Arsenal Player Spotlight – Ramsey blooming back in middle

The Arsenal and Wales international star Aaron Ramsey is back from his latest injury and back where he wants to be, in the Arsenal first team and playing in his favoured central midfield role. It remains to be seen whether the dynamic 24-year old can prove to his club manager that he should play there all the time but he has got around three months while Santi Cazorla gets over his injury problem to do it.

Ramsey has certainly made a good start though, as he has been a key figure for the Gunners as we bounced back and bagged a first Premier League win in four games last weekend and then again as we pulled our Champions League arses out of the fire in Athens, after which Steven Gerrard called him the best in the division in that role.

So I though that young Rambo would be an ideal candidate for our latest player review. He is a different type of player to Cazorla but they have both proved that they can do a brilliant job for Arsenal, if a different one. While the Spaniard is all about silky skills, passing precision and vision, Ramsey is a more robust midfielder who covers more ground than most but also gets into goal scoring positions.

I did think that Ramsey was a bit too desperate to score against Sunderland and the fact that his seven shots was the most of any player with the next most being just two backs that up. However, he did get his goal as well as a crucial assist. And he was our joint top rated player with Ozil on the stats website

And he was much more disciplined against Olympiacos even though we really needed goals. Ramsey was heavily involved and his 83 touches was a lot more than our second best Ozil with 65. He also made more passes than any other player and at a better success rate than all but the defenders.

Ramsey is a better player when he is not thinking too much about goals but just playing his natural game. At the same time he will be desperate to have a storming few months in order to keep his place in the middle when Cazorla is back. Can he do all that? And if so, will it help Arsenal to be crowned Premier League champions?

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  1. I’m sure Ramsey will do an excellent job while Cazorla is out. Ramsey is better in CM then RW

    In terms of next season, In Central Midfield we are sorted
    Box2Box = Cazorla (WC) and Ramsey (very good player)
    CAM = Ozil (WC) and Cazorla

    We also have Wilshere and Rosicky but Rosicky may leave in summer

    The main problem is DM
    I can’t see Flamini and Arteta being solutions to backups for Coquelin next season

    It would be lovely to see Wenger getting a quality DM this January, but who knows what he will do?

    One thing is clear, This season we desperately need Coquelin, Cazorla and Alexis to come back as soon as possible

    1. Let’s admit it, an in-form Ramsey is world class, but we can’t call him world class until he proves he hasn’t lost his goal scoring ability

  2. We’ll do well with Ramsey in the middle. If I recall correctly, our last legit title push was when he was played through the middle with arteta. Now he plays with better and improved players so no doubt he’ll flourish in the absence of cazorla. We play pretty well with ozil, ramsey, and giroud centrally. Let’s just keep picking up points I say.

    And special mention to campbell. I know one good game doesn’t make a player but he’s had several good games now. He might be this season’s revelation like Francis was last season and that can only be a good thing for himself and the club. As long as there isn’t any favoritism involved when choosing the starting 11, I believe the rw spot is his to lose.

    1. I just hope that he is not dropped for The OX. There is a reason why Wenger insisted on playing Ramsey over OX on the right, he knew OX is not ready yet (i think he has been like that for 3 years now). Now i really hope we keep the team we have for the rest of the season.

      1. Not a bad looking team, not bad at all. And the subs go as follows……….
        GK Ospina
        LB Gibbs
        RB Debuchy
        CB Gabriel
        CM Cazorla
        FW Oxlade
        FW Walcott

        Definitely a need on bench for one more player, a DM. Maybe a striker two, then Campbell Oxlade and Walcott all fighting for an attacking berth.

  3. Ramsey is the one that brings the balance to this team that’s why though the RW spot is not his favoured one but Wenger puts him there when Cazorla is fit…..
    Am very certain that this is Campbell’s opportunity and he has grabbed it with two hands just watch him in the few next games coming and he will be making them headlines.
    Would prefer Wenger buys a Strong Dm in Jan so as to groom him for the next season while also helping now when we are challenging.Flamin,Rosicky and even Arten need to leave spaces for new Dm and promoted youngsters.

    1. I hope you are right with Campbell prediction, he has improved and is a danger but he has a very long way to go still. Honing his finishing ability and last third technique will be the objective, the Giroud through ball was done nicely however much of the credit should lay with Giroud for directing his attention to it.

      I see a player who is gradually finding an understanding with his teammates, this takes time for maximum potential. Until he reaches that understanding he has two things in his favor – First off is his work rate, his willingness to roll up sleeves for the defensive side of the game – Secondly is his ability as an individual player. Team players who have a high skill individually usually are associated with being among the very best. However, a highly talented individual can surely hurt teams even if not on the ideal wavelength of his teammates as of yet.

  4. If Isco is available, lock up that transfer. Before he went to Real Madrid, he was a force on the wing. I’d like more offense to come from the RW as Ox has been unreliable. Walcott has moved up front. Ramsey has done well but it be nice to have Sanchez and Isco running the wings!

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