Arsenal player ratings v Valencia – two outstanding performances, some not so much

Our season is not over thanks to an impressive 7-3 aggregate win over Valencia and a date with Chelsea in the Europa League final is now confirmed.

The overall performance was efficient, however, two men, in particular, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were outstanding and without them, the outcome may well have been different.

No player had a nightmare game and in comparison, to recent performances, there was a definite improvement but even in victory there were some underwhelming displays and that cannot be ignored.

Player Ratings.

Petr Cech – 6

Cannot blame him for the goals and he did his job efficiently but nothing more than expected.

Nacho Monreal – 6

Average game really and while there was not much to criticise him about he did look ponderous on occasions.

Laurent Koscielny – 6

Starting to look his age but had an ok game.

Sokratis Papastathopoulos – 5

Could have done better, especially for the second goal and overall, did not fill me with confidence.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles – 7

I thought he had a decent game, made some mistakes but is still on a learning curve and overall, was satisfactory.

Sead Kolasinac – 6

He tried but often lacked an end product and was ineffective going forward.

Granit Xhaka – 5

Another disappointing game and under different circumstances against a better side would have been seriously exposed.

Lucas Torreira – 6

Starting to become an average player which is a shame and it cannot be denied that he had nothing more than an average game against Los Che.

Mesut Ozil – 7

I thought he did ok and was unfortunate to be subbed, he certainly played better against Valencia than he has done in recent games.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 10

Brilliant game and there is no way he gets less than a ten when he scores a hat-trick away from home in a European semi-final.

Alexandre Lacazette – 9

I was so close to giving him a 10 but Aubameyang does not deserve to share that honour and Lacazette gets a solid nine.


Henrikh Mkhitaryan – 4

Did nothing once he replaced Ozil and my head dropped when he came on, says it all really.

Shkodran Mustafi – 6

He has been consistently better for three games on the bounce now and there are signs that he will improve even more once his confidence is restored.

Matteo Guendouzi – 5

Not on long enough to get a fair rating and so the standard middle rating is about right.


  1. What game did you see?Except Laca and Auba ratings-you are far away from truth.I suspect you are an Ozil fan-that “ invisible man” did absolutely nothing on the pitch for 80 minutes!We played 10 against 11 for 80 minutes!Everybody was running,defending,scoring,tackling…except Ozil who was jogging or simply not moving at all.7 for him?4 at the best!And having attitude,looking angry….I just hope he will be on the bench for the final,we need 11 players in the pitch.Where is Ramsey when we need him?Mikhi-4? Seriously?That guy did in 10 minutes more than Ozil in 80-running,recovering the ball,defending,playmaking and,most important,assisting the last goal.Fully 7 for me!Socratis-5?He was our best defender.Mustafi-7?He touched the ball twice for the few minutes he played.Guendouzi-5?The moment he entered the game,the midfield became more fluid and fast.Combining for the fourth goal.That is 7 for him.Kolasinac-6?That guy did absolutely nothing,not defendind,not attacking,just bumping into other players and simulating faults.Not a single cross the entire game.4 is what he deserves.If we enter the final game without Ozil in the team-we will win it.If he plays,we’re going to pay the price.Can’t wait to see that lazy and frustrated “ invisible man” gone!

      1. Stop this your Ozil-Worship Boy

        We have the weakest attacking midfield I’ve ever seen in my life, all of them need to be disposed asides Ramsey – yet we doing the opposite

        Now 98% of our goals come from only 2 players, with Ramsey would’ve been 3 players

        What do them Ozil, Mhki, Iwobi contribute?
        Assists are once in 10 matches
        They all never score these days
        Do they Boss and control opponent midfield ??? -NO
        Do they cover huge distances to make it look like we have an extra Man (like Ramsey and Torreira) ??? – NO
        Do they win tackles ??? – NO

        They are all useless, though Ozil just OK these days
        But then just OK doing what even ???

        1. Ozil assisted Lacazette once. But his overall game was just okay, not producing “sublime defense splitting passes” as what his fans are always raving about

          That’s why I want to see Iwobi as a CAM to play behind Aubameyang and Lacazette. He would not perform worse than Ozil and Mkhitaryan because the two CAMs are not effective recently

          Rather than waiting for the no 10’s perfect pass that rarely comes, the team can use Iwobi’s physicalities and dribbles to do hold up play in the front. I hope he gets the chance to play centrally in the last EPL game

          1. @baboonsola
            And you know what about football exactly?
            Did you see Ozil pass completion at 98%
            Seems he affected the game a bit more than you saw PAL.

            1. Nice one Phil
              ” BABOONSOLA ”
              I like it
              Actually made me laugh !

              So u are very correct
              We seem to be saying the same thing
              Couldn’t figure out what exactly Ozil does

              Just know he’s doing OK, which is not good enough

              Now u’ve made us know his contribution is Passes Completed
              Instead Of Assists, Goals, Threats (Which Iwobi Brings, Which Auba was to Valencia yday even if we take away his goals)

              With a contribution of just Passes Completed, he’s useless
              Remember Arteta, that’s all he brought to our team
              Same as Mikel, when at Chelsea
              Below Average Players and by the way those two were CMF
              An AMF contributing just that doesn’t know what he’s in the team for
              Guendouzi can do that while we go for another AMF who knows what is expected of him

            2. Phil you are in a fast vanishing minority who refuses to see the truth about Ozil. I ask myself why this is so. What do you see in him NOW(as compared to years ago and esp when at Real)? You are choosing to see something that has largely vanished and are kidding yourself. Hardly anyone NOW defends him on here. Most of his former “worshippers” have long see the light! ARE YOU REALLY SO EASILY PLEASED!

              1. It seems that way Jon-Although I would not call his performance influential he was moving the ball and no doubt has this habit of passing the ball to someone wearing the same kit as he does.I thought his removal by Emery was harsh but Mykitarian no doubt lead input when on.
                So Jon-seriously.Do you not feel we are a better side with Ozil in it than without?With the players we have available would you really not have Ozil playing.?
                In regards to others all I can say is I understand just why Ozil has his distractions and I do not necessarily disagree with a lot of what is written.However, we are not exactly over blessed with that many talented attacking midfielders are we?
                And I still maintain if he had a solid defence and midfield behind him,together with natural pace and width on the wings we would get more from a very talented player badly affected by the mediocrity of some of his squad members.
                Still-that’s my opinion of course and everyone is entitled to their own

                1. Phil, Sounds to me as if you are slowly joining the realists who saw through him long ago. Hardly a ringing endorsement to merely argue he is better than such as Iwobi and Co. FAR LESS POSITIVE THAN WHAT YOU USED TO WRITE! I too would rather have the flu than a dread disease but most of all I would rather have NEITHER. THAT is reality! More to the point, all pro players on obscene money – which is all of them – have a moral DUTY to try 100%, every game. Ozil chooses not to and is cheating us, his teammates and the club. And himself!

          2. Suggest you F off and support juventus … Though my prediction is that the welsh wizard will spend most of his time on the bench … Symbolic of our lost decade under the Stable French genius … Scores seem reasonably fair though maitland niles doesn’t stand out in the midfield and clearly can’t defend …he should not play against Chelsea given their attacking options from the wing though I would consider him in the xhaka position as anyone there would b better … But have to congratulat the team as overall a decent performance which brought some relief to upset fans like myself … Tte downside is that Chelsea will struggle to win their final game after exhausting game which underlines just how bad the Brighton performance was

          3. Sorry Ozil assisted who? Lacazette’s goal was assisted by Torreira and Anna’s was by laca, mkhi and Niles. At that point that Auba dribbled passed a guy after his first goal, it was only Laca anywhere close. I can’t remember seeing Ozil inside their 18 yard box. Ozil was very useless last night to be sincere

            1. Sorry JF but I just do not agree with you.Ozil is still the best player at the club IMO and that will ot change.And a# for my support for him waning I can assure you that won’t change.A tremendously gifted footballer badly let down by the Club die to the dross he is expected to perform with.

              1. Phil, I read what you say and I also note the less fulsome praise you have been making of him in many other of your recent posts. I still think you are weakening on his usefulness and hope so too, for either your own sanity or eyesight. Not sure which. If you REALLY can’t see he is bone idle you have perception problems of some kind. I RUN FASTER THAN A TORTOISE TOO BUT I DON’T EXPECT TO MAKE THE BRITISH OLYMPIC SPRINT TEAM. SECOND LAZIEST PLAYER TO EVER WEAR OUR SHIRT, BEHIND ONLY WALCOTT.

      2. Once a big name,Ozil is a mediocre player,taking the place of a decent player,forcing Arsenal to play with 10 men against 11.Totally useless,desperate not to leave coz nobody want him and his big wages.Removed from German national team for not being good enough.He will be axed this summer,don’t worry,Emery hates lazy bums.

    1. Arsenal have been pitiful when playing Mikhitaryan instead of Ozil. Both Guendouzi, who has rarely put a foot right in the last 10 matches, and Mikhitaryan who has little to show for his labored outings during the same period, benefitted from playing vs. a tired Valencia side that already knew they were beaten.

      Start Guendouzi and Mikhitaryan vs. Chelsea in the final and we’ll almost certainly lose, and then Arsenal fans will be livid wondering why we didn’t play our strongest side. Ex-players and professional commentators have been pretty much unanimous on this point.

      No doubt Guendouzi is a good young player, but he’s not yet at the point where he merits inclusion in the strongest 11. His lack of pace is a serious concern, his vision and execution still need honing—he isn’t consistently sharp. Mikhitaryan hasn’t impressed in the last 3-4 years, though he’s had some good moments, not one of Arsenal’s strongest 11 according to anyone worth taking seriously.

      Emery played his strongest side vs. Valencia, he must do the same to win the cup when Arsenal face Chelsea in the Europa final.

      1. Totally agree with the Guandouzi argument. I think he is not good enough and if we have an opportunity to cash in 60mil on him I say we take it and look for another TORREIRA kinda player for 30min…

    2. i wondered if Ozil was on the pitch as he was hardly mentioned until he was taken off.His performance was memorable for being absent again!!!

    3. You clearly didn’t watch Ozil when he was on the pitch. You’re talking rubbish. I’m not saying he was influential on the ball but he work rate shouldn’t be questioned. Stop hating and support our players.

  2. Mkhitaryan got an assist, what else do you expect for 20 mins of game? you have to be realistic, the guy made an assist that is why we signed him for.

    Need to change the attitude towards the players, we have an american owner who makes every challenge for a big title impossible because he always chooses the quick profit, and he thinks of Arsenal as an american football team with the most valuable asset being the stadium and not the badge nor the team.

    We lost Ramsey on a free, Ozil might be leaving to free up wages…. who do you expect to cover for them if you are banging Mkhitaryan when he actually has a decent performance.

  3. @ken1945
    Apologies Ken-I didn’t realise we hadn’t forwarded the two Burnley tickets to you.
    They are in the post today recorded delivery so will require a signature
    Any problems you have my business email with mobile on this as well.I have just got back from a very pleasant evening in Spain and the tickets are left out.I will post around lunchtime if I don’t hear from you as I know you are coming back from holiday.Just concerned someone is there to sign for delivery
    Safe Trip and enjoy the game

    1. Admin-apologies for using JA as a notice board but need to make sure Ken is aware a signature will be needed for the tickets

  4. Torreira starting to become an average player???

    For the few minutes he was substituted for Guendouzi, spaces started to exist in CM but Valencia either didn’t know or didn’t how to use it

    Valencia found absolutely no single joy trying to come at us through the Middle – courtesy Torreira and for that little kudos should go to his partner Xhaka – yet u give Xhaka the lowest point

    What did Ozil do that warranted getting points higher than Xhaka?

    Valencia planned to make use of the spaces behind our wingbacks and were successful throughout the 1st Half, with Maitland being our worst player in that half

    In the whole game he beat his marker only once which led to Auba’s 2nd goal

    Auba’s performance was so Godlike that giving Lacazette a 9 doesn’t speak well of how Auba bullied them from 0 minute on and off the ball, asides his 3 fantastic goals, he was thoroughly menacing

    What did Monreal do wrong to warrant that poor rating?

    Cech 6
    Niles 6
    Koscielny 7
    Sokratis 7
    Monreal 7
    Torreira 7
    Xhaka 6
    Ozil 6
    Lacazette 8
    Aubameyang 10

    6 – for Performances that had almost nothing to be excited about
    7 – for Performances that just about does their needful duties
    8 – for a Man-Of-The-Man-Like Performance
    10 – for a Godlike Performance, 1st goal was Henry-esque, 2nd was his typical being very good at getting on the end of an attack, 3rd was WorldClass

    1. I think Arsenal should not extend Monreal’s contract, because he obviously cannot keep up with the younger opponents, as shown again last night

      Good old soldier that is versatile and contributed a lot during his Arsenal career, but the CBs need more dominating partner if Emery still wants to use three-CB formation next season. Kolasinac needs a younger competitor as well

      Aubameyang was amazing on the right side. I wish he can also perform like that as a left forward/ winger

    2. Monreal was the player who kept Los Che players on side in both goals. To the author of the article ,if you and the the other defenders keep a nice straight line and someone drops 3 yards behind you whos at fault for conceding you or him.

  5. Sorry to moan, but our defending was pretty dire once again! Xhaka was poor once again, but….
    Aubameyang was out of this world! His performance was perfect – he worked so hard, he was all over the pitch & banging in a hat trick ? Lacazette was also brilliant… what a night for these 2 (& us gooners!) I really hope we see this again in the final… and what a feeling – we’re in the final!!
    Well done Auba & Laca… and thank you ?

    1. The fowards came through! Looks like we will salvage this torrid season! We always beat Chelshit at cup finals so am not that worried. Hopefully Xhaka is shown the door in the summer.

      1. They did indeed!! I was hoping to play Frankfurt, QD. (just knew Hazard wasn’t going to miss that penalty – damn!!)
        At least we have something to look forward to after the season ends on Sunday…. we’re in the final – it’s just sinking in!! Happy days!!

  6. I actually didn’t even notice Ozil was playing that’s how bad he was! He needs to go along with Miki and Monreal. I’d sell Xhaka to if given the chance.

    All are liabilities and not worth their pay. I’d rather someone energetic who’s gonna give 100% every time like Iwobi over Ozil.

    1. Mkhitaryan and Torreira give an assist a piece and get 4 and 6 ratings. Koscielny is declared to have had an okay game and gets a 6. Ozil is judged to have had the same okay game and gets a 7? Clear favouritism towards Ozil who did absolutely nothing helpful other than run down the clock during his prolonged substitution off the pitch.

  7. Check the stats. Iwobi cannot do what Ozil does. Ozil thought process and speed at making the quick pass is second to none. How many goals and assists. Iwobi will slow down our attack. Football is a team game. Ozil plays his part. I notice that most guys on this platform hailing Iwobi are Nigerians. They want there favourite player in the team week in week out. Iwobi can take on players. But his decision making is very poor. He hardly looks up. Makes the wrong decision. Summary, Iwobi is not on the level of Ozil. He still needs to learn how to shoot. And to have composure in the final third. We should sign Nabil Fekir, Doucoure and one of these 3 Central Defenders: Koulibaly, De ligt(from Ajax), and Javi Martinez from Bayern.

    1. Unai needs to Off load £350,000 a week ozil if he can find someone to take him (either sale or on after with someone prepared to pay his wages).

      Man walks around with no impact on the game last night and time and time again doesn’t turn up in the match. Yes he can make a beautiful pass but that isn’t worth his status or wage.

      Iwobi is far from perfect but he is young and at least runs at players and creates opportunity by doing so. He can learn in time and if he doesn’t should be moved on.

      Like Ozil who bar some golden moments has been a resounding waste of money and time.

      1. I agree with you honestly. I just wish that we should sign more quality players. The more quality players we have, the better. Don’t sell Ozil and fail to replace him with another top quality player. As per the 350K, well, I blame Wenger for that. But, It happens. Coutinho earns a lot in Barca. He has not justified his pay. Same as Sanchez in Man United. What we need as a club is to add to what we have. We need a bigger squad with quality. Man City have Sane, Sterling, Mahrez, Bernardo Silva, David Silva, Folden, De Bryne, Aguero and Jesus(9 offensive players) Liverpool have Sturridge, Origi, Shaqiri, AOC, Mane, Firminho, Salah, (7 offensive players). Arsenal have Lacazette, Aubameyang, Iwobi, Ozil, Mhkitaryan(5 offensive players). There is a need to add more to the attack.

    2. Iwobi did not even play and you mention him . thats just rich coming from you .
      Ozil has been a colossal waste of space and anybody that that says he played better than miki last night is either blind or just related to Ozil .
      i saw an unbalanced team yesterday and aside from the strikers i was not happy at all .
      Ozil was missing and our defenders are passed it .Happy for t he win though .
      To end this divide get rid of Ozil , Miki and Iwobi who in my mind is an average player .

  8. How the hell did Ozil get 7?
    Anonymous and nonexistent as always but you think he deserves a 7?

  9. Guys don’t we really need a player who scored two past arsenal last night ‘KEVIN GAMEIRO’ who has never die atittude his like Lacaze. WE NEED SUCH PLAYERS.


  11. Ozil did nothing again, again..

    But even though their early goal had me thinking it was gonna be one of those nights the team caught fire and the potency of auba and laca shocked them to the core.

    NOW WE MUST BEAT CHELSEA or it will all have been for nothing! A nervous night ahead for sure;)

  12. Imagine the sentiment / bias in this.

    Mesut Ozil – 7

    “I thought he did ok and was unfortunate to be subbed, he certainly played better against Valencia than he has done in recent games.”

    This is supposed to be our most important, tally’s man, our best player and our only WORLDS CLASS PLAYER.
    But lets over-reward him in ratings because he did better than expected against Valencia. Instead of a 5 lets bump it up to 7 because he is Ozil and has done better than the typical 3 / 5 he normally gets in most games.

    How the bar has been lowered for him or is it just double standards / bias?

    We should expect more than this if we are to become a serious club once again.

  13. All this Ozil boys, what is the problem with you guys…
    Ozil was the worst player on the field yesterday
    We played with 10men on the field before Milky came on to replace him….

    Milkitaryn has an average season this season
    but his assist yesterday was his 15 assist this season

    Aubayamang Lacazette were busy running, pressing and fighting for every ball but Ozil was ball watching and jugging on the pitch
    what a liability he is…..
    i will pick any of fabregas Cazorla Rosicky over him anytime any day

  14. Credit where it’s due, we won the match, but fortunate to play a very poor Valencia side who’s players, most of the time couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo. They either shot high and wide or hit our defenders, not that we defended well. When is Emery going to learn that we need two decent fullbacks that know how to defend. I don’t think Niles made a tackle all night, he gets forward well but is not a defender. Kolasinac is the most frustrating player I’ve seen, he gets into some great forward positions but either passes backwards, hits it straight at an opposition player or runs straight into someone. As for defending, he’s useless and I would play Iwobi in his position and that’s saying something. All night, Valencia’s wide men were in behind us as we had no fullbacks. Sokratis was caught out for positioning and speed and even Mustafi was our best defender when he came on. Torriera has regressed and let’s not even mention Xhaka. Emery must play Aubameyang and Lacazette together in every game as they were electric all night. Not just scoring the goals but they were retrieving the ball in midfield and even helping out in defence. Their understanding is almost telepathic. They need a decent winger and creative midfielder to help them out though. Ozil didn’t really do anything creative but did have a 92% pass completion rate though played more like a DM than an AM. Guendouzi made us more effective when he came on. So we need two fullbacks, a centre half, attacking midfielder and a winger. Not much to ask for really?

    1. Declan, I agree with your position choices; but they have to be fast physical players. Arsenal turned up for this match; however with respect to Valencia and Napoli (both of which Arsenal were supposed to have difficulty beating away) you can only pl lay what’s in front of you.

  15. is easier to play back passes and sideways passes
    that was the reason he had 92% completion rate..
    he is never an adventurous attacking midfielder
    if he has no space to pick out a pass, he is dead…
    He has no close control, no burst of pace no footwork to get himself out of tight areas and create spaces for his team like this guys below

    Siva modric Eriksen Thiago Alcantara and host of others

  16. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the criticism of Guendouzi and AMN who is playing out of position, is disgraceful These two young guys are real talents who will go on to prove it in the years ahead.Every professional pundit including respected ex international players speak highly of them yet they are subjected to unjustifiable garbage from their own fans!No our real problem last night was not them not Ozil but the left side triangle of Monreal,Xhaka and Kolasinac.Monreal has been a good servant over the years, but clearly his legs has gone and he was directly culpable for the Valencia goals.As for the other two, nothing changes. Week in, week out they are mediocre at best.

    1. Grandad, As ALWAYS , sound common sense, not hype nor going along with the crowd. Spot on about AM-N AND GUENDOUZI! SPOT ON ALL THROUGH, IN FACT!

    2. Even Berbatov hailed Guendouzi as a good player with some arrogance. Shame our own fans are destroying their confidence with unnecessary criticisms.

  17. We have to start getting real about Ozil. The truth is that I don’t understand his role anymore in the team. He makes us short in midfield and contributes nothing in attack. What get me sick are Ozil supporters who can’t forgive a young Academy product for trying unsuccessful passes in the final third but praise their god for strolling around the field while often choosing the easiest pass. How can a 350k suppose world class playmaker be playing behind two good strikers yet he can’t create and clear cut chance for them and people think it’s ok. His duty is to create. Even Myki as poor as he has been this season has out perform Ozil. In all fairness to other players, if we can’t criticise Ozil for his poor performances then no other players deserve to be criticize. Even poor Xhaka despite how slow he is covers more grounds and impact games more than him.

  18. I agree with most of the above although I think Ozil was average not awful. AMN is an intruiging player. I’d like to see him getting a chance now as AM where I think he might blossom if he stays fit. Last night his defending was truly woeful. Where in previous matches he has been a real athlete, getting back and making great tackles, last night he allowed Valencia to own the left wing.
    Apart from Laca and Auba I thought the rest of the team only deserved 5’s.

  19. Yes, you should have given Ozil a 9+ not 7. What a disenchanted specimen of a so acclaimed world class – crass player Ozil is. I tell you Arsenal will always be playing 10 men against 11 anytime Ozil is included in our team. No fire, no life and motivation that is expected from a world class number 10 termed God and untouchable by his cronies. Arsenal crashed out of top four from the day Emry succumbed to fielding Ozil more in our matches and worsened it when he starts these lack of steel, no commitment and spineless high wages duo of Ozil and Mihky, if these two are playing at the same time then it means we’re playing 9 against 11 not to mention Xhaka. Can/does Ozil shoot? NO, does he meander in between defenders and sets up our strikers NO ‘cos there’s no steel in him, no confidence and doesn’t want to take risks. From Germany to Madrid Spain to Arsenal and several world cups, is this cameo displays what Arsenal should be forced to be paying high wages for? See I am finding difficult to forgive Arrange Wenger Gazidis for this fraud. Is Lucas Modric bigger than Ozil physically? it’s his skills and contributions that
    has kept him in Madrid. Please let’s stop all this Ozil godism. How long have Iwobi played, if we can afford risking Ozil let’s also risk him to play behind Auba and Laca. Stop the nonsense that it’s ony Nigerians that are supporting or defending Iwobi. Constant pressure at your opponents will definitely make them to cave in commit blunders and your strikers scores while constant sloppy successful sideways and backwards passing will never guarantee victory.We thank God for the different attitudes exhibited by Auba and Laca last night, I can’t stop watching the video highlights over and over. T H A N K Y O – O O UU!

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