Arsenal Player Spotlight – Is Calum Chambers our new Mr Versatile?

Arsene Wenger obviously has a very high opinion of the young Calum Chambers for him to persuade Arsenal to fork out 16m to prise the 19 year-old away from Southampton 18 months ago, and Le Prof seems to be training him up to be the Mr Versatile in the Gunners defence.

He played his first few games for Arsenal as a right-back but he was soon usurped by the improving Hector Bellerin, and he was then being used as a centre-back, and played many games in the first half of last season, until Kos and Mertesacker found full fitness, and when Gabriel arrived in January he was rarely seen outside of cup games.

In July at the beginning of this campaign Wenger said: “I want to develop Calum as a centre back and at the moment we have just the right number. He will get games here.” But the reality – so far – is that he has started just one League game this season, and both League Cup games, and came on as a sub in two Champions League games.

Now it is being reported that Chambers is now on a crash course to be the backup to Matthieu Flamini in the DM role, as it is unlikely that the 31 year-old will be able to play every game in the congested period from now until the New Year.

He is doing all his training now in that position and Chambers also played 90 minutes in midfield for the Under-21 side last week, and also played the last 10 ­minutes of the win against Sunderland. It is crucial now that Wenger gives him some playing time to prove that he is capable, but if he doesn’t make the grade then Wenger may be forced into the transfer market in January.

Personally I think he will be better in the DM role than he was at right-back, but can he really be adequate cover for Coquelin for the next three months?

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  1. no he is not mr vesatile.
    right now chambers is mr not ready.
    mr under-21
    mr i need id to get beers

    he will come good. not yet tho

    1. and once u are in a Team where players like flamini or arteta are ahead of u in the pecking order……..just know u are not “mr Versatile” L()L

      1. Flamini and Arteta being in front of Chamers in the pecking order is due to the fact that Wenger preffers experience over quality and pace. I would field Chambers. Simply as that.

        1. no he doesn’t
          if Wenger preffers experience over quality and pace
          he wouldn’t play Coquelin instead of Arteta and Flamini

      2. flame and arteta are quality?… Perhaps back then….. Not today tho……. Arteta is a disaster waiting to happen and flame is a Timebomb!

  2. He has a good reading and intepretation of the game.
    Fine movement and good vision.
    He assisted a couple of goals last season.
    This aspects of his game will only keep improving with age.
    I hope wenger trusts him and nurturedls this fine young talent to develop into one of the best around

  3. The more the time arsene wastes looking at his options it will hinder the possibility of singing good CDMs like wanayama or cavarlho as they may cost the team quite a lot but then if you sign them it increases the teams chances of playing better football.

  4. Far frome ready, with more game time he would’ve been a decent CB by now but I saw how nervous he was playing in midfield these last 2 appearances. If Wenger wants him to develop he better start ahead of Flamini in the Cup games

  5. It is possible but……. so far he has not shown that he has the versatility some have proposed.

    CB = OK
    RB = Mixed review. He started OK then struggled sometimes – maybe due to overuse early?? Who knows?
    DM = I have only seen him at DM once and it was not pretty. Maybe too early to tell.

    Bottom Line: He may surprise but I have not yet see this magical versatility yet.

  6. ManU down 2-1. Darmian seems to be a part of everything bad that happens for ManU on the pitch. I don’t understand why they start him (But I am glad LVG is blinded). He is often a step behind and most of all he always seems completely LOST.

    1. I wouldn’t mind Wenger bringing in Draxler considering the manager saw a young RVP in him, could either be moulded into a CF that would eventually replace Giroud or play LW and replace Sanchez in the future. Imo, Wenger should go for Aubameyang and/or Draxler next season

  7. @twig. ox is homegrown which should inflate his price.
    Draxler is an arsenal type player though, if we wanted him we should have tried to buy him outright. I think he’s great.
    On Callum I hope he becomes top class and versatile, but at the moment I see him as a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. MU’s Phil Jones?

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