Arsenal player ratings v Wolves – best players receive just 5

It is always hard not to give a knee-jerk reaction to a bad loss and I have tried to avoid doing that with the Arsenal players ratings in the 3-1 loss against Wolves but it is not easy, not easy at all.

Wolves had it really comfortable almost from the start, the game was littered with mistakes by us, the first touch, passing, creativity and vision was absent and the bitter truth is that Wolves looked much more like the team going for a top-four spot than what we did.

Leno had a nightmare game and the defence was woeful, Monreal is too slow, Koscielny is no leader and Sokratis is average, Maitland Niles has a future but he has let himself down too often recently.

Xhaka and Torreira offered absolutely nothing in the middle and were outplayed and outfought by their opponents and Ozil was his usual poor excuse for a top class player away from home.

Mkhitaryan and Iwobi were busy bees with no end product and Lacazette must have wondered if he was ever going to get any backup or service.

The less said about this game the better.

Player Ratings.

Bernd Leno – 2

Bad game full stop, probably his worst all season, it had to happen but why now at this critical time of the season?

Koscielny – 3

Where was his leadership tonight? in fact, where has his leadership been all season, he was seriously out of position for the second goal and at no time looked comfortable.

Sokratis – 5

Found wanting for the second and third goal but at least he tried which is more than can be said for most of his teammates tonight.

Monreal – 4

His lack of pace was cruelly exposed this evening and surely his days at the top are coming to an end.

Maitland Niles – 5

Not played in his best position and it showed, cannot blame him too much and he gets the joint highest score.

Torreira – 4

Really needed him to show up tonight and he did not though in comparison to some of his teammates at least he put in some sort of effort.

Xhaka – 3

Full of negative play and his whole performance was lacklustre, he basically had the air of a defeated man.

Mkhitaryan – 3

Another useless performance to be honest and I was so tempted to mark him down as a 2 but I am being slightly generous for his attempts at opening up Wolves.

Ozil – 3

Not the worst on the pitch but not far off of it, he conjured up nothing in a game that we desperately needed him to shine in.

Iwobi – 3

What does he actually offer? he does a ton of running around and looks decent with the ball but there is no end product and the truth is, when he is on the ball I know nothing will happen.

Lacazette – 5

He tried but with almost zero service and non-existent back up what was he expected to do?


    1. Emery said top 4 is in our hand but he didn’t tell us he will be one to throw it away. Though he had done a bit well but what brand of football does he play. Attacking? Defensive? Counterattacking?. We are becoming boring under him

  1. We clearly don’t deserve to be in the top 4 this season

    No point qualifying for the UEFA Champions League only to get embarrassed

  2. I hope Emery and the players all leave the club. It’s not just Mustafi. It’s the mentality of losers. Hope they pay the ultimate price. I wish they could feel our pain just once and see what miserable little rich spoiled brats they are.

  3. This team are boys not men. Men don’t crumble and aren’t so weak minded. You can pussy foot around and pander to people. In sport softness is a weakness. To win you have to park your personal issues until you retire focus on being a winner. The Arsenal team for years now and most footballers are overpaid pussys. I know he isn’t part of our team now but even Giroud came out bitching about not starting. Instead of being a man and talking to his coach face to face.

    Who truly is a man in our squad Cech and Kos maybe. I reckon if you caught these guys on their own you’d scare them by saying boo

  4. This is why we need more than just one CB. Players like Kos cannot be consistently brilliant. Nor Sokratis. Really, nobody has been consistently great this season besides perhaps Lacazette. Try winning a title when a quarter to half of the team keeps flipping between having bad games. I’ll admit I didn’t have the chance to watch this game, but I’ve seen more than enough Arsenal over the years to essentially envision exactly what occurred. This is why it’s hard to get carried away by any Arsenal player over the years. Seriously, besides for Alexis, who admittedly lost his footballing ability right as he was leaving, we have not had a single CONSISTENT top player at this club since probably Fabregas. That was ages ago. Horrendous. We have miles to go to compete in EPL.

  5. 71% possession
    11 attempts at goal
    1 shot on target
    O points

    The same players who can play at home and win seem to be unable to play away from home. It seems just as much a mental block as a talent block.

    We seem to be able to have a wage bill on par with the other top 5 teams, so it is coming to that time of the year where we start to decide who we let go and who we recruit.

    We have 6 starting players today who in my opinion should be making our bench look solid.

    We must not let the work done so far slip through our hands. Top clubs dont take a break after winning huge European ties.

    A mental shift as much as a talent shift is required.

  6. Guys, this team is just not good enough, we need massive investment to challenge which will not happen under this owner. What baffles me is when we do spend, we spend on the wrong players or positions that aren’t priorities, its alarming to see the money that has been wasted when we are supposed to do smart business and this new regime doesn’t fill me with confidence either with the stupid decisions that are already taking like letting mislintat leave to sign for a struggling team like stuttgart.

    I still back emery because even though he is not perfect, we can’t get a better manager right now. Those that want him out should mention the top manager they want who will be ready to come under this self suistaninming model. We won’t win the league for a very long time so let’s strap on tight for the ride.

    1. Yes it is not but the coach is their to earnest whatever qualities they have as a team to cover their weaknesses. This team is disorganized and mostly in every matches just run around like headless chicken. Non of them knows their role except maybe goalkeeper. You will see fullbacks in CD, DM in AM Strikers In Wings. You can’t have a disjointed team and expect to function. We played that way in all our matches and not on all the ones we lost .Palace, Wolves, Everton Westham, Soton don’t have better team than ours they are just well organized teams. All the players in those team knows their roles and what is expected of them.

    2. Our only hope to get right players will happen when Edu comes in as DoT since he was a player himself that will help in bringing in what we need to do the entire overhaul

  7. I hate Emery, I hope he leaves our club. Why let your top goal scorer go into surgery for a small operation that could wait.

    1. Because they are boys not men. Nothing to do with Emery. Auba isn’t a man and probably sent a lawyer to the club with a statement or some bullshit. Overpaid kids. It’s actually disgusting how much players get paid for what exactly. I’m almost done with football as a whole and not because of tonights result. It’s awful, all fans are robbed with their eyes wide open.

      1. Emery can’t go on the field and play for them. The team people on this site wanted was selected by Emery and they failed to perform. Many players in the squad are not good enough for Arsenal to progress.
        Without investment from Kroenke prior to 2019/20, I can’t see Emery staying and Arsenal then being able to attract any well credentialled coach/manager to replace him.

    2. you hate Emery why? This is the team most fans would’ve chosen. You need to realize how devoid of talent these guys are. Klopp was handed garbage his first season too and didn’t produce until he got the players he actually wanted. Emery should be afforded the same chance. And the fact we still have the opportunity to get UCL despite this poor side, Emery is still hitting above his weight with this squad.

  8. Bloody hell those ratings are really low.. all of them. I didn’t watch it and have no intention of watching the highlights! What I read online was more than enough

    1. Apart from a Sokratis header, there are no highlights! Haha! Jota us apart! I wouldn’t mind him in the summer. He’s been outstanding this season.

      1. Wolves have got some really good players.. what a crap end to the season – really disappointed right now. Well thanks for telling me it was a header, don’t need to see it now ?

    2. It’s good You didn’t………. no positives from the game, maybe only Nketiah……. at least City won. I don’t really feel like watching our next game… *sigh*

      1. I’m actually buzzing because City won!
        I feel exactly the same AY75, another away game, against Jamie Vardy, who loves to score against us – what could possibly go wrong?! ?

  9. I don’t think any Arsenal fan expected us to win tonight! Says something about this club when we don’t expect to win against Wolves. 2 more away defeats before this nightmare ends.

  10. Same old Arsenal no spine… Wining at Watford is a fluke… Should have been 4 straight lose… Just can’t believe this, a 3 must win matches and they blew it away… We should be counting ourselves lucky Chealsea and United are having miserable season too…we would have been 6th on the table with no hope… In honest truth I don’t even want a top 4 finish for Arsenal anymore… With tons of rubbish they play week in week out as if they have any chance of scraping through nock out stage… The good work emery has been doing it all going for nothing…i still expect the same next season cux majority of the flops will still be here with limited funds to play with in the summer

    My rating though

    Leno…. 3
    SOC…. 4
    MICKI… 2

    None among the players merit a 5

  11. This is why I said I’d snap your hand off for a draw before kickoff. Wolves against top 6, and our away form…there was only ever one outcome. I knew we would lose, but I didn’t think we’d play as bad as we did. If you thought the Palace game was bad, look away! I just hope the fans don’t go too nuts about the result, and performance, because this was fully expected.
    Any fan would have been delusional if they thought we were going to win this game.

    Leno – 3
    Monreal – 4
    Sokratis – 4
    Kos – 4
    AMN – 4
    Torreira – 4
    Xhaka – 4
    Iwobi – 4
    Ozil – 4
    Miki – 4
    Laca – 5

    Subs – Guendouzi – 5, Kolasinac – 4, Nketiah – 5

    Emery – 6. Some may be surprised I gave him not too bad a score, but I really felt
    it was the players that let him down. As fans we cannot really complain about Emery
    today, as he did what we’ve been asking him to do. He went full strength, he ditched a lot of the dross from the previous game, he also reverted to a back four (which fans have been asking for), and he picked his most attacking lineup, instead of being overly negative, which some fans have accused him of in away games. I just feel a lot of these players simply need to go. Just not good enough.

    Team performance – 1

    I noticed in the previous thread, a lot of fans having a pop at Emery? Have they forgotten that this is still mostly Wenger’s team, and that Arsenal have been awful for years in the league, not just last season? I’ve seen Arsenal play like this, and much worse, God knows how many times under Wenger for years. Even though Wenger was far more attacking than Emery, I’ve still seen countless games where we barely even troubled the opposition keeper. What we saw tonight was nothing new. I am not saying Emery hasn’t made mistakes along the way. E.g. we lost to Palace, and it was 100% Emery’s fault, but we’re only a point off a CL spot with 3 games to go, and Chelsea and Utd play each other next. I never thought we’d be in such a good position at the beginning of the season.

    Just remember that Pep and Klopp couldn’t change their respective clubs in just one season, so surely we cannot expect Emery to do any better, given the dross he inherited, the injuries and lack of funds.

      1. ThirdManJW?I agree with your comments. This result confirms the Crystal Palace result; when the pressure is on, these players are not up to the challenge. No pride in themselves, the Club or the shirt.

    1. Enough of this rubbish talk about it’s Wenger team. Which team has ever changed coaches and allowed the new coach to bring in a whole set of his players?

  12. Our club is a mess
    It takes a manager with good man management skills and a telling style of play to keep a club like arsenal fighting and being relevant.
    Unai Emery is not the solution as is evident all season long. He has been tinkering all season long and am afraid he as being exposed.
    At the beginning of a season a manager assembles his squad and from that squad he picks his team. That eleven will have to work hard to reflect the manager’s philosophy on the pitch. Other squad members are now forced to work harder and fight there way into the starting eleven.
    We are still yet to see a starting eleven and Mr Emery’s philosophy is yet to be found. I will admit that Mr. Emery’s got fire in him but just like Iwobi the quality is just not there.

    1. Yes Jah son you have bagged Unai Emery all season without putting forward any suggestions as to what he could do differently.
      You have never nominated a coach/manager who you thought could do better, given the players in the current squad, the transfer budget available, Kroenke as owner and Arsenal’s self sustaining financial model.
      You add nothing to the discussion and are most likely a negative disruptive troll.

      1. It’s good of you pointing out the fact we need a coach but I can’t be the one to do Sellanhi job for him my job is to cheer the team on and criticize the unwanted. Not to choose managers.

  13. In a way, I’m actually happy arsenal may not make top four. This team may just go ahead and disgrace us as they have always done in the champions league and this time it may be worse. We may actually lose with big margins at teams like Barcelona and other big teams. The fact is this current arsenal team is not just ready for champions league football yet. Except for a few good players, the rest are a total crap and so we need far reaching changes as soon as possible.

  14. “We hAvE GoT ThE EaSiEsT FiXtUrEs oUt oF ThE ToP 6″

    So we thought….

    It’s shocking that we still have a chance even after back-to-back defeats

    Reality has set in, one more defeat and it’s all over

    1. If Chelsea win the rest of their games it’s over. Now we actually need United to get a result. Of course ALL of that is meaningless if we dont win the rest of our games. And I dont see any reason we don’t keep dropping points. Bad position we put ourselves in. Shocking that we lost to Palace. Really would’ve made our lives easier.

  15. Well deserved loss. We had a chance to seize 3rd, but bottled it against CP, and had a performance against wolves that proved all the naysayers right.

    Problem is lack of quality on pitch and on bench. Competing for starting chances would help, and so would a starting 11 who could gel over the year; rather than constant tinkering and mix matched lineups.

    Emery will have some players of his choosing coming in, and hopefully will have some consistency in his philosophy and style. All I have seen is tinkering, running like chickens, and back passes.

    What happened to the attacking football he said? What happened to ” protagonists without the ball” and pressing like he said?

    Not seeing where he has improved a single player throughout the year. Mustafi garbage, Iwobi same ole, Monreal looking slow and overwhelmed, Mhki hot garbage, Kola still can’t defend, on and on.

    Play youth please, Monreal, Mustafi, Elneny, Mhki are done. Youth have enery, intensity, and a desire to play and prove something at least.

  16. Bernd Leno is just a good goalkeeper. BELIEVE ME! He is just good but he does far too many howlers and mistakes. His attitude in the dressing room is disruptive and he only cares about himself. You all are ready to pardon him for 2 mistakes that have cost you the top 4 just because he played well in 3 or 4 matches? What a greatness of heart! But why this greatness never appeared when Čech was in goal post. Čech saved you many times as an arsenal goalkeeper, especially against Tottenham and big clubs. He is such a good leader, he respects arsenal fans so much but you all dont give a damn and have always criticized Čech. It should be noted that Čech played behing twice as erratic and worse defense of arsenal than of now but he got the blame of even those mistakes that he didn’t actually did. Its time for you all to accept thr fact that you were just too much harsh with a goalkeeper who was a victim of bad defense but LENO IS NOT. How many penalties have Leno saved since he joined Arsenal? How many point blank range saves? Well Čech did twice a dozen point blank saves. Dwell about it.

  17. when it all comes down to it we have a good coach who is doing the best he can with what he has,
    this lot just aren’t good enough, they are a million miles away from any of our league winning sides and the same with Man city, yes they are capable on their day but so are a lot of the other mediocre sides,I just read a post by someone saying that xhiaka is finally showing his class, sorry mate he is not good enough along with Elneny muastafi jenkinson, its easier to say that there is only a handful of players worth holding onto, Leno is showing potential his cause hasn’t been helped by a poor defence, Maitland niles will get better with games, Lacazzette is a good hard working striker and aubameyang is feared by the opposition, terriera should stay and guendouzi needs to improve and i think he will. Monreal and Kocielny are past their best and Ozil not consistent enough, this is a poor side and it is only Emery that has got them where they are, put your hand in your pocket Kronke and help the bloke out.

  18. Truth is…. This arsenal squad are not a top four (4) standard and more importantly not champions league standard.
    how on earth should you be 3 goals down against wolves?????
    total nonsense.
    I see team finishing behind city, liverpool, annoyingly the tots, and chelsea….
    such a mediocre set of boys

  19. NKHETIA was the only player who managed to unlock wolves defenders, the youngster deserves the man of match. On issues of Arsenal Players i can pardon them particularly in this month with injuries and swallow squad playing two games per week they have TRIED! Our neighbours Man city in last two games less than three goals per game. And Man utd lost games so lets consider EUROPEAN LEAGUES FATIQUE.

  20. Mr Arsene Wenger,no one said Leno is world class yet and no one said he’s mistake free,,like hell even de gea had a lot of howlers and don’t u ever say Leno didnt make point blank saves,think back to Tottenham and Liverpool draws,man u win and and other matches like that,even cech knew he was draining physically or y do u think he’s retiring instead of moving to another club,do u want cech to die in the goal post,this is Leno first season in the epl,how many years has cech been there,de gea,ederson,check Allison clips and see how many howlers he performed even kepa too, clearly u’re one of those afraid of change and dat reflecs in ur name..for your information Leno has been a beacon of light and hope this before u criticize THINK and don’t just criticize blindly..

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