Arsenal Player Spotlight – Confident keeper Cech makes the difference

When Arsene Wenger made Petr Cech an Arsenal player with a surprise transfer from Premier League rivals Chelsea early in the summer, the fans were over the moon. Little did we know that was to be the only addition to the Gunners first team squad but at least we thought it would be an important one.

So did Jose Mourinho and the Chelsea manager´s reluctance to let Cech come to the Emirates has proved well grounded. I think it was his former team mate John Terry who said that Cech would be worth something like 10 extra Premier League points over the season and although it is impossible to quantify something like that, we have certainly seen the veteran stopper’s worth many times already.

Of course it was not just the performances of Cech that rescued our Champions League campaign but after losing the first two games without him and with an Ospina error a large reason for our predicament, Cech was a massive factor in the great escape.

Not only did he make a number of key saves but he brings a presence that seems to improve the whole team, especially the defence. And the confidence he brings to the party was in clear evidence again this week with that brilliant response reported by Metro after the game in Greece to a reporter who asked who would have thought it possible.

Cech replied, “We did!”

You just know that he meant it too, and that he was not just saying the right thing. Even after his nightmare debut cost the Gunners the first game of the season he never let it bother him but just came back stronger. So Cech has brought an unshakable belief across London along with some serious goalkeeping skills. Maybe Wenger knew what he was doing after all.

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  1. Its not confidence by Petr Cech…its just the truth. I’m sure he is laughing as I am that people thought we couldn’t get past Olympiakos or that it would be a ‘miracle’.
    I don’t understand……..Are they Barcelona, Bayern or Real Madrid or Man City or PSG or Juventus or even teams with a little less calibre but still class like Roma or Dortmund? Olympiakos can’t even match up to Spurs 8 times out of 10.
    If most were surprised we made it through or calling it a ‘miracle’ then this just emphasizes that we are not amongst Europe’s elite and rightfully so if we are shaking in our boots against Olympiakos. If we truly think winning Olympiakos FC (a team who will be below mid table or just above the relegation zone in the EPL) and making the last 16 is a miracle, then why are we competing in the champions league?
    Last season or so, Bayern were down 3-1 to FC Porto in the first leg…I can assure you none of their fans thought that they could not pull it off.
    A miracle is being 2-0 down against Barcelona (and the likes) in the first leg and making it through the tie. To be honest the perfect example of a miracle was Liverpool’s Champions league win from 3-0 down.

  2. Thought the Arsenal Aston Villa game was tomorrow. Ah well, there’s the Joshua-Whyte heavyweight boxing bout on Saturday, so something to look forward to before then 😉

  3. I just want arsenal…my arsenal…to win the epl this time around…is that too much to ask for? Hell no!

  4. If the whole will play in solidarity I think we will be smilling come may. Cech is indeed an important figure between the sticks for us this term, I am sure he is going to save more than 10points.

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