Arsenal Player Ratings v Sheffield United – Ceballos most impressive for me

Here are my Arsenal ratings for today’s win against Sheffield United. The game was hardly inspiring but it is yet another three points in the bag and we are staying in touch at the top of the table. We have tougher tests to come after the break…

Leno 6
Didn’t have too much to do, but no big mistakes and couldn’t be blamed for the goal.

Gabriel 7
He impresses me more every time he plays. Cool, composed and has slotted in perfectly. Worth every penny so far.

Luiz 5
Not one of his best games, but Sheffield put on more pressure than we expected. Mostly a solid display but came close to another sending off.

Tierney 7
Didn’t put too many feet out of place. I can see this young man becoming an Arsenal legend if he continues like this. Solid in defence and exciting in attack.

Bellerin 7
He was the Tierney of the right wing. Maybe not so good in defence but his contribution to our attacks is growing and he assisted both goals.

Ceballos 8
Maybe couldn’t get as involved as he liked in the first half, but definitely our most exciting player in the second.

Elneny 6
I was surprised he started ahead of Xhaka, but this was a good game to see how he worked alongside Ceballos. Nohing to write home about but was competent enough.

Saka 7
Came alive in the second half and scored an excellent opening goal with a perfectly placed header. This young man is going places.

Willian 5
Hasn’t emulated his performance on his debut, but like the rest of the team, he improved in the second half.

Aubameyang 6
He still hasn’t scored against Sheffield United, but I think he was slowed down by his injury but was more active in the middle.

Nketiah 5
Didn’t have much service in the first half and was rightly subbed off in the second.


Pepe 7
Maybe he could turn into a supersub as his impact was immediate. Hopefully will have a great season once the team is settled.

Xhaka N/A
Ten minutes to keep him supple, but didn’t really get too involved.

Maitland-Niles N/A
Didn’t even have time to warm up!


  1. Tears in my eyes to see Aston Villa destroying Liverpool and doing wat Arsenal fails to do then I also feel like Cumming eeeh Thank u Villa

      1. not really. Villa knows how to beat Liverpool and teams who press and dominate.
        Heat long passes above them and run and score.
        Klop must be thinking of tactical change now.

        The way they played a high line against Arsenal, if we could release the ball quick once in possession and have 3 fast forward players, Liverpool is beatable.

  2. Three at the back for me is being too cautious against a defensive team….We need to actually PLAY and find the right balance between defence and attack….

      1. No top manager cares about formations. Klopps said it. Mou said. Arteta said it. Still fans dont educate themselves. Embarrassing

  3. They are playing same like Arteta but their misfield has more bite in it to press Liverpool I wish Arteta cud see how those small Teams Like Villa n Leeds are taking the game to pool without respecting them

    1. That’s the point we’re giving more respect to teams like sheffield utd at our home That’s our mentality problem look at aston villa and leeds united they press more and they played like a team ,

    2. Truth be said….we dont have a midfield….liverpool re not close to their best yet they dominated Arsenal. If this goes on we are not a match against big teams and will struggle against average teams. No childs plays Epl in another level.

  4. Pepe must start now. He was lively vs Pool, and again today.

    Look at Villa go!

    Weaknesses showed by Chelsea, City, Pool, Spurs and United, we could capitalize on them if we get our transfers correct tomorrow.. but we won’t. I don’t think we will sign anyone and nor will we make top 4 with our current squad.

    1. Why hes he not playing ozil for 350? Ceballos aint that level yet…we need a creative midfielder…..we cant continue like this….we should have ended the game first half.

  5. See the Brentford player Watkins scoring 3 goals. Arsenal should have gone for Benrahma of Brentford as well. That guy is very skillful. We need player like that with Partey. Ceballos did very well today.

    1. He hasn’t left Brentford yet has he? Domestic window until 16 October… if we fail tomorrow, maybe we could pick up a gem in the championship?

      1. Only a creative midfielder can solve our problems….going forward…not passing the ball back to defenders

      1. Benrahma and Soumare would be mouth watering
        alongside Ceballos.

        And it would cost about what Lyon want for Aouar.

  6. Looks like VAR has deserted Liverpool 🤣🤣🤣

    Some good performances today.. I’ll go with Dani…

    1. Brave.
      We have beaten the scouse rats 3 times in 10 weeks.
      It works
      May not look the best but JD.
      #job done

    2. 😂😂We might have some of the craziest results in the league this season. Whoever wins Dan’s weekly predictions at the end of the season should be given at least a million quid and a brand new house. Lol

      1. 😂😂 Damn right, Kstix. Think next time we’ll have to throw a few 5’s and 6’s in there!
        MOTD is being recorded tonight and kept on my planner forevermore 🤣
        And the house to have at least 4 bedrooms!! 😄

        1. 😂😂Sue that would be a classic to have. Play it to your great grandchildren. I’d love to see Owen in there too. Lol. Our 3 points tastes sweeter now. Lol

          1. 😄 Cracked me up listening to Carragher say they wouldn’t get a penalty – for the McGinn challenge – as United get all the penalties!!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!!!
            Very sweet indeed, Kstix 👍

            1. 😂😂😂Hilarious Sue. What a day. The two teams that get the most ref and VAR decisions favouring them got hammered. Nothing VAR could do

  7. I think our problem is to be brave when we meet liverpool. We give them too much respect.

    This was what I liked about Wenger. Let’s open up and show teams what we got.
    We must also cherish what we have. Leicester lost today and Lfc are losing. There’s no small team in EPL so if we manage to get a win, let’s be happy.


    1. Errrrm, with Wenger we caved in immediately against the big boys.. remember the glory results 5-1 vs Bayern, 6-0 vs Chelsea, 8-2 United..?

      1. At least he is no coward like Arteta?. Can Arteta win without playing boring football.. Arsenal has become fearful under him.. Yes we win, but it is an eyesore!

        1. Simon
          I will take the eye for now rather than keep losing
          Winning is a habit so let us enjoy the habit and then the free flowing football will come.
          If it to much for your eyes …don’t watch it and just look at the score afterwards

        2. True the only positive in watching Arsenal is somehow they are winning but they are boring, Arteta can balance good football and defensive one Arsenal will be joy to watch even Leeds is playing attractive football

  8. With United in the mud…Scousers in the mud.
    Those 3 points today looks more extra shiny😂😂😂

    Get in there!!! Guendouzi on loan to Hertha Berlin.
    John Cross and Charles Watts confirmed it.
    I’m happy with him going on loan, next summer his value should be up if he performs like he did last season.

    Losing Torreira and Douzi definitely means we’re signing a CM or two, by GOD PLEASE DONT LET THE NAME JORGINHO BE EITHER ONE OF EM😥😭😭

    1. Just saw that, Eddie, makes sense for MG. Hope he does well…
      Your face will be a picture if it is Jorginho 🙈

      1. Hope he comes back a better player, Sue. He maybe an internal solution to our midfield problems with some game time in Germany.

    2. I hoped we looked at Szoboslai more. I know he said he wanted to stay, but maybe a bid would have been successful.

    3. By next summer Guedozi contract remain 1yr, so how do we get bargains price.
      It’s so frustrating our players aren’t getting enough attraction

      1. Guendozui has 3 years on his contract.
        Cant remember if he extended that last summer either but he has 3 years. Why are so many people uninformed.

        1. No.
          30.06.2022 is the end of his contract officially – transfermarkt.

          We’ll effectively lose his for nothing. It’s okay, Arteta is learning on the job, he needs a couple of years of experience to be able to see when a compromise is better than losing 30 M on a player when money’s tight.

  9. Watkins, Martinez and Barkley are all solid additions
    to the Villa starting 11. Must be nice to actually have
    an ownership group willing to spend money to
    strengthen the squad.

    Is there a reason AFC aren’t targeting B. Soumare from
    Lille? He IMHO ticks all the boxes for what AFC
    desperately need in the middle of the pitch and
    is available. Would be another Gabriel type

    1. Willian, Gabriel and Ceballos are all solid additions to the Arsenal 1st 11 (insane ones for villa).. must be nice. Lets not get started on martinez being our literal reserve keeper who im fairly certain you were not praising us for having at the start of last season in this manner. Likewise I suspect youd of thrown your toys out the pram if we bought chelsea reject barkley. Bore off with your negativity.

  10. Good game and the ratings spot on.
    OT: our game against l’pool showed klop finally discovered the magic to nullify MA tactics, and if Aston Villa could achieve a result, that’s a good sign that all coaches are working on development. Leeds drew city, Leicester lost to westharm, spur beat Utd. A lot of unpredictable results

  11. This is why I did not accept that Liverpool were just better last weekend. They are vulnerable, beatable. We’ve done it twice before that. Well done Villa for exposing these guys. Their defense is so overrated. VVD and Robertson are the only ones who can actually defend.

  12. What a window Villa have had! Villa and Everton – the ones to watch!
    A shame the fans aren’t in the stadiums watching all these goals and crazy bloody results!!
    The premier league – the best league in the world!!
    Happy Invincible’s day to you all 😝
    (I love you, Villa 😁)

    1. Still time left in the game Sue. Ref could give these cheaters a hattrick of PK’s. Ok… it’s 6-2 now. Maybe it’s over 🤣

      1. Grealish 😍 And to think I had Pool down winning 4-1 😂😂 I’m more than happy to miss out on points for that game 😉😂
        I’m getting used to that smacked arse look on Klopp’s face!!

  13. It’s reckless playing a high line like Liverpool…
    They thought the name Aston Villa is Arsenal?
    I said we gave them too much respect😭😭
    Arteta was too cautious…
    I love this drubbing

    1. Only arsenal fans would turn a rival getting thrashed into a negative for themselves. Meanwhile west ham spanked wolves/leicester did anyone back track on how poor our win was. Course not.

      1. Well said Angus, we won 2:1 against West Ham and everyone criticising us for playing poor, they would have praised City on the other hand.

  14. Arteta is too defensive minded. He didn’t learn much from Guardiola in my opinion. Benrahma is very skillful than any Arsenal player. He is just 24. Arsenal can give someone a HBP.

  15. Tottenham and Villa trying to outdo each other. Spurs spelt UNITED with goals. Aston Villa only one goal away from SCOUCER😂😂😂.
    Let’s see what happens.

  16. Man u 1-6
    Liv 2-6 so far

    Looks like my birthday gift came 5 days later. Was stuck in quarantine I guess🤣🤣🤣🤣🎂🎂🎂

  17. Liverpool fans rushing to delete their “Can you believe Manchester United gave up six goals to Tottenham” tweets!.🤣🤣🤣

  18. This villa game is a testament to what can happen when you play with passion and commitment. Lets do the same against city.

  19. Gabriel man of the match for me. Luiz had a good game too apart from his shirt tug and certainly better than a 5! All the back four played well in fact.
    As usual our midfield was found wanting and with Torriera and Guendouzi gone, I hope at least one replacement is incoming.

  20. Sorry house, I don’t know if I’m the only one thinking like this, but the Liverpool we couldn’t create anything of note against are being battered by Villa. Do you think Arsenal has what it takes to make top 4 this season? Just my thoughts.

    1. … yet you don’t see Arsenal written all over this historic victory.
      First Arsenal wore them out few days ago, then Arsenal sold them a confidence boosting keeper who actually not long ago won two consecutive matches against them.

      Anyway the good thing now is that there won’t be a threat to our invincible record this season.

    2. West ham we beat, smashed wolves leicester… thoughts? Also ignoring the 3 times we beat liverpool in recent weeks

    3. Kay, being realistic I anticipate that Arsenal without a midfield upgrade, despite Arteta’s best efforts, with finish no higher than 6th.

    1. Because Liverpool try to score and they open up, but Villa do not sit back, they attack and they score a lot of goals to Liverpool.😀😀

    2. Target the space TAA leaves, put balls over the top to runners. Liverpool leave space, you’ve just got to have players to find it.

  21. I expected more from Willian who was again ineffective in contrast to Gabriel who is the real deal and our best CB since Sol Campbell..The heavy conditions took it out of our players many of whom were completely drained at the end.Against better opposition Luis will be exposed, but I was heartened by the performance of Bellerin, who had his best game this season.

  22. Empty stadium football has changed football. I did predict Arsenal would win the league and was laughed at. Empty stadium football or ESF is just like lunch time kick about. There isn’t any pressure . This season already has asterisk written all over it.

  23. Not fan of Elneny but 6 is not justified, I think he had a great game. Did his job at the back, was very mobile and played more balls forward. He played with a purpose and was positive with his passing. Should be 8.

  24. I said it when we played Liverpool the only way you can beat Liverpool is match them in attack. They are not kind of a team where you can sit back and soak up the pressure they have too much quality in their attack. Their defence is the weaker part of their team as regards to other areas. Leeds paved the way to show everyone if you can be brave Liverpool can be taken to sword. MA so far has shown he is intelligent and quick learner so I hope he realises this. Let’s play without fear and some slick football…after all we are Arsenal we were the first one to introduce this style of football to EPL. It is our inheritance and it’s time we claim it back.

    1. We will when we have the team for it and we will have free flowing games like villa just did regardless

  25. Good game, 3 points, and great MD players.

    Willian seems to be lost as well as Auba, I think Auba should start upfront in the next match, and Willian and Pepe each hold his position on the sides.

    Gabriel, Teirney, Ceballos, and Bellerin did an amazing job.

    Aouar instead of Grealish ha?!

  26. Your ratings on Elneny are usually low, we’ve all noticed he’s the one midfielder we can’t! do without, try and observe the reason why, he’s actually our main cog in the game, he strategically covers spaces and runs more than any players, including opponents, without him the difference is huge, try and cgeck the reason his the main stay,, he deserves more recognition and ratings, thanks

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