Arsenal player ratings v Rapid Wien – Partey and Aubameyang lead the pack

Arsenal secured a come from behind win against Rapid Vienna in the Europa League last night. The game was certainly one to forget for Bernd Leno, but Thomas Partey showed why we bought him.

It was not the best performance but a win is a win and Mikel Arteta will at least be happy with that.

Arsenal player ratings

Bernd Leno -3
Horrific pass to give the hosts a goal and almost repeated the same mistake later in the game.

Cedric Soares – 6
He made himself a willing attacking outlet, but his defending wasn’t the best.

David Luiz – 6
Classic David Luiz. Bad pass to cause their goal, he then scored for Arsenal to redeem himself.

Gabriel – 7
Another fine performance from the young Brazilian, he can only get better.

Sead Kolasinac – 6
Nothing spectacular. Just made runs up and down the left channel.

Thomas Partey – 8
What a debut this was. Always looking to make a forward pass, made a fine block to deny the hosts what might have been a goal. Broke up play frequently.

Mohamed Elneny – 6
Nothing special, but he did his job in a competent fashion in the middle.

Bukayo Saka – 7
Special player, always lively and his ball deliveries were delightful to watch.

Nicolas Pepe – 6
He can never be found guilty of not running, but his final ball is not the best. Played the free-kick for David Luiz’s goal.

Alexandre Lacazette – 6
He was placed there to score but never looked like doing so. His hold up play was decent.

Eddie Nketiah – 5.
Not a good night for the young striker. Unnecessary booking and he almost got a second booking for a poor challenge.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 8
Scored not long after he came on to silence those critics starting to doubt him, and he also added more threat to Arsenal’s game.

Hector Bellerin – 7
Came off the bench and provided the assist for the goal

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  1. What sort of biased rating is this?
    Aubameyang should be 7
    Elneny 7
    Partey 9
    Laca 5,
    nkethia 5
    Cedric 5
    Kolasinac 4
    Leno 3
    Luiz 7
    Gabriel 8
    Saka 6
    Pepe 5
    Bellerin 7
    Willock,Nelson and tierny N/A

    1. Nice rating but i have a problem with just 1. Pepe came alive in d 2nd half he deseves a 6. Cos he was more better than laca and nkethier.

      1. The goalie made a few blunders.
        Against Leicester, he would be pi
        cking the ball from net.
        Arsenal be warned.

    2. Exactly! I said it, it will be our strongest midfield partnership, Partey and Elneny, the ball actually was moving, we now need a creative midfielder infront of them, then the most crucial area is sorted. MA needs to get a system that allows a playmaker and we’ll be winning games confidently

      1. Couldn’t agree more. My only issue with the ratings would be to make Gabriel man of the match, excellent thought Partey was. A future captain, our new Tony Adams, only different with respect to both players.

      2. Hopefully now we can/will switch to a 4-3-3. Partey and Elneny in the middle with Ceballos in front playing as a CAM. This would give solid cover for the back 4 while also adding more creativity up top.

  2. I disagree with David Luiz rating, he deserved a 7. The back pass was not given to Leno under pressure, Leno tried the impossible with the back pass, Nevertheless, l will not blame him, ball playing GK must take risk but with their brain

    1. Funny what we all see and how we interpret it. Not saying this to get Leno off the hook – he was poor last night – but I remember at least two Luiz back passes (including the one leading to the goal) that he should have never made. Agree though he made up for it with header.

  3. With Leno in goal, Arsenal playing from the back is suicidal. I repeat, suicidal. The guy is too casual, lackadaisical and careless in his distributions. He has caused us so many goals thru these and he will continue to cause us more , some of which will result in defeats for us. And the sad part is that he has no challenge, now that Martinez has been sold. Trouble looms…I hope not.

    1. “The guy is too casual, lackadaisical and careless in his distributions”
      Chairman: He just doesn’t have the ability to play from the back. I agree with you that this is a suicidal approach. Persisting with such tactics can only have consequences. Yesterday he made three such mistakes and it’s fortunate that we conceded only one.

  4. My worry about having let go of Martinez becomes bigger by the game. Leno is ok as a keeper but does not inspire the same confidence as Martinez does. For me this is a rare mistake by Arteta that is going to cost us points and at the end of the season points is what gets you in or leaves you out of the top 4.

  5. How can you call El neny performance ‘Nothing special ‘, you must really dislike the player, El neny is joint MOTM with Partey and you call his performance nothing special, maybe you should stop reading comments and actually watch our matches. And also please don’t blame David Luiz for Leno error, it was a simple harmless pass to Leno, Leno should have just passed it long.

    1. Thanks! He always downplays Elneny’s performances and actually that will be our twin partnership, Partey and Elneny, Ceballos and Xhaka will have to play more advanced creative roles, none of the latter are as good as the former, and i think it was the reason MA started that pairing

      1. I think we will get a better idea of what Arteta thinks is the best midfielder to play next to Partey when we face Leicester this weekend.

        I would not be surprised if he tries Xhaka and Partey. Personally I would like to see Ceballos and Partey.

  6. Common Martin, Elneny did so well to get an 8…He was everywhere and why is Elneny’s perfomance always downgraded when He always gives his all at all times…..please lets change that perception. Elneny was my man of the match….but I think Arteta needs to start using 3 midfielders to allow us to be more offensive.
    We’re becoming stale with our performance, Arsenal has always been an offensive team agreed we have been pure defensively for awhile but Partey has come in which is alot better than previously thus we need to be better if possible play Saka as a 10 or cebellos and the team will surely florish.Thanks

    1. Again,Elneny proved when he came back from his loan, he’s the only midfielder that is indispensable! partner him with Partey that team is solid! they need few games for chemistry and we good. It explains the hammers, city’s and even liver carabao game, the impact lurked with him on the bench. He has been our Indispensable! midfielder till Partey came and their partnership will be our strongest CM

    2. So true. Everyone loves to pick on Elneny even when he has a fantastic game. This was easily an 8 performance.

  7. Elneny should’ve gotten at least 8, because he was so tidy throughout the match and his sharp through ball was the one that won us the game. Without his excellent vision, we wouldn’t get three points and Bellerin/ Aubameyang just converted the superb chance Elneny created into a goal

      1. I am very sure he didn’t.
        El neny kept things ticking and tidy.
        Hardly gives the ball away carelessly and covers ground to disrupt opposition play.
        He and Partey compliment each other very well.
        AdPat should do the ratings immediately after the match like how skysports and other outlets do.
        Cos i noticed that when every thing has died down, Martin tends to give ratings based on past perception and not the actual match.
        Auba an 8 for a simple tap in, and Elneny with the killer pass a 6.. Auba failed to trap simple passes from both Partey and Saka in the space of 1min.
        Shameful bias

      2. He either did it deliberately to trigger some reactions or just saw the stats on sofascore without really paying attention to each Gunner’s actions in the match

  8. My real concern is not that Leno is poor with playing from the back, my main concern is that Arteta is not showing him that he has a real competition, if we had used another keeper in the carabao cup and Europa cup and the keeper played excellently that will show Leno that he has a real competition but it’s like Arteta is scared to even try out the second keeper. Who knows maybe the other keeper will turn out to be better than Leno and Martinez.

  9. How can Kola, Elneny and Laca have the same rating. Unimaginable. Elneny was way way better, Kola full of mistakes and Laca not in the game.

  10. I do not like El-Neny though I am Egyptian but he did not put a foot wrong, and gave a through pass to Bellerin to assist.
    Apart from that pass, one pass by Partey, and some Saka attempts, couple if long passes, all our short passes in the final third was negative, boring, dull, and non-creative.

  11. Partey was brilliant. Reminding me of Alex Song, passing forward most of thé game. Imagine what a radar couple they could have made together with Özil. The kind of creative offensive play, no möre back-passing causing terrible mistakes like yesterday against RW

  12. Sogut told ESPN: “Arsenal fans deserve an honest explanation, not [Arteta] saying ‘I failed Ozil.’ You didn’t fail Ozil: you failed to be fair, honest and transparent and treat someone with respect who has a contract and was loyal all the time.
    “Every single person outside knows he hasn’t treated him fairly. He didn’t give him a chance to show himself this season.
    “If he is still under contract, the player should have the option to stay and fight for his place. Mesut hasn’t been given that. Why would you put a player on the bench twice for 90 minutes [against Brighton and Crystal Palace in June] if he wasn’t fit or committed?
    “Everyone says he’s training well. Per Mertesacker [Arsenal defender, 2011-18 and now a coach at the club’s academy] said this publicly. I spoke with at least five team-mates who say he is training great. They say Mesut is one of their best players, and they cannot understand why he is left out.
    “So it can’t be the training – if it is not the pitch, what are the footballing reasons? If you talk, you should tell the truth that the Arsenal fans deserve otherwise don’t talk at all.”
    Setting his sights on Arteta, who brought the curtain down on his playing career while at Arsenal, Sogut added: “He started zero games in the Premier League in his last season.
    “He wasn’t there in the last six months at all, busy doing his coaching badges and meeting coaches for his future. Mesut plays for one English team and that’s it because he feels he can only play for that team. He is a Gunner in the end.
    “Mesut is not a player who is yesterday a Toffee and today a Gunner. Arteta didn’t play at all in the final two years, but they still registered him because he was given a contract.
    “[Former manager] Arsene Wenger put him on the field for the final two minutes of his last game just to give him a nice moment, even though he wasn’t fit for months. Look at how [Arteta] was treated in his final two years, and how Mesut is getting treated in his final year.”
    Sogut believes Arsenal have been looking to back Ozil into a corner, forcing him to make a decision on his future that the club would rather not take after handing him a lucrative contract back in January 2018.
    “Maybe [Arsenal’s] goal was to wait until the end and Mesut would say ‘I want to leave’,” said Sogut.
    “If Mesut would have done that, the club can say he wants to go and if they can’t find him a club, they have an excuMesut is 32 years old. He has a few more years in his career, but it is more about the way of treatment. Mesut is someone who fights for his rights. The contract was a big commitment for him.
    “He could have left for another club like Alexis Sanchez [who left Arsenal to join Manchester United in 2018] did. He could have left and got a £30m signing-on fee [somewhere else] as a free agent at the peak of his career – but he stayed loyal.
    “Maybe the club will change their position in January and register him. You never know what will happen.”se and can say ‘we can’t register you because you wanted to leave’, but they knew for a long time that Mesut wanted to stay. He made it very clear.
    “Maybe they wanted him to feel unwanted and unwelcome, but he wants to play for the badge.
    Dr Sogut Mesut agent.
    You can thank me later @Highbury hero, ICW for posting this before the admin 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Mesut stayed loyal??? This is someone having a laugh. Mesut took advantage of Arsenal having already lost Sanchez, who was by far the better performer, and negotiated a contract Arsenal would have never given him had Sanchez stayed or had Arsenal been competitive on the pitch. Arsenal felt they needed to make a statement by holding on to the only other big name player they had and thus succumbed to his incredible wage demand. Well played on Mesut but let’s not call that loyalty other then loyalty to his bank account.

    2. If Mesut was so loyal to Arsenal, should loyalty not include wanting the best for the club? When it clear the club can hardly afford to pay your wages and would prefer to sell you would you not (A) ageree to leave if that is what the club thought was best, (B) offer to take a pay cut?

      Ozil opted for option (C) collect my salary and be happy not to contribute on the pitch,which was his perfect right. But loyalty doesn’t look like Ozil.

      If Ozil was loyal or loved the game of football, he would be playing football right now.

  13. Elneny deserves a 7, that true pass to Bellerin was excellent.
    Leno is a good keeper but Arteta should not make him feel too important. Seems like Runnarsson was bought for only if Leno gets injured.

    All in all, a win is a win. 3 points gotten. Now unto the next.

    Mesut was omitted to play for Arsenal after his tweet to Chinese Authorities supporting the Uighur Muslims who are imprisoned daily in China. China has been torturing Christians and Muslims in the Country for many decades. China being a Wealthy Country supports Arsenal, They have many investments with Arsenal. They supply cars to Arsenal staffs and many other sponsorships. After Mesut’s tweet, China secretly asked Arsenal to sell away Ozil, since he had no team asking for his services, he was asked to cut off his salary, when he refused that. The Arsenal board is pushing him away, together with
    Sokratis who has internal misunderstandings with the board. Matteo Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira may not come back from loans after the Board asked the Manager to sell them b’se of their internal battles with the Board. Torreira asked to leave Arsenal in 2019

  15. I really don’t understand the dislike of El neny, we really need to start appreciating when our players make improvements. El neny has been great since he came back from his loan spell. I never thought I would live to say this but I think he’s the best midfielder to partner with Partey & Ceballos/Saka in a ‘midfield 3.’ Sometimes you don’t need all players to be big household names to make a difference. We need a balance of grit & creativity in that midfield & I feel that combination could give us that.
    Also, what a player we have in Gabriel & Partey, I really hope Arteta makes the best out of them as long as they are in red & white.

  16. Leno, 5.
    Cedric, 4, terrible.
    Kolasinac, 3 even worse.
    Gabriel, 8.5 man of the match.
    Partey, 8 amazing debut.
    Elneny, 7 can’t believe his improvement.
    Saka and Aubamayang, 7.
    Everyone else 6.

  17. Why are people talking about Ozil on a thread about player ratings for a game he didn’t play in?
    Haven’t you muppets got enough Ozil articles to please you?
    Sheesh 🤫

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