Arsenal player ratings v Nottingham Forest – One players gets a nine

Arsenal put in a great display against Nottingham Forest and while it is acknowledged that they are a Championship side, a 5-0 win is still a very good result.

Arsenal dominated the game from the kick-off and almost every member of the team had a positive game.

Martinez 6

Cannot really rate him any higher because he had almost nothing to do.

Chambers 8

I thought he had a great game, he was a constant threat down both sides made two assists and I am not sure too much more could have been asked from him.

Mustafi 8

This was is second good performance this season, he looks a completely different player to the one we saw for most of last season and I maintain that he was the best defender at the end of the season and he has to be in with a shout of a first-team recall.

Holding 8

What a great return for the 24-year-old, he played as if had never been away and capped a good performance off with a goal, must be in contention to start against Man Utd.

Tierney 8

A brilliant debut, he was electric down the flanks, his energy appeared limitless and you can see already the difference between him and Kolasinac.

Willock 8

I thought the young lad had a great game, he was full of drive and he continues to get better and better, I cannot see how Xhaka can be prefered to him in midfield.

Torreira 6

Was slightly disappointed with Torreira, he just lacked something, he gave very little and basically made the numbers up.

Smith Rowe 6

Have to feel sorry for Smith Rowe, he was not setting the world alight but neither was he having a bad game, he was doing well until he got injured.

Ozil 6

Never did anything wrong but neither did he offer much, he seemed to just flow as if he was on an air cushion, only did what he had to do. He did not look happy and basically did just enough not to annoy anyone.

Nelson 8

Had a good game and bagged a goal, he was very busy, not everything worked but a lot did and he tried his heart out, cannot ask for much more.

Martinelli 9

Two goals, one lucky and one brilliant, he was my man of the match and there was some fierce competition for that award. Definitely a candidate to be the long term replacement for Aubameyang.


Saka 7

Thought he did just fine when he came on, tried to get involved at every opportunity and always looked dangerous.

Ceballos 6

Did ok in the time he was on the pitch, did nothing sensational but played his part when required.

Bellerin 7

He was only on the pitch for about 15 minutes but what a contribution he made in that time with an assist.


  1. Trudeau says:

    Chambers MOTM for me, followed closely by Tiernay and Holding. Those three with Bellerin need to be Emery’s first choice back four. With Mustafi next in line. Luis and Socratis should be back of the queue.

    1. BOROH VICTOR says:

      for me martineli was the MOTM

    2. SAGooner says:

      Agree 100%, Trudeau

    3. McLovin says:

      Actually Chambers had 3 assists.. He got an assist for the 3rd goal as well.

      1. McLovin says:

        Sorry, for the 5th goal*

    4. micheal says:

      Chambers is my man of the match, mind u he had three assist not two, he should start agains man u

  2. Jim wall says:

    Hope this clown of a manager sees now that if you pick the right players you will get performances like this ,
    And please emery stop playing amn..sok..luiz..kolas..xakai..

    1. Kam says:

      All of those you mentioned (with the possible exception of AMN) will start at OT

      1. arie82 says:

        amn will start, hes ban for only 1 match, the league cup is included, so he available for manutd

        1. Sue says:

          Unless he’s out injured

        2. Protiq says:

          after the performance hector put in, I highly doubt it

    2. Phil says:

      We Jim-put your best players on tent pitch and it improved your chance of wnnng.That is not rocket sconce is it?.Emery has to start a team at OT that does not include Xhaka and Sokritis.He May be right in believing the game is too soon for Bellerin and Tierney so Kolasinac is Also on borrowed time

      1. Solly gunner says:

        Lol phill the first part of your post looks like you’ve had a couple of whiskeys in your coffee

      2. Jim wall says:

        Lay off the smoke phil

        1. Phil says:

          Spelin woz nevor mi bes subjet at Skool

    3. Innit says:

      Be respectful
      Criticising and calling for resignation is one thing
      Name calling is another
      Grow up

      1. Dan kit says:

        He is a clown though ,no two ways about it .

  3. S.J says:


    Best performance of the season so far.

    Now unto Man.U I will like to see some of the boys that played today feature against Man.U.

    My formation will be.


    Saka, Willock, Pepe..

    Guendouzi, Torriera..

    Kolasinac, Luiz, Mustafi, Chambers..


    Subs – Martinelli, Ceballos, Xhaka.

    1. Protiq says:

      so love with Ceballos is gone

  4. Sean Williams says:

    Arsenal have got a goodun in Martinelli. He has got a great mindset and lots of skill and energy. This kid is going to be the business. Very impressed with the energy levels of Tierney, Saka and all the youngsters.

  5. RSH says:

    I was actually a fan of this ozil performance, and many know that I don’t think highly of him. He was orchestrating a lot of the play, and his ball possession in advanced areas was very helpful. Good night for him. Also, Chambers got 3 assists, not two. I might be wrong, but Cazorla was the last Arsenal player to grab 3 in a game so that is good company. Can’t remember what season it was though.

    1. Al Mubaraq says:

      Mhiki was the last to bag 3 assists in a match vs everton

  6. Godswill says:

    Ozil did more than a 6. 8 rating is right for him. I did not see anybody that put a leg wrong.
    None of the Brazilian goals was a lucky one. Credit to the young lad. Very happy about his left foot. Happy that another “Rinaldo” probably has not escape.
    Saka could also be a gem.
    Our back line has a future. So is the front line after the present strong front line.

    1. Lenohappy says:

      Even Skysport ratings gave ozil 6, Chambers my man of the match though.

    2. SAGooner says:

      One goal before Özil got substituted, 3 after.What does that tell you. He slows the game down, gives defence time to reorganise, no movement in the lasr 3rd of the fiild when he’s on board. The team came alive after he was substituted.

      1. Viju Jacob says:

        Did you watch the game? Is your comment objective?

  7. Kam says:

    Saw a team that defended from the front today. With Ozil at that. Each of those players seemed to be playing for a place on Monday.
    Ozil didn’t do much pressing but he did good with every ball he got(or most of them). Shame Saka was too naive unless he’d have an assist. He and Torreira marshalled attack and defence well allowing Willock to do his thing between them
    Side note, is it just me or have we stopped pressing as a whole this season compared to when Emery just started…?

  8. Loose Cannon says:

    Keep Xhaka out and the whole team plays nice free flowing football.
    Good for the team, the youth and debutant Tierney. This was forest, looking for a thumping of Utd. This is their worst team, hope Unai learns from last night and selects the right players

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    Didn’t see the game, only the highlights, but brilliant from Chambers. 3 assists. I don’t like him at RB, but he ha to be ahead of AMN for that position from now on.

    All the other youngsters looked great! Awesome to see the injured players returning, although some fans on here say injuries are not an excuse, so clearly the injured players are not better than what we already have. I guess those fans will not be bothered with these players returning then?

  10. John Ibrahim says:

    a good blend of seniors and junior players….

    Saka, Nelson, Wilock, Tieney, Martinelli …..our future is bright….

    these players need regular football to improve….

    18yo Martinelli is potential world class… not surprise if Barca or Real come knocking in 2 to 3 seasons time

  11. Goona says:

    Im starting to have a feeling,just a feeling that Martinez should be number 1.the boy has an air of confidence about him.he is more commanding.i mean i love leno but you cant ignore martinez

    1. Ebuca says:

      Oh,now someone got my tots …and emery is our problem..chambers at rightbck ,torreira over xhaka

      1. Goonster says:

        Let’s just wait and see. This was a lower league side (Nottingham Forest).
        Against real EPL sides that don’t allow us that much space and time on the ball might turn out differently.
        But i really enjoyed this game, we looked so entertaining.
        May it continue

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      Exactly…such players should be playing regularly…..

      just look at Mbappe, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, stirling….at 18yo they are regular for their clubs

      He will not improve by playing for U21 or limited league and FA cup games

  12. Joe says:

    Great game ,I was very impressed . disappointed in torreira though. seem to remember him having a longer passing range .
    Martinelli is a real one . great anticipation for the first goal. really bold for the second .

    How about Reiss Nelson? Now that is the one I know

    great game

  13. Palmer17 says:

    I thought tierney was brilliant looking forward to him fully fit

  14. Lucia says:

    How can you one fault toreira after the game? The guy made our team thick,he was closing down and what a professional player he showed when Nelson was showboating..for some reason I think Emery should consider Martinez over leno. It is clear he knows when to play out and when to pass short oh and he has an eye for a counter attack something that Leno never does. Oh I have always loved Chambers technicality that assist to martinelli was never an easy pass and with Chambers you know for a certain he will never coward even when he is playing bad unlike AMN whom I have never liked his play one bit..and Martinelli what a player we have on our hands a great acquisition if you ask me. And yes I think we have the best youth product of the big six💯.
    Onto man u game💪come on boys

    1. Joe says:

      Much as Torreira made some nice tackles , most of the work both defensively and offensively was being done by willock. At first , I thought he was the designated DM , but his passing range was pretty short for that position , then even as a box to box , he lacked the drive ,and the regular song we have here about midfielders when we don’t like them “passing sideways and backwards”.

      I’ve watched a better torreira than this ,so when I’m criticizing , I know at least one side of his game should have been proper .Let’s attribute that to a lack of match fitness.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      exactly…Martinez has matured over the years and gain valuable experience going out on loans except for last season…..

      besides hes taller than Leno

      few seasons back he kept multiple consecutive clean sheets.

    3. Sean M says:

      Agree on Torreira Lucia. Joe, I’ve no idea how you thought Willock was DM. When we were on the ball, the shape was clear, Torreira stayed back every time. He was everywhere putting in superb challenges. I’m really surprised most fans seem to have missed this. He played such an important role in allowing Willock the freedom to attack despite sometimes inaccurate distribution.

      1. Viju Jacob says:

        Torreira stated back only in the second half; in the first half HR was more box-to-box.

  15. Sue says:

    Well we won’t be playing the spuds in the 4th round 😂😂😂

    1. Phil says:

      Sue-STOP IT NOW.It is wrong to mock those far less fortunate than yourself.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😇😂😂😂😂😂😀😂😂😂😂😃

      1. Sue says:

        Love how you say “far less fortunate”…. bang on there, Phil.. maybe the night of the 4th round fixtures, Eriksen & Moura could spend it practising penalty kicks?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Tunde Adeyemo says:

    Great one lads, Emery should stop using Xhaka, he always slow the pace of game. Besides, He can also deploy Chamber at right back

  17. Chambers MUST start at RB against Man U!!

  18. Alastor says:

    Wrong ratings for Ozil and Torreira. They played very well. Ozil kept possession and gave good link passes. Torreira was good. Deserves a 7.5 or 8. Closed down well,got his tackles right. Tierney was impressive. Holding and Mustafi did good. Overall great play by the team. Sad for Smith-rowe. Hope he gets back asap. Letters have more of this and leave the pragmatic play for the really tough games.

    1. Lenohappy says:

      6 is a good rating for Ozil, he played some nice pass but no real dangerous pass from him,and what has really happened to torrera he overhits most of his pass and like what he did against Frankfurt he keep shooting to the stands, I hope he regain his form ASAP, I watched that martinelli first goal over and over again, that was a beautiful pass from Chambers and the way the boy nod the ball was awesome. I also noticed the way Martinez co ordinate the defense, he knows when to play it short and when to play it high, if Leno keeps passing it short then I think we should give Martinez a chance in the premier league.

      1. Phil says:

        I get what you saying @lenohappy but this is the first time this season we have had a link in midfield.The reason every forward and midfield player played well was simply because Ozil was in the team.Sometimes it’s just having a player of his ability on the pitch that makes the difference.I didn’t expect a worldie from him.Just a nice and relaxed performance to bring others into the game.He did this without even trying.As they say – form is temporary and class is permanent

  19. AndersS says:

    Credit to UE for composing a team where the youngsters were allowed to express themselves, and we still won comprehensively.
    It takes a bit more than an armchair coach to do this, and it was courageous. Just imagine, if it had backfired.

  20. Grandad says:

    Spot on Trudeau with your back four selection.A lot of positives to take from the match.Unless he gets his act together soon Pepe will come under pressure from Martinelli who looks a real player.Tierney is not fully fit but I think you get an idea of his pedigree from this outing.Torreria continues to disappoint me but maybe it’s just a question of getting games under his belt.Let’s hope so.

  21. Mogunna says:

    Give everyone 9 and call it a great day.

    Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, this is not EPL intensity & quality.

    We’ll be playing 2 games /week for a long minute, this game shows we have squad to do so & great future; Thx to the Prof who set these foundation, a real treasure club can dig in for years.

    No team in EPL can line up as many academy & youth players in a EPL game.

    Bellerin – Chambers – Holding – Tierney
    Gendouzi – Willock – Rowe
    Saka Martinelli Nelson

    That’s an average of 20 years old!

    Amazing Professor Wenger left such a foundation and football identity. You see his work and his shadow on these Academy and young lads.

    Read lots of negative things, Emery did not accomplish anything at all nor can do more than Wenger with no money.

    Prof found a way to do it with “no money”, a youth system with a football identity and top quality youngsters.

    These kids must play every week, they are ready, just need games to grow on us as they each time we watch them…

    1. Viju Jacob says:

      Hear hear!!

  22. A J says:

    Well said Trudeau.


    We know Emery has a real interest in Meunier (R/B) currently of PSG, and defensively Bellerin still has to convince, whilst Chambers may or may not be long term.

    But that said – what an upgrade to the mess we have aeen at the full back berth(s) to date this season.


    Not tested a defensively last night but hey, we have a PROPER full back on our hands.

    P.S. What’s some peoples beef with Leno ???

  23. Grandad says:

    Well said AJ.The fact is we have two very good goalkeepers and competition is something we need in the first team pool.

  24. Frédéric slimane says:

    I don’t see how you can say martinelli scored one lucky goal?his first one was sheer desire he went for it and beat his marker!

  25. Shinodakc says:

    There was nothing lucky about Martinelli’s 1st goal, that kid has the potential to be one of the best forwards in the world.
    I think Torreira was good, helped maintain our shape. It’s because of him that Willock had the freedom to make his runs.
    Tierney just ruined Kolasinac’s career at lb, that boy can put a serious cross.
    My MOTM was Chambers, he seems to have learnt a lot over the past few years. I have never seen him play with so much confidence, he’s been a revelation this season, & I hope that Emery doesn’t bench him again. It’s very fulfilling to see our players making a good progress.
    I think competition will bring some of these players to life, I saw a very different Arsenal today.
    On to the next one now, I hope we can break our terrible record at OT on Monday.

    1. Frédéric slimane says:


  26. Clive says:

    u just said Torriera made up numbers.and did not do anything, did u really watch the game? who was breaking up play,who was foiling the opposition attack?,who did the dirty job? Admin go watch that game again.

    1. Sean M says:

      I agree Clive but maybe try to express disagreement a bit more politely. We’re all family here.

  27. Innit says:

    We won 5-0 and Spuds lost to Colchester
    Awesome Night

  28. Sylva Olabanji says:

    I can’t see why all the defenders should not be given 8.5 while Matinelli retains his 9.
    I think Mustaphi should be given another chance at the 1st team bcos neither Socratis or D.Luiz has played better in all their games this season. I have always said on this platform that I preferred C.Cambers to M.Niles as 2nd to Bulletin. He may not be full of Runnings but he is a bit efficient defensively. U.Emery should let G.Xaka know he can be benched for J.Willock; he will be motivated to opt his game. But then it’s up to the coach again to make the right call.
    Congratulations to the boys especially the defenders for keeping a clean sheet.

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