Arsenal players can do Wenger a BIG favour and oust Mourinho

We do not know for sure exactly what is going behind closed doors across London, but I’m sure that I am not the only Arsenal fan that suspects that all is not sweetness and light over at Stamford Bridge this season. And if there really is a lot of tension and disagreement in the Chelsea ranks, then Arsenal could make it a lot worse.

Chelsea have already lost as many games in the Premier League this season as they did in the whole of the last campaign, but it is not just their poor performances and results that is the problem. The noise coming from the football media is that there is growing bad feeling between Jose Mourinho and the players, the staff and even the owner Roman Abramovich.

So this should give the Arsenal players extra motivation for the game tomorrow. If there is even a chance that another defeat against the Gunners could help to get Chelsea and Mourinho to part company, it should make the players give their all because everyone knows that the Portuguese pillock has shown the prof no respect whatsoever.

The manager always has his players’ backs and they need to return the favour at Stamford Bridge. If we beat them and Mourinho keeps his job, so be it, but if we can somehow play a part in his downfall then it would be a serious bonus. And you can imagine that losing to us would drive Mourinho mad and maybe cause him to say or do something that would make up the Chelsea owner’s mind. Fingers crossed Gooners.

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  1. I’d like both managers to disappear into the sunset.

    1. KickAssFan___ (For Peace To Reign, Join The AKBz) says:

      Urm, easy there bro. Today’s an important day and for once, one MUST be optimistic. We may lose, but we may also win. I choose to think we will win. But if we cannot beat them, then it should be a draw.

      Today, let’s make Arsene and the lads feel they are divine (yeah, make Arsene feel heaven), the last thing you want is a happy MAUREEN celebrating over Arsenal (us).

  2. deejay1952 says:

    I dont think abramovich will sack the chav sc*m

    1. coqBRIGADES says:

      IF ABRAMOVIC owner of arsenal,

      will he tolerate wenger?

  3. optimisticgooner says:

    A win today will not only break the stamford bridge hoodoo but it will also end chelsea’s title challenge this season. They are already 11 points behind leaders city and to lose today will make things worse for them. Not to mention that winning today will give us a 9 point lead over Chelsea as well!!! Can u believe that!!?! However, Chelsea are no pushovers and considering its on Stamford bridge today a draw too will be very beneficial if not a victory.

  4. dragunov762mm says:

    I don’t give a shit on Jose’s career. There’s no better time, we’ve to salting the wound. Arsene 1 – Jose 12, we should make it two.
    Gabriel present at the center is making me cool. At less we don’t have to worry about “Per run at his back foot” stuff.
    It will be no surprise if Jose will park the buses ,and then try to fast break. I’m sure our defensive line have their lesson from the Shield.
    At front, Theo should be the starter over Giroud and lets hope Alexis get his mojo back. Lets finish Jose dignity at the Bridge! COYG!!!!

  5. leo says:

    with so much money in cash reserves perhaps Stan Kroenke is insisting on holding ever bigger amounts in Arsenal in order to satisfy his creditors elsewhere that he always has a large supply of cash on tap if he should need to call on it
    kroenke completed his Rams takeover with an acquisition of 60% of its share capital in August 2010, less than eight months before paying £250 million to take his shareholding in Arsenal beyond 60% when the global financial system was in crisis

    1. coqBRIGADES says:

      This is what you could only get from pure BUSINESSMAN.

      The almighty MONEY only that matters to them.

      That’s the difference to TRUE sport businessman.


  6. davidnz says:

    Like Man U Chelsea have
    very high expectations.
    So it’s possible they will
    sack Mo if Arsenal win.
    I just can’t see Abramovich allowing Chelsea
    to doddle along all season in 12th.
    Arsenal of course have not sacked Mr Wenger
    despite 11 barren seasons such is the huge difference
    in the club’s outlook’s on big trophies.
    What would Mou do for the rest of the season?
    Travel the world spending his 20 mill payout package?
    Perhaps the MLS beckons?
    Never a dull moment with Jose that’s for sure.

    1. leo says:

      he could go to Milan given their situation & next season expect lot of managerial changes in many clubs klopp/guardiola/ancelotti all available

  7. leo says:

    Fans need to read on the Glazer article in guardian about how Manchester United will pay Malcolm Glazer’s six children £15m every year

    what if it happens with arsenal as well of course kroenke never brought arsenal by taking loan but he did take 3m from the club last season for some services

  8. donwest says:

    Bulshit all we need is d 3points i dnt care if chelsea sack mou!

  9. KickAssFan___ (For Peace To Reign, Join The AKBz) says:

    Today, I AM AN AKB. I give no f***k what Arsene does or doesn’t, WE MUST BEAT MAUREEN by any means necessarily.

    #Cockpower #FrancisCoquelin

  10. Classygunner says:

    I am looking forward to the day when this dissing and derogatory comments between the so called ‘WOB’ and ‘AKB’ will be a thing of the past

  11. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    The sacking of Jose, is not at stake at Stamford Bridge this morning for Arsenal to collect. Therefore the Gunners should not distract their thoughts & attentions from the business at hand by wayward thinking, but concentrate fully on wrestling Chelsea down to a 3 counts call to collect all the 3 points price and go home with them to Emirates Stadium. My starts: No! wait a minute, it’s strictly confidential. I won’t reveal them, save the opposition see them and read my moves. I leave it to the Boss to reveal them himself. a CFC 0-1 AFC full-time score line is a massive victory for the Gunners in their 2nd big game of the season.

  12. Dash says:

    Either we win, draw or lose, it’s all in Wenger’s hands. This is because Chelsea have shown this season that they can’t deal with pacy players (look at all their game this season). Teams play a very fast game with them. I will go for Theo as ST and tell him to make their defenders stay back, and also Ozil should drag Matic out of position so Cazorla can bomb forward, task Coq of neutralising any supplies from their MF to their ST. and as for Hazard, he can’t outrun Bellerin but he can with his tricks so Ramsey comes in there. And also Gabriel should try to make Costa get frustrated so he can play woefully…And 1 more thing, can we shoot more from outside of the box? It will be a tight and close game but if Wenger get his tactics right, I do not see a Chelsea win here, the max they could get is draw.

    Opinions divided. What do y’all think?

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