Arsenal player ratings v Leicester City – one player gets 8 despite defeat

Three defeats in a row and a top-four finish is starting to look unlikely and for the third game running the defence conceded three goals.

There were mitigating circumstances, in particular, the harsh sending off of Ainsley Maitland-Niles but even so, it has not been a good day for Arsenal.

Leicester deserved their win, no point saying otherwise and if it was not for Leno we could have lost by more than just three goals.

Player ratings

Leno 8

Definitely the Arsenal man of the match, a much better performance than against Wolves and he was the only player that did not deserve to be on the losing side.

Maitland-Niles 4

I thought that his sending off was harsh but off he went and his rating reflects that.

Mustafi 4

It was a little surprising that he was named in the starting line up and Emery was not vindicated in picking the German who put in yet another poor display.

Sokratis 4

Another poor game and he was made to look pedestrian on more than one occasion.

Kolasinac 5

Never made any glaring mistakes but he was often beaten for pace and looked out of his depth at times.

Mkhitaryan 5

Offered nothing really, he did help out in defence a bit more in this game and that is a plus but that is about it.

Torreira 5

Looked busy but did not actually offer anything, we needed him to take control of the midfield and he failed.

Xhaka 5

Same as Torreira, he looked busy but failed in his job which was to take control of the midfield.

Iwobi 4

Had opportunities to sway the game in our favour and came up short and it is not the first time either.

Lacazette 5

Another player that wasted an opportunity and despite running here there and everywhere did not have an impact on the game and was deservedly subbed.

Aubameyang 5

Looked a lost man throughout the game which is not surprising considering there was no service.


Koscielny 5

Tried his best when he came on but looked just as ragged as his fellow defenders

Guendouzi 5

Another trier but that is about it and was part of a midfield that was simply outfought and outplayed.

Nketiah 5

No better and no worse than Lacazette who he replaced and therefore the same rating.

The ratings are low for most of the players and for me, that is justified, we deserved to lose and lose we did.


  1. To high ratings for me.
    Remember 3 0 really flatters this team.
    Leno made 9 saves.
    Nearly half of them were exceptional

  2. We lost all the ‘must win games’. Our midfield is horrendous, not a single player who can hold on to the ball. If there is no creativity in the team it doesn’t matter how good your strikers are. With Wenger, at least we had a decent midfield.

    1. Let me guess – One of these fans that has a huge list of players to sell, constantly talks about how average or how shite a lot of our players are. Yet will still expect us to hit all our targets as if he said nothing about the quality of our squad. Complains about having only spent x amount of money, compares it to other teams and says it proves we have no ambition, but still should be beating teams that spend more, no muss no fuss. One more guess in case I’m off with those – Not a real fan, more like a type of programming that is very consistent with its timing and its words.

  3. Why bother with the ratings… Only Leno deserves a rating.
    It just occurred to me that our last reliable central midfield was Carzola-Coquelin partnership.

    1. I don’t agree with that, I think this season our games v Che, Utd, Tott, Liv at home, showed that these are better equipped for battle. Coquelin was never good enough for Arsenal, Cazorla with Torriera would be good to see, both pint sized players. The old argument was too attack minded, so Torrira and Xhaka might have been more of what that team needed. Cazorla of course everyone loves him, and he has more talent going forward and with the ball, than both those players together. If we’re talking about partnerships and pros and cons, weaknesses, I think the current two would compliment that old team better.

      1. I agree Coquelin was never good enough but his partnership with Carzola was better and more consistent than what we currently have. We also won some big games with that partnership & last I recall, our last win against ManCity away was with that midfield. However, we need better than Xhaka & more of a Carzola type midfielder.

        1. Coquelin was good enough.Footballers have some limitations which at times needs to be covered up by others.You don’t need eleven world class players to win a trophy.He’s had bad games but name me one top team in EPL that Coquelin hasn’t dominated??Only a top defensive player can do that because he was a DM.

      2. Coquelin was always good enough for Arsenal at least for a bench role.There was a reason why he was being compared to Viera at the time despite his limitations on the ball and Viera not being a DM in the first place.People look at 16/17 to judge him but he was Arsenal best player in preseason in the lead up to the 17/18 season.How people used that one season to judge him is beyond me.They decided to look past all he did in 14/15 and 15/16 where had we won the EPL in both seasons he would 100% have been in the team of the season.
        Before these seasons(14/15 and 15/16) Coquelin had also gotten some MOTM performances against teams like Chelsea(12/13) and Spurs(11/12).
        At his best he’s better defensively than Torreira and there were matches where you even thought he made infinite interceptions.Imo he was a massively underappreciated player and I can see why Wenger offered him a contract despite being injured for most part of his trial period.A fantastic talent and could be been far far better if only he ws well managed.

  4. The season is gone, we are at mercy of United now to beat Chelsea – which wont happen I guess. The morale condition will affect us in Europa too, so all we have is 45m budget and 10 players to replace
    Feel like in few years we will be competing for top half spot in EPL, with the likes of Wolves/Everton/Leicester taking us over because they have a supporting ownership and players that care.

    1. I don’t get all this about being at the mercy of United beating Chelsea? Even if they do beat Chelsea they go above us and we are then in 6th place.

  5. What has happened at all, confidence was always going to be low (themselves to blame for that) and the card made the job a truly difficult ask, but it is the entire three games that has me lost for words. Come on Arsenal, wtf, we showed great character throughout the season but could not erase errors, but this last spell is just not on, it’s not. I hate seeing that coke head Vardy on the winning side, oh yeah, red-bull is it.

  6. Actually, this is the last game I mind myself with as far as Arsenal is concerned for the reminder of the season. Clueless manager hidding behind a mask of mediocre team excuses. Yes, we not as good as and painfully Tettenham but how comes we can’t even beat mid table teams ? Un acceptable. Keep on blaming Wenger for fridge players yet Emery this season alone brought 3 first team players plus Guodozi. In comparison, he got better players than Wenger had coz Wenger had a Giroud for the better time.
    I wish we leave Wenger out of this. Let everyone carry their own Cross. It’s not that Wenger himself had funds available.He bought the players in respect to what was available. We all now the world class players he wanted but limited by funds.
    To give an example, look at real madrid.same squad improved bcz of change of manager. Manchester United too.
    The point is that was Emery a better option, he should show some tactical improvement with the same squad but to be sincere it’s flat

  7. It’s the third game running we’ve conceded three goals not the second game running. 2-3 home to Palace, 3-1 away to Wolves and now 3-0 away to Leicester. Does anyone honestly believe we will get anything at Burnley? They are currently holding City! We will likely struggle at home to Brighton! But Emery is doing a great job isn’t he? FFS.

  8. Like Spurs we have run out of steam due to our European commitments, whilst the likes of Leicester and Wolves and West Ham are clearly fresher and fitter.Faced with this problem there was surely a case for starting with our talented youngsters who have the legs to match the opposition.The fact is our squad is thin and unbalanced and if ever there was an example of how poor we are at centre back the Leicester third goal sums it all up.Schoolboy defending from Kocielney and Socratic who along with Mustafi make up the poorest set of central defenders in the League.As for your ratings, I feel you have been very generous to Mik who is one of a host of players who should be moved on asap.

  9. Come to think of it, the good end-of-season runs we had under Wenger was down to having no European football after R16. Up to seven less fixtures played in the run-in. FA Cup would only have added three more fixtures over the same period.
    Of course I’m not using the fixture list as an excuse since it’s possible that Valencia knock us out of Europe leaving our last game as a single dead rubber and a return to Europa League anyway.

  10. We have to win the Europa league now, this makes it simpler, we must win it. I have a feeling that we will, we’ll be able to rest players and try to get them back to one hundred percent, hopefully Ramsey, Bellerin, Holding, Welbeck might be back, it would have been great if we could’ve gotten them back a couple of weeks ago. Che are not in all that much form neither, their legs will also be heavy. I’m looking forward to facing them in the final, I’m getting ahead of myself but I have to, it’s all we have to look forward to so I expect to see us there. Bring us home the Europa cup lads and shut this bunch up for good, some of them sound like a walking contradiction – come on you Gunners – we took a beating but we certainly aren’t down for the count, we’ll come out swinging and Emery – plus the players – will go down in the AFC’s history books. Ya Gunners Ya.

  11. Wake up
    Average players
    Average manager
    Average club

    As I said Leicester have a chance of finishing higher next season
    We would take 5/6 their players now and they will spend where as we have £45m


  12. Does anyone seriously believe we will beat Valencia on this form, conceding 3 goals in each of our last 3 games? I wouldn’t put money on us beating Brighton at home in our next game and then we have Burnley away, another sure fire defeat.

    1. We lost our last three,
      They lost their last two (and were 10 men in their most recent victory)
      Gonna be an interesting game on Thursday

    2. Four place is now Man Us.Win today and their last 2 games are Huddersfield and Cardiff who will both be relegated .But who cares about CL .We have to start rebuilding and if the transfer funds is only 45 million so be it .Sell what we can and raise monies to get a defence .I would sell Belerin as well as you would raise around 50 million and lets face it he can’t defend .We need an organised defence and until we find one you can forget winning the premiership .In fact I doubt we will be challenging for at least 5 years.You have to be realistic and keep blaming Emery is just stupid .Give him 3 or 4 transfer windows and then make your judgement but not now.We need a good clear out this summer and to buy wisely but not anybody who is on free as they will only be motivated by money

  13. I blame the manager for his recent wrong team selection. We have been playing three at the back in most of the matches that we won but the coach has now gone back to playing four. Our defenders are either old or slow and the four at the back exposeses their weaknesses easily. Four weeks ago we had a better chance of qualifying for top four but the manager blew it and chose instead to focus on EUROPA cup that is not as certain as the top four, then. If we end up playing EUROPA next season, we should blame it on the manager.

  14. I don’t recognise Arsenal any more. This team is a million miles from the Arsenal team that went a season unbeaten!

    Gutless, lacklustre, empty and lifeless is how I would describe the performances of late. Second to everything and first to nothing and nearly every ball we pass or play forward seem to go anywhere but where they should. Xhaka is (as I always say) pretty consistent at going sideways or backwards and gives us little in attack. Out style and flair are a distant memory now. All this team has are a bunch a players who don’t have the required drive and enthusiasm to make this club as big as it should be. If most of these guys were paid on performance the club would not have to pay much is salaries that is for sure.

    I just don’t identify with Arsenal as a club any more. The style has gone, the football brand is flat and the overall game play is nothing short of Championship football at best!

    Today’s statistics would prove it! It looks like most of them have lost the will to play!? Fire them now. Terminate the contract. That crap is not Arsenal. We are Arsenal – The fans!!

    Emery is like a fish out of water right now. He’s realising the lack of character and strength in depth. The lack of communication and intelligence in defence is staggering. How is it even possible to continually fail in the same areas and make the same mistakes over and over again?!?!

    Our attack is dead without Ramsey and even he will leave soon! We are losing our best midfielder because Arsenal though he Ozil was worth more?! The decisions this club have been making for the last 10 years just continue to baffle me. Nothing makes sense on or off the pitch. WTF has happened to my club?

    1. Ramsey and 400k a week did him in. No way he’s worth 400k per week, that’s madness. Injury prone and on shelf again as we speak.

      He’s carried himself honorably with his play on the pitch, and I wish him well.

      However, we are Arsenal and should expect better midfielders than Ramsey or what we currently have, rather than pining away like a broken-hearted schoolgirl.

      Ramsey chose money over the badge as is his right, and chose to hold club to ransom rather than stay and be a part of the next chapter.

      We’ll find out about Emery next year; he got 7 new players this year, and we can probably say another 4 or 5 this Summer.

      That about 11 new players he had a say on, and if he can’t improve us with 11 players he agreed on then he needs to be put on the hot seat

      1. Damn right although, do you really think 5 more will make this team any better than top 6 finish?..

        Nope, me niether..

        1. Nope I agree with you. Leno, Laca, and Auba only ones starting material. The rest are rotation level players with a club that has ambition. (Minus Mhki and Monreal, they’re both done).

          Owner refuses to keep pace with the ambitious clubs, hence we are where we are. Our scouting has let us down and has not delivered.

          We can’t attack consistently, can’t defend worth a damn, midfield unablt to dictate a game, and struggle to link the defense to attack.

          We are worse than boring to watch; we’re infuriating. Same players making same mistakes, lack of progression with 98% of squad, manager looking bereft of ideas, and an owner who won’t address the glaring problems everyone sees.

          Stadium built on lies, fleecing fans every year for ticket sales. How long before top players and sponsers see Kronke’s Arsenal for the shit show it is.

          THE ARSENAL is rapidly fading and being replaced by Kronke’s Arsenal. Class replaced by cash, ambition replaced by ambiguity, players replaced by profit.

          I recognize the badge and colors, but no style of play, or philosophy.

      2. Stop bloating figures just to slate Ramsey. The claim was that he was asking for around 200K a week which I think is not too much. But that’s not even the issue. He has a right to negotiate for his wages doesn’t He? Why did the club withdrew its offer? Did you ever pursed to think of how he must have felt?
        Yet in all these, I seriously think Emery doesn’t want him in the team, at least initially. If he did, Ramsey would have been named the club captain. If you disagree kindly state your reasons. Emery went around appointing multiple vice captains. And to think of the way guys here slate him, I never knew y’all be this sad to see him leave

        1. Ramsey let an offer sit on the table for over a year. He opted for mega wages over the club, and it’s choice and right to do so. As for his wages:

          400k is what Juve is paying. Rumor was we were offering 200k and he wanted Ozil type money. Only club, agent, and Ramsey know the truth.

          What we know is he let a contract sit on the table for over a year and he held out. I believe we can do much better in midfield personally. He is injury prone, highly inconsistent over 10 years, lacks technique, pace, strength, and can’t keep position or dribble out of trouble.

          He makes good late runs, but we need much much more in midfield. We need to control the game through midfield, and it’s not just Ramsey but none of our midfielders can do it.

          1. DURAND, Great sense on Ramsey. Apart from hard work and will to win he has little else that can be weekly relied on. Not regular fitness, goals, assists, dribbling, passing, tracking back and NOT unselfish play either. Not a bad player overall BUT not good enough, except in his own opinion. And definitely NOT WORTH WHAT HE THINKS HE IS WORTH.

  15. The thing that really pisses me off is the lack of fight and desire from these players. I know loyalty is no longer important for players nowadays but ffs, at least earn your salary with some professionalism. I hate losing a match but I despise going down like a pu**y. I don’t care whether Ozil is/was world class or whether Iwobi can’t shoot a football to save his life… When you put on the Arsenal badge, you need to respect it & fight to the end. All these players come & go, but only us fans understand what it feels like to lose. Fans need to unite and fight to restore our club’s pride.

  16. So Arsenal fans can’t help but further discourage our players and coach even after playing about 60 mins of football away and losing?
    And we call for the sacking of the coach? As though we’ve given him everything to succeed with.
    Klopp, Pep, Zidane et al wont perform any better at Arsenal with our current crop of players.
    Fans seem to be taking stuff overboard and getting angry unnecessarily.
    Unnecessarily because we all know the the state of our team that;
    – we hired a new coach after 22 years
    – more than half of our players are between average and less than average
    – the coach had little or no funds at his disposal for player upgrades
    – that it will take more than a year for the coach to fix this team that is if Kroenke is willing to upgrade the team.
    You build a team to win the league and qualify for Champions league. You don’t sit down and expect a mediocre of a team to qualify for Champions league before you give out funds for upgrades. This will always be our predicament with this archaic stance.
    Our problem is never the coach. It is Kroenke. Instead of bashing Emery, fans will have to rise up against Kroenke instead via all possible means.

    We are still in contention for Europa and believe we cant win it if we stay strong.


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