Arsenal player ratings v Liverpool, Ozil man of the match

Arsenal outcast Mesut Ozil shows his class in agonising penalty loss to Liverpool in Carabao Cup.

What a brilliant game of football that was, sure there are a ton of negatives for Arsenal, I mean, conceding five goals is never good. But there was also some positive and at least the players fought hard.

One of those positives was the return of Mesut Ozil to first-team football. It may not have been Liverpool’s best team but that is not Mesut’s fault. He played great, there is no denying that and he must be in with a shout for a Premier League start at the weekend.

Anyway, here are the player ratings from last nights game.

Martinez 5
OK, where to start? Martinez did not actually do much wrong and yet he conceded five goals. A weird one I must admit. He gets five purely because you cannot allow five goals in and expect a higher rating. Even if you are not really to blame, that is just how it is.

Bellerin 6
Actually had a decent game and was probably the best defender on the night for Arsenal. But he was a part of a defence that gave goals away for fun and that has affected his rating.

Holding 5
Poor game really, he was supposed to be one of our defensive saviours. Not on that performance sadly. Must improve if he wants to dislodge Luiz or Sokratis.

Mustafi 4
It is a shame that the German had a bad game as he was improving recently. I don’t really blame him for the own goal, that happens but he misplaced a few passes, was caught out of position and basically looked ragged all night long. This display will give his fierce critics a fresh load of ammunition to have digs at him.

Kolasinac 4
I thought he had a terrible game. Was found wanting so often and looked uncomfortable all evening. He is decent going forward but his defending is woeful.

Maitland-Niles 7
Much better game from Ainsely. This game will have given him a lot of confidence. Maybe he is better suited out wide. Let’s see if he can kick on from this.

Torreira 7
Scored a goal and was generally energetic but he did slow down dramatically as the game went on and his influence diminished.

Willock 8
A very good game for the young midfielder. He has bounced back from poor performances in his last two games and if it was not for Ozil and possibly Martinelli I would have made Willock man of the match for Arsenal. The young lad done very well.

Ozil man of the match

Ozil 9
A great return to action for the 31-year-old. He was given his chance and he took it with a vengeance. Right from the start, he was on it, full of creativity, sublime passes and little tricks. This was as good I have seen Ozil play in a very long time. He was the standout player on the night and deserves all the plaudits coming his way.

Saka 6
He started off the game brilliantly but soon faded. However, he continues to improve, his confidence is high and that showed against Liverpool.

Martinelli 8
Very close to getting a nine but I felt that Ozil was slightly better and that is why the Brazilian teenager has been rated one point below the German playmaker. He is a goalscoring machine, What is it now? Seven goals in four games? Something like that. Time is coming where he cannot be left out of the senior team for too much longer.


Ceballos 4
Had 23 minutes, including injury time, to impress and did not. Missed the crucial penalty kick and overall I was disappointed with his contribution. Not for the first time either.

Guendouzi 5
Was involved for over 30 minutes and the manner of the game changed slightly. It was more negative once he replaced Ozil, which was probably what Emery wanted but it did not work.

Tierney 5
Average rating as not on long enough really.


  1. Mustafi and Kola disappointed me. They could have done better defending so also Holding. By the way Sky Sports just reported: Mourinho would be interested in the Arsenal job if it is made available. Mundo Deportivo reports: Isco prefers Arsenal over Man city. Wow, some news, so Arsenal is still respected and revered round the world. Concerned authorities should take note and not allow the status of our dear Club go down.

  2. Why pick on Ceballos? What a pointless and graceless article. I guess the Liverpool fans are beside themselves with the win. Read below.

    www. liverpool. com/liverpool-fc-news/features/liverpool-arsenal-ceballos-penalty-firmino-17176128

    1. Ceballos isn’t the first and won’t be the last player to miss a penalty. Aubameyang’s miss against Spurs arguably cost Arsenal a Champions League place last season. The great Dennis Bergkamp missed a penalty against Manchester United, which arguably cost Arsenal an FA Cup win. It happens. You win as a team and lose as a team.

  3. 3 for Martinez.. at least 2 of the goals conceded were very much saveable. He’s been very good until yesterday.

  4. *but he did slow down dramatically as the game went on and his influence diminished.*

    That’s the problem with Torreira. He seems to always tire out in the second half and that’s why he keeps getting taken off. Needs to work on his fitness.

  5. Ozil was definitely MOTM.

    I only wish he could play like that against Top sides. Over 2 previous seasons under both Emery and Wenger he played over 50 matches and was very average. He’s played poorly since after 2015-2016 season when he almost broke Henry’s assist record. 19 assists. Awesome year for him (and that was without a top striker in front)

    But he definitely deserves another shot in a PL match. Maybe having Torreira and Ceballos behind him with Pepe, Aubameyang and Lacazette in front will make a difference but I’m not raising my hopes up high

    Ozil should earn the right to start in training and in matchplay

    1. Who cares what he does in training? Fools like Emery perhaps. It’s games that matter.

      Xhaka is most impressive in training apparently, but I would still not play him as a starter.

      Also, Ozil’s only alternative right now is Ceballos and except for the Burnley game he’s been average or below average. At no point in time was Ozil worse than that in a comparable number of successive games.
      So a strong manager would alternate the two, giving preference to whomever is better at the moment, not freeze one of them out and alternate the other with midfielders who lack creativity.

  6. Did it strike anyone else that 5mins of stoppage time was two minutes too long? The game didn’t stop and start all that much in the second half for it to be 5mins added time.

    1. 5 mins was the minimum, actually.

      5 goals in 2nd half which comes to 2.5 minutes (the regulation says 30 secs per goal scored)
      5 stops for substitutions in the 2nd half – again the same: 5x 30 secs = 2.5 minutes.

  7. willock scored an amazing goal but made far too many mistakes to merit such a high score … AMN was just his usual average self saka definitely needs time on loan as he has potential but not in a starting line up of a club trying to get back in to CL… fans need to get real about these younger players … martinelli on other hand looks the real deal even if prone to youthfull lapses

  8. Did anyone notice that except for 1, ALL of Martinelli’s Arsenal goals are scored only in d 1st half of d matches? Is it bcoz of fatigue or lost of focus that he failed to score in d 2nd half? I really expect him to step up & score late in d Liverpool match but it didn’t happen…

  9. Martinelli was man of the match by a country mile. Ozil did have a good game but against a bunch of teenagers.

      1. You amaze me with your down to the marrow hatered. Didn’t Guendouzi , Ceballos and Torreira play against the same kids? Why is it that they couldn’t do what Ozil did? Why is it that Ozil was our best player on the pitch in comparison to guys who keep starting games against him?

  10. Looks like a lot of average scores again TBH!

    But, I guess that is what Arsenal have become now. Average..

    I must say I was expecting more from Saka. Holding looked lost. Mustafi, well he is Mustafi. and Kolasinac was poor too. On the plus side, Bellerin got some more minutes and so did Tierney.

    Martinelli excites me a lot! Lets just hope he doesn’t jump ship any time soon!

    Overall, it was typical Arsenal. Can never hold a lead for long. Not sure why they are so nervous under pressure. Maybe it’s just a mental thing that they can iron out eventually, but as we have been in this situation for years, I just don’t see it happening under Emery. He just seems the type to stab you in the back as opposed to making a player better. I think Emery is one of thoe “Throw your dummy out of the pram” kind of people!?

    I feel a new manager with a “no nonsense” approach id needed. But, not “The Special One”, his ego is WAY too big!!!

  11. I scorn the silly mark awarded to Ozil. I would give him a seven as he did do well, but we were playing a second string opponent and STILL Ozil was too lazy . He simply does NEVER work hard enough. With his natural ability, IF he did work hard he would have never been dropped, either by Wenger or by Emery. But he IS lazy. Face obvious facts and cease fooling yourselves!

    1. To be fair most of the media ratings gave our Shirt Selling Genius an 8/10.
      It’s consistent as the likes of Martinelli and Torriera were also given an average of 8/10 in most.
      What surprised me is that Saka in many ratings also got a 7 or an 8 out of 10.
      I only watched the second half and young Saka was absolutely atrocious offensively and defensively. Looked tired, lazy and uninterested.

    2. @ johnfox
      he is not lazy
      he is a smart footballer that will not chase the ball like a dog to never win it
      Not his game
      As a matter of fact the pass he intercepted to send Saka forward for the Martinelli goal shows you his brain. Timing and speed of thought produced that goal as well as the backheel pass since no one else anticipated that the ball would roll out of bounds. He did spring when was necessary to produce these moments. Having players run like chickens with their heads off maybe Emeryball but not efficient.
      You need to direct your opponent to a zone where yo can WIN the ball and Ozil is a master at forcing play to become predictable.
      Learn the game first before you start labelling people.

  12. I missed the whole of the first half due to work commitments but i caught the second half. I thought the Shirt Selling Genius looked like alright for the minutes i watched him in the second half.
    Never stopped chasing after the ball. Did not see him complaining to the referee or holding his arms up for cheap fouls etc.
    But from what is being said here and in the media he had a good game.

    Can’t piss on his parade today so i will congratulate him for earning his wages last night.

    Now we need to see him play well against serious opposition and at a consistent level. Something he has failed to do at Arsenal.

    I will give him another chance like every other season, but not holding my breathe.

  13. @ John Fox
    LAZY LAZY LAZY. Yet Ozil has played 3 games this season and we scored 11 goals in the three games he was involved in. Also, he hasn’t been on the field for the whole duration in this games. He’s played just 65min in each. That’s 195mins on average.
    Yet we score 11 goals in that minute he has played in.

    What more creativity do we need.

    We scored 12 goals in 8 premier league games this season bar Watford(Ozil involved). That’s roughly 720mins.

    Even a mad man should know what is wrong with this team.


  14. I would give martinelli a 6, because of his 2 goals… he missed 2 big chances in the game, 2 big ones… could have scored 4… and won us the game in normal time

  15. How did Martinez not do anything wrong?! I am huge fan of his but he was a fault for at least 2 of the goals and probably cost us the tie in the end.

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