Arsenal players are flagging but DARE Wenger rest them?

It would be a lot easier for Arsene Wenger to give a few of his key Arsenal players a rest if the Gunners were doing better in the Premier League and Champions League. And if the visitors to the Emirates stadium this week was not high flying Southampton who have been very strong all season, maybe the Frenchman would feel happier to rotate his Arsenal team a bit.

But a bagful of ifs and a pound would give me just enough to buy something from the pound shop, so the manager has to deal with the situation in the best way he sees fit. And because of all the injury problems the Gunners have had so far this season, players like Danny Welbeck, Alexis Sanchez, Santi Cazorla, Calum Chambers, Kieran Gibbs and Per Mertesacker have had to play in almost every game.

Wenger admitted after beating West Brom on Saturday that our legs had gone at the end, with just determination and the desire to win getting the gunners over the finishing line at the Hawthorns.

The Frenchman told Arsenal Player, ““I’m very pleased because when you play on a Wednesday night in the Champions League and then on Saturday lunchtime, the time of recovery is very short.

“We came with a desire to win the game and I think it was a deserved win. The legs had gone a little bit in the last 15 minutes but we wanted to push it through and we did it with a great solidarity.”

At least we have Olivier Giroud back, but Walcott’s return has been delayed and now Arsenal are without Arteta and Wilshere, with four more games in 10 days starting on Wednesday. After that, things should be better, with Debuchy also due back and Wenger hopefully having a few more options to play with.

Until then, however, I think the boss will keep risking his big players and hoping that it does not lead to any more injuries or burn out. We do have the likes of Podolski and Rosicky desperate for time on the pitch, but do you think Wenger is going to give them a chance in the next few games?

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  1. Fellow Gooners,

    Nothing can be done in the back but the midfield should be rotated; where’s gnabry, rosicky, poldi, Campbell?

    Sanchez/Cazorla/Welbeck should be rested immediately, welbeck is hobbling every game now so why keep playing him?

    1. Why not play ox in the centre with Ramsey and then have Sanchez and Campbell on the wings, podolski and giroud can operate together up front… This would give cazorla and welbeck a break?

    1. @t berg
      My sentiments exactly. He’s the best holding midfielder we have. He can also cover at both R/L Back

  2. Chambers is about to play more first team matches for Arsenal than Southampton first team. CB, RB and DM(though we are yet to see him play as a DM). Very impressive start. A lot of people questioned Wenger over paying 16 mil for a RB when we just bought in Debuchy.

    Chambers is young, versatile and talented and it’s time Arsene developed a reputation for bringing in some nice young defenders. Chambers looks a long haul purchase and having seen Varane only in the Champions League, i think he is as good as him.

    Chambers has made a lot of mistakes defensively though he is yet to give away a penalty(woodtouch) but his crosses in general has been pretty awesome(he has two assists from crosses, if I not wrong) and he has a calm composure when on the ball.

    With the January window fast approaching, I hope JustArsenal does a half yearly review of Calum Chambers. Two more solid defensive reinforcements like him should do the trick.

    P.S.- Hope that wasn’t Thierry Henrys last professional soccer game. 🙁
    Reb Bulls gives you wings.

  3. Come January I hope to see Carvalho and Van Dijk come in. Should have gotten Aurier along with Debuchy as well especially since Jenko went out on loan…

  4. Team rotation is part of planning during transfer window. Setting up your team for the long haul. Making sure you have adequate backup. You can’t forsee injuries but you got to have a plan B a solid one. Wenger need to review his team set up. Make sure he has adequate backup for all positions that would mean reshuffling, putting some players on transfer to fill positions we are lacking. We have lots of options for RW and CM position. To balance the team we need to look at CB, DM, LW positions. If Wenger refuses to use Podolski he should let him go and replace him with a proper LW. Let go of Flamini and get a quality DM.

  5. Arsenal is a 4th place franchise so
    the injury level we have is ok.
    It was just as bad last season
    and yet the team claimed 4th .
    Chelsea and City battle for the title.
    Arsenal Utd Liverpool Everton
    Southampton Spurs and Newcastle
    compete for 2 ECL places.
    I have no doubt Arsenal will make 3rd or 4th
    no matter what are injury level.

  6. I red some comments… Even on other posts…!!
    Some will say that Mertesacker is still a top defender…
    That Arteta is still on point because he passing accuracy is excellent…

    Again, some who think (like their God Wenger) that possession wins games… Welcome back to earth people… !!! And wake the f*ck up!!

    After that I also realised that not only Wenger is the problem, but some fans are just either deluded or cannot see what is going on…!!!

    Koscielny makes Mertesacker looks good… That is just a fact clear to see.
    Arteta is “supposed” to be our DM… Everyone of his performance is a farce and an embarrassment…!!

    Wenger responses to the banners displayed during the West B game was to say that we were consistent and qualified for the CL 16 years in the row…!!!!!

    I mean…. !!! What about trophies and leagues titles?????

    We need a winner at manager position not a delusional arrogant skilled less and tactically clueless puppet who cannot compete with the best in the business.

    Arsenal is a top club (so he said)…!! How??

    We never won a CL and we can barley compete in our own league against the best teams…!!!

    Alexis Sanchez must ask himself, “What the f*ck am I doing here?”

    1. I guess the past 3 German managers were clueless and Real Madrid were stupid enough to make an offer. How does such an awful defender get 100 caps for Germany in a world cup winning team? Arsene Wenger didn’t even respond to those comments and I guess Nottingham forest are way bigger than us after winning a few european cups.

    2. Thanks for a master class in AOB speak…..rude, self opinionated rubbish that is disrespectful of the players, fans, club and manager. No longer even directed just at Arsene. Nor are you wound up after a lost game, you just seem to be filled with anger and hatred.

      God help Alexis if he has a couple of bad games. I imagine every prospective new player must read the AOB comments and immediately pick up the phone to their agents demanding to play for the club with such realistic and supportive fans.

      Buy hummels, reus etc after the abuse ozil and mert now get…unlikely….buy a top quality player in January, someone who loves the playing philosophy of Arsene…unlikely given the obvious intent that
      you guys have to see him effectively sacked. You and the other AOB’s are a positive asset to every other club in the league, the more disrespectful your actions (banners included) the less likely we are to get what we need.

      Go stamp your feet some more, perhaps mummy will give you some sweeties to shut you up…or better, go support a team you do actually respect.

      Tbh I could be sending this to one of half a dozen ‘fans’ on this site.

      I’m no AKB but I am a lifelong fan and am now simply fed up with the ranting AOB’s sh*t talk…which is endless, repetitive and simply disrespectful.

  7. @lockay, unfortunately for you sanchez doesnt think like you. He is enjoying his futbol cos he is allowed to express himself on the field rather than been made to play a particular way that brings the best out of another player(ala barca -messi) and made to sit on the bench. So, stop deceiving yourself with such a statement but if it makes you happy then so be it.

  8. I will also like you to name a bpl team that can win the league with our budget. To win the league you have to spend – fact. Please, stop using the word “deluded” for any gooner cos they are against your line of thought.

  9. We have a saying here in Jamaica “there is no rest for the wicked”, which actually means you have to continue work till you can not work no more, this principle has been applied to the arsenal team for a long time and i do not see it changing, all i can hope for is the team to continue without any major injuries.

  10. the only time AW rests players is wen they injured…
    he doesn’t even substitute players in time to save burnouts…and here we go blaming a medical team for injuries.

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