Arsenal players no longer have faith in Unai Emery and want a new manager

Arsenal players have lost confidence in Emery’s ability to turn things around.

Unai Emery has been under pressure for some weeks now as he struggles to get his Gunners players to turn their season around.

Their 2-2 draw against Southampton at the weekend completes six league games without a win for them.

Fans have already turned against the former Sevilla boss, but the club’s board have come out in defence of their struggling boss.

However, a report from Telegraph via GivemeSports is claiming that Arsenal players have joined the fans in growing tired of the Spaniard.

The report claims that most of the club’s players now believe that Emery has to leave for a new manager to come in and turn their season around.

Most of the players are reportedly confused about Emery’s tactics, his instructions and they feel they have no identity under the former Sevilla boss.

The source reportedly claims: “The problem is the coach. He still makes bad decisions and changes his tactics.
“There is no identity to the team and the players do not see any progress.

“The recent performances and results have had a big impact on the belief of the squad.

“Does anybody still think they can qualify for the Champions League under the coach? I don’t think so.”

Some of the players have previously come out in support of their manager but performances on the field seem to correlate with the fact that the players don’t understand his instructions.


  1. With other PL managers under pressure too the Arsenal hierarchy need to be working hard behind the scenes to secure a top coach. Potential targets could end up turning the season round for the likes of Everton and West Ham instead of us

  2. Like I have been saying, we should have 50 % defensive players and 50% and attacking players on the pitch. How can we have 7 defensive players and 3 attacking players on the pitch every match and expect to win the games and score many goals? We should play progressive, forward, quick one-touch football and cut out the holding on to the ball syndrome. Our ball exchange must be quick one-touch football combined with pressing off the ball. Only then will we begin to see dominance and quality football from the Players. I suggest a 4-1-4-1 system. If Emery can’t work things out, then Arteta should come in to change things by implementing the Man City training routine and methods to get the players firing like they are on steroids. COYG!






    1. A 4-1 solves central defensive hole, but if you keep sokratis instead of Chambers, then it is all useless. Then it is no midfields? You worst than Emery!

    2. Franko – I agree with your assessment that 7 defensive players are hardly going to help the from 3 score many goals.

      However, I think the issue of how we play is much more important than who we play.

      1. A team with 7 defensive players can’t play free flowing football. We have packed the bus many times with those defensive players and still conceded goals. One example is the game against Leicester when 4 players were ball watching the same player when he made a pass into the 18 yard box for Vardy to score. A good manager would have them press the player to win the ball or force him to pass backwards, thereby nullifying the threat.

  3. This topic/article is obviously thin on substance in that we don’t know what the players might or might not think. I have been a critic of Emery since late last season but this type of journalism is spitefull.

    What is most important is that the team plays like they have no passion or understanding of what is expected from them. It could well be they don’t like the way the manager want’s them to play or it could be that they try but just don’t understand what he really wants. And what he wants seems to change from game to game.

    This article is a bit cheap in not adding substance to allegation so I will add a cheap counter-argument: A team that no longer plays or believes in its manager usually doesn’t equalize a game in the 96th minute.

    Now: Arsenal board please, please, please, put an end to this needless usffering of manager, and fans by doing to obvious and bring in a new manager NOW!!!!

  4. I used to get angry,come on this wall and rant all I could.But nowadays if you’ve noticed I am a cool guy.I wait for match days,grab my beer then sit and enjoy the soap opera.Characters like Sokratis make my day with their antics and even when we lose to relegation candidates I leave a happy man because that’s what we have become nowadays.
    I know that our board won’t fire this clown coz they can’t pay him off.I hope we finish the season as a premiership team,as at now even position 15 is welcome for me.However every new day its becoming harder and harder.Imagining us in the championship next season with Charlton & Bolton is just suicidal.I just hope it won’t get to that.

    1. At this point, I could live with him but only because I have accepted that we will fall behind the top 5 teams. I expect Mourinho to get positive results with Spurs and Man U to hire an experienced manager and invest more funds to rebuild. Arteta looks light in that regard but is worth a gamble. He learned from the best IMO and is supposedly a bit of a genius himself so if he can deal with the burden of being a manager and the scrutiny that comes with it, he could develop into a good manager.

      Anything but Emery. (although I think Freddie would mean the writing off the remainder of the season since I don’t see him as a long term boss.

      1. I’m not sold on him, if I’m honest Truth. But I’ve had more than a gutful of Emery! Desperate times call for desperate measures! After Saturday, I said I didn’t care who comes in, just get him out!!!
        He might even surprise us!

        1. I like Arteta because he knows the club, he must like the way Pep plays or a variation of that which is very much in the line of the positive football Wenger stood for.

          The only questions about him would be:

          Can he be a manager instead of being an assistant?
          Can he demand respect from the players even if he makes unpopular decisions
          Can he inspire an emotionally flat squad

          If the answer to those questions is yes, he could become a longer-term solution.

          I would welcome him and I would give him time. And I prefer him over Allegri.

          1. Going to be a crazy few weeks! All these names doing the rounds.. Nuno is now the bookies favourite! Can you believe it??
            You make some fair points, Truth 👍

      2. Arteta will do well, he is going to start with more attack minded players and drill the team in pressing with energy. Mark my words.

    2. How I wish Sue.Have you ever been desperate? This are desperate moments at the Arsenal.How did we get here?

    3. I believe Arteta can make us play the Arsenal way again. I need the pace and forward runs of another Rosicky, the flair of another Carzola, the dribbling ability of another Hleb and the pass of another Febragas in a one-touch football.

  5. He has to go, if they keep him they will risk losing Auba and Lacca,these players do not look happy about life under Emery in fact Laccazette looked positively embarrassed that he may have kept Emery in the job when he equalised,these two are our best two players, the board need to act now or they will be off as soon as somebody comes calling.I am confident that Emery is the problem here and that these players and Ozil will be happier with a better coach.

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