Arsenal players move fast to comfort Granit Xhaka after fan abuse

Three senior players visit Xhaka at home after meltdown.

The effect of being booed off on Sunday was so bad for Granit Xhaka that three of the club’s senior players visited him at home.

Xhaka has been made the scapegoat for an underperforming and it has begun to get to him.
On Sunday, Arsenal put in another poor performance at home after Crystal Palace came from two goals down.

When the 27-year-old was substituted, he mouthed swear words towards the fans as they booed him off.

Unai Emery has condemned his action and it seems he may be stripped of his captaincy.

Reports from Express Sports claims that three senior players from the club had to visit Xhaka at home to lend their support to him after the abuse.

The visiting player’s identities are unknown but when they say senior players it’s not hard to work out who.

What is clear is that he hasn’t been pulling his weight as the club’s captain and has lost the fans. However, he is not the only player performing well below their best.

Arsenal returns to action midweek when they face Liverpool in the Carabao Cup at Anfield. The fans will be hoping they can beat the Reds with Jurgen Klopp set to ring the changes.


  1. Look, truth is the fans are really mad at Emery, yes everyone of us know, the whole world knows Xhaka is mediocre but the truth is Xhaka is suffering from Emery’s incompetence.
    If Emery had stayed true to normal coaching strategies, this scenario could’ve been avoided.
    Every body knows when a player is out of form, he needs to be dropped till he picks back his form.
    I was watching ESPN analysis yesternight on YouTube.
    Xhaka misplaced 23 passes.
    Tackles won, just 3.

    Players needs protection from managers too not just the club.
    This is where Emery could’ve stood up.
    Mustafi was criticized by everyone, and he was dropped.
    Ergo, Mustafi went off the radar and slowly is putting up good performances right now.

    If only Emery cut his favouritsm bûllshît and Xhaka was dropped, this situation wouldn’t have happened.

    1. Xhaka is a prat full stop, he has no defence for what he did, he is the captain. Mustaffi, arguably is being a bigger man than both Ozil and Xhaka, he is getting his head down and playing when called upon, no histrionics or hissy fits. They all get paid handsomely, the least they can do is try their best to prove their worth. Mustaffi is the role model thay all should be following, not being a baby.

      1. Yea? What are you saying? Do you see anyone defending Xhaka’s reaction? Let’s preyed Emery didn’t drop Mustafi and played other while insisting on playing with an out of form Xhaka.
        Let’s all pretend there was no way this could’ve been avoided in the first place

      2. Reggie, so why have you dragged Ozil into this?

        He has got his head down, played when asked too and hasn’t ever abused the fans, who chant his name at every game…do you actually go to the Emirates?
        He has never taken his shirt off, or sworn at the fans, but you try to paint him with the same brush as Xhaka!!!

        Know your facts before you start trying to accuse somebody – this has been about Xhakas actions on Sunday, nothing more and nothing less.

    2. Eddie, misplaced passes is a common occurrences without players it was highlighted because of the yesterday incident. That is while I will never support Emery. His tactics is poor, his game plan no existence. He just want our players to run around and pass a lot in circles in slow motion, no urgency and no purpose. I will never blame or boo any of our players to the extent that I have seen some fans do. However Xhaka was wrong yesterday and so do our fans but what I will never accept is seeing some double or multifaceted fans ( who abuse these players on daily base )play victim because they spent on the club. I will never get upset if Emery tells me to fcuk off because I criticize and call him every day. We should be able to take as much as we give. This is my opinion and I believe this issue is being overflogged. Nobody is talking about the that is responsible for this and I have even seen a few who are blaming this on Wenger. 😀😀😀😀

      1. This is why I will always support Ken on this forum.

        Not supporting Xhaka’s behavior but I won’t take such behavior from the fan either when many of them can deem it fit to abuse my pregnant wife on instagram?

        How many of you hear will keep quiet after you kept for years of abuse and all of a sudden they started abusing your wife on social media?

        Not happy I’m defending Xhaka cos I don’t like him as a player but I will never condone such act from the fans.

        I will do worse than what Xhaka did even if I’m a legend like Henry. I don’t care destroying my legacy cos of it.

    3. Eddie, spot on this team will crumble further if Emery stays, he really doesn’t have a clue and that will inevitably have an impact on all the players,.

  2. Ahhhhhh Xhaka there there big hugs with your £ 100,000 a week money are those nasty fans booing you

    It’s so horrible of them, it’s not like they have a vested interest or pay money into the club is it
    It’s a crime the fans are allowed an opinion lmao

  3. Plus, when i read a story about people and no names are given, i dont give it much credibility. Names and it is a story, no names its a rumour.

  4. Maybe the senior players told Xhaka to up his game and cut out the needless fouls.

    Fans took it too far with Xhaka, and their ire should be aimed at Emery. Second, Xhaka should be stripped of captaincy and benched for next couple weeks. Best thing for him and fans, to separate them.

    I’m most upset at Xhaka being a human shield for Emery, our coach knows it’s about the poor results, but isn’t taking responsibility for his mismanagement.

    No leadership from captain, none from manager, none from management, none from board, none from ownership. That’s the root of the problem, and Emery needs to step up or step off.

    Feel a bit sorry for Xhaka, but don’t expect fans to cheer after 3 years of sub par garbage performances.

    Blowing 2-0 lead again EVERYONE should have seen that coming.

    1. Exactly my point👍
      Xhaka is Emery’s shield, it’s almost as of he knew what he was doing.
      During the same analysis I was watching last night, the pundits were three, and two kept on asking “Who? What club on earth have you seen taking off their captain in situations like that?”…. “In situations where the squad needs leadership and someone pushing em, who TF takes off their captain? And twice in a week at that!”

      They asked and you know the answer they gave?
      “Nobody, no club does that”.

      Begs the question, Emrlery knew this man was really struggling, he knew Xhaka was poor and yet he kept on playing him only to take him off when we need goals.
      The same thing he did in the Sheffield Utd game was what he dis yesterday. They were questioning why he was on the pitch in the first place if Emery knew he was gon take him off when he needed to turn things around.
      They ended up really blaming Xhaka for his reaction but also they blamed Emery.
      That’s the honest truth.
      Emery is using Xhaka as a shield.
      Can you imagine? Since yesterday nobody is questioning why we losing 2 goals lead second time this season under just ten games. The whole attention is now on Xhaka.
      Why the main culprit for the club’s form is Emery

  5. “Xhaka has been made the scapegoat for an underperforming and it has begun to get to him.”

    This true.

    When you ask players to play differently by chasing the ball around to find yourself out of position, then it is bad. Fans see it as being the players fault. Well, stupid fans at any rate.

    The system the player is executing matters. The poor results are due to the system implemented by the manager/coach. When world class players–Xhaka is a mainstay for the Swiss team that is at the low end of European football–are unable to deliver then it is the fault of the manager/coach.

    Not only Xhaka, but also all the other players. Xhaka should be just in front of the back line, coming up for a long shot on occasion. He passes long well, something that is not in use with Emery ball.

    Ozil is not used, as he refuses to play chase the ball for nothing. Why do that when the won ball is brought out from the back to concede goals, allow shots on goal that is the worst in Europe.

    Ozil does not think much of Emery. Ozil is correct.

    Many fans thought Emery was the answer. The real problem is Emery. The players are seeing this now. They can see it is a silly way to play when not spending on players able to play in that Emery way.

    Emery was winning initially as the EPL did not know how to respond. But, once they did see the problems tactically with Emery ball, Arsenal was shut down. Take Emery’s 20 games without a loss last season, and his stats are terrible.

    The reality is that Emery has no other ideas.

    Fans that boo their own are are not fans at all. Fans should boo the owners for not giving Wenger the money to buy a team like the one that is now assembled with well over €200M spent already. Wenger was rebuilding the team from the front. He was looking for money to land van Dyk. Imagine Wenger’s attack with a strong back four. That what he was looking to go back to. Koz would have stayed to help Wenger realize this system.

    1. Xhaka has made many fouls and no agency at all. Guenduzi is performing, Torreira too but because he knew he will be made captain so he’ll be playing 90 mins he became big headed. Luiz and Sokratis are main culprit of this underperforming team. Drop them. Holding and Mustafi are better plus Chambers as number 6 or holding midfiender. The coach should try new things coz he plan A is compromised. Period.

    2. JJ Pawn, this is the thing that others, such as Durand, Phil etc have been trying to get across since the.”not giving 100%” BS became the password to measure our players by.

      It wasn’t only UE who judged players by the perceived physical effort, body language, etc etc, it was also some of the more vocal of ourfans who, it seems, would rather have players aimlessly chasing around like headless chickens, rather than creative footballers playing attractive, attacking and meaningfull football.

      The abuse given out on here to players such as Ozil and Ramsey has been incredible and yet, these same fans cannot take it when their “right as paying fans” to abuse, is thrown back in their faces by the players they so readily feel they can attack at random.

      I don’t condone the action by Xhaka, but I understand and recognise why he stood up to these bully boy tactics…and I note, once again, this kind of player revolt has been simmering since UE took the coaching role and has no man management skills whatsoever – they need a coach who leads, not one who asks them who they want as captain…he is so weak, he hides behind the very players he hangs out to dry.

  6. Not a Xhaka fan and even one of the fan who hate to see him on the pitch but I won’t be sentimental I act as if I won’t do worst if I’m in his position.
    Mehn!!! Nobody can come at me like that and not even my boss and I’m been professional.
    Only Jesus can take that and maybe some guys who are a yes man.
    So I don’t blame him for his actions. He’s also human and not a machine.

    But still want him out of this club cos enough is enough. Had enough of this guy.

  7. My bet is Xhaka starts on Wednesday. For no other reason than it means he won’t get picked on the weekend.

    So gradually the starting XI is getting close to what most want to see. Just in an unorthodox way. Now we just need Luiz and Socrates to have a Bowyer-Dyer punch-up and out backline will be sorted

  8. The real culprit is Emery. Blow another 2-0 lead and Emery had no answer. Substitute Tierney with Kola when we need goals? WTF?

    That sub showed Emery was playing for the draw and not a win.

    We have a tremendous attack, yet 2 months into season Emery has no idea how to get them the ball. THAT is a poor coach with no answer.

    18 months and still hasn’t fixed the defense. Our midfield gets bossed consistently and Emery has no response.

    Emery hasn’t fixed anything in 18 months, he won’t fix anything in the next 6 months. He’s lost the fans, probably losing the locker room as well.

    Has ownership learned nothing from Wenger’s last 2 years? Easier to blame fans I guess. It’s only been 14 years; fans are so impatient and ridiculous.

    Go all in the transfer window, but go cheap and half-ass with Emery as “coach.” Only ownership and management surprised by our current state.

    Add Laca and Auba not signing extensions, suppose that’s fans fault too. They want to be chasing titles, so do fans.

  9. Well well well.
    We are saw this last season but we closed our eyes towards it just to justify our reasons for wanting Wenger out.
    3place , 6 games left and erupa final , Enemry blow it all up superbly but it was Wenger’s fault last season.
    Enemry brought the issue of 5 captains and caused fraction within the team, took him over 30gamez to pair our two best striker’s,start freezing players out of team even before season started.
    First it was tactical reason for dropping Ozil, next not training well, next there are others better than him and now it was a joint decision to drop him.same Ozil that was trusted by Mourihoo, trusted by Loe, trusted by Wenger and this coaches are well ahead of Enemry.
    I won’t talk about Xhaka behaviour,aslong ure Arsenal player u have my backing even most time am angry with how you play or caused us to lose matches u have my support hopefully hoping they sort there self out and we all enjoy the victories at the end of the season.
    Finally to all who hail Enemry as the saviour because he won 3erupa cup and throw Wenger 3league title and invisibility, 7Fa cups out of the window hope ure all enjoying the show , before you start calling people names because thier opinion is different from yours pls think of this WILL YOU BE HAPPY IF URE CALLED SUCH NAMES.
    Hopefully Arsenal sort there selves out in due time and if sacking the coach will solve this downward spiral be it if not let everyone sit and ask there selves what the hell is going On.

  10. Wanted Emery out at end of last season … So none of this a surprise … But whoeer was watching xhaka 4 years ago and thought this guys worth spending 35m on needs to find another job .. Oh just a minute

  11. To think of it, 5he ref actually did us in, I think we should focus on putting pressure on these refs and VAR fraudsters. Agreed arsenal didn’t play so well, Crystal Palace were gifted the draw. It was daylight robbery. With the way VAR is being operated in the EPL, the officials could determine at the beginning of every season which club comes first , second,third or fourth.They can decide the top our places. The bias and double standard is so glaring.

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