Arsenal player ratings v Vitoria – midfield woeful and rated as such

Dull draw as the Arsenal midfield provided zero service.

What a dull game that was and while there were some mitigating circumstances, like the rain, that is still no excuse.

It was if the Arsenal players wanted to show Spurs that they can be more boring and give up a lead in injury time as well. I know, I am being silly but what else are we to think?

One shot on target all game and that came from the Mustafi goal, that alone is a testament to another woeful midfield performance. The time has come for them to be held to account, too often the defence gets it in the neck and the midfield let off. No more, they are not doing their jobs, they are not providing service, plain and simple.

Anyway, here are the ratings

Martinez 6
Made some good saves but let himself down with the late goal, should have done better with the cross.

Mustafi 8
Played well and scored the goal, what more can you ask?

Sokratis 6
Above average game, just.

Holding 5
An average game, nothing much more to say.

Tierney 7
Thought he did rather well, defended just fine and was always a danger running with the ball.

Maitland-Niles 4
Another poor display, not sure he has a long term future at Arsenal. He just does not take his chances.

Willock 4
Poor game, provided absolutely nothing for the forwards.

Ceballos 5
He gets a five because he was taken off with an injury before he could be any poorer.

Pepe 6
At least he provided an assist.

Saka 5
What is he supposed to do without any service?

Martinelli 5
Ditto, no service equals no goals, really is as simple as that.


Gunedouzi 4
Came on for Ceballos and what did he actually do? Not much that is what.

Lacazette 5
No service same as his fellow forwards, may as well have left Saka on.

Torreira 5
Not on long enough so an average mark.


  1. GunneRay says:

    This is NOT the worst Arsenal team in history. In fact, on paper, it’s one of the best.

    However, the performances are amongst the worst I have witnessed. I just cannot understand how you can have such a variety of talent and yet do so little with it?

    Let’s be honest though, this is not a new thing. We’ve seen the same garbage for years. Emery should resign he we fail to put in a great performance against Leicester. A bad result is one thing, but to play bad and create so little attacking football whilst leaking simple goals is just not acceptable.

    Pressure should be on Emery because the blindingly obvious that needed to be fixed is still very mush a massive issue, and, it’s not getting any better. At least from what I am seeing!! šŸ™

    1. ozziegunner says:

      GunneRay, you are correct in your assessment regarding the same weaknesses over the seasons since first Gilberto Silva and then Famino left the first time. Arsenal lacks physicality in midfield and too often gets bullied off the ball and fas to win the ball back.
      This has been a failure under both Wenger and Emery and urgently needs addressing. Without a strong “engine room” the forwards starve and the defense is constantly under pressure.

      1. JJ Pawn says:

        It is horrible under Emery. The shots on goal AGAINST Arsenal is the stat you Emery lovers need reflect on as you sip Emery tea.

        The team is demoralized and unable to perform even the simplest of tasks. Holding did not even bother to tackle that ball out… the hand grab allowed their player to cross the ball for a goal.

        Wenger was a superior coach by quite a distance, hampered by poor, poor English talent in his team. (Theo, Jack, etc.). Give Wenger this team we would have had wins in all the home games at least. Give him money and his next step was getting a central defense to partner Koz, who would have stayed under Wenger. Ramsay would be running box to box…

        1. ozziegunner says:

          JJPawn, how am I an “Emery lover” by stating that Arsenal has lacked physicality in midfield since Gilberto Silva and later Firmino left and get bullied off the ball, which has been an unaddressed issue under both Wenger and Emery?
          Please provide evidence that this statement isn’t true.

  2. gotanidea says:

    I think the players are not used to play with a three-CB formation after not using it for a long time

    I predict we would play with that type of formation again in Leicester

    Using that formation again will be a safe bet at away games for Emery

  3. MadHatter says:

    Bit harsh on Martinelli – despite the poor service he had a few good moments like that lil turn that beat two defenders and let him get the cross off and he didn’t stop chasing the ball all night – I’d have given him a 6/7, can’t score without the ball and he did everything else right imo šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø

  4. Watching Arsenal playing is now becoming more boring, there is absolutely no spark, no creativity in mid field. Can we bring Ramsey back? I strongly feel Ceballose is a lose. Arsenal has become too slow, they cant even execute a counter attack.
    Do Arsenal players practice how to perform a counter attack

  5. AY75 says:

    I had hoped Martinelli would continue his scoring streak today. It’s a shame the “tactics” keep stifling our attack, and it’s no help to our defense either. Yet, Mr. Tinkerman keeps saying it worked, I wonder if blowing leads is when his tactics is always meant to achieve.
    I read somewhere that Mustafi blamed today’s draw on Emery’s tactics. There’s no use making up excuses for our clueless coach, his case is untenable (even though some on here still manage to mount some hardly logical defense for him), apparently, even the players are fed up.
    Matters not our result against Leicester, win, lose (which is very likely), or draw Emery has to be kicked out.

    1. ken1945 says:

      AY75, I wouldn’t take to much comfort from Mustafis comments remember it was him who said that UE had made him a better player and it seems he’s the only one who thinks so.

  6. Declan says:

    Generally agree, Mustafi certainly man of the match as apart from the goal he made a number of clearing headers and good tackles. Tierney Iā€™d give a 6 as while excellent going forward he was poor defensively. Martinez was a 7 for me as without his excellent saves we would have lost 3 or 4 goals. Agree with all the other ratings.

  7. Reggie says:

    A boring game but a bit unfair, it was mostly a put together team, which in the early stages of the Europa, most teams do. We are going to top the group but obviously thats not good enough and its all about just getting through the group stages, which we have done, well all bar the shouting.

    1. Mohsan says:

      Every team UE puts out there you guys say it’s a put together team. Is this the best excuse left now to defend UE. I have never seen an Arsenal team so disjointed, confused and no sense of urgency then the one we are witnessing now under UE.

  8. Tony says:

    And Unai Emery is -0.

  9. Tony says:

    The man (Emery) is punishing me but he doesn’t know..
    During every match I keep murmuring to myself asking ‘What the hell is this team playing’. And whenever the senseless coach image pops on the screen I’ll be like.. ‘Why the hell is this man still in Arsenal, how many more unberable forsaken matches do we gat to see before the board realise that Mr Emery’ is a senseless Mosquito??

  10. Innit says:

    I’m happy with Pepe. He’s slowly improving. Assist today

    At least we are still at the top of the group with 10 points

  11. That’s right. At least we are at the top of the group. If Frankfurt fail to win today, we qualify for the next round. I think Emery will go with a back three for the Leicester game to counter the pace of their forwards. Lets hope Arsenal play great and we win, irrespective of what does or does not happen with Emery. The Club and its success is bigger than any individual.

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