Arsenal player ratings v Norwich City – two players gets a 8

Arsenal player ratings – Another disappointing display against a team in the relegation zone.

A different man in charge but not much difference in terms of player performances.

There was more passion and fight and the players did look slightly more confident, especially in the first half. But it is clear that a lot of these players are simply not going to improve whoever is in charge.

It will soon get to a stage where I just need to copy and paste ratings from one week to the next. Leno saves us, Aubameyang saves us. Pattern starting to develop there.

Player Ratings

Leno – 8
If it was not for Leno Arsenal could easily have lost this game. He made at least three vital saves and cannot be blamed for either goal.

Kolasinac – 4
Too often he was left floundering up front and the second Norwich goal had a lot to do with him being out of position. Produced nothing going forward either. Really a poor player and today’s display was par for the course with him.

Mustafi – 4
Just does not close down quick enough and while he is an upgrade on Sokratis he is still not Arsenal quality.

Luiz – 4
All over the place, as usual. Closing down seems to be like the flu to him, he avoids it at all costs. A terrible signing and he needs to be dropped.

Chambers – 5
He was played out of position once again and he is simply not good enough at right-back. He did get into some good positions down the flank but had no end product.

Willock – 4
Gave the ball away far too many times and made almost no effort to track back, he seemed utterly lost. If he is the best of the Arsenal youngsters then the problems really do run deep.

Guendouzi – 4
Good in the first half but what does he actually do apart from run around the middle of the park? He hardly ever helps out in defence and creates nothing for the forwards.

Xhaka – 5
Could have had a better rating if he would have been better when in good positions in attack, however, was lacking defensively, just does not do it for Arsenal.

Ozil – 5
Was played out of position on the left which I just don’t get, did ok in the first half but faded in the second half.

Lacazette – 5
Poor game, has to be said, poor holding the ball up and never got himself in decent positions.

Aubameyang – 8
Two goals are why he gets 8 but other than his goals did not do too much. I just wonder where we would be without his goals.


Saka – 5
Came on, made no difference, not much more to say.

Torreira – 5
Average rating simply because he made no errors but at the same time made no difference.

Martinelli – 5
This young talent will soon get very frustrated being brought on so late in the game when the creativity has dried up.


Freddie Ljungberg – 5

Awful team selection, awful subs but the team did show a better attitude so an average rating for his first game in charge.


  1. We need Allegri now he will put this defence right he will bring a leader in which he worked with before then he will sort out the rest of the team in the summer

    1. Really chambers 5 no he doesnt deserve dat, he could ave got red for his stupid fouls, and torrera add something, two shot block by him which could ave result to goals unlike wilock ho did nothing. The team need time to adjust and i wonder what up with pepe

      1. Agree with you Micheal, Chambers was the worst player on the pitch including both sides. constantly out of position, defensively a joke and his distribution was awful but the author made amongst the best players after Auba and Leno. Laughable.

        1. Laughable? I tell you Kenny you are really starting to irritate me. You seem unable to comment on any of my posts without having a dig.

          I did a quick check on Google and on the front page found these ratings for Chambers today

          Pain in the arsenal 6.1
          Express 5
          Mirror 5
          Arseblog 4.5
          Football London 4

          Just Arsenal 5

          Yet you find it necessary to call my rating laughable.

  2. I don’t know why people are fussing and saying all sorts of negative stuffs in the previous article.
    Everyone could see the sideways passing reduce and our attack was more direct.
    Yes I’m the first to say Freddie’s line up was wrong and he trusted those kids in the wrong game. But it’s his first FFS!!! Just this morning I explained how every Arsenal fan should lower expectations right now and take it easy on the man who just inherited a team out of place.
    I believe he’ll reinstate Torreira and Pepe into the team.
    Today’s is his first ever senior game as manager, FFS quit whining like the kid whose threw away the candy and at the wrapper, and give the man some time and support.
    We all know our defense is probably the worst in the league, were you guys expecting the team to be Prime Barcelona just because Freddie took over?
    Lower your expectations for the rest of this season! At least till we get a proper coach

    1. You are right, there were more forward passing than sideways. Myabe Pepe doesn’t defend that is why he isn’t in lineup. He looks lazy when coming back. To be honest all our attacking players seem lazy when coming back.

      There is a reason why newly promoted teams do well these days. They work hard instead of 11 behind ball like we used to see. Thats why they win more often against bigger clubs than they used to.

    2. We didntdi that bad considering our frail defenders we meed to increase our speed going foward and taking our chances infront of tge goal

    3. I agree with you. I also saw an improvement in our play. More forward plays and a little improvement in the intensity. The signs are there. He should stick to a 433 formation. Front 3 of Aubameyang, Pepe and Martinelli. Lacazette as substitute.

      Xhaka played well today. The way he distribute the balls would be suited for a counter attacking football. We tend to leave too much space between the midfield and defence. It needs improvement. And lastly, we should get Rakitic in by January.

  3. I don’t understand why its difficult to not close down a player that looks like he will shoot.Also we run out of energy every game. Players look tired after 60 minutes.

    Anyway Norwich deserve the point if not a win. They looked more likely to win in the end.

    I want to see Martinelli start games. I think he is a btter buy than Pepe. More dynamic, more tricks, better dribbling and passes.

  4. Im watching Leicester now, lets see if they can win from behind. They normally do a counter attack to lead and then prey on opposition mistakes and more counter attacks.

    Marco Silva or Soksjaer next to go?

  5. We will not improve much under Arteta, Viera, Rogers

    We need to sign a manager who has won one of the big 5 European leagues (Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga or Ligue 1) and/or Champions League

    1. Are you really looking for someone who’ll get us better and steady or are you all about just someone who has won trophies before? Because you constantly sing it and I’m worried if you want any manger who will fix us or you want only managers with trophies before.
      Emery had trophies and won Ligue 1 didn’t he?

      1. Well. Unlike you I have ambition

        And guess what? I’m going to continue to “SING” about it

        So we will just need to agree to disagree

        Klopp and Guardiola fixed and won trophies

        1. Well right MR Ambition, why ain’t I surprised?
          You’re the same guy that kept singing give Emery till January, and here we are.
          While you’re at it how about you get Pep to come coach us, Ancelotti as his assistant, Ranieri and Zidane as his staffs so we know we have coaches with trophies before Arsenal can improve

    2. Not sure if I have been living on a remote island? But we have recently sacked 2 managers that fitted your criteria. Wenger and Emery have both won titles in the top 5 leagues. However I am not really sure that Ligue 1 is a top league, it has one team in it.

      Of the 4 managers that led their teams to the 2 European finals last season only one remains.

      Arsenal’s problem lies a lot deeper than who picks the team and coaches them. It’s rotten from the dreadful owner right down to the toxic armchair fans and supporters.

      One thing we do agree on though is who should we get. For me there is only one man…..Allegri
      I would have him in now, try and persuade him to keep Freddie, cos he has done nothing wrong. But if not then release Bould and give Freddi his old Job back.

      A host of players proved today they are no longer good enough. Even Lacazette cannot seem to play away. Honestly I could pick a whole team that I would probably take offers on, may be a bench as well.

      1. Xhaka and Luis had a good game, Mustafi was responsible for both goals. He should be going to the player with the ball instead of giving the player space to turn and face him

      2. Atid, agree with your two consecutive sentences starting with “Arsenal’s problem”.

        We saw a fighting attitude today,whether the team selection was correct or not, whether the substitutions were too late or not, whether players were out of position or not…it was a VAST improvement on the absolute rubbish I sat through just two days ago.

        Also, it just proved what a plonker John Hartson was, when he had a go at Xhaka for not telling UE how bad his injury was.
        I’m more than happy with the way freddie and per improved our attitude and attacking play in just two days, let’s see what happens when he’s had a massive FULL WEEK with the players.

        Some of our fans are a joke, Wenger given a season extra, Emery given half a season extra and now they are clamouring for freddie to be ousted after one game!!!
        No wonder we are the laughing stock of the rest of the fans in the premier league – next we will see “freddie out banners” Thursday evening.

  6. Can’t really disagree with the ratings

    Freddie disappointed today with his selection

    I’m confused though Pepe didn’t start and Saka and Martinelli came on before him
    If he’s a big mistake someone needs sacking
    I would Sonucu, indidi and madison inc Rogers

    Also who would have thought Jonny Evans would be grad and shoulders above our defenders

    Watching them now they are leagues ahead of us not just in points but the way they play

  7. Just heard

    Benik Afobe’s 2 year old daughter died.

    A feel so bad for him

    Love and prayers to him and his family 💗💕
    Once a gunner, always a gunner

  8. “Ozil was played out of position on the left” ??

    You clearly didn’t pay attention to the game. He played in no 10 position, did half-arsed tracking back as usual and relied too much on his teammates to retrieve the ball for him

    I think Ozil and the other underperforming senior players would only have three matches left to show their efforts

  9. Tbh. I would prefer to play the kids for the rest of the season
    Saka willock Smith-rowe Martinelli and Mavropanos can’t be any worse

    Looks to me like Auba and lacca will leave

  10. How tense was the Leicester game?!! They’re my only hope now, as City have blown it!
    Mings & Grealish scoring against the Mancs – I’d love for us to buy them

  11. If I was the coach I would play Martinelli over lacazette. Smith Rowe over ozil. Ozil has to go down as one of the most frustrating player to play for arsenal. He was playing us minus 1, and he stayed on for too long along side willock whom I think is an over hyped version of lingard.
    what has happened to Chambers?
    I can’t believe we don’t have a right back from the academy, Chambers is so lazy,his ball recovery is close to zero actually I don’t know what he is good at. In the first half guendouzi played very well but was let down by willock and xhaka. Why can’t our defenders come out and tackle oh and Luiz is up there with cygan and squillaci.
    I know he is often slated but kolasinac was the only defender that should hold his head up. He didn’t go forward often but he covered for Luiz and mustafi multiple times. Leno has to go down as the most underated gk in the pl,man is single-handedly carrying us on his back. I thought a few ratings was not fair,torreira should be a 6 for that last ditch tackle,willock should be 2 along with Chambers,Luiz and mustafi.xhaka 4,ozil 3, lacazette 1, Aubameyang 6 asides his 2goals he was none existence in my opinion not a captain material.the rest is ok.

    The earlier we sort out this form we are in the better

    1. Lucia, your questions are right on; why are Arsenal players so tackle shy and allow opposition players to take the ball half the field without putting in a tackle?
      Freddie Ljundberg is facing the same major headache of trying to get the best out of the available players given their obvious deficiencies.

  12. Freddie put trust in the wrong players, it’s his first game.

    Torreria should start over Willock and Torreria should be PARKED in front of CB’s. Rather see 3 CB’s than Chambers at RB again, poor tracking back.

    Xhaka at DM same result as with Wenger and Emery; did Freddie expect something different?

    Hopefully Freddie learns from these selections going forward.

  13. Apparently Pepe has been less than
    impressive in trainig and it seems
    FL may of been sending the Ivorian
    a message by his omission

    Martinelli should of started instead
    of Laca or come on instead of Saka.
    The Brazilian brings an energy and
    skill set to the pitch that is sorely
    lacking in the starting 11 atm.

    Arsenal could of signed Soyuncu in
    the summer of 18 but decided to go
    the predictable budget route and
    bought Socratis instead (LMFAO).
    Johnny Evans has never been good
    enough for Arsenal according to
    fans but to this casual eye seems
    light years ahead of the calamitous
    muppets embarrassing at the position.

    LC is sadly EVERYTHING AFC should be

    1. Soyuncu and Evans would probably be a lot worse if they were playing for Arsenal, and Sokratis would seem a solid rock under Rodgers. Over the past few seasons, most players enter a decline after they start playing for us. Only a handful has been able to break the trend e.g Sanchez (who played well till he left us), and Aubameyang.
      Most of the others start well, then they just start playing poorly. I hope we’re able to fix all our problems this season, get a good coach, and be a force to reckon with from next season onwards. COYG!!

  14. Feel really sorry for Chambers who will never be a full back but is simply filling in for the injured Bellerin.I only hope FL gives Chambers and Holding an opportunity at CB .

    1. Grandad, they can’t do worse and have relative youth on their side, ie are still malleable and trainable.

  15. Torreira deserves at least a 7 rating. Am I the only one who saw the 2 goal bound shots he blocked when he came on? He probably would have blocked one or 2 of the shots they scored with.
    I say enough with these youngsters – Guendouzi, willock, Saka should not start match for us at this stage. Martineli should be first to be considered for a starting role.

  16. Very difficult to understand what is going on with our defence. It is like the players are afraid to take on their opponents. Both goals could have been stopped with earlier tackles. The center of our midfield and defence was left gapping open for the one that would have been the third goal but thanks to leno for pushing it out.

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