Arsenal players confused by Emery tactics the latest uncorroborated nonsense

Checking through the latest Arsenal headlines I could not help seeing a variety of headlines claiming all sort of problems between Unai Emery and his players.

Naturally, I looked into this latest breaking news, it could be huge if it was true and would explain some of the events we have seen in recent weeks.

Well, I did the clicking through the articles until I came to the original source of this sensational news, it was non-other than John Cross at the Mirror.

I should have known better really, Cross is an avid Arsenal fan but he really has little credibility when it comes to breaking Arsenal news and it is clear he has no insider knowledge, not with the number of times he gets it wrong.

Of course, I read through the article and there were not any sources to any of the information he was claiming to be true.

It literally read like an opinion piece with unsubstantiated claims that anyone could have written in deepest Macedonia (the land of fake news).

Apparently, the players are confused by Emeryโ€™s tactics, they could not understand his formation against Liverpool, they struggle to understand his English and he bores the hell out of them with his analysis.

Fans have been guessing these issues for weeks, just read some of the comments on this site but because John Cross at the Mirror writes about something in a way that claims it is authoritative it is then copied and spread all over the place and takes on a life of its own.

These are the facts, Cross has no clue what the relationship is between the players and manager, it is all guesswork and nothing more than uncorroborated nonsense.


  1. It was very apparent that the players are more familiar with 4-2-3-1, so let’s just stick with that and introduce 4-3-3 or other formations gradually

    They also had a problem when Wenger used a three-CB formation, but they eventually got used to it

    1. The 3 CB formation worked when Per was playing because he would play like David Luiz – often moving forward to break up play far from our box.

      Now that we have Luiz and Emery reluctant to play Torreira as a DM, it could still work with Holding, Luiz and Chambers/Socratis as 3 CBs out of which Luiz plays closer to midfield.

      With 4-2-3-1 it will not work if the two are Xhaka and anyone else but Torreira.

  2. admin martin, exactly like your “five underperforming players” piece though isn’t it?

    I realise that “justarsenal” is not as big as “The Mirror”, but at the end of the day it’s all about opinions isn’t it?

    Both you and Cross, as effective mouthpieces (not meant as a slur martin, because I admire your work) of each publication, are in a unique position to air your views as leading headlines, with comments that are biased to your views, a human tract in all of us.

    On “justarsenal”, we have an opportunity to discuss and agree/disagree…unlike The Mirror.

    This is what a democracy is all about, along with free speech…please continue your excellent work, but don’t criticise those who do exactly the same as you do…voice their opinions.

    Some of us have been saying that it looks as if UE has lost some of his authority for a little while know – time will tell.

  3. 4-3-3 is best…first team
    Bell. Chambers holding Tierney
    Torrer gundez
    Peppe lacca. Auba

    Second team…
    Amn. Sok. Luiz. Kolas
    Xakai. Willock
    Nelson martinelli. Saka.

  4. I don’t know why people still claim that John Cross is an Arsenal supporter. I can not imagine that an Arsenal supporting journalist would be the architect of many negative and untrue stories about a club they support. As a result of the real crisis of confidence at Old Trafford, there is a desire among the Anti-arsenal brigade in the media to manufacture a similar pressure at Arsenal, hence the nonsense about squad unhappiness with the tactics by the Coach. It’s so blatant,but the sad thing is many Arsenal fans will buy into it because it feeds into the doubts and misgivings about the Coach they already hold.

  5. 4-3-3 is best….1st team..
    Bell Chambers holding Tierney
    Torrer. Guddenz
    Peppe. Lacca. Auba…

    Second team…
    Amn. Sok. Luiz. Kolas
    Xakai. Willock
    Nelson. Martinelli. Saka

  6. You can see the way we play sometimes that players are confused with the tactics. Leno takes a goal kick and we have a player standing on each corner of the six yard box. Leno kicks it to Guendouzi in the โ€˜Dโ€™ on the edge of the box, fรนcks it up because he has 3 opposing players around him, they score a goal and our 3 players in the box blame each other.

      1. Love that one QD, the real kicker is it’s actually true AND to make matters worse, Leno seems to have to pass to them!!

        1. And before Leno even touches the ball down on the ground 3 opposition players are ready at the edge of our box.

  7. We already moved on from this senseless rumour long long ago. We always knew it was the handi-work of mischievous confusionists.
    Don’t you worry. The critics will be shamed this season.
    Liverpool and the band of mercenaries (ManCity) will both stutter when “their” period comes. And as a direct result our beloved ARSENAL will be gifted the title-clinching chance. And boy do I hope we seize that chance.

    Untill then, stay positive for our club. Support Emery and the players through thick and thin. TAfterall that’s what classy supporters of a classy club like ours do. We ain’t no Chelsea.

    Time to claim ManUtd’s scalp.

  8. Ikea Arsenal is actually only the 9th strongest team in the PL.
    Emery inherited 20 of Wenger’s garbage dead wood.
    Because of Wengers financial mismanagement the club can not yet build a decent defense.
    Leno is bang average.
    Socritis Mustafi Luiz are useless
    Xhaka and Torreira are Championship level at best.
    Arsenals defence in front of goal is the worst in the Premier League.
    The league now has 9 teams who can make top 6.
    If Emery makes top 6 it will be a miracle.
    For 14 years the AKB’s blew smoke up the Frenchmans deriere.
    14 years with out the title.
    But the AKB’s used their maxim.
    When Arsenal wins Arsene is a genius
    When Arsenal loses it because Arsenal is on a shoe string budget.
    So I apply the same maxim to Unai Emery.
    When Ikea Arsenal wins Unai is a genius.
    When Ikea Arsenal loses it’s because Arsenal is on a shoe string budget.
    If Ikea Arsenal gets a point or wins at OT Unai is a genius.
    If we lose it’s because Unai is on a shoe string budget.
    Worked for Wenger 14 years and “fans” blew smoke up his deriere
    So many Arsenal plastic hypocrites.

    1. Over ยฃ200 million spent on players last 2 years but “on a shoe string budget?”

      Do you think first or just type that garbage without thinking?

      Wind up artist at best; honest analysis seems to have left you far behind.

      Come back to Earth, the thin air up there is making you hallucinate again.

  9. Am also confused by the tactics! Why do we have to play out from the back? Why does Leno pass the ball to Luiz a foot away only for him to hoof it foward? Does Leno have dead legs? Can’t he hoof it foward himself?

    1. QD, as of now, martinez is number 1 for me cos of his dynamism in this playing from the back sh*t. He has command. F not for playing from the back we would be on equal points wth city. I know Emery will never pick Martinez ahead of Leno cos Leno follows the coach’s instruction stupidly even if it puts him n danger 9 times out of 10.

    1. Declan, I wonder how long it takes him to come out with this rubbish?
      Still it won’t be long before he has to address his own team, especially after Colchester wiped the floor with them.
      Eddie had the right idea when he said just ignore him, but I find it, in a completely nonsensical way, compelling reading, just because I have never read anything like it – apart from my great grand-daughters nursery rhyme books!!

  10. Communication seems a logical key to managing and coaching this day and age. I have always wondered how effective Emery could be in this department with his (still) poor English.

    He might be a better manager than it appears but he might be impeded in his ability to get his ideas and nuances across to his players because of his lack of language skills.

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