Arsenal Player Ratings v Tottenham – Partey back to his very best

Arsenal v Spurs Ratings by Peter Doherty
That was a pulsating North London Derby with two completely contrasting styles. Arsenal were dominant with the exception of the fifteen minutes after the Spurs goal and thoroughly deserving of their victory. This performance was the perfect riposte to the pundits questioning the Gooners capacity to beat a top six rival.
Here are my ratings;
Ramsdale (8) Brilliant one handed save from Richarlison at a crucial juncture as Spurs are difficult to beat if the get their noses in front. Two commanding clearances from corners and some perceptive sweeping and excellent distribution.
White (8) Looks increasingly at home in his new position and hardly gave Son a sniff of the ball. Shows more adventure going forward with each passing game and it’s hard to see how Tomiyasu is going to shift him.
Saliba (8) The question mark over how he will deal with the atmosphere of a NLD and Kane, Richarlison and Son was swiftly dispelled. Such mature calmness for a young player. Had a beautiful dribble out of defence when Arsenal were under pressure and the sight of Kane giving up in a ball when Saliba overtakes him was glorious to behold.
Gabriel (6) Lost composure after the penalty which was a poor decision on his part. Looked nervous and his first touch deserted him for a while afterwards.
Zinchenko (7) Not as influential as other games and Richarlison gave him plenty to think about, which on occasion made him look uneasy. The period after the Spurs goal most danger came down his side and he was uncharacteristically uncertain.
Partey (9) Absolute masterclass in midfield. Would have got a 10 only he departed early. Is the lynchpin for everything this team is trying to achieve. Outstanding in possession, timely in his intercepts, incisive in his passing and always available for the out ball. Add a beautifully crafted goal and it’s a hell of a performance.
Xhaka (8) In tandem with Partey he dominated the midfield and outplayed Hjoberg and Bentancur. Continues to be a revelation in his freer role and his goal was technically perfect. Offered threat going forward and resistance in defence, although blotted his copybook with his decision to try and trap the ball prior to the penalty rather than find row Z.
Odegaard  (6) Didn’t exert his usual influence in proceedings and occasionally tried the killer pass when it wasn’t on, giving Spurs the opportunity to counter attack. Pressed with usual intensity though.
Saka (8) Exactly what we have come to expect from the kid. Tormented the Spurs defence throughout and pulled the shape of their backline all over the place. As effective cutting in as going wide and his effort was directly responsible for the crucial second goal.
Martinelli (8) Another class outing from the Brazilian. When compared to Richarlison’s contribution for the opposition it’s baffling how he’s not in the Brazilian squad. A cameo of him dribbling backwards and then through the whole Spurs midfield before starting an attack in the second half sums up his skill and determination. Royale was just fed up being skinned by him and got sent off for his frustration.
Jesus (8) An opportunistic goal demonstrates why he is so important to this team as that has been lacking since Aubameyang downed tools. A constant menace and threat that unnerved the Spurs defenders but could have, and probably should have scored more, especially with the free header.
Overall it was another great team performance and the panache and enterprise shown by the squad is a joy to behold. The optimism at the Emirates is well founded and North London is RED.

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  1. Spuds’ penalty wasn’t entirely Magalhaes’ fault. Saka got robbed because he kept the ball too long, then Xhaka made an awkward header and Magalhaes had to make a 50/50 challenge against Richarlison

    Fortunately, Saka made a vicious shot that eventually assisted Jesus and Xhaka scored afterwards. I heard Xhaka got the MOTM for the first time after seven years playing for Arsenal

    Partey’s abilities to dribble and maneuver in tight spaces are difficult to be replicated by Lokonga. Hopefully Lokonga can grow in the CDM role, otherwise we might have to try out another young player there

    1. Only one player fouled Richarlison and that was big Gab, you can’t go back and back and try to pin some blame on someone else.
      Having said that you was spot on yesterday when you commented about bad passes allowing spurs to break, which happened a few times.

      1. Had Xhaka not made the awkward pass, I believe Magalhaes didn’t have to make the challenge. I just feel it’s unfair to blame Magalhaes alone for the situation

        However, we won the game convincingly and dominated Spuds, so we could forget about the penalty

        1. Have Richarlinson not been in the panelty box the ball would not be a penalty😄. A defender’s job is to defend and he gave away a penalty, there is no point going back and forth

          1. There’s no point in crucifying one of our most important CBs over a necessary challenge, because we won with a goal difference of two

  2. I don’t take much notice of player ratings but I thought a well rounded assessment of what happened on the pitch yesterday.
    I would go as far to say a 9 for MA who picked the right team and tactics to handle the spuds.
    Its Always a pleasure to put one over the enemy but yesterday was
    Was even more pleasurable to see how the team saw out the game out in such a mature way.
    The boys are still growing and will only get better.
    As I said before 25 wins gets us a top 4 spot and then see where we can go from there . 18 to go and well on track
    Well done to the all the boys and thank you for setting me up for a great week. to all the supporters who kept the faith and believeing in the project and welcome on board to the supporters who self doubted at times as I did at times.
    A great feeling to smash the spuds and sit top of the league. May it long continue.
    Onwards and upwards

  3. I love the way you review the game and can’t fault your scores
    It makes a change to see that GM’s and Odegaard’s score of 6 was the lowest for anyone given a mention
    Hopefully the 4’ and 5’s are history

  4. Your comments concerning the performances of Gabriel and Zinchenko are spot on.We were vulnerable to counter attacks down the left ,and against a more clinical side, we could have been punished.Zinchenko is not a left back and never will be..He is a very able left footed central midfielder where he shines for the Ukraine but as a LB he could well be exposed against the likes of Salah On the right side of the back four, White and Saliba continue to impress me .

    1. I get what you are saying but Every defender in the world could be exposed to Salah tbf, and Tottenham front line are clinical, we have just beaten the third best team in the league on form. Football is not perfect and teams will get chances, but spurs never looked like they was going to get a result at our place. Mancity look vulnerable defensively as well, it’s just football how it should be in this league…..

    2. Well Zinchenko isn’t really a defensive LB but Pep and Arteta have adopted that inverted role for their wing backs he’s just not big enough to stop the beast in Richarlison

    3. I think there was a logic how Arteta planned the by using zenchenko, Spurs they are now good in the midfield as well so zenchenko was the man who was providing 2positions, for the midfield to balance he was helping Partey alot and at the back too,so its very difficult for someone to see that but as for me Tierney could have not help us much as zenchenko did.thats my opinion

  5. Arteta just did exactly what fans expected by hiding and unleashing the lineup that spurs never expected and it really shocked them,congrats sir,keep it,every arsenal play is a star ,beating spurs I give all arsenal players ,coach,reserves,staffs and fans a rate of 9.9 each,go go go arsenal

  6. Only saw the game this Morning on repeat .
    Gabriel score was harsh ,seeing it was Xhaka that made the mistake but no mention of that .
    Personally thought that Saliba and saka were the MOTM which is great to see seeing saka for me as been off the boil thus far this season .
    Great 3 points .

            1. DK
              You were not the most easiest to convince about the process and you made it very public about your views which you had every right to question at times so of course people are going to dig you out.
              Be the better person and ignore which would be my tip to you

        1. Shame on the admin if this insult is lftas a comment. Absolute shame on our Dan Kit. You’re only exposing your pettiness.

            1. Calling someone IDIOT is not countering stop been bias Admin Pat because if it Jon Fox you all will be on his case.

              1. And thank you Pat for backing me on this one ,sometimes I have a lose tongue but in this case it was warranted.
                It been very calm on here all season ,no need for silly arguments.

  7. Marking down Thomas Partey for Mikel Arteta giving him an early shower to reduce the chance of injury is extremely harsh. The game was won and Partey and Xhaka in midfield were major contributers to that victory.
    As for Martin Odegaard, he went quietly about his work linking the midfield and forward line and deserves more than 6.
    Martinelli, Saka (man marked by at least 2 players), White, Jesus and the mighty Saliba were superb. Well managed by Arteta.

    1. Aha, someone else actually saw Ødegaard on the pitch!!!
      Did his job way more quietly and without all the finesse he’s known for

  8. Dont know what game you watched, but Gabriel actually found his foot back in the game after he gave away the penalty.
    Had a solid time on the pitch for the rest of the game. There was no moment of weakness from us all game except that one mistake.
    Xhaka deserves 9 too, there’s a reason despite how top everyone were yesterday, he’s the one who got it.
    We fail to overlook the fact that even though he’s been given the 8 role, he still tracks back a lot, and was assisting Zinchenko back yesterday, always asking for the ball and always moving it.
    Everyone had a solid game, Ødegaard also did. Ødegaard gets criticized when he doesn’t get an assist or a goal or does too much flicks, and people fail to ignore the fact that he alongside Xhaka are both the cogs that makes us tick.
    Always came and made himself available in every little space while also bringing it out and giving it.
    It’s a joy to watch how he helps retain the ball and gives it immediately all in one small space.
    Zinchenko also had a solid game, of cus he wasn’t as attacking as we know he can be, but this is against Spurs, not Bournemouth.
    Everyoy had to be on their toes covering the midfield line, that’s why Martinelli, Xhaka, Ødegaard, Jesus and Saka had the freedom to focus on creating chances.

    One player I’ve noticed as usual our fans never give credit to is Ben White. He’s also been one of our best defenders this season, hardly puts a foot wrong, is smart when trying to attack with Saka, knows when to make a run to draw a player, knows when to pass the ball.
    He held his own against Zaha, Son and Brentford.
    Insane signing too, keeps it simple and is a smart player, way more than people give him credit for.
    Fans only underestimate him because of the price tag and fact that he took Saliba’s spot last season.
    Solid player all season too, Tomiyasu himself has said he has to fight back to get that spot

    1. Loving BW at right back for us this season.
      Love tomi but BW is justifying his selection so far to keep tomi out.

      Been an age since we have said we have 2 quality backs, left and right fighting for a spot. Squad looking good and no matter who comes in

    2. Agree on much, as I USUALLY DO WITH YOUR POSTS. White is a far better player than many of our fans ever admit. Far too many focus on his fee and ignore his obvious all round ability.
      Now that XHAKA is moved furtherforward, it is GABRIEL, who is the most likely to give away a pen or a red card.

      That being said though, I see so many positives in Gabriel, esp his power, determination and the way he dovetails with the truly magnificent SALIBA
      If SALIBA continues to be SO excellent , he may, some time in the future, be realistically compared with Adams, Campbell and the early years of O’LEARY, as our best ever CB’s.

    3. Yup, someone finally can see what’s actually going on. Ben White and William Saliba easily the best RB and CB in EPL right now. If not because of that evergreen Kevin De Bruyne, Granit Xhaka would have been the best CM in the EPL.

  9. Such Tragic News
    174 people died at a football stadium Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

    RIP to all those poor people

  10. An excellent team performance, including the subs who came on.

    I have to mention Saka though – love the guy and his undoubted talent.

    However, the crowd were getting frustrated with his, seemingly, “ability” to run into a closed corridor that produces nothing.
    I believe MA needs to work with him on this aspect of his game.

    On the way home, I listened to five live phone in and it was said that The Arsenal lack depth!!

    What a load of rubbish – MA has quietly been building a really strong squad, as our substitutions proved.
    Yes, we do need another top forward and a top midfield cover for the injury prone Partey and I’m still not sure about our goalkeeping situation remembering Jennings, Wilson, Seaman, Lehman.

    Martinelli was, once again, superb, as was Xhaka and White was given a fantastic ovation as he walked round the pitch after being substituted.

    Saliba was my MOTM and, as mentioned, his dribble out of defence was perfection.

    It was also interesting to see Mikel Arteta being a lot less vocal and active on the touchline.
    At times, he was standing there, hands in pockets, looking content and happy – Conte was the complete opposite.

    1. Ken, Saka pattern of play is different from Martinelli who I think has a lot to learn also. I agree Saka needs to raise his level to meet the standard of the world class , however, Saka maturity and class is way above the likes of Martinelli, Saka might not burst out every time but he is more efficient. That kid is a top top player

      1. Adajim, just on the game yesterday, Martinelli was causing them so many more problems than Saka – I believe they both have the potential to be world class players.

    2. KEN, we only returned last night from our boat holiday but I was able to listen liveon TALKSPORT. And could not wait to get in, to see the recorded match, in full, just in time to see it again on MotD.

      I thought of you being there, in HEAVEN, so to speak, to see the Spuds being killed and going to t’other place!
      Envious ? You bet I was!

      PS: Was Conte actually crying? Cos it certainly looked like he was in the TV close up!

      1. Jon, the atmosphere, the crowd, the players, the manager, the result was top notch…. couldn’t ask for any more, we absolutely murdered them in every area I mentioned above!!!!

        Their support was absolute c**p, but so was everything else they brought to The Emirates yesterday – London is Red for sure!!

  11. Very good point Ken.There is no longer any need for Arteta to constantly agitate from the sideline.

  12. I have confidence now going into any game, the team is good enough to challenge.
    Am not getting carried away but as AW rightly said, it’s going to be a funny season, no distinct team, even city still struggling without Jesus and Sterling.

    Besides most of this club would have high player representation at the World Cup while we might not have much players going

    1. Adajim, City “struggling”? I hate to think what they will be like when they start firing!
      Haarland is the first player in the EPL to score 3 hattricks in 3 consequetive games. Look at their goals for, including 6 against Manchester United. Remember Arsenal although playing well couldn’t convert and lost 3-1.

  13. So the gaffer had won the mind game with a fully fit Arsenal side turn up resulting in Conte parking the bus.

    All three Partey, Xhaka and Saliba is a 9 ratings for me.
    I said on another thread in Saliba we have the best defender in the league and you can take that to the bank.

    When Partey is in this kind of mood I can comfortable watch our team take the game to Pool any time.

    Xhaka abilities was never in doubt he is the unofficial captain that run things on and off the pitch

  14. This is why Foden will get rated better than Saka by lots of people, his finishing in front of goal is way better

      1. Let’s not get carried away just yet! Already 5-1 I know, but the season is long
        Keep positive vibes

      2. Maybe City will beat or at least draw all the big guns, an average team will beat them at some point.

  15. You forget that they have to play us!!

    I firmly believe that we will beat Liverpool next Sunday and, as long as we keep ALL our players fit, we will test any team in the PL.

    1. I agree about Liverpool because Liverpool has started pretty badly this season..
      Their form is pretty dismal..
      But you too carried away for City..
      City is right now playing like juggernaut at the moment…
      They blow away any time at the moment…

  16. The NDL was the perfect tonic the doctor ordered after the break.

    Arsenal and pool will play an open game, I dont expect Klopp to park the bus, both teams will play a high line, I wont be surprised three goals score before half time.

    The two best defender in the league will go up against each other, it is after this game all will begin to take us seriously

    1. I thought it was spurs they will take us serious, after Liverpool u will still say after city, after city u will say bcos its home we hav to beat them away

      1. Nah, Savage I saw these guys close up in the Camping arena in preseason and after the way we disposed of Chelsea I realized then these guys mean business, that 4 nil did not flattered us.

        Now Savage most pundits and fans alike have Man City and Pool as the two best teams in the land.

        A convincing win against Pool weekend would send a strong message throughout the league and put the gaffer team firmly in the title conversation

  17. Cheers to Sambi who continues to look massively more confident on the ball (in his brief opportunities) as opposed to last year, when he looked to be hiding from it

  18. Everyone was an 8 for me except Gabriel and Ødegaard both 7, Saliba and Xhaka both 9. If pushed I’d give Martinelli an 8.5

    1. You realized late mate! The guy is approaching 20 league goals in just a matter of time and lesser matches.
      Interesting Season with wonders bound to happen.
      1. Arsenal winning the league.
      2. Halaand setting a new record scoring 31+league goals clinching the Golden Boat.

      1. For sure Haaland will get the golden boot. I also think we are warming top spot for City coz that team is just on another level. That said, it doesn’t matter to me coz getting back into the top 4 is all I hope for!

  19. It’s time to give Gabriel Magalhaes a break and try a Saliba-White partnership. Gabby has just been off.

  20. Been away for a few weeks and missed the game unfortunately. This month was always going to be the real test of our squad/manager and we have passed with flying colours over the first hurdle!

    We have Liverpool, Leeds and City up next with 4 Europa games coming up. We have 10 games this month which is crazy so that will put serious pressure on the squad. I really really hope we rotate and keep players fresh, it’s too easy to get 3/4 injuries this month and derail the season.

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