Arsenal player ratings v Newcastle – one player gets 4 and another 8

Arsenal collected a good three points away at Newcastle United this afternoon to get their Premier League campaign off to a winning start.

When you consider how poor they were on the road last season you could not really ask for more. A clean sheet was also very welcomed, especially when there was just the one away from home in the last campaign.

The team did well overall and they did their jobs, some better than others.

Player Ratings

Bernd Leno 6
Made a decent save from Shelvey but in truth had very little to do.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles 7
Had a decent game, created the winner for Aubameyang and overall did ok.

Calum Chambers 7
Thought he did very well, especially when duelling with Joelinton, a duel he won.

Sokratis 6
Did just fine, no real errors and was calm and assured.

Nacho Monreal 6
Was hardly ever tested, would like to have seen more runs down the flanks though.

Matteo Guendouzi 6
His normal busy self but he did lose the ball on occasions and when he attempted the odd dribble he basically went nowhere.

Granit Xhaka 7
Xhaka improved throughout the game and made some crucial interceptions and did show leadership, he did make the odd error but overall I was very satisfied with his performance.

Reiss Nelson 5
Not his best game but he will get better, he did some decent runs but his passing let him down on the day.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan 4
Did not have a good game but the truth is I never expected more from him, he did the occasional decent run but zero end product. Should have been brought off earlier.

Joe Willock 6
I thought the young lad had a good game, he did do a couple of misplaced passes but no more than anyone else, he showed confidence on the ball and will get better.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 8
Did his job and was my man of the match, he was all over the place helping the team out and when we needed him to be clinical he was and that is what makes the difference with the top teams.

Dani Ceballos 5
Average performance in his 30 minutes on the field and so gets an average score.

Nicolas Pepe 5
Basically same as Cellabos, made no mistakes but make no real impression, an average display after coming on as a sub.

Gabriel Martinell 5
Not on long enough to make an impression and so gets the average rating


  1. 7 for xaka? You must be his relative

    Xaka 3
    Mikihitaran 4
    Nelson 5
    Willock 7
    Niles 7
    Monreal 6
    Chambers 6
    Socratis 6
    Leno 6
    Aubamayang 6.5

    1. In as much as I m not a xhaka fan, I won’t give him a 3..i will give him a 6. Thought he had a decent game in all fairness.

      Miki was the poor one today with awful passes especially in the final third

      Nelson too didn’t cut it for me today…

      David Luiz, are you watching Manchester United v Chelsea? I know how you are feeling right now.. Lol

    2. I think a 7 for Xhaka is fair. He looked pretty good today and his stats back that up too. Im not his biggest fan but credit where it is due. I would also give Guendouzi a 7 aswell though as he was the player that kept eveeything ticking and moving along nicely. The new guys getting there first tast of premier league football will be fine, it will take a few weeks.

    3. Leno 6
      AMN 6
      Monreal 5
      Chambers 6
      Sokratis 6
      Xhaka 5
      Willock 5
      Nelson 5
      Mkhitaryan 3
      Guendouzi 6
      Aubameyang 7

  2. Good win! First game and we already equaled our away clean sheet record last season.

    Just some thoughts on the new starters and subs:

    Chambo – job well done. Don’t recall him making any mistakes

    Willock – decent game. Faded away. May need to be played deeper to have more impact

    Nelson – played it safe without penetration. Even Mkhi with his atrocious passing felt more dangerous than him. Miss the runs Iwobi used to make

    Ceballos – had as many Xhaka moments as Xhaka, despite playing only 30 mins

    Pepe – needs to stop ball-watching when we don’t have the ball. Below Ozil level workrate

    Martinelli – nothing to show for but at least ran after the ball more than Pepe when Newcastle had possession

    Admin Martin. 4 for Mkhi is unjustified. He had some awful touches and passes but his workrate deserves respect

    1. Very good observation. The CBs didn’t have much to do, because the Newcastle team were awful

      Looking forward to the new guys’ actions in the next match

    2. This.

      For me – Mkhi, Nelson, and Ceballos – 5
      Others – 6 or 7

      Mkhi had lots of terrible passing, but on the other hand was more dangerous than Nelson and almost had an assist when Auba wasted his chance.
      Ceballos had 2 Xhaka moments in his first 7 minutes – has to focus better – this was not a player getting used to new tactics etc…

  3. United 4:0 chelsea
    I told people not to write off united so soon they didn’t get many players but for a long time I can say they they made the right signings it’s not always about the name or number of players but about the players that suits team.. they may not have best midfield or attack or manager but watch them out

    1. Manure outpress and outran Chelski. Their fitness level is superb for the start of a season.

      Anyway, 4-0 is not a true reflection of the game. Chelski were unlucky to hit the post twice. It’s down to their shaky defense and how clinical Manure was. Missing Luiz maybe?

    2. Nah, they were extremely lucky and Lampard made some foolish decisions: – 2 CMs – Jorginho and Kovacic, but Kante on the bench – world’s best DM (or 2nd best perhaps)
      – Mount playing, but Pulisic who is miles better on the bench
      – Abraham playing, Giroud on the bench

      The last one I can understand – tactically – but the first two were mind-boggling.

      Don’t worry, Solskjaer will be found out, too. This is the year we have a great chance for the top 4.

      1. Lamps will be gone by December but who cares? We won ugly today credit to the boys(including Xhaka).New boys need some fine tuning but we won at that matters most. Have a nice week Gunners

        1. I dont think Lampard will be gone by December at all. I honestly think this season is almost going to be treated as a year off. The loss of Hazard and the transfer ban along with a new manager will mean expectations wont be that high. I think Lampard has this year to settle in then next season Chelsea will go all out buying big and thats when the expectations will be high and Lampard will be sacked in December 2020 ?

  4. Saw no difference from last season, that maybe harsh

    But xhaka and especially mkhitaryan are not gonna allow this team to play fluently.

    Emery’s style of play is boring also

    I hope raul and vinai act up on mediocre performances

    If Newcastle had scored first they would have won

    Its gonna be the same until those players are dropped and the manager changed

    1. That’s a very big IF….
      There are no IF’S in football
      It is what it is…………..

      What if hazard had played today chelsea would have won but then again a very big IF cause united just won 4:0

    2. A, it is far better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than come on here and confirm the fact.

  5. Still got alot to work on even for attack. Teams like man city everytime they carry the ball forward its like they are going to score.

  6. That Newcastle team was a Championship level team at best. They hardly threatened our defense and their defense also lacked the composure

    Similar to Ozil, Denis Suarez and Willock, Ceballos also misplaced his passes frequently in the opposition’s area. I guess Willock and him need at least five more games, before they can compete in the no 10 position

    Pepe showed some good movements on the right side, but currently we have a problem with the LW position. I hope one of our right-footed attackers can replace Iwobi

  7. Chambers and auba for me ,chambers looks big season year older gym work , looks a proper man now .
    Auba again showed why some fans on here should probably not comment about him again .
    Also I’ve been critical of Emery and the board but I will give them some credit when deserved and that is to do with Leno , great signing every time I see him in the team I feel assured ,just looks so composed , great shot stopper .
    Overall a good win especially seeing that we probably had 6-7 players not in the team that will be starters in the future .
    I would add the fans on here blasting Nelson are the same fans that are butt hurt about iwobi being sold so they now feel they have to bring Nelson down (you know who you are ) he played solid ,not stunning ,not bad but I would imagine he was quite nervous and willl grow into his position .

    1. Yeah. I was pleased with Chambers over all

      If Luiz isn’t available I’d go with him again instead of Mustafi.
      Not bad for a first PL start for us
      Hopefully Chambers will get better and better ?

    2. Not butt hurt about Iwobi, but if Nelson continues to not dribble past anybody or create a chance like today, I may be

    3. DAN-TIT, for once i find myself actually agreeing with your post. well said and who knows i may very well become a fan of yours, stranger things have happened,lol.

    4. Stop acting like you can’t be serious man.

      Must you always talk about this Iwobi boy? He’s not an Arsenal player anymore for God sake. When fan like you and others causing division are around the club, then you guys are the worst thing that is happening to the club.

      Support your players, appreciate the ex because they have contributed positively in one way or the other and move on men.

  8. Hey fellow Gooners if anyone has a Sun Dream Team set up feel free to join my league the pin is

  9. Leno 7
    Niles 7
    Monreal 6.5
    Chambers 6.5
    Sokratis 6.5
    Guendouzi 7
    Xhaka 5
    Mkhitaryan 5
    Nelson 6
    Willock 7
    Aubamayang 8

    MOTM = Aubameyang

    Feels great to start with 3 points

  10. 7 for Xhaka? 6 for Guendouzi? what have you been smoking bruh? you should stay far from it….. Guendouzi was easily our best player

  11. xhaka made 2 missplay passes in the first half if that was against a better team we would have been 2-0 down

  12. Fair overall performance from the gunners. They need to put more effort and physically oriented in order to keep physical pressure from the opponents. looking at the last twenty minutes of the second half, arsenal were a little bit less physical to contain Newcastle. Great three points.

  13. Xhaka 7? What game did you watch with all those back passes always ending the attacking flow. Very very boring game honestly the boys played Like they aint motivated. Too slow to be called the Arsenal I love that guy Martinelli at least faster than Ceballos and charges the opponent into making errors. Pls let Mhiki play for the under 20’s. He’s not worth been called a gunner Big up’s to Chambers played well and Wilock will be the next big thing pray he keeps this form rolling…

  14. Britain’s Jamie Chadwick clinched the inaugural women-only W Series with a dramatic battle in the final race at Brands Hatch………………lucky that at no point was there any reversing to be done or any multiple mini roundabouts to confuse her ! 😆

        1. Great first touch and finish to win the game; hopefully he will be more composed and clinical this season, as he should have had 50 goals in 50 games.
          I know I am being greedy. ??

      1. I loved watching Chelsea get spanked, Kev… but wanted to cry as it was by the Mancs ? well he would wouldn’t he?! And I bet Souness was excited, but still managed to bring VVD into the conversation hahaha!!

        1. I only really noticed that Jacob Maguire has a really big snout ? haha yeah me too Sue I think Lampard will get sacked by Halloween ? I really can’t stand Souness he had another pop at us today again ? I couldn’t believe the lineup Emery put out today but it was all good in the end ?

          1. Hahaha!! He ain’t the best looking ?
            My grandson came round earlier wearing a United shirt ? child abuse or what!! Poor little sod!
            I was surprised by the line up, Kev.. but reckon over all they did well (except Mkhi) the last 15 minutes or so were quite tense, so I was pacing ?

          2. Hahaha absolutely Sue ? you’ll have to put a ban on utd shirts in your house ? well tbh I only saw the 2nd half and by the reviews I didn’t miss much lol so our next 2 away games is Liverpool and Man utd ? I only hope holding and Tierney are back for the game at OT and possibly Bellerin soon after that ? result of the weekend was Brighton for me Watford tough place to go and Brighton are tipped for relegation ?

          3. It’s Watford away before United.. ain’t much better Haha!!
            I read earlier that Holding & Bellerin should be back next month. Holding playing for U23’s tomorrow night. Glad about that! Tierney will be a while yet. Some Scottish bloke said, the other day, that he’s better than Robertson!! Can’t wait till he starts…
            I was shocked at Brighton.. was glad Sharp scored for SU…heard his name so many times on Soccer Saturday, nice to finally see him! Was gutted about Villa…

          4. Billy sharp ? Oh great Troy Deeney and Ismailia Sarr ? yeah some people have said Tierney is the better player I’m not sure about that but he’s more versatile ? well it’ll be interesting to see how RH gets on tomorrow ? yeah Jack Grealish messing about ? you watching the PSG game Sue ?

          5. The one & only Billy Sharp ?
            I had high hopes for Grealish… sigh….
            No I’m not, are they winning? Is Cavani playing?
            So…Lampard to be sacked on Wednesday? If they ship 4 against United, god knows how many it’ll be against Liverpool!

          6. God he’s been around forever think he played for Leeds too ? he scored a pen it’s 1-0 at halftime ? haha I think he’ll go with a stronger team couldn’t believe mason mount starting the game and Kante and willian left out ? Pepe was a bit meh when he came on maybe I’m just impatient ?

          7. And gangly Abraham….. yes baffling about Kante..
            That’s because Pepe is saving it for next weekend.. his Emirates debut.. we’re gonna need Sokratis the wrestler.. to keep Barnes quiet!
            Good old Cavani ? did you see Reine-Adelaide scored against Bordeaux yesterday…Koscielny was on the bench….

          8. Or maybe Luiz ? make an impression on you Sue as you’ll be in attendance ? haha yeah 3-1 makes you wonder why Koscielny wanted to join an awful team like Bordeaux ? did you watch Chucky ?

          9. Yes a bit of Brazilian will do! I’m actually quite excited about seeing him in our colours now.
            No.. last night was the season finale of Wentworth Prison – omg it was amazing!
            So will put it on in a bit.. there was a comment on here earlier from chucky.. I looked at it, laughed and wondered if it was you messing ? seeing as you’re going through the A-Z of film (long way to go ?)

          10. A Chucky on here ? ??? As am I Sue I was kinda hoping he would play today ? 3-0 PSG now Mbappe and Di Maria ? that new movie coming out Jack in the box looks good ? bet you’ll start at season one again Sue ?

          11. Haha yes.. I was going to reply and say something stupid, thinking it was you, but he/she would have thought i was mental, so i left it!! Haha!!
            Is that a horror by any chance??
            Haha maybe!
            Did you see Alisson is going to miss our game?

          12. Haha no definitely isn’t me Sue ? yeah.. he actually looks scary I’m looking forward to seeing that ? also 3 from Hell the devil’s rejects 2 ? yes it’s a torn calf muscle ? He’ll be out for around 2 months that’s a big blow for them but they got a good defence and half decent keeper if Salah and Mane were out I’d be more optimistic ?

          13. Zouma might take them out on Wednesday ?
            You’re so bloodthirsty ?
            I might give them a miss!
            You gonna watch MOTD2?
            Oh Kev.. Soccer AM was disappointing ?

          14. Haha I’m not even Sue I don’t often watch horrors as I find them really boring ? that Zouma fella is absolutely useless I got a feeling Chelsea will drop out of top 6 this season ? nope ? are you ? How come Sue ?

          15. Sure thing – just to see Auba again ?
            Yeah he is pretty crap.. going to be interesting watching it unfold, Kev ?
            Well.. Lloyd has left.. it all seemed rushed.. it just wasn’t very good.. I was gutted, waited all that time…. sigh…..maybe next week will be better?

          16. Who’s Lloyd Sue ? Aubameyang is world class imagine his goal tally if he didn’t miss so many sitters ? ? Well I think we’ll win the Europa League this season Sue I really hope we finally land a European trophy this season ? haha they’re missing David Luiz ?

          17. Lloyd Griffith – a comedian
            Pierre will definitely be up there again for the golden boot!
            Funny you should say that – there were loads of tweets from gooners earlier, saying exactly funny!!! ?

          18. Saying what Sue ? ? So just browsing online and see KT still have his profile pic and Avi as Celtic and location as Glasgow (not that it’s a big deal) but I actually think he’s worried about a backlash from they’re fans if he changed it! Those Scottish fans need to grow up he was never gonna stay in a tin pot league for the rest of his career I’m not being funny but I couldn’t even name 5 players that play in the SPL lol. KT has to realise it’s Arsenal who pay him his wages now and he should really be advertising the club that employs him not Celtic. Rant over ? up there he’s gonna win it easy ?

          19. About the chavs missing Luiz ?
            Yeah I think you’re right – his farewell message sounded like he was expecting to not be very popular with some of the fans.. oh well haha.. he has all of us now ?
            We’re gonna have such a young team, Kev ? it’s good to rant, Kev!!

          20. It’s ridiculous the way Celtic fans are acting it’s not like he joined rangers then he would deserve a backlash! He’s joined a bigger team in a superior league for triple his wages if your in a job and another company offer you 3 times the amount your hardly gonna say no I’m happy where I am ? let’s be honest Sue Celtic can’t even get through one knock out round in the Europa League ? haha Luiz Will be a popular figure at Arsenal ? that’s a good thing, I remember Leeds back in the late 90s early 2000 they had a really young team but were very good under our former record appearance maker David O’Leary ?

          21. And he’s ours for 5 years!!
            They’ll have probably got over it by the 4th year!
            Yep, great news..I actually didn’t mind watching Leeds back then ? haha!

          22. Haha very good Sue ? football was just better back then it’s gone to futuristic ? so looks like Ozil and Kolasinac won’t play for Arsenal again we’ll definitely have to find replacements come January ?

  15. Xhaka should get much lower score… 4? he have the ball away in bad areas 4 times in the first half. Miki the same but at least you gave him a low score.

  16. Leno was decent but didn’t really need to do much … As was true of defence even so AMN looked awkward and when a bit of pace came on downright uncomfortable … Nice assist for the goal but 5 for defending … Too sloppy and lazy to be a defender …The only standout player for me was guendozi … He looks for the ball is mobile drives forwards and sees a pass but no support from xhaka and minimal from miki … Neither of them should be close to starting.. Nelson is another clueless winger with good feet like Iwobi …. Willock could turn out well but can’t start EPL games … Needs a season on loan in championship … The kid also looked exhausted after 50 mins .. Saint maximin did a lot more than Pepe when he came on … I hope Emery knows how to get the best out of this guy but have my doubts

  17. Great victory. My Top 10 Positives from today.

    1. 3 academy players started for arsenal.
    2. 4 brits in our team.
    3. Strongest bench we have seen in a decade at arsenal.
    4. Precious minutes for Pepe, Martinelli and Ceballos to taste the EPL.
    5. Solid defensive display, comfortable midfield performance and deadly work from our single striker.
    6. Not 100% fit squad amongst the team and bench today but a big win.
    7. Clean sheet.
    8. 3 points.
    9. Yet to see Tierney Ozil Kosalanic Bellerin Holding Join the squad.
    10. More to come from Arsenal.

    1. Ideally, THE WHOLE BENCH barring Martinez would have started but for lack of match fitness. Our bench was better collectively than the starters, as we all know well.

  18. Chambers wad always going to be better than Mustafi. The lad can play and should be allowed to develop as Holding’s CM partner

    1. Chambers, did well before his injury and loan to Fulham. Arsenal paid big money for him for a reason and unfortunately his development has been impaired. This could be his season
      It will be interesting whether he and David Luiz will be given opportunities as DM’s.

  19. guendouzi was far and away our most effective player with Auba next best. Guendouzi an 8, Auba 7, Xhaka 5, Lazy Mkhi 2. Chambers was best defender with Sokratis still looking clumsy as usual. I do not count A M-N as a defender but he also played well, so a 6.5. WE MUST NEVER AGAIN PLAY MUSTAFI , MKHI AND I MUCH HOPE BOTH CAN STILL BE SOLD ABROAD BEFORE THE FOREIGN WINDOW SHUTS. If I had my way Ozil and Xhaka would go the same way, though it won’t happen, I have to accept, reluctantly.

  20. Mkhi didn’t do anything particularly special today, but by no means did he have a bad game, certainly no worse than a few others. Still, it wouldn’t be an arsenal fansite if he (and xhaka, or Luiz, despite not having kicked a ball for us yet) didn’t get crucified. To be honest I’m completely fed up with the negativity from our fans. We won, played ok with a makeshift team and I expect us to improve over the rest of the season. Let’s just celebrate a job well done instead of scapegoating one or two players

    1. Mkhi lost possession 15 times, 5 times more than any other player, that’s dreadful.

      Everytime he plays he gets less interest from other clubs. Wow he’s just not suited to this club.

      At 30 with his experience and continues to get outplayed by our academy kids.

      We obviously can’t sell him, can we even give him away?

      1. Lol everytime he plays he gets less interest… Hahahha,anyway I blame Wenger for `Ozil,s hefty salary,Mkhi who is also on a huge salary for nothing. Everything goes back to Wenger and his poor signings, poor contract negotiations,buying unknown players. If you look at our current squad how many of Wenger’s signings would start???…. Exactly..loved the guy but he was was killing us slowly anyway happy with the win ,wow im actually surprised chambers played well went about his business quietly

    2. Guendouzi’s strength is his activity on a team that sometimes struggles for ideas. He’s young and makes some mistakes, but he’s always in transition. I think a 7 is a fair rating today. PEA was more active than normal and probably deserves MOTM. But let’s spare a thought for Niles—great interception and delivery. He was a 7 as well. I really can’t even rate the center backs they just didn’t have much to do. What will we do with X-Man? His heart is in it but he’s better suited as a squad player. Oh Mihki he suffers from physical limitations and the beginnings of the aging process. I don’t blame him—4. It was nice to see the young kids, if only one could emerge: Willock—5, Martinelli—5, Dani—5. And then there’s Pepe’s ghost impression—4.5. Overall a decent road win in the first game,which can be a bogey game for upper echelon teams. My only disappointment for the weekend was that Chelsea and MU looked the better team, but early days and let’s see how how they progress.

  21. Xhaka played deeper than he normally does which meant his biggest weakness like lack of speed or slow reaction were not exposed and he was able to do what he does best recycle possessions.

    Not a xhaka fan by any means but getting him to perform consistently is good for us.

  22. We won 4 away games all last season, we kept F all clean sheets away from home, and look, we won our first game with a clean sheet ..while having a weakened side – versus a team that is very difficult to break down and can be a difficult place to go to.

    Aubameyang has the best conversion rate in PL history with players scoring more than 6 goals.

    Makeshift defence, makeshift team, with the guys through the spine keeping us steady. Best yet to come by a long way, all that is bloody positive if you ask me.

    The last thing I wanted was to have a have and go with Newc, fans would get louder, I thought our players played it smart, simple, done the basics without pouring forward looking for breakthrough, they trusted one another out there and they picked up their men. Very happy with what I saw, we snuffed the life out of the game.

  23. If he’s old then I’m ancient and your a relic Sue ?? give big Sammi a chance ? look at Milner he’s 33 so there’s hope ?

    1. Well there’s a first – never been called a relic before ? trust you Kev!!!
      Nah..that ship has sailed! Where do you think Mustafi will end up?

      1. As they say a first for everything ? the ship hasn’t docked yet ? SS Khedira is on its way ? Maidenhead or sea life adventure the latter is more likely ?

        1. SS Khedira ? I agree – sea life.. manatee ? selfie?!!
          That’s bloody hilarious! Well thanks, Kev.. I’ve woken up & cried with laughter reading this.. not a bad start to the worst day of the week ??

          1. Haha yes a selfie alongside the manatee ? aww my pleasure Sue glad to spread the cheer ? well I hope you have a better than expected day Sue and don’t work too hard ?

          2. I see Jenko’s playing for Forest & Bielik for Derby.. Keeping an eye on the CL qualifiers – don’t ask me why ??

          3. Forest beat Fleetwood 1-0.. that means someone is going to get headbutted by Joey Barton tonight!!
            Derby won 1-0 too… I also noticed that Bramall guy, we sold, was sent off! I saw the Celtic score ?

          4. Haha Celtic fans were saying KT joining Arsenal is a step down he’s joining a Europa League team ? Joe Barton on the rampage tonight ? yeah saw that ? so you watching the super cup tomorrow Sue ?

          5. I think it’s hilarious, Kev..I mean I’ve never even heard of that team!! They just can’t seem to cut it outside Scotland!! Hahaha!
            Can’t bring myself to Kev.. besides, Catfish is on!
            What will the score be, Meg?! ?

          6. Haha they should be grateful they got 25 mil now.. I really hope we get them in the Europa League shut they’re supporters and Scott Brown up! He thinks he’s the Scottish version of Lampard/Gerrard of Chelsea, Liverpool he’s absolutely useless! Can’t believe you won’t be watching ? god I don’t know Sue if they play the way they did against utd then could be easily 5 or 6 but I’ll go 2-0 Liverpool ?

          7. I replied to this and didn’t show up ? well I hope we get them in the Europa League shut they’re supporters and Scott Brown up ? they think they’re bigger than us absolutely deluded! Haha I don’t know Sue I’ll go 2-0 Liverpool but if they perform the way they did against utd it’ll be a cricket score ?

          8. That Scott Brown just looks like a thug ? imagine it.. we draw them & Tierney scores the winner haha!!
            You know me, Kev.. can’t stand either team.. plus Catfish is more appealing ? although I’ll check the score on my phone!
            Yeah I reckon you’re right, I’ll go with those bell ends too! This time tomorrow Kepa may have conceded double figures in 2 games……

          9. I remember Lennon saying no top club could afford Scott Brown ? no top club ever wanted him ? I honestly don’t know what he actually does he walks around the pitch passing the ball and takes the odd sprint and that’s all he does ? he’s already trying to turn KT head saying he’ll leave arsenal in a season or 2 ? lol can’t say I ever Watched that ? haha poor Kepa ? that Europa League final seems a long time ago now ?

          10. He doesn’t have to do a lot, Kev.. because they’re Celtic, they just have to turn up to win a game (unless it’s out of Scotland ?)
            Thank christ for that – cos I want to forget it too ?

          11. I see Mr DT is under attack by Celtic fans ? one bitter little fan said “see yees in Europa League presumably that was his Scottish accent ? oh yeah beaten by cluij so naturally you’ll beat Arsenal ? admit it Sue you cried ? ??

          12. Hahaha can just imagine you saying that (in a dodgy Scottish accent of course ?) ha we’ll see them alright!!
            Cluj who the hell are they?! Is Dan Petrescu their manager??
            Ok, but don’t tell anyone – yes, after Giroud scored, a tear rolled down my cheek.. but I stopped there, otherwise it would have been a bloody tsunami ?

          13. A woman ref tomorrow night ? Alex Scott should go into refereeing ? hahaha I’m working on it Sue ??? they beat utd before ? yeah DP is the man ? was that tear of happiness or sadness ? ??

          14. Ooh is it? Bet she’ll do a better job than bloody Dean/Oliver/Moss! Haha!
            She’s on that programme with Chris Kamara now – Goals on Sunday?
            I was absolutely distraught, Kev… well anyway let’s hope we put that right this season! ?

          15. Haha yeah she’s french it’ll be weird not seeing a man ref ? is she ? So has mourinho took Scott’s place on sky sports ? oh we will if Emery doesn’t keep constantly changing lineups ? well Sue I will let you get to sleep no dreams of big Olly tonight ? sleep well Suzanne ?????

          16. You’ll love seeing a woman out there on the pitch ?Well goodnight Kevin.. sweet dreams of how to spend your million pound winnings ??????

          17. Not the French ref not really my type at all ? haha Barnsley and Wigan let me down and it was only for £103.17 ? lol Goodnight Suzanne ? ?

          18. Oops!! Well it was early when I replied, half asleep possibly?!!! ☺️
            We won’t ? he’s too busy in the Atlantic ⚓

          19. Haha yeah early so I’ll excuse you Sue ? lol very good ??? are you still watching catfish tonight or ? ?

          20. No Sue no bets ? I’m changing broadband provider on the 22nd bye bye VM it’s costing me a fortune ?

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