serious games.
    Good to see torreira back to his level chambers was good and so was xhaka at naturally dripping into the while between the two cbs.
    The surprise for me today was luiz! Snapping into tackles reading the game and sprinting across to clear the ball, bursting forward when he could. He looked awake and alert for a change!
    I was disapointes with Smith rowe and nelson at the lack of movement. No pass and move at all just stood waiting for a pass but not asking for it.
    I di hope we buy a Ramsey/Ramsey cebalos type player in January, xhaka was better today and luiz could do a role in midfield for us but we miss the mf controller/dictator of the game oh why didn’t we clone cazorla before he moved on!?

  13. No Admin Martin , NOT a “weird” line up at all. It was clearly Arteta not Freddie who picked that team and he played all those youngsters to show the older established names that they need to fight for their place. Some of the kids, esp Nelson and ESR were overawed but the others all did well. Right to leave out Laca who is not doing the business lately. No practical choice other than to play Xhaka either. Thank God that fraud Ozil was injured, IF he really is. Or PERHAPS he had another of his fake illnesses, backaches, headaches, split finger nail etc! He disgusts me! Arteta will persevere with the kids and give them every chance, as he CORRECTLY and NOT “WEIRDLY” DID TODAY. I was satisfied with the far better workrate today and expected no less AND no more, being an arch realist as I am.

    1. JON FOX, i believe that you are being a little harsh on mr.ozil, for once !.i do understand, from a very reliable source, deep inside the emirates stadium, that,he, mr.ozil, dropped his cheque on his big toe (right side),on the way to his bank yesterday afternoon.after all , did you ever have 1.4 million pounds drop viciously on your toe ?.i doubt it somehow, so , please have a little sympathy for our talisman and saviour, he, that is the best number ten in the world , to this very day , mind you !.saint mesut of turkey will be out for some time following this freak accident, so be prepared for our team to go on a downward spiral.without the saint i fear we are doomed, and we will be walking the relegation tightrope soon.but i understand, JON, that you have an able replacement for the saint !. your cat is stripped and ready for the first game after all is not lost, look up gunners fans, KITTY CAT is here to save the day.and, one thing i do know for certain, is , KITTY CAT will play better than the saint has done over thee past few seasons.THEE CAT , not to be mixed up with jan tomesheski , will show us how a proper number ten can control the game , and find that defence splitting pass that the saint is so famous for.seasons greetings JON, and thank you for allowing your cat to save our season , meooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.

      1. To be fair Gerry, it was a gold bar, as Ozil doesn’t take cheques.
        Ozil is to be respected for raising the treatment by the Chinese government of the Uighar minority in placing them in “re education” camps to destroy their culture. This has caused him actual financial loss, in closing down his fan channel, shirt and merchandising sales etc.
        I will respect Ozil even more if he takes up Turkey’s treatment of the Kurds with his good friend Erdogan. I won’t hold my breath.
        I will respect

  14. Aldo the biggest thing today was last week city walked through us no pressure and no tackles at all!!
    Today we recovered our shape well when out of possession pressed at times and certainly put tackles in although badly at times!

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