Arsenal player ratings v Norwich City – one player gets 9 and two get 8

Arsenal secured their third straight win when they beat Norwich 4-0 at the Emirates this evening.

It was a performance of pure class and the Gunners showed why they are ready to challenge for a place in the Premier League’s top six before the end of this season.

Several Arsenal players were in top form in the game, and fans will hope that they can keep this level of performance when they play their next game. Here are the Arsenal player ratings.

Emiliano Martinez – 7
He is looking more and more assured behind the sticks and made two outstanding saves in this game. He was also quite vocal.

Shkodran Mustafi – 6
He was one of better performers at the back. Wasn’t afraid to challenge for the aerial balls and played generally well but he did look lethargic.

David Luiz – 7
He was a doubt before this game, but he responded well with a fine performance. Didn’t try to take any risks and dealt with the basics as well as he should, had a good game.

Sead Kolasinac – 6
Still not well settled in the new system, but he did better than he did against Sheffield United. However, you can still smell that he was close to making a mistake almost every time.

Hector Bellerin – 6
Uncharacteristically struggled with his decision making when he was in attacking positions. Did well at the back, but didn’t offer the team the outlet they need going forward.

Dani Ceballos – 8
With a performance like this, some fans may want Mikel Arteta to sign him up permanently. He delivered some killer passes that should have led to goals, one, in particular, was perfectly measured towards Alex Lacazette, but the Frenchman’s header was weak.

Granit Xhaka – 8
Another assured performance in midfield and it is becoming clearer to see that he is a good leader in the Arsenal team. Took his goal well.

Kieran Tierney – 7
Continues to show why Arsenal spent that much to sign him. Covered the back very well. Yet he was also available to cause problems for the opposing defence.

Reiss Nelson – 6
Was one of our best players in the early stages with his impressive pressing, however, he didn’t really disturb the Norwich defence as he would have wanted.

Alexandre Lacazette – 5
Didn’t give Mikel Arteta any reason to play him ahead of Eddie Nketiah. Missed at least one good chance and struggled to be available for passes to score.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 9
Best player on the night with two goals and an assist. He led from the front with relentless pressing and showed leadership by continually trying to close down Norwich even while we were leading.


Rob Holding – 7
Entered the game and got used to the tempo with ease. Didn’t miss a step and ensured he helped the Gunners to see out the game with a clean sheet.

Joe Willock – 6
Did well in winning the ball back in midfield and helped Arsenal continue to dominate and create chances.

Cedric Soares – 7
Made the perfect start to his Arsenal life with a goal as soon as he stepped on to the field.

Eddie Nketiah – 6
Spent only a few minutes on the field but caused more problems to Norwich’s defence than Alexandre Lacazette did throughout the game.

Nicolas Pepe – not on long enough.

Arsenal player Ratings from Ime

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  1. Auba all day long!! Superb team performance though….just the job!

    I’m blowing bubbles while watching West Ham v Chelsea 😜 I bet they’re loving getting one over fat Frankie 😉👍

      1. I feared the worst after that goal was chalked off then Chelsea were awarded a penalty… but it all came good in the end, Shakir 😉
        Let’s hope the Blades play just as well tonight 😜

  2. Great team performance, hopefully we continue like this, am sure no one will moarn tonight at least, all negativity suspended. How I wish we have taken the 3points against Brighton, never cry over spilled milk, Chelsea and Leicester loss tonight.
    Pls what formation are we playing? 4-4-2 or 3-5-2?

    1. I think the formation is a very dynamic formation, it is not static, we play with 3-4-3 on paper but it changes to a 2-3-5 with the ball where kolasinac steps into the midfield to free one of the midfilders to move into a more advanced position as can be seen from xhaka’s goal as well as ceballous involvement in the advanced positions…and the full backs very high up the pitch as can be seen with the role of Tierney and bellerin whom did not make much out from that role. Without the ball they revert back to a 5-3-2 both full baxks back defending and lacazette droping very deep leaving abu and nelson for pressing purpose… very nice tactics from arteta….

  3. I agree with all the rates except for Luiz more than Mustafi and Kola, they all deserve 7. Especially Mustafi, he is a CB under MA! and with Holding aside they can be something in the future.

    Ceballos .. I didn’t like his performance in the first two games but after he scored in the FA, I guess he remembered his role in this team and today’s game he reminded me of MA .. keep ur style like this and you will be something with Arsenal .. or you can go back and most probably will disappear with RM or Valencia or any other team .. it’s your choice!

    Laca is taking Auba’s place in the center and he is not doing half the job! Auba pressed on their defense twice and he scored! So, I would rather play Auba in the center and give a chance to any other player as a LW in the next games or playing Nkeitah alongside Auba and give Saka some space on the left with Teirney on LB position.

    Cedric is the kind of player that we need. He scored with his left foot and he can play as RB so he can use both legs for chance creating and scoring!

    Well done all!

    1. With the renewed confidence of his great winning goal in the FA Cup quarter final, hopefully Danny Ceballos will go on to bigger and better things with a run of games. The is a good footballer in there.

  4. I was looking at table , couldn’t see Norwich. They relegated I guess.

    Not getting hyped up for win when see how we lose over Brighton and how Man U slamed them.

    Nor to be 7th at table, we not but 8th, no matter what sheffield Spurs score is, we will be 8th, 6 points away from 14th spot. 8 from 4th spot, 6 from 6th spot.

    Not getting excited over a Norwich win, I take 3 points and goals.

    Cuz looking at next fixtures and Arsenal all winter and spring, and all season, you can see the end already.

    Realistically speaking beyond my wish to finish 4th, wr will finish between 9th to 12th spot. 8th at best

    We are a midtable team, fighting for best middle position! All season long… Club is falling appart!

    Until a new owner, board and a top coach, Arsenal will never recover from Wenger lost, because he was on fighting owner and board for the team and fans before all. He was running Arsenal from bottom to top, just did not get greedy owner support, we won’t ever nor anyone beside his banker.

      1. You don’t need to persuade him, I guess he has decided to be negative even when the team won by 4nil. Things are bad already, we know but it’s as it is, we loss same numbers of matches as city in the 2nd place I couldn’t believe that

  5. So good to see Cedric on the pitch for the first time in an Arsenal shirt. May be the decision to sign him up could turn out to be a great one.

  6. Nobody below 5
    That makes a welcome change
    I’m not as gloomy as Mogunna in the slightest
    Forget the CL but pride to be fought for instead. A resurgent Arsenal

  7. For me Martinez should be an 8, Luiz an 8, Bellerin a 4, Ceballos a 9, xhaka a 7 and Tierney an 8. Congrats to Auba for getting the quickest ever 50 goals at Arsenal, Legend.

    1. What I like about you Reggie is you say it as you believe it to be
      Xhaka and Luiz aren’t favourites of yours but you saw merit in their performances

      1. Unlike some who fail to see any good/change in ppl, once condemn, condemn for life.
        I think Luiz still has a part to play after all, this game shows we were wrong, I hope him and MA prove us wrong on the long run, am sure before his contract expires he would have help our young cb developed, I think that was the plan, we have 4 young cb with lots of potentials, the likes of Mavro, Saliba, Holding and probably chambers needs time and right mentorship for their development

      2. Sue, im not sure i like Luiz but i think he has been great since the double blunder. Xhaka is xhaka, he is limited in lots of things, always makes one or two bad gaffs but he took his goal brilliantly and did some good things to make up for the bad.

  8. Haha, everyone so happy, we are at 8th spot, no matter Spurs score.

    We beaten Norwich, bottom of table relegated team, hourrrra!

    Look at next 4 fixtures and wake da heck up gooners, you will realize we can’t finish above 8 to 12 spot!

    1. Beat them 4-0 like we should be beating a bottom of the league club. Arteta got tactics right, kept a clean sheet, and no players were horrendous.
      I’ll take it, it’s a rare occurrence, and I don’t care if it’s a bottom of the table club. It’s a nice break from the doom and gloom, I’ll gladly take the 3 points and clean sheet.
      All sunshine and rainbows today, no need to go looking for dark clouds my friend!

    2. Mogunna, one game at a time. Had West Ham lost before they went on the pitch against Chelsea?

    3. Mogunna, like you, I too am a prophet of doom, but let us give credit where it is due, let us criticize when required. Positives were we kept a clean sheet, not easy for a inexperienced (I mean EPL experience) keeper to come in suddenly and command his area like Emi did. I am so happy for him, that I decided to take a break from the doom and gloom, and enjoy our three wins. I was really depressed with news reports linking us to Joe Hart when we have a brilliant keeper with us. Who knows, his commanding stand may be giving confidence to Luiz too, because I have not seen Leno very commanding in his area although Leno has good reflexes. Good to have two great keepers. Holding has regained his composure, Saliba is here, so maybe, maybe we are really improving. Even if we miss out on Europe and still get Partey (now that Gauye has signed for Marsaille) and one good CAM and we retain Auba, who knows we could be contenders earlier than expected. The next few games are a test, so does any EPL match. Let us take one game at a time.

      1. Spot on, LC!! Being a ‘prophet of doom’ as you say, it’s really nice to see you recognize how well we’ve done recently… what with the performance, Saka signing (Just Auba now!) It’s not all bad being a gooner right now 😜 hahaha!!
        And don’t worry, it could be worse, we could be linked with Tim Krul 😂


  9. I ve only watched the first half, i like a Lot what i ser from Dani and terney…terney is the real deal.
    Yesterday i saw partey vs barca, what a monster.
    What happen to guendouzi? Three match of punishment isn’t too much for a kid?

    Saliva. Luiz. Holding
    Bellerin partey xhaka. terney
    Pepe auba. Saka

    With Martinelli, laca, guendo and others waiting for his chance.

    Not bad at all

    1. Arteta said in an interview regarding Guendouzi that things needed to change and that they had not changed.

      Does not sound too good.

      1. Who cares? This kid brought shame on the Arsenal family by bragging his salary to a lesser paid player and team.What a shame! May he never play again for us until and unless he humbles himself and vows never to repeat it again. I’d rather take 17th spot with humble players, then to have players brag about their wages and belittle opponents with their boneless tongues and not their skills.

    2. I guess Guendozi has made up his mind about leaving, am sure his agent must be happy, because I feel he probably is using the boy potential to get a better deal elsewhere, I do not have insider info just an intuition, I feel if he really wants to stay, the little disciplinary action of the club isnt enough for him to feel too big for correction, if he wants out, good luck to him, I have seen a better character from Ramsey and Xhaka

  10. It was a solid performance and ceballos will have to play every match from now on.He was the master behind the attacks yesterday and his defensive side was solid and he certainly is the only creative player apart from ozil.The touches,the nutmegs,killer passes,he was my MOTM.It could clearly be seen what creativity is for a team and thats why i want our youngsters to be less direct and more creative.
    And laca and bellerin need to improve….

    1. Good point!

      People can dislike Ozil, but should not discredit creative players just for the sake of arguments against Ozil. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

      We should value both graft and craft, not just headless trying-very-hard chickens.

      Look at what Fernandes has done to Man U.

      We should bring ESR back and trial him as the No 10, before deciding if we need to invest in an outside talent for that position this summer.

      1. Yes we should value both “graft and craft” as you say. What you omitted to say though is that Ozil has neither. He USED to have craft but that vanished a long time since. No assists, one measly goal. Pooh pooh!

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