Arsenal players pay their respects to NBA legend Kobe Bryant

Arsenal players take to Twitter to give their respects to basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

This is not a usual type of post for JustArsenal but sometimes legends transcend different sports and Kobe Bryant is one such legend.

The 41-year-old LA Lakers legend died today along with five others in a helicopter crash just outside Los Angeles, shocking the sporting world.

Dani Ceballos and Alexandre Lacazette have already taken to Twitter to express their sadness and no doubt more Arsenal players will follow.

Celebrity Arsenal fans like Piers Morgan have also expressed their shock and disbelief at what has occurred.

This truly is a sad day for all sports fans. Bryant was one of those rare breeds of athletes that sporting fans worldwide loved to watch.

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  1. Oh My God! what kind of a world is this, what kind of life is this, what an ugly sordid world. Kobe was my hero even though I was not a serious basketball fan. Jeez..I AM DEVASTATED…RIP KOBE rest in peace brother. The world is definitely less without you. Just two days ago, I was watching you in an interview on CNN, now this…

  2. Yeah , I heard this news, im glad we are re!ating it here. He is a legend! 41 is so young. but to hear that his daughter 13, was also in crash is really tuff.

    Lived in NY for a decade, saw Jordan and then came Kobe! NBA is great stuff!

    Tomorrow is no promise to no one, for sure, may he rest in peace with his baby girl forever!

  3. iam in Zimbabwe a forgotten country a country economically sad but what pushed me on as a young man was kobe Bryant s drive to success he was an inspiration he made impact in our lives WE ARE ALL IN SHOCK MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE

  4. RIP kobe!Beside me being a football maniac I love basketball and off course athletics I remember had a Lakers shirt with Bryant on it. Condolences to family πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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