Arsenal players believe they are contenders this season

A little bit of confidence can always help you get that extra ounce of strength to overcome your rivals, and the Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelin says that his team-mates are sure that this could be their season, and have thought that from before the season even started.

This confidence was clearly on show when the Gunners dismantled Man United in the space of 20 minutes at the weekend, and our midfield general was not surprised by their performance. “I think it is a very good performance against a big team,” he said. “I think everyone expected us not to win today and maybe we proved a lot of people wrong. I think inside the dressing room we knew we could do good things this season.

“We said it from the beginning of the season that we could be contenders but we have to be consistent. I think the most difficult thing now is to carry on getting the results.

“In the last three games we haven’t lost against Manchester United. Slowly we are getting stronger against the big teams.

“We beat Manchester City last season and now Manchester United so I think it is all about consistency. They made this game tough and the small teams are really strong as well and we need to get a result every week.

“I think overall it was a good performance from us and we would like to do that again in the coming weeks.”

If Arsenal played like that every week they would have no problem winning the title, but as Francis said, we have to do it on a consistent basis. It is games like our next one against Watford that are potential banana skins, while we are certain to put up a strong fight against teams like Bayern Munich or Man City.

Come on Arsenal, get your act together and fight in every single game!

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. I’m still buzzing about the win I went on this United site to see what they were saying and I couldn’t believe the compliments they were giving to us! It made me so proud to be a gooner!

    But now like Coquelin said, it’s all about consistency and I think we can achieve that as long as we get the rub of the green regarding injuries.
    Onwards and upwards boys!

    1. I did sometimes get the impression that opposing fans aren’t nearly as derogatory as some of the usual suspects on here. I even had to ask one of them one time that when he hears another fan base slag off the Arsenal what does he do ..join in.

  2. Lets hope all our players return injury free from their duties and quickly start preparing for Watford and Bayern games as well. And then we face an in-form Everton side, which will be a difficult match.

  3. Yeah if we play to our full potential and with no injuries, we can win the title. Consistency is important. We have to win all our home games against our rivals and play for not to lose against them away. The trio of Walcott, Ozil and sanchez is important.
    I pray all players come back strongly after the break. We need to win against Watford convincingly. Spurs destroyed mancity and next game drew at swansea , so their earlier effort was in vein. We need to capitalize and play like that every game. The players need a wake up call after Olympiakos, wyh we need that call, we should be up for it.
    Need that top spot ASAP

  4. As much i have faith in the WOS trio against teams playing footbal as much as i don’t trust them againt teams parking the bus because they are weak physically
    But hey why not barcelona lack phisical players but scores loades of goals against teams parking the bus

  5. oh dear,ppl are as if arsenal hav suddenly become title contenders.for a club like arsenal,beating teams which gives space and time on the ball aint a big deal.when the team starts to defend consistently and is able to create chances against defensive teams who press,then u can say arsenal hav become title-contenders…

  6. I wont see us as title contenders yet but there’s the potential and urge to be,this is just one match,it was an amazing match, but i wont say beating one team makes us title contenders, lets forget talking, lets close our mouth in public, lets keep having those discussions as a family like the team agreed to show up on sunday.. but i know if everyone in the team agrees to turn up in every match then title will be ours. But lets skip the public talks about us challenging

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