Arsenal players being sold this week is not that urgent

The English transfer window shuts at 17.00 UK time Thursday so after that point Arsenal will not be able to buy new players but players can still be sold.

Let’s have a look at the major leagues in Europe and what dates they officially close…..

France: September 2nd 2019
Germany: September 2nd 2019
Italy: August 23rd 2019
Spain: September 2nd 2019

So, that means that if Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, PSG decide they want to buy an Alexandre Lacazette or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang they can do and Arsenal will not be allowed to source a replacement.

That is one side of the coin but there is another.

It means that over the next four days Arsenal does not need to sell, as an example, Laurent Koscielny can still join Bordeaux or Rennes right up until September 2nd.

There is without a doubt a few players that Arsenal really does need to find buyers for, Shkodran Mustafi, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Mohamed Elneny and even Mesut Ozil to name just a few.

Unai Emery will be in a better position once competitive games get underway and that will determine, to some extent, who he can offload without it affecting the squad.

There will be four Premier League games prior to September 2nd and so there is no real desperation to start selling. Imagine if there was a couple of injuries in a key area, say midfield, then Emery would probably not weaken that part of the team even if the players he has left available are not his first choice.

So, in conclusion, the next four days really are all about who Arsenal sign and not who they will be selling.


  1. Mustafi is a liability now. If he stays he will be played. Also not sold on Chambers yet.

    I would urge Emery to get a good quality CB preferably with premier league experience

    1. Poor business from Arsenal to keep Chambers.I believed we could have gotten a good fee from his sale.We could have then used that money to go for a better CB who would come straight in.
      Now his value is likely going to diminish

      1. I’m disappointed as well. I thought we brought him back to be a backup DM which is probably his better role. We could have sold him and Mustafi for whatever amount and together with the Bielik money bought a good CB. Now we’re neither her nor there.

        The problem with admin’s claim is that if we don’t sell now, but do buy a backup, other teams will know we’re desperate to offload a player…

      2. I don’t think his current value is more than we paid for him actually. If he has a decent season we can sell him on for more than his current worth. Also, hard to call for his sale, when he is still better than Mustafi, who we have yet to sell.

        1. Chambers has performed well on loan everywhere he has gone.The better your season the higher your value in most cases.He is also English and has improved massively since he got here though not still good enough for us.He is not good enough to be a starter so keeping him here will only diminish his value.If we sign another CB I don’t think he’s 3rd choice all things being equal.If Arsenal were to sell him this window for £16m it would be naive and terrible business.If we keep him here and he plays second fiddle all season his value will drop off massively because he’s coming off a good season with Fulham

          1. I think Chambers will be starting if we don’t sign a CB, and Kos stays. Both possibilities. And I agree that Chambers has done well on loans, but still not well enough for any mid-table team to even attempt to sign him. The market seems to have decided he is not that valuable. I think Emery is over Mustafi, and Chambers has overtaken him, so I don’t see him riding bench majority of the season.

          2. I don’t agree with you on that.Arsenal sometime ago rejected a bid of around £20m for Chambers from Leicester City about two seasons or so ago.I think we also rejected a bid from Crystal Palace or for him last season.He has definitely been targeted by mid-table clubs.He has improved in his time here but is still not good enough for us.If we wanted to sell him he would have been our most easiest defender to sell

  2. But If Arsenal need cash to rake in by selling players in order to free up money to buy players. We should be busy.

  3. We need to be quick and buy a cood central defender. I should like to repeat myself: Buy Lewis Dunk (Brighton) or James Tarkowski (Burnley). Very good Premier League defenders, indeed.

      1. I would like to suggest bony of wolves..the guy is good, with good Ariel strength or perhaps we use what weve got and hopefully they would might turn up good.. I only pray we should score more than last season and concede far less that what we conceded last season… Let’s say we concede less that 20…it will be a massive upgrade… A title challenging one

        1. Wolves or Watford yes, not from relegation threatened clubs (eg. Mustafi from Valencia then) unless he is a standout performer.Getting nervous with a defense of AMN/Jenko, Mustafi/Chambers/Socrates/Mavro and Monreal/Kolas. It seems like ages when Hector and Rob will be back. Midfield and attack sorted, but this defense will cost us heavily. West Ham have a good squad too.

  4. Arsenal needs two more good signings before the end of the transfer window.

    A good defender with premier league experience and a good left back.

  5. Get a top quality CB with PL experience? But from which club and at what price? Emery statement ruling Arsenal out from signing Coutihno from Barca on loan this summer is discouraging. That’s not what the Gooners want to hear. Or have Arsenal preferred to sign Everton Soares instead in the next 4 days? To me, Arsenal will not properly have strengthened in the forward line this summer until they sign a top quality left winger in the mould of Soares or Coutihno this summer.

  6. It has come to my attention that a dangerous football virus has been implanted at Arsenal. Like Wenger before him Unai Emery has the ‘Arsenal Defender Virus’. This was cleverly implanted to make managers at Arsenal believe their defences were OK even though they are rubbish. It is believed Abramovich and Putin were behind this although there is a story that Daniel Levy was found jabbing Arsene Wenger with an Umbrella. This Virus is deadly and means Unai Emery believes Mustafi, Chambers and Sokratis to be the answer to his prayers. It is very serious and can only be cured by waking up and taking advice from the uninfected and buying top defenders.

    1. 😀

      good one.

      True, it reminds me of when Wenger hoped Senderos and Djourou would be our long-term solution. It was truly a miracle those 3rd and 4th spots if you look at our squads of those years.

    2. I suspect the ‘umbrella’ is only appreciated by us older ones who remember the Georgi Markhov affair.

  7. Fabio Paratici is expected to be in London to negotiate about Daniele Rugani’s possible move to Arsenal.

    Move was initially off because one of their first team CB’s was injured and feared to be out with a long term injury.It seems like that isn’t the case and the move could now be back on

      1. Umtiti is still on our radar along with others like Stark and Boubacar Kamara.
        I am expecting a CB and Kieran Tierney to sign if he isn’t injured as the deadline surprises

          1. Transfer Checker just posts a bunch of possibilities and then when something does end up happening, references a vague post he made a while back. I’ll stick to Sky and BBC.

          2. Not true though.He is the best ITK on Twitter when it comes to transfers for many clubs.When he’s going with media he states it clearly.Reputation takes a long time to build and his following should tell you ain’t a joke.Far ahead of Sky and BBC most times.

          3. kev, personally I’m just not convinced. I’ve seen the same patterns just like with most ITK’s. Even his recent Rugani post is something mimicked by an Italian journalist that posted before him.

          4. He called Cutrone to Wolves.It wasn’t even in media at the time.
            Called Saint Maximin to Newcastle.The same media were late again.
            So many other calls.I also make sure to follow media news so that I’m not deceived into thinking the ITK had it first.The BBC and Sky will 90% of the time be late or even ages late.
            Rugani talks news I believe will come out later but people will still call it guessing and say media as earlier when it happens

          5. I dont mind BBC and Sky being late. It’s the fact they are more accurate. Most of these ITK’s just follow foreign journalists and hint at possible moves and if they dont materialize, they never drum up the tweets again, but the opposite happens they parade it around. I’ve only seen this accounts activities for about a month, so you’d know more, but at the moment I need more convincing. A lot of familiar patterns.

  8. I think the numbers of CB we have is why our managers dont really have the guts to buy more, 7/8 just so so defenders, most of whom arent interested in moving.
    I used to think our LB is so deficient but after yesterday i see we need RB. AMN isnt ready 4 anything

  9. Admin Martin, it is so ingrained into your personal thinking, that you just have to include Ozil as part of the players needing to be sold.
    It really doesn’t enhance your position as an independent, fair minded and realistic person.

    However, it does make me smile, especially when there is no mention of one other player who divides the fanbase and a favourite of yours it seems.

    Thanks for the information by the way, that part of the message was sensible, with good reasoning as to why we might have to keep our eyes open in case one….just one…. offer comes in for, let’s say…. Iwobi….What about the chinese transfer deadline date?

    1. KEG1945, let it go , king ozil is over the hill and far away. next thing you will be claiming the french clown is coming back . pick a different god to adore old thing.

      1. gerry , Ken will NEVER let his Ozil obsession go. He has a blind spot and has convinced himself also that more Gooners want Ozil to stay than to leave. THIS FLIES IN THE FACE OF THE RECENT POLL ON HERE WHERE OVER 80% WANTED OZIL OUT. Ken, when I remind him of this, then says that is not typical of all Gooners. See what I mean about that blind spot and obsession! Ken is usually a wise and sensible man but it shows how even wise folk have strange and incorrect obsessions. Ozil has had just one worthwhile season out of his six seasons here. He has been a disastrous buy by Wenger and huge money, including his wages wasted on a serial coaster. MOST OF US AGREE ON THIS BUT NOT KEN, NOR PHIL, NOR SUE SUE AMONG A VERY FEW OTHERS ON HERE. But apparently this site , though full of Gooners, is not representative to Ken. Not if you have an obsession!

  10. AMN will be starting until Bellerin comes back though. Chambers might as well. Bad news for you, the backline you saw last night will likely be the same one against Newcastle. Also, Mavro in starting XI based on what? He had one good game against united, then got red carded, then has been fit or average since. I don’t even know if he is fit right now since he’s played no part in pre-season.

  11. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as simple.
    We have many players, we could do without, and we should offload them as soon as possible, as they are draining our wage bill.
    I can understand if the management are a little bit cautious with adding more players to that bill, if they aren’t sure of getting rid of deadwood. And it doesn’t really seem like there are many clubs lining up to take players like:
    Elneny, Chambers, Kolasinac, Jenkinson, Mustafi, Mavropanos & Mkhitaryan & Özil.
    Some because they simply aren’t good enough and others because they are on salaries no other club will pay them.

  12. mayert,

    Observations from your observations of the game:

    1. We couldn’t field our strongest team because of injuries to players such as Lacs, Holding, Bellerin and also, those first team players who have just returned to full training ie Torreria.

    2. Only English fans? That’s a little bit naughty isn’t it? I wouldn’t dream of asking you if you a nigerian fan trying to find a position, any position for Iwobi perchance? I loved the wording “even Iwobi performed” though.

    3. At the last count, Mavropanos was either still injured OR still recovering from injury.
    Defects: Injury prone, not match fit (even for a friendly), played less games than Chambers in the premiership last season.

    As a footnote, please just check if AMN, Willock, Nelson or Chambers have or have not featured in any of The Arsenal starting eleven last season, it might surprise you.

  13. Can we try Elneny at Centre back..
    He is fast and mobile…

    I am quite certain he will do better than Wrestler Sokratis and Calamity Mustafi…

    Elneny can be Useful in that central defense…
    Les give him a trial

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