Arsenal Player Spotlight on Ozil the orchestrator

This is not the Arsenal Player ratings post but an individual player review that we are now doing on a regular basis here at Just Arsenal, to keep track on the form of our players and give you guys the opprtunity to praise or slate them as well as talk about what they bring to this Arsenal team.

It is Mesut Ozil’s turn today and it will not take a football genius to guess that this one is going to be on the positive side. The genuinely world class German continued with his amazing stats for the season by grabbing another assist in the game against Aston Villa and I want to focus on that for a second.

Seriously Gooners, how many players that were playing with confidence would have given that to Aaron Ramsey? It is not as if Ozil has not been scoring goals himself this year, it is just that he is so good for the team that he saw that Rambo could not miss while he could. What a star!

It was not his very best game to be honest and I reckon this week without a game will do him the world of good, but he was still brilliant and involved all over the pitch. That is what he does and people (including idiots like Michael Owen) have now realised that he is not ‘lazy’ and he does not ‘disappear’ when it matters. It is just a little harder to see what an impact he has because his game is all about vision and intricate little passes and touches and he does it all in a languid, Matt Le Tissier sort of style.

I like what Arsene Wenger said about his record signing this week, comparing the playmaker to a musician who gets the best out of his instrument.

THe Frenchman told the Arsenal website, “Mesut is like a musician who always plays the right note, and at the right moment. His timing is perfect – when he has to give the ball, he gives the ball.

“It’s just a pleasure to see. It struck me [on first seeing him] that he was at such a young age, but the boy could time his passing always right. He got out of impossible situations.

“Also what struck me was that it was not forced on an individual basis – the team play was in front of his ego. That strikes you because normally when players are that talented, that’s not the first quality you see.”

Much as O hate to disagree with Le Prof, I would say that his analogy is slightly off. I would say that Ozil is more like a conductor who is the one that sets the pace and tone and gets the best out of all the other musicians. What do you guys think of this Arsenal star?

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  1. I would love to see ozil win pfa player of the year ! Just to see the pain in the pundits faces (carragher Neville Owen ) after all the stick they gave him even though coutinho only turns up once a month and di Maria was the worse signing in PL history !

  2. People are so confused. Ozil could have scored yesterday but his view was blocked and there was support for him, so he squared the ball to Ramsey. I remember when ozil used to do the same thing( having a view at goal but choosing to pass) people would criticise him for not being selfish enough.
    Ps- I am glad to see that we are winning even without Alexis and coquelin and cazorlaaa too.

    1. Ozil was born to be of “assistance”. LOL!!! Any other player would have taking a shot at goal, but not Ozil. He knew Ramsey stood a better chance than him, so he selflessly and wisely gave the ball to him. That act, my friend, deserves an oscar.

      1. I don’t know mate. To me that’s simply the right thing to do, nothing that deserves an oscar. It was a situation where one has to calculate the chances of scoring, and his view was narrowed, had the ball on his right foot but had two players in support of him so he passed because Ramsey was in a much better position. Ramsey and cazorla would do the same thing if they were in ozils place, few others too.

        1. Perfect mate. I like Ozil. To him it is not about Ozil’s goal but the team’s goal. He is no Ronaldo so if another player stands far better chance to score than him, Ozil will pass the the ball in a sumptuous way that will make you salivate. It’s only that sometimes he is lead down. Carry on Ozil. Team’s glory is it. Happy that most Arsenal fans have come to like you now and no one is mentioning a f..king 42m now.

    2. we’re winning w/o sanchez,coq and caz bc joel campbell’s been a revelation as a winger, bc theo and ramsey have returned just as sanchez/caz went out. ramsey has that fire in him again. and theo hasnt set the world on fire, but is looking pretty good. just hope he has a breakout game. and i hope ox can hang in there too.

    1. Out where? LOL!!! Moyes!!! Hhahahahaha!!! I think of his name and all I can do is laugh!!!

      MOYES!!! LOL!!!

    2. Actually, Moyes is the jury that still out there. Obviously, he’s seeking for a new job after been dumped by Sociedad. Missing English football eh Mo? LOL!!!

  3. From the FourFourTwo statistics, Ramsey received balls from Ozil (18), Koscielny (15), Flamini (10), Monreal (9). In the other hand, Ozil did not received any passes above 8 passes from any other player apart from Ramsey, where Ramsey supplied 19 passes to Ozil. Coincidently, Ozil also made 18 passes to Ramsey.

    In the Olympiakos game Ramsey made 17 passes to Ozil. Koscielny made 12 passes to Ramsey.

    In the Sunderland game Ramsey made 26 passes to Ozil. Where as Ramsey received passes from Flamini (33), Ozil (31), Monreal (19).

    Ramsey – he dictates the tempo, he roams deep to receive passes from DM, CBs, FBs. his task is to distribute his way up to Ozil and offer that support in the final third. He runs deep into the opposition box to attack.

    Ozil – he is the primary distirbutor and decider to attack from right or left.

    Koscielny – he is the primarys supplier and distributor in defence, mainly supplying passes to Ramsey and receiving passes from FBs and Mertesacker. (Cech distributes to CF, Giroud)

    I think Ramsey is our most influential player overall, his workload, stamina, technique, consistency is what keeping Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky and Arteta in the bench.

    1. U kidding mate? I prefer Ramsey over cazorla in cm but it the reality is dat cazorla was more prefered by Wenger. And cazorla is not benched!!!!!!! He’s injured

      1. Cazorla was not playing the same role as Ramsey. I was surprised to see him like the deeper role. But he could not do that without Coquelin. That was our best defense until both injured. Today you will see Flamini staying very deep with Ramsey having licence to go forward because his work rate is so much higher than Cazorla (and anyone else bar Alexis). Be prepared to see monstruous number of passes between Ramsey and Ozil. Arsenla needed to change a bit the register here. Hope this setup is well oiled because is the best we have until injured players come back. We are living intersting times which I am sure we will overcome.

    2. Not really mate… If Cazorla and Coquelin were fit Ramsey but would be out wide. He’s a great player, but Cazorla is world-class when it comes to running midfield. Ramsey has many strengths, but his ability to dictate the play, relieve pressure in the tightest of areas or take multiple markers completely out of play with a few touches is nowhere near Cazorla’s level.

      1. Bless you, Josh!!! You know there was a time when Ramsey’s role was more like a DM. Ramsey is not good at dictating play from deep within like Santi. Santi can wriggle his way out of difficulty and make a good pass, but not Ramsey. I just think Ramsey is better at making tackles, marking and shOoting (I wonder what happened that Santi can’t shoot anymore, not even on target when he does).

        1. So what u guys are practically saying is that u need absolute dm who has no license to attack , than u need someone to dictate the game and has close control to get away from players even if it means he cant score or assist or play dangerous passes. So that’s like having a midfield of 5 players where only 3 have got the license to attack along with one forward.
          For me the defensive and dictating role shoudl both be taken up by the dm , flamini cant but coq can. And Ramsey should start over cazorla.
          Ps. Cazorla is anyways old now, wouldn’t be surprised if he’s sold in summer

          1. When you people speak of old age, do u refer in particular to the individual’s ability or numerical age? If the potential is still their, if the players is still functionally sound and not prone to injury, forget the age thing.

            1. I understand ur point but there are young players within the squad who can replace him in some time. I think he will stay for years but in modern football clubs are reluctant to hold down players on a long term after 30. A lot changes when u hit that mark.

          2. That’s really not what we’re saying at all… Is that really how you see Santi’s game?
            And the age thing’s irrelevant. His game is built on technique and intelligence, I hope he stays with us a long while yet!

    3. I said it last year Ramsey and Ozil will be one of the best midfield partnerships in Europe, their understanding is nearly telepathic, imagine how much more they can attack with Coquelin in the team 😀

    4. Santi is a better deep lying playmaker than Ramsey. He has more discipline in defense, and has more accurate long or through pass to Ozil or any other attacker. If they play together, you could see that Arsene himself pick Santi over Rambo. However, I’m glad that Rambo now has use his attacking minded more wisely, and not letting Flamini work alone.

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