Arsenal player ratings – You will be surprised by our man of the match

There is no qualifying for the Champions League via the Premier League this season, not unless a miracle happens and let’s be absolutely honest here, there is no chance of that.

We have blown it big time and have no one to blame but ourselves and to say I am disappointed is an understatement of epic proportions.

It has been so hard to do these ratings today, I wanted to give the lot of them zero but that would be unprofessional and I have tried to rate each player here as fairly as humanly possible without emotion.

Bernd Leno – 7

The fact that he gets a seven because of some very important saves tells you all you need to know about the sort of game the outfield players had today.

Stephan Lichtsteiner – 5

Cannot really blame him for much today, he put in a fair performance, certainly better than some of his fellow defenders

Shkodran Mustafi – 5

Actually had a half decent game and he seems to be starting to get the hang of this defensive lark but too little too late this season but in terms of this actual game he did ok, not good, not bad just ok.

Sokratis Papastathopoulos – 3

Useless today, he spent more time throwing himself to the floor and looking pathetic rather than coming out of defence with the ball.

Nacho Monreal – 4

He may have won the penalty but that was all and some of his clearances left a lot to be desired.

Lucas Torreira – 3

He has gone backwards in recent weeks and today was his worst game I can remember and when we needed him he just was not there, lacked vision and creativity throughout.

Granit Xhaka – 4

Probably best of the midfielders today but he did concede the penalty and did next to nothing in the centre of the park.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan – 2

Utterly useless as usual, he has become a liability and I have not forgotten the role he played in Xhaka conceding the penalty.

Mesut Ozil – 6

Did ok but so much more was expected from him and he came up short but I will admit he was one of the better players all things considered.

Alexandre Lacazette – 6

He tried but when you are getting no service you cannot do it all on your own.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 6

Scored the penalty yes, but missing with that scissor kick proved to be very costly and he should have done better.


Sead Kolasinac – 5

Was only on for about 15 mins and added nothing really.

Matteo Guendouzi – 5

Like Kolasinac was only on for a short while and ran around like a headless chicken as is his style and made no imapct.

Alex Iwobi – 5

Same as the other two subs, made no impact but he tried, nothing else to say.

So, there you have it, the bloody goalkeeper was our man of the match in my opinion because without him we would have lost.


    1. This result only reminded me of Arsene Wenger.
      How what we use to tease as Wenger trophy has now become a benchmark for a successful season. Unless we have an exceptional season like Leicester, there is no way we can win the league with our criminal investment in players.

  1. Bellerin
    LB (?) €20 budget
    Chambers (can cover in DCM)
    Umtiti €45m
    I do have concerns about his fitness but keeping him fit and in a squad with friends like Auba and Laca could be good for the Squad.

    Can we obtain 2 more players for €50m and if so..being a realistic budget…who and what positions are critical?

    I feel wing and centre midfield could do with some additional.

    1. We don’t need another small CB like Umtiti, despite his level and experience. Getting two goalscoring wingers and dominant CBs should be the priority

      Look at Liverpool. Their midfielders are also nothing special like ours, but their wingers are scary and their CBs are dominant in set-pieces

      Lastly, we need athletic fullbacks/ wingbacks that can run all day on the wings

      1. What makes Umtiti small? Height?
        He is 10cm shorter then VVD. I have to disagree with your comment as it is incorrect. Sorry
        Not only does he hold a strong frame, but he is quick and strong in the tackle, winning the World Cup and La Liga and CL and appearing to be available only intensities the reason why he would be ideal.
        (What a statement from arsenal this signing would mean)

        On the note of the midfield centre; Liverpool’s midfield when fully fit can have 3 of either Wnj, keita, fabinho, Milner, Henderson, Ox, Lanalla.

        We have Eleny, Torriera, Gendouzi and Xhaka. Surely this is not acceptable for the season ahead…especially if we are saying Eleny must go.

        Do you still think umtiti isn’t right still?
        Do you still think our centre midfield is adequate?


        1. umitit is around 6 ft 1….not considerably tall for a centreback but hes fast and strong

  2. I think lack of squad depth has largely influenced our season.Guendozi plays like a headless chicken who doesn’t seem to know how to intercept a ball and he seems too weak to be playing football.

    1. what rot…its his first seasin in the epl and still learning but when you have xhakA next to do you? Give him a season with maybe a better manager…not one who keeps choppibg and changing the squad weekly and he will develop into one of our stars

  3. I hope Sue is alright.

    What a disappointment. We lost all the games that mattered.

    1. Aww thanks ArsenalWhy I’m ok.. I guess I knew our rubbish away form had rubbed off onto our home form ??
      Tbh I wanted to go today, to applaud Ramsey ??

      1. You’re welcome sue 🙂

        It is sad to see Ramsey go. I consider him one of the last true arsenal players from the Wenger era. Will always remember the goal he scored in that first FA cup. Just don’t understand why we need to sale Ramsey and keep xhaka

        1. 11 years is a long time!! He certainly did score some beauties!
          Oh jeez I can’t imagine watching Xhaka for 11 years ( especially after that crap earlier!!) It is baffling!!

  4. Awful result, definite one to forget! Xhaka you muppet
    After the game was so emosh… seeing Ramsey cry as he came out onto the pitch and accepted his gift, then hearing everyone sing (myself included) there’s only one Aaron Ramsey & Aaron Ramsey we want you to stay… brought tears to my eyes! Thank you, Rambo ???
    Thanks also to Cech & Dat guy Welbz ??
    Was also nice seeing Bellerin & Holding back on the pitch (in the lap of appreciation!)

    1. Too bad the team could not give them a better performance today

      Sad to let Welbeck go, but he has been plagued with injuries like the other talented ex-Gunners

      Time for the young Gunners to step up, since their seniors cannot contribute more

        1. Jon Fox and ozziegunner, where are you?
          This wonderful manager that must not be criticized has single handedly lost us a top four spot with his team selections and tactics.
          Perhaps you will both concede this reality and stop criticising those of us who recognised this fact once he began to lose his way with team selection and tactics.

          1. ken, I commented on the previous article on the result of the game probably after you had moved on, due to the time difference.
            The majority of these players have failed Emery as they previously failed Wenger. They are physically and mentally weak, lack professional pride, as well as pride in playing for this great club and are happy to collect their wages to turn up to give their best when they feel like it.
            Under Emery, Arsenal has more points, more away wins and are closer points wise to a Champions League place than last season. Should Arsenal get the required result at Valencia Arsenal will be one place better than last season in the Europa League.
            My question continues to be, should Emery leave, which well credentialled coach/manager could be attracted to the Emirates given the current squad, the proposed transfer budget, the self sustaining financial model and Kroenke’s ownership? The top managers follow the money and expect to be supported in the transfer market to bring in the players they want.
            The writing was on the wall when Arsenal suffered long term injuries to Koscielny, Mavropanos, Holding, Bellerin and Welbeck and the need for wide players was evident, yet Emery had to come out say that he only had enough funds from the board for player loans, not transfers.
            Remind me again why Arsenal left Highbury and built the Emirates?
            Ken, do you honestly believe that Emery, with his CV, will not receive offers from other clubs and walk away, if not supported in the transfer market?

    2. Sue , Is Ramsey’s farewell on video anywhere? My recording of the match ended too soon.

  5. Would not argue too much with your views, which sums up the mediocre nature of our team virtually throughout the season.I am pleased to record your comments on Socratis who is no better than Mustafi and has become a real liability.The sooner they leave the better.

    1. I thought I was the only one who thought Sokratis was a liability and not good enough. ?

    1. John0711. Thank you for asking the author of this article that question. I need to know if he watched the same match I watched today and how he even came up giving xahka a 4 rating and Torreira a 3. IMO, that’s faulse rating Mhiki and xhaka were responsible for that come back penalty especially Your 4rated Xhaka.. I can’t wait until he’s also shipped out of this club. An overall poor performance from the team except from Lacazette and Leno.
      Hope we make the best use of the Europa league.

  6. Mikhitarayn is a total ass and Xhaka is an exclusive piece of shit. WTF. This is pure trash and trust that- we are not going to win that Europa Cup. Boos were just not enough. They should have been pelted. F**k Arsenal Club f**k Mikhitarayn guck Xhaka f**k every piece of shite that’s red and white

  7. Complete mess up today but didn’t anyone actually think we would go to Burnley and win ? I certainly didn’t! Our away form is pathetic! Arsenal have been in decline since Kroenke bought into this club! He has invested nothing into that squad! Has he even attended one game this season? Nothing is going to change as long as he’s our owner! We must accept mediocrity until he’s gone!

  8. honestly who would like us to go to champions league with this team, imagine getting Bayern as usual or Messi, for now EL is where we belong. sad tho

    1. Exactly .What is the point of being in the CL .Keep in the Europa league and please use more of the younger players

      1. koss, I agree… we are not ready. we need time to bring some new players, get rid of deadwood (one had farewell today 🙂 and news about Welback leaving is good one too) , and develop young ones that we can have a depth in our team. This costs us right now so we need more time.
        Kronkea wont give us big money to spend anyway so why bother about this result at all.
        I did see what is coming so did stay away from any talk about club for some time.
        I would like for Arsenal to win EL but it will take more luck then skill to do that.

  9. the fact that you give xhaka twice that of miki leaves me wondering if you are visually impaired?

  10. My Arsenal is a dead club. We crumble when it matters most, we’ve got players who have no talent or desire to win. The club is rotten from the top management & unless we find a way to get rid of Kroenke, I’m afraid our fate has already been written. I hate watching players who can’t fight for the badge, pathetic lot & if I had it my way, I would sell almost all of them. If you can’t take your chances & fight for top 4 when you have the advantage over your opponents, you have no business being in this club. When did we become a strolling park for players like Mustafi, Xhaka, Iwobi, Mhki, Ozil? I’m so pissed, what’s the point of being in CL if we can’t beat the likes of Brighton, Everton, Palace, etc.. We need people who will fight for this club, not weaklings who are only here to cash on their poor performances.

  11. Despite my rage at the lack of general effort UNTIL their equaliser, I decided to stay til the final whistle but stormed out angrily and there is no way on earth that I was going to stay to clap that lot for what was ludicrously called a “lap of appreciation” after the way they once again couldn’t be arsed to try for a full hour. I doubt there were many left in the stadium when it happened, as fans were streaming out at final whistle. Our club is broken and the spirit so evident and vital at City and Liverpool is way out of our reach. Money does not buy spirit; character and backbone provides it. We have neither of those necessities and it would be dishonest not to say so. We all know this is true.

  12. Another shocking performance sorry will upset a lot of fans but really hope we don’t make champions league by winning Europa league we really are not good enough to compete in that competition and would be a absolute embarrassment if we were to qualify!!

  13. When is our so called Only World Class player ever going to inspire us?
    This team is absolutely defrauding the hell out of us in wages.

    Absolutely frauds.

  14. The worst of all, is that My darling Arsenal are now dirty and so boring to watch….

    The team is so short of technical gifted Ballers in every department…

    We have never have a dead midfield players like Xhaka, Torreira Guendouzi…. They can never take a ball forward or switch play from defense to attack under a split second…

    Imagine those days of Rosicky Hleb Fabregas diaby, talk more of the Invincible days…
    Those guys were a Joy to watch
    incredible football players
    Even Alex Song was a spectacular defensive midfield player
    He made more than 10 assist alone to Rvp

    The current midfield is dead
    the wings is dead
    We are now very ugly to watch…

    Sokratis bullying the ball over to the stand under a little pressure from the opponents is always applauded by the fans in the stadium
    Kolo Toure Campbell don’t bully the ball under little pressure, they will rather play it back d ball to the goalkeeper and recycle it…
    Xhaka, Sokratis are just too dirty and so technically terrible for a Team like Arsenal..
    They are all a liability

    I missed those Happy days
    i miss d Invincibles
    i miss Cesc
    I love you Rosicky
    Alexander Hleb, you are missed
    Santi Cazorla, small but mighty

    1. Years of bad management and pushing in players like ramsey and xhaka and mustafi and who
      knows what is going on in heads of others…
      Today, football has changed and Emery is not the coach who prefer technical gifted… so he started with aggressive attack on last line of defence but wenger boys got dead tired in the mid of the season and did not recover still.

  15. Am i the only one who is Seeing Mourinho in Emery?
    He is never adventurous, his tactics are always negative

    He has always been guilty of doing this in every matches
    Removing an attacking players and putting dead, stiff , immobile sideways and backpassers defensive players like Xhaka, Elneny and Torreira..(Alex Song was far more more better than all this deadwoods)

    Now imagine this scenario that occur today
    You have Nketiah on the bench
    Arsenal needs 3points to keep d Top4 hope alive
    You substituted Milkitaryn and put Guendouzi
    instead of replacing Milkitaryn with Nketiah….

    Emery is a Scam
    He single handedly killed our Top4 hope with his wrong tactics

    I almost cried when I saw our starting Eleven an hour before the Crystal Palace match last two weeks
    Immediately i saw it
    i knew we going to struggle to get a point even when I knew Arsenal were at home…

    That was not Arsenal way
    That was not Arsene Wenger ways even though he lost his touch towards the end of his Arsenal Sojourn…

    What has happened to my Beautiful Arsenal of those days

    1. Nketiah is no better than mokhitarian And which rock have you crawled from? You bagging Torreira? when he has been one of our best this season
      You are right with emerys tactics. Like wenger a goal up and his team shuts shop only problem is the defence is so bad they cant

  16. There was a time when to play for Arsenal was a young mans dream. money was a secondary consideration. The only advice I can offer to a young player these days is, “stay clear of Arsenal unless you have a death wish”. We are about to squander fifty million miserable pounds this summer which is a crime. The entire Arsenal organization is a shambles, the only professional, I`m ashamed to say, is Kroenke .

  17. You gave Xhaka 4 and said he was probably our best midfielder, yet you gave Ozil 6. Can’t quite work that out unless you regard Ozil as a striker. Anyway getting back to Xhaka, after what he did today, his sheer lack of professionalism in dragging the guy back, an absolute disgraceful moment of madness that cost us any hope of Champions League football via the top four. For that he should never wear the Arsenal shirt again, get rid of him as soon as possible but he’s not alone, get rid of Mhkataryan, who you rightly gave 2 and how did Iwobi get 5. He had, if I remember rightly, 9 touches of the ball after he came on and managed just one pass to a teammate, get rid of him as well. To them, add Mustafi and if we can’t get rid of them replace them with youngsters. I’m fed up watching these sh*t players playing for Arsenal. Four chances to make the top four and not one taken. Maybe Unai can’t motivate them, if that’s the case then a change of management is in order. Some serious decisions have to made over the summer break. Trouble is they’ll leak reports about new players, get the season ticket holders to renew then everything will go quiet. Same old story every year after year.

    1. Kenny, the majority of these players have now failed both Wenger and Emery, two well respected managers. Maybe it’s about time a good hard look was had at the players. More importantly the players should take a good hard look at themselves, but there is a greater chance that pigs might fly.
      Unlike Chelsea and Manchester United, Arsenal can’t afford to churn through managers.

  18. Leno’s game keeps building up a level up, he is the. Best keeper in the League past few month. Some saves he makes looks like lucky but to see him repeat each week shows it is not Luck but talent. His reflexes are simply brillant, unreal. He’s in top 4 today. Why people are talking about différent topics, this article is on players’s performance. I think Ozil did good, makes it look so easy when he touches the ball, Zidane had some or this. He belongs in a team of more individual talent around him. Man U misses such player next to Pogba, can imagine him do well at Juve or Barça passing and attacking game will fit… He always been a top class, in wrong team promissing him to add more top players but do not sign Suarez nor Kanté who both wanted to come. Let’s get realistic and hope to win EL, this our level today not Top4 EPL nor CL, close but Chelsea and spurs logically above as Man U should be with such team, they miss a playmaker as Ozil.

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