Arsenal player ratings v Standard Liege – Two players get a nine

Arsenal player ratings see two players record nines against Standard Liege

It was a very impressive evening of football for Arsenal who totally dominated Belgium opponents Standard Liege in a comfortable 4-0 win.

The whole team performed admirably with a handful of top-quality displays with two players, in particular, putting in stellar performances.

Arsenal player ratings

Emiliano Martinez 7
I can only recall one real shot on target and Martinez dealt with it efficiently.

Hector Bellerin 7
I thought he did well with the added responsibility of being the captain, he was clearly in need of the game.

Shkodran Mustafi – 7
Another competent performance from the German, in fact, have Arsenal conceded a goal this season with Mustafi in the side? That would be a no.

Rob Holding 7
An uneventful match for Holding really, hardly called on and when he was he did his job.

Kieran Tierney 9
The young left-back was on fire from the starting whistle, he played a part in three goals and was a constant danger down the flanks. Considering how long he has been out this was a remarkable performance.

Lucas Torreira 7
Efficient game playing a style that suits him down to a tee. He will be happy with his game this evening.

Joe Willock 8
Had a very good game, deserved his goal and was a constant threat throughout the game.

Dani Ceballos 8
Was a very busy man, always looking for the ball, going on regular runs and showed a creative spark the team has been missing.

Reiss Nelson 7
Had a decent game, never set the world alight but was always there fighting for the ball and attempting to open up Standard, which he did on a few occasions.

Maitland-Niles 6
Quiet game for Maitland-Niles and was generally on the periphery, he needed to show more really.

Gabriel Martinelli 9
Man of the match just pipping Kieran Tierney, scored two delightful goals and will be disappointed he never snapped up a hat-trick.


Nicolas Pepe 6
Did ok when he came on but still waiting to see what £72 Million buys.

Matteo Guendouzi 5
Average rating simply because he was not on long enough and the game was already done when he did enter.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 5
Average rating, too little time to record a proper rating.


  1. Martinelle what a find for 6million,
    Looking at the match tonight you would think pepe was bought for 6million,
    And martinelle for 72 millon…

    1. I ask, seeing Saka and Martinelle, this 72m for Pepe was it just to show that we were active in the market?
      I hope he comes up good soon.

      1. Henry was questioned, he played 7 games scoring zero goals, and fans were thinking the same thing you are now (sure he did not cost 72m), give him time before judging. Standard Leige is not a PL team, and by the time Pepe came in, we were playing 10 touch football, without pace. Would be interesting too se Martinelli in some PL games soon though, looks really promising

    2. Very true.
      Martinelli was all buzzing. Chasing every ball. Even if he was moved wide when Auba came on he still was full of energy and enthusiasm to beat his man, create chances and at the same time get himself into goal scroing position in the opposition penalty box.
      But Pepe looks so lightweight. And his shots seem to be so weak. But you can tell that he has a dangerous style of play. Just needs more time in the gym and EPL then we will have such a very feared player.

      1. Yeah your right Pepe needs more time in gym. He needs to build up his leg strengh, because his lacking acceleration and speed, also his cardio needs to improve. With Lille he was more direct using his speed, pace and skill to beat his man.

    3. In football signing fees do not determine your performance, but Pepe is not bad he will soon adapt to the rhythm of English premiership

  2. LDDWWWDW… Hot overall form so far!!!

    Lol. Spot on @Jim wall.. This Martinelli kid really watched C. Ronaldo play.
    Still have believe that Pepe will come good though.

    In 3 – 5 years time this kids will give us the Champions League we have been waiting so long for!!

  3. How good is a Cellabos, Willock, Torreira midfield! It’s the perfect balance!

    Xhaka is just to slow!

    1. Totally agree but can you see Xhaka on the bench as captain?

      I feel Emery will continue with his setup for now. He made his bed and now I guess he has to sleep in it!?

      Did you notice last night how Emery went to celibrate the first goal with Xhaka!!

      1. Hahahaha I saw that as well. What could be the meaning of that? Are they buddies? Hope we see very little of our club captain. The young players were really impressive

  4. This season looks like being the same as last season.
    Midfield and the offense are fine.
    But we have not strengthened at CB or DM.
    CB remains very weak. Deplorably weak.
    Mustafi Socritis and Luiz must go ASAP.
    Two top class CB’s plus Saliba are needed to make 4 with Holding.
    Chambers and Kolasinac will never be good enough.Both should leave ASAP.
    DM remains marginal and needs strengthening.
    Xhaka and Torreira should be traded out and two dominating DM’s brought in.
    A top LB and RB to share the load with Bellerin and Tierney need to be found.
    Ozil, Mkhitarian and Elneny are money syphoning leaches who should leave ASAP.
    To summarize. Arsenal is good to go up front and amid ship.
    But the defense especially DM and CB is deplorable.
    Until DM and CB are greatly strengthened 6th remains the best this squad can achieve.

    1. 6th is there’s we can acheive? We finished 5th last season are already looking better than Chelsea and the spuds, although I’ll admit that Leicester could be dark horses. Anyway with the amount of squad turnover you are talking about we’d completely destabilise the squad- this isn’t Football Manager.
      Top 4 with this squad is definitely achievable, stop being such a gloomy Gus

      1. Based on team selection and the premiership games we have played so far I doubt if we`ll make the top 4. I don`t think Unai is a top-level coach.

        1. Man city’s Liverpool are obviously favorites to finish top 2, so that leaves 2 places- who do you think will finish above us? Leicester are playing well, but it seems like the other big 6 times are even worse off than us. Hopefully KT, bellerin and holding coming back can help us kick on. There’s no need to be such negative nancies all the time.

    2. We have enough good players to challenge the league, except the coach is clueless. The guy is selecting kids who can’t even play in a championship team. That Nelson boy can’t even take a corner kick, and yet he starts over Ozil.

      1. This game Nelson did well and take on players perfectly, though his corner kick are not good but perform excellently ok and his rating should be 8

      2. I actually do not understand what the coaches are training the players to do. Look for forwards who couldn’t hit the balls hard or on target, you find Pepe and Nelson. Why? The coaches should be feeling embarrassed at the least.

    3. Defence have defiNitely been strengthened, we now have a much improved chambers, rejuvenated mustafi, a fit holding and bellerin, tierney, sokratis and luiz………….sokratis and luiz are not that crap, they just cannot be paired together (they compliment each other disastrously) . Our defence is not champions material but definitely top 4 material same for midfield, what we need is upgrading the coach/manager. With the personel we have, any top manager would push liverpool and city far.

        1. Not sure it is quite top 4 material at the back. I am really scared in every premier league game when the ball gets to 25 yds. I really hope that Tierney and Bellerin will help (both going forward and in defence) but I still stand by my view of the triangle of death in the middle. Holding really helps and I hope that he and some combination of Mustafi, Grabby Hands or Chambers will work well. Then the defensive mid – or some structure to offer cover in the middle (and again, I think the fullbacks will really help).

          Bottom line though, we have to see how it works with all of the current parts in place, likely not til after the international break though.

    4. Which team has two top players in every position as you want it? How many top players would come in to sit on the bench? And do you think they don’t come with a price? Paying top LB/RB will demand 150k per week to play a second fiddle to what we already have! I thank God you nowhere near the management. Our midfield is very okay if we had the right selection. The only two positions that needs strengthening is selling Xhaka and finding a good replacement, selling Sorkatis and bringing in a good replacement. Only that.

      1. I believe we will finish 4th as long as our midfield starters include Torreira, Ceballos and Guendouzi/Wilock and not Xhaka.

        Pepe will come good.
        Nelson is decent but hasn’t been fantastic like Saka and Martinelli.

        Our defence was good today
        We’ve improved somewhat with Holding, Tierney and Bellerin

      2. City and Liverpool have two top players in every position.
        Players won’t sit on the bench because we play 60 games (plus internationals)
        and people get injured Bellerin Tierney Lacazette Holding.
        Socritis Mustafi Luiz are cr#p. Xhaka and Torreira are mediocre at best.
        Its a huge weak point and will be exposed any time soon then you will all be blaming
        the manager when its not his fault we have a cr#p central defense.
        It’s because we are in the useless Europy League our weakness is hidden.
        If we played Bayern Munich we would have lost 0-17.

        1. You are absolutely right, Liverpool have 3 top backup forward on the bench. Same for Lb and rb. Man city have a ridiculous amount of top cb.

        2. Name the players to make Liverpool 2nd eleven. Whatever players you name will be mid table squad. Arsenal have a better 2nd eleven team than all except Man City.

    5. What utter rubbish – Elneny and Mikhitarian are long gone. Defence is adequate with Holding, Tierney and Bellerin back, and there is enough backup.Midfield will do the job as long as Xhaka and Özil are not in team. Forwards, well, enough said.
      All the negative sentiment is not called for. With the team he picked against Liege, Emery has shown that he is on the right track.

    6. I disagree with your view in regards to Chambers and Torreira, both are good players used outside their position. Torreira is a rock when you play him in defensive midfield while Chambers is a center defense who also did well when played as a right back.

  5. Pepe is a fraud. Its not the lack of quality amazaes me. Its the apparent over confidence when he tries to beat 10 players, looses the ball, does not track back. He thinks he is better than messi, yet he plays like downgraded gervinho

  6. Pepe 6??? Generous!
    Tierney is going to rack up the assists, in no time, with those delicious crosses!
    That cross to Martinelli, that header wow! 😍
    Both were absolutely brilliant! Our buys of the summer, can’t wait to see more. Well done boys! An amazing night! My motm goes to Tierney (just)
    Now on to Sunday > Xhaka 😬
    Ozil > gooner > goner

    1. I agree with you. I think the best midfield combination should be Torrera Ceballos and Willock. Guendouzi from the bench. Martinelli Pepe and Aubameyang as front 3 till when Lacazette is fit enough. Xhaka slows down our attack. I guess Emery chooses him because of his height and ball distribution. We have the squad to compete for the EPL title. We just need a brave manager who demands a lot from his players

      1. Emry hasn’t got the first eleven right, martineli, tieney belerin, chamber, holding, are first team materials

  7. Everybody talks about Martinelli’s sublime finishing and skills but the kid equally puts in a work rate almost equal to Laca. he’s a very p ossitive thing happening to ur. Big up gunners, better days ahead. There is surely life after Auba and Laca.

    1. This is my kind of player.
      Quality and hardwork at the same time.
      Hope this is just not a one off due to the poor oppostion he has faced sl far. But he is exciting to watch.

  8. Press: What does Ozil have to do to get back into the team? Emery: I am thinking every time the best players for the match, the best players in the squad to play and help us. When I decided he isn’t in the squad it’s because I think other players deserve it more. Press: What does he have to do to change that?
    Emery: What does he have to do? Continue working. Tomorrow we have training, we will train with the players who didn’t play tonight.

    Sunday we have another match. We are going to decide the same, the best first XI possible to achieve our targets to win on Sunday and adapting to that difficulty against Bournemouth and carry on with our way.

  9. Ozil is done,the manager does not fancy him,barring injuries we will not see him again in the starting line up,we need to get over it.

  10. What a performance from Martinelli. This kid is just brilliant. For an 18 yr old kid to put such a performance is breathtaking. He’s almost got it all: finishing, dribbling, creativity, pace, intelligence, movement & to top it all workrate. Thanks to whoever spotted this kid, he’s gona be our star if handled correctly. What I love most is when the youth are given a chance & they take it & bench the seniors, Always refreshing for me. Arsenal has got some serious talent coming through.

  11. I am sorry for pepe, he will soon be downgraded.
    this team he faces is not an EPL team so i dont understand the “coming good”” folks are talking about.
    he was suppose to grab the opportunity with both hands and legs to register his presence.
    he should be treated like ozil after enough chances.

  12. We just have to bench Pepe, its time we started playing performing players not names. Its time to give Martineli a chance in the Epl. I like his work rate and the willingness to chase the ball. Lets stamp our authority in the EPL.

  13. I would prefer Matineli starts a head of People in the premier league for further development. Pepe should start from the bench

  14. Oh Marti boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling,
    From glen to glen, and down the mountain side,
    The summer’s gone and all the roses falling,
    It’s you, it’s you must go on and I must abide

    But come ye back when summer’s in the meadow,
    Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow,
    It’s I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow,
    Oh, Marti boy!, Oh Marti boy! I love you so!

  15. I disagree with some of these scores. I thought Holding showed signs of cool class, turning away from trouble and distributing the ball really well under pressure. I feel Torreira has some kind of problem, whether it is fitness or lack of concentration, but he kept giving the ball away. I didn’t think Ceballos was especially creative and Bellerin looked plain rusty, which you’d expect. I also rated Nelson’s contribution even if he didn’t set the world on fire.
    We need to take it easy on these young boys though. Calling for them to start in every game is just storing up injuries for later on. Eighteen year olds can’t start two games a week, and those returning from injury need careful handling.
    I predict that, barring inuries, come next March this team will be devastating.

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