Arsenal player ratings v Newcastle United – two players get nine

Arsenal player ratings – Arsenal players stood up today and the result was fully deserved.

It has not been often this season that I have been able to do positive ratings for the entire team but today I can do and it feels damn good.

From Bernd Leno right through to the subs, every player put a shift in and was richly rewarded.

The first half was suspect I will admit but the 4-0 result is what counts here and that was because of a brilliant second half that absolutely destroyed the Geordies.

Arsenal player ratings

Leno – 8
Had to be at his best at times, especially when Newcastle nearly went ahead in the first half through a deflected shot.

Bellerin – 7
Had his hands full with Allan Saint-Maximin and was found wanting a couple of times but overall did well and Arsenal did get a clean sheet after all.

Luiz – 7
Not really called on to be honest but when he was he did his job without any massive howlers.

Mustafi – 7
Like Luiz, he was not really called upon to do too much, especially in the second half. He did a misplaced pass in the first half that could have been costly but a few minutes later nearly scored, typical Mustai really.

Saka – 8
Fantastic performance and I was tempted to give him a nine but his first-half performance was not the best but even so, what a talent he is and that assist, wow, simply wow.

Xhaka – 8
Got his usual yellow card early on but that did not stop and he improved immensely in the second half.

Ceballos – 8
One of his best performances in an Arsenal shirt and he worked very well with Ozil, in fact, his presence gave Ozil freedom to dictate the game, especially in the second half.

Ozil – 9
Never thought I would ever give him a nine but he deserved it. He was one of the best Arsenal players in the dour first half and really came into his own in the second 45, hopefully, we continue to see this Ozil from now on.

Pepe – 9
Man of the match for me, a goal, two assists and I am sure I saw him tracking back but missed it through rubbing my eyes because I could not believe he was actually defending. Now, this is what we paid £72 Million for and I want to see it week in and week out. The lad did brilliantly.

Aubameyang – 8
Played his usual game and when he does that he always gets a minimum of eight.

Nketiah – 7
Slightly overshadowed by the big boys today but he applied himself well and had a decent game overall. He is still learning.


Lacazette – 8
Usually, I would just give him a 5 because of him having so little time on the pitch. He scored and broke his drought and that for me is an eight when you consider what he has been through. I know I will get criticised for this rating but I do not care and this one time will I allow emotion to dictate the rating.

Torreira – 5
Not enough time on pitch so standard rating. Yeah, I know.

Willock – 5
Same as Torreira and again, I know what’s coming on this in relation to Lacazette but I did say I don’t care.


Arteta – 9
When it goes wrong I hammer him in the ratings as I did against Burnley but 4-0 gets a nine at least all day long in my book.


  1. I coudnt watch the game. I’m intrigated with how Ceballos played….i hope i can listen something due to the rating was ommited

  2. Shall I head to specsavers? As I think my eyes are deceiving me…. a 9 for Ozil? Has Martin’s account been hacked? 😂😂😂
    Laca assisted also, so deserves his 8.
    Some excellent performances today!
    I was tempted to give Ozil or Ceballos MOTM….
    I hope Pepe keeps it up too….

    1. Spot on Diogenes with regard to Ceballos.Apart from Saka, who is some talent, the ratings are overstated bearing in mind the poor first half performance and the fact that Newcastle are not a good side.We ought not get carried away with a result which was better than the performance.Under Arteta, progress is being made but he at least is realistic enough to know that there is considerable room for improvement.I am comfortable with MA at the helm,something I have not felt for 4/5 years.

    1. For what little I have seen of Tierney in Arsenal shirt, he is a brilliant left back. Saka is winger.

  3. Ceballos created 2 chances for the opposition, one of which ended up hitting the post.

    That’s never an 8 if you ask me.

    I just think he’s too suspect defensively to play anywhere else but no. 10

  4. I see too much Ozil praise what am I missing? I think he played okay but it was not all that. And I love the guy. Pepe was MOTM. I hope it was not a fluke.

    Now let’s address the 🐘 in the room. We have the best striker in the league and he is wasted on the wing to accommodate an out of form Lacazette or am inexperienced teenager. This team has a tendency to self subotage.

    1. If you look at the positioning when we’re in possession, Xhaka is left back, Saka is LW and Auba partners the striker. He gets into some great positions on counter attacks drifting in from the left and bags plenty of goals. Not sure what the issue is here.

      1. Without no doubt you are some of the few that watches our games beyond the the formation and I thank you for your comment.

  5. Brand 9- He is the reason we still have hope of getting something this season. Without his quick reflexes in the first half we would be talking something else today.

    Hector 7

    Bukayo 9.5 – Defended well and was a nightmare to Newcastle going forward. He literally toyed with them.

    David 8- Despite the criticism he has been a very good defender this season.

    Shrodan 7.5- He has improved tremendously. His occasional mistakes masks the good job he does.

    Granit 7.5- He has finally come around. After all those seasons. Please give him back the armband he is a natural leader. I think even in the pitch he still acts like captain than Pierre.

    Dani 7

    Mesut 7.5

    Nicolas 10 MOTM- He has to keep consistency to live up to his price tag.

    Pierre 10- He keeps scoring despite being wasted away on the wing. Make him a goalkeeper and he will still score. What a talent what a player. This talent should be winning trophies not wasted away in the wing on a struggling team.

    Eddie- 4.1

    Alexander 10- We won because he was benched. A goal and an assist in injury time. He was very happy that he scored it seems it was really eating him inside. Happy for him. He should continue to be benched for the next few games. It seems he need a rest.

  6. Good rating over all.
    Personally, I would have given Saka a 9, but that’s just a minor detail.
    Also agree on the Özil praise. He often deserves criticism but when he plays like that, he should be praised.

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