Arsenal player ratings v Leicester City – Two players get a 3

Arsenal players dish up another dose of rubbish.

There may come a time when the ratings can be done before the match because it is now so predictable.

One of the most basic requirements of a professional footballer is to hang on to the ball. Another is to complete simple passes. Requirements beyond the reach of these Arsenal players it seems.

No doubt Unai Emery will get the vast majority of the blame and it has to be said, rightfully so. But the players cannot be let off the hook, not when they cannot get the simple things right.

The ratings have been compiled with a deliberate attempt at being balanced. Not sure I have pulled it off considering what I have witnessed today.

Player Ratings

Leno 6
Positioning was suspect but he was fairly solid, Could not do much about the goals.

Bellerin 6
Did well going forward and not his fault he is surrounded by mediocrity.

Chambers 5
Decent first half but was seriously found wanting in the second half.

Luiz 4
How hard is it to keep the ball? Starting to look his age now.

Holding 3
Worst defender on the pitch. The only excuse is he may need more time to get back to his best.

Kolasinac 4
Pedestrian, especially in the second half.

Torreira 3
His form is very worrying. Playing like a very unhappy man.

Ozil 4
Seen it all before from the German. No longer surprised at his lack of effort.

Guendouzi 5
Again was busy and showed some drive but lacked creativity as usual.

Lacazette 5
He tried hard but with almost no service he struggled to get into the game.

Aubameyang 5
Another one that goes missing when there is no service.


Pepe 5
Average rating due to time he came on but did nothing worthwhile in the little time he had

Willock 5
Another average rating as not on long enough.


Emery 2
Weird team selection and sent the players out far too negatively.


  1. I would love to no WHAT our defensive coach is smoking.we have 3 if not 4 including martinelli world class attackers & how can they operate if no service..torreria I’m sorry but looks a shell of his former self.we get pushed of the ball far to easily or do the players not av the desire to.because it can look so boring now.why play from the back WHEN we are always lose it with a bad pass just outside our box. Total madness.they cant play that way. How many times do our forwards see nothing of the ball.come on

      1. Thanks for your honesty Admin. Difficult job analysing the performance of each player especially in the second half. I would have taken the easy route and given the whole team a 4, except Leno, who made one good save so perhaps a 6.

  2. I will blame the useless board for appointing a myopic manager and still be patient with his pathetic result.

  3. OT. Sheffield United defeated the Spurs and were denied 2 clean points.
    Another shameful decision from the shameless cult that manage VAR.

    1. What is your opinion about the officiating and VAR for the Leicester vs Arsenal match? Of course, as typical, you won’t find anything wrong on how the officials left Arsenal off the hook many times.

  4. I thought up until aubas disallowed non goal, we were the better team but the minute we let a goal in the white flag comes out. I am not an Emery basher but i was baffled by right footed holding on the left of a three he should swapped with Luiz. Bellerin isnt ready for the prem yet, Tierney should have played, torreira looks like he is treading water and lacca, even though i love him has an attitude problem. It is an Emery problem but it is also an attitude problem in the team. The real fight has gone out of some of the players and thats not good. It does look like Emery cant get his ideas over to them and/or the players are not upto it mentally. I believe we have real talent in body but not in mind.

  5. I’m still anxious waiting for the ‘Sack News’.
    Or wait, I think I’m kidding myself; This is Arsenal right? Oh no Emery ain’t going nowhere.

  6. The game was played at 130am local time. I overslept and missed it.
    Only one shot oby the gunners. This is unacceptable.
    Emery has asked for more time. He has a winnable Saints game but if the gunners can’t win it wouldbe a case of I told you so.
    I think Arsenal shd look for a more established name. They were taken in by his record in the Europa.
    Alas the epl is a different animal and he has found himself out of depth.

    1. Fellow Malaysian here. I struggled for a few minutes at 1pm and decided to sleep haha. Glad I didn’t waste my time to watch the game

  7. Two or 3 different posters were in defense of Emery a couple days ago saying how the players will fight for his job. I guess the ratings posted above say otherwise. UE is more stubborn and delusional than Wenger and I thought this was not possible.
    To play Ozil ( I am an Ozil fan) from the beginning and ask the front 3 to defend and sit back along with the set up of the team shows hi lack of understanding the opposition.
    Leicester scored the first goal when Gray had room to operate on the left (we all know Kalasinac weakness to defend) and the second comes from Madison a MF with Luiz been the defender in front of him. Where are our 2 DM ‘s ? The team is playing like they all their football brain has left them.
    Mateo takes five turns before he can move the ball, Holding is a disaster and no one can pass a five yard pass accurately. No confidence and it shows. No freedom to play and it has taken this team backwards. If the board , as I said before, waits to the end of the season to sack him we will be MU and have to rebuild for the next 5 years before we can sniff a top 4 again.
    Salehni should sack his co patriot quickly and stop offering opinions on players working hard on training. No player in his right mind is going to kill themselves for this clowns.

  8. For me o think the so called world class should leave and get those hungry young blood to do the job. We should take a example from Chelsea, the one of our legends to coach them. Laca was a crap, PEA did all a captain should but he couldn’t do it alone, oh and the Ozil supporters, what has he offered? He’s past his time. I say, sack Emery, Make some money out of PEA, Laca, Xhaka, Lucas, Kolasnac, Papa, Ozil, the rebuild the team from the scratch the way Wenger did when he took over. Mother serious will come out of this bunch.

    1. Did you watch the game. Ozil was one of our better players. How many runs did he make to get into space to set up an attack only for his team mates to either hold onto the ball and lose it or choose another option which resulted in the attack being nullified. He als tried to get us going forward with certain players lacking ball control andl losing the ball which also prevented us from going forward. Guendozi had a poor game holding onto the ball to long and getting caught plus taking wrong options. Lucky not to give a penalty away. Torreira poor. Lacazette shocking. Holding poor. Chambers had a good game but could only do so much. The coaches tactics of trying to play out from the back and keep the ball in our third is wrong and clearly does not work. It also makes the front three to come back and try and play from our third. You don’t see Vardy Doig that. He plays hig h up the pitch and they try and get the ball to him as quickly as possible

      1. There is a constant support for Ozil even though deep inside, we all know this guy isn’t what a classic number 10 is like. If we compare Ozil with the likes of Zidane,Ronaldinho,Bergkamp,Carzola, even Jay Jay Okocha, you would have to say that Ozil isn’t what a number 10 should be like. All this talk about him covering more grass than anyone just goes to show that we follow stats more than what our eyes tell us. If I may ask,of what use is the ‘grass covered’ if it isn’t translating to assists & dribbles. Zidane didn’t need to cover grass to have the desired effect in matches.

  9. Sorry, I meant take a queue from Chelsea, then get one of our legends to rebuild the team the way Wenger did when he took over by making money out of the so called mediocre world class players in the team. UE in not the man for the job, not even Rodger will get anything out of this team, it’s a team that lacks passion and only a club legend that has won something can reignite the desire and passion

    1. Kay, do you really know who was in the squad that Arsene Wenger inherited when he became manager of Arsenal?
      Please have a look before you make comments about how he rebuilt the team. Start by naming the players from that squad that Wenger sold off in his first season in charge.
      It is true that Wenger, as a good manager should, rebuilt Arsenal teams a number of times during the 22 years he was in charge; however it is false to say he rebuilt from the start.
      It is a good idea to have some background information before you state your views as fact.

  10. if ordinary boos can get Xhaka sacked, please all arsenal fans all over the world can we have all the sits in Emirates stadium empty for the next match at home in other to get this worse coach in the history of arsenal FC sacked?

  11. So predictable I didn’t even bother to watch. So much talent on the pitch and Emery hasn’t a clue how to use it. Just sack the joker and let Freddie take over for the rest of the season. Don’t think he could do any worse.

  12. let’s be real, emery can’t give the player the push to play in a positive way.
    They should replace him now!

  13. Frankly, I believe the board would wait. I would have sacked him of course if it was my call because performance is awful, week in, week out.
    Today, the first 20 mins of each half were fairly okay, considering it is against a top three team, it is true LFC is consistent, in form and at home. However, Emery has done this a lot, he cannot analyze his players and cannot read the game, he is dumb. He cannot combine Auba and Lacca, Auba out-wide is a complete waste, especially at the right side, he simply cannot cross and is away from the goal.
    Some players always drops at 60/70+ minutes, just take them out for lord’s sake, Ozil is one of them, he lacks stamina due to age even though he still gots it, provided one good half. Defensive mid players also drops as they cover a lot of distance but apart from Matteo and Torriera, no other midfielder we have can actually defend. He played with three at the back to cover our fullbacks and it partially worked but preferring Sead to KT is beyond me. I can write a lot more but…it is useless. ☹️

    It is childish but I think I would do a better job as a coach. XD

  14. guendouzi took no risks with his passing. had a lot of ball and just made predictable passes to players right next to him. And Laca and Ozil were actually finding space too, just nobody was see it. mifield ruined us today. Torreira, so bad too.

    1. We should have sold Torreira when he was complaining about the weather and AC Milan wanted him. He simply lacks the physicality of a dominant DM. Ndidi is tall and strong and we saw how good he is.

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