Arsenal players put in a perfect performance on Twitter

As a die-hard Arsenal fan I felt bloody nauseated having to see so many tweets on Twitter from Tottenham players and their wannabe fans on Wednesday night and for most of Thursday, it seemed as if they had taken over the platform, but not now;, our players have retaken Twitter and did it a little differently than our bitter rivals, our boys did it with class.

Hat trick hero Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang summed up what we are all feeling right now.

Then he had this to say..

And retweeted this beauty of a tweet

Then there is this from Aubameyang’s partner in crime Alexandre Lacazette

Rob Holding has a good memory

And of course, Petr Cech is right, this is his destiny..

This is so classy from Shkodran Mustafi towards our beaten opponents

A simple tweet from Alex Iwobi

It is that way, Laurent…

Henrikh Mkhitaryan issues a rallying call

What a great picture tweeted from Bernd Leno..

We appreciate the dedication from Sokratis…

There are more, many more but I have to stop at some point and after the revolting tweets from Wednesday night it was such a relief to see these beautiful tweets from the lads instead of apologies or worse, the spuds taking the piss.

We won, we are going to Baku and the battle for Twitter supremacy is not over yet.

London is Red and soon Twitter will be Red.


  1. Twitter in general; ugh! What a waste of time when you can only utter a soundbite at best. It is for those with little attention span, which means youngsters only. Sign of how education in the true sense has been dumbed down steadily, since the social media has increased. Not for me and never will be while it is limited in what you can write.

    1. Agreed a glorified forum for trolls and bully’s to hide behind their computers,never used it never will .

  2. “We won, we are going to Baku and the battle for Twitter supremacy is not over yet.”
    Battle for Twitter

    What a load of crap!! This whole social media obsession thing I’d why most of our past heroes normally tear into the team got being social media freaks.
    One win and noe everyone is out saying stuffs, what happens if we the final then?
    Arsenal fans will shut down Twitter?
    Yes we’re all happy, let’s celebrate but let’s keep our foot on the ground, let’s leave everything till when we have the trophy in our dressing room.

    1. The players must be very happy because it’s been a while since they had an emphatic away win

      They need to stay focused and work with similar ethic before facing Chelsea. Stay out of social media if possible

  3. Seriously I’m not taking anything away from folks using it but I think most people tend to become less sensible when it comes to Twitter.
    Arsenal players for the past five years or so have been obsessive over Twitter

    1. That’s every footballer in general. Social media is much more prevalent even in just 5 years.

      1. Probably because his teams supporters are giving him loads of bOught it up because ……..

        1. Was that a question? Because the team has just won a massive game everyone is buzzing apart from him … is that ok with you num nuts

          1. Num nuts ? good one
            Yes it was a question you bought it up because ,you wanted to make something out of nothing .
            Like you said the team just won so why bring ozil into it if not for staring more crap towards him

    1. he almost completed his goal of being completely invisible for 60 minutes. Blew it with his shush at the end. Just couldn’t help himself

        1. Someone gave Mkhitaryan a rating of 4! How he earne such a high rating is totally beyond me. Maybe 2.5 at the most. One of of our more useless players. Bet he’s one of the first to go!

          1. he’s done more yesterday than Ozil did, that’s for sure. It’s a European semi-final and even our strikers are busting their backsides closing down Valencia players and ozil is strolling. He wasn’t involved in our counterattacks, only played one good ball all game to Laca. He is only good at not losing the ball. And that depends on the game. He’s had 4 EPL assists since signing his new contract, and two top strikers for him to play with. Why are our standards so low? He’s not that much better than Miki anymore.

            1. I have it on good authority that a child of 6 would be better than Miki! And the child of 6 would be able to deliver comments with sense, not just jump on the ‘I hate Ozil’ bandwagon along with the rest of the brainwashed masses. Does it hurt too much to actually think, reason things out and realise what is actually happening on a football field?

              1. You compare a 6 year old child with a professional footballer playing at the highest level, then you ask RSH to use his head and think… ?

  4. You know I just realized that if Arsenal win in Baku then United is gonna be the only top 6 side not in the Champions league next season… that coupled with their rich Neighbour’s taking the league and united not being part of the four English sides making Europeans history ought to tighten up the old sphincter ??

  5. Mustafi and ozil don’t seem excited. I love ozil,but the one of two years ago. I love you lacazette,not much goals as Abu,but still love you.
    So unfortunate you would heard to Barca and team up with messi to take us out in round 16 next season. We are winning EL…YAGUNNERSYA

  6. I love both Lacazette and Aubameyang because they respect each other and like each other. Also there combined 48 goals in all competitions (29 for Aubameyang and 19 Lacazette). These two are two of the BEST strikers in the Premier league.

    I also love Torreira and Guendouzi and Koscielny

  7. I wish the players would let the quality of their football do the talking for them. Acknowledging the fans af the end of a match would help too.

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