Arsenal Player Ratings v Leicester – Martinelli just edges Jesus

An excellent 3 points for Arsenal yesterday and we should have scored more if Jesus wasn’t so awful in front of goal!

Here are my Arsenal ratings for the Leicester win….

Ramsdale 6
Not up to his usual standard but lucky he has a reasonable defence in front of him.

White 5
Solid in defence but I can’t wait to see Tomi back in his place

Saliba 6
Played well, but his first foul and first (unlucky) own goal got him marked down

Gabriel 7
Our best defender without doubt

Zinchenko 7
Looks like a good midfielder and plays like a good midfielder and is not too bad at defending either

Partey 7
Looked strong all round – but his shooting?

Xhaka 7
Looked dangerous up front and him and Partey are an excellent partnership

Odegaard 7
Does his job quietly and efficiently

Saka 5
Was Saka overused last season and still needs some recovery time. Lost his spark lately

Jesus 8
Fantastic home debut, and would have got a nine if didn’t miss 4 chances for his hat-trick!

Matinelli 8.5
Ran rings around Leicester right from the start and a brilliant weak-footed goal to seal the win

Tierney and Tomiyasu – I’m reluctant to rate but needed the time on the pitch…
Nketiah and Smith-Rowe – N/A


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  1. I guess Jesus was quite bad in front of goal, however, he did score 1 out of nowhere and another one from very well anticipated corner. Not to mention he assisted another 2!

    The first goal is something I haven’t seen since Sanchez. Can’t remember the last time someone scored really out of nowhere and kind of when we didn’t expect to score.

    Let’s hope he improves his finishing a bit as he could’ve had 4 yesterday, easy!

  2. PS: if Ramsdale saved 2 certain goals against Palace, he certainly conceded 2 he should’ve got. I thought he was badly positioned in the first one. I looked at it and can’t blame Saliba for it. If he doesn’t touch it, Vardy gets on with it. Salibas header was also very delicant so IMO Ramsdale should’ve got it. He was way too committed coming forward.

    Second goal was just a classic Almunia moment.

      1. Strange ratings indeed. Martinelli skinned Fofana the £85m CB multiple times, but Jesus’ productivity and threat were better than any player in the match

        White’s rating should’ve also been higher than Saliba, because he was solid defensively and didn’t make any mistake

        1. I agree with you except on White vs Saliba, Saliba was solid throughout the match. Yes he scored an own goal which I must say wasn’t entirely his fault.

      2. Please, tell them…am seriously wondering how this ratings are done…..the statement “wasn’t awful in front”…..was like who is this?

    1. BW was pour also in that first goal….And you for me laughing with this Almunia moment!!!!!A.Ramsdale needs to work hard and be more calme…

  3. Not often I disagree with this site but your ratings do not reflect what my pals and I saw yesterday. Your comment ‘lucky to have a reasonable defence in front of him??’ We think we now have the best defence since the Adams days. Your rating of Saliba was just wrong. It was a mistake by Ramsdale. saliba was brilliant again and we gave him 8. Saka a 7 and Xhaka an 8. Yes we all disagree but remember players read these comments too.

  4. Ramsdale was culpable for at least one of the Leicester goals and I think you are being very generous in awarding him a 6.

  5. “we should have scored more if Jesus wasn’t so awful in front of goal!”

    Nonsense, not making any excuse for him, that Ramsdale assist he did a great job to beat Evans and bring the ball down, he created the perfect opportunity for himself after Ramsdale’s pass, the only reason he didn’t score that was because Ndidi was veery quick to intercept his shot.

    The deflected shot from Saka, he only missed that because he was out of balance and had to that shot with left foot. Understandably it was the side net.
    He missed the chance to get his third, but to describe his performance Vin front of goal as awful is delirious.

    White 5? White had a solid game and gets a 5 while Ramsdale, whose positioning let down Saliba got a 6?

    Saliba 6? Even though he was solid all through, won nearly all his duels in the air and on the ground?

    Ramsdale’s a solid 5, was poor, got caught way out of his lines a couple of times. You can’t have you defender closing in on a ball and you as a GK choose to be over half way from your line. That was the only reason Saliba’s headed pass went to the net where the keeper should’ve been. Awfully poor for the 2nd goal too.

    White just as Saliba and Gabriel deserve their 7. You guys keep pretending White is a poor right back because he’s not as attacking as Tomiyasu.
    I hope y’all realize it’s actually tactical?
    We play with one inverted fullback and a defensive one just like City.

    Tomiyasu-Inverted FB that attacks also
    Tierney – The defensive one that doesn’t invert.
    White – More defensive and doesn’t bomb forward much
    Zinchenko – the Inverted one.

    Well the article is an opinion, so no big deal

    1. Thanks pointing all that out. I wonder how someone would call Jesus performance awful because of few misses that I can’t even call a clear scoring opportunity. Saliba was solid all through. Martinelli performed so well but Jesus is my man of the match with 2 goals and 2 assists.

    2. EDDIE, the exclamation mark.. “in goal!” marked that comment out as being tongue in cheek , at least to me. I may be wrong, but that’s what I took it to mean!

      IF it was NOT so meant, then I agree with you and thought Salibas all round perf to be another stormer, as at Palace, and worthy of at LEAST an 8.

      White too had another fine game as he did at PALACE and is unfairly commented upon, in general , simply because of his transfer fee, by a number of unclued up Gooners ,IMO!

  6. My problem with some people here is, they don’t give credit when due. Albeit ramsdale position for the second goal u thought he did well. 90% of pl gk conceeds that penalty but he was smart. Did anyone see his pass to gj? If that was Allison or ederson the whole pundit will be on about it. I’m not excusing his lapses but to only focus on his errors and not give him credit for the effort or that first chance Leicester city had, I think it’s tad too unfair.
    Enough of a BW haters, this guy has played out of position without complain and to give 7 a the time I think he deserves some credit. Leicester city had no joy from the right side. Saliba should have done more for that own goal. He was too static,flying nodding would have put that ba wide. But aside that I think he deserves atleast 7.5 because he was rock Solid. Continue hating xhaka all you want but he’s gonna start next game so shove it up.he never ever gets the credit he deserves that to me is the most absurd thing ever. Never gets injured, always giving 💯 and I don’t think there’s any player in that team who cares as much as he does. If it was pepe that dropped this two performances that Saka has dropped, some would have suggested he be sent to Pluto. The earlier Arteta signs a competition for him the better or he gets complacent. I’ve always known martinelli is a special player now the end product is coming. Long may it continue. Gj is GJ he has always been a world class player with a level head and workrate. Zinchenko I must say, I didn’t realize he’s this good. Man is definitely not a lb because he can’t cope with the work a lb does. But man is a complete mf. Now this brings me to conclude that we would be wasting money on tielemans, instead pursue a partey backup or his rivalry. One player who really needs to step us is ESR. For his good or face not playing much. Injury has derailed his progress. Tierny is a proper lb. If I was Arteta try to give GJ some rest to avoid burn out. Eddie is more than capable. Even though he hasn’t been as productive as we would like but odegaard for someone of his stature has an engine of a battery. He never stops running. I’ve never seen him standing, he’s always moving and popping up in a position to receive the ball. Our attack is more balanced this season because martinelli has stepped up with addition on gj who is always popping up everywhere. Oh it feels good to be a fan. No complains as long as we play good football, put in the work and offcourse get the results. Upwards we go.

  7. Ramsdale saved us in opening minutes from having to come from behind courtesy of Xhaka’s inability to hold a ball .. saliba was excellent again … own goal not a reflection of his performance … Both Brazilians upfront were excellent but Jesus clearly the superior player on any metric …. Partey was good in patches but needs a proper b2b to support him .. the idea that one of the slowest midfielders in the division with limited capacity to control a ball is the person for the job is just absurd … not sure what’s happened to saka seems to want to emulate Pepe in lack of positional play and slowing down game .. needs to get his mojo back .. along with white the worst performers for me yday …

  8. Could we start to worry about Ramsdale? The way he concede some goals are very disturbing. Last season he conceded on his near post against Liverpool. I agree his distribution and motivation is top notch but reflexes, positioning and handling is not up to standard IMHO.
    We love him but to be a world class GK, some of these mistakes should be cut off.

  9. Jesus scored 2 goals and assisted 2 goals but it’s Martinelli that’s man of match. This is a really weird rating. Ramsdale is a mistake waiting to happen, and I think saliba is our best defender yesterday not Gabriel.

  10. Martinelli MOTM
    Closely followed by Xhaka (2 games in a row )and Jesus
    Negatives ,Ramsdale and Odegaard .

    TBF those conditions were awful and I read pitch temperature hit 36 degrees
    Sitting in the garden in that is bad enough .
    Overall another good result

    1. Agree almost totally Dan K – mirrors my marks completely. Ode was poor first half, but watched the game back and he was way better second half when he played a lot more along the line ie away from Saka, who was subdued all game and got my lowest mark. I think we have another Grobbelaar in Ramsdale – take away the cock-ups which are often based on over-enthusiasm and we may also lose the good stuff? Plus he’s a kid in goalkeeping terms so let’s hope.
      And excellent 90 mins considering the heat.

      1. Agree he stepped up in the second half but he lacks in certain departments for me .
        On Ramsdale (who I said was our player of the year )seems to have become a little rattled on the backend of last season and the 2 games this season but he did save us from going one nil down in the first 5 mins but should have done better with Maddison goal .
        Yea I forgot about Saka TBH who looked uninterested but maybe the fact he hasn’t had tomi behind in the first few games .
        Mind you I thought val the defence did their jobs well .

  11. I thought the whole game to be almost , though not QUITE, a classic.
    Great entertertainment with both teams trying to win and lots of pacy (hurrah, and which is STILL my main criticism about XHAKA, as he has no pace at all, despite playing well yesterday) movement, both on and off the ball.

    Apart from SAKA, who achieved little and to some extent also Odegaard, who was OK but not as good as I expected, the team all played well. JESUS AND MARTINELLI get all the praise and that’s fine but many others played a key part too.

    At only 21, SALIBA is very clearly going to be a huge colossus in our defence and is shaping up to be the next Adams/Campbell, already!

    I blame RAMSDALE FOR ONLY THEIR SECOND GOAL, NOT THEIR FIRST. And he made important saves, esp one very early on which could have put us one down and chasing the game. Context therefore!

    I am now firmly of the opinion that we WILL make top four and I see Chelsea and/or just possibly Liverpool , with their MANY INJURIES TO KEY PLAYERS missing top four.

    I think Liverpool more likely than not to MAKE top four, perhaps even top two, BUT the top four race is plainly far more wide open this year.

    But we WILL make it and even second would not be a major shock, though third or fourth is more likely.

    1. Great assessment Jon. Still see Liverpool as favourites for second but their squad IS as paper thin as ours is and their midfield is getting old so they need luck. Spuds looking really strong though but don’t rate Chelsea at all.
      So we are perhaps in the shake-up for 2nd/3rd although I see 4th as nailed down.
      Thoughts on Xhaka so far this season? For me he’s been so much of a revelation that I’m asking “why didn’t we try him there before?” !

  12. Was a good game.

    The goals we conceded were disappointing and should not happen.

    These errors are what cost us dearly last season.

    if we dont cut them out we need to hope our much improved attack. continues firing.

  13. Imagine the comments on here if White scored the OG. I think white like Xhaka has been solid these first 2 games. While I like Tomi he does offer more going forward but way out of position if we lose the ball

  14. The triangle of Zinchenko, Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus brought back memories of a great invicible Robert Pires often with Thierry Henry toying with defenders. Martinelli and Jesus are something else, but Zinchenko is a genius on the ball. The fab three.

    1. Amazing to watch wasn’t it. It’s crazy how much of a difference a top striker who understands his role makes. Brilliant signing

  15. For me Zivchenko is making all the difference. He is such a direct player. I would like to see him in midfield, especially since we aren’t signing anyone else there. Tierney back in the starting lineup as well would give Arsenal one the strongest left sides in football.

  16. I think MA should rest Saka a bit, especially during these early season and the team is fairly stable… He could bring KT in and push Zinko to 10, then Ode can fill the right side of the attack.

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