Arsenal players ratings v Southampton – there is a 2 and a mighty 1

Some of the Arsenal players can hold their heads high but some should hang theirs in shame.

Where to start? I am so deflated I cannot tell you. Actually, I do not need to as I know you all feel exactly the same.

This was as bad as it gets. Arsenal was so lucky that Southampton is woeful finishers, we could so easily have lost this game.

Anyway, enough whining, here is the player ratings.

Leno 6
He saved a penalty and was unlucky with the rebound and when you consider how many shots he has to contend with he at least deserves a half-decent rating

Bellerin 4
He did try but he looked unfit and yet he is not. His crossing was poor, his runs were ineffective and Southampton got far too much joy down the right.

Chambers 5
Very average but I have to ask, what did he do so wrong that he gets subbed and Sokratis stays on the pitch?

Luiz 4
Poor performance, we were playing Southampton and he looked ragged, imagine the joy Man City will have in a few weeks against him. He is a senior player and a leader yet spent half the afternoon blaming others for his errors.

Sokratis 2
An absolute liability, nothing more to say.

Tierney 6
Would have got a seven if it was not for the penalty. It was soft but never give the ref an opportunity to penalise you. The young lad did just that. However, he was effective down the flanks and was the shining light in a rank poor defence.

Torreira 5
He just looked knackered. He was full of energy early on but with so much pressure invited on because of the formation, he had almost no opportunity to be at his best.

Guendouzi 4
What did he actually offer? Yes, on occasions he made the odd tackle but that was about it. Energy and passion are not enough.

Ozil 8
Did very well in the first half and at one point was our last defender, could not believe my eyes. Not his fault the whole set up negates his creative talent. He showed passion and looked as if he actually cared. Hats off to him.

Lacazette 8
Arsenal man of the match, he saved us the loss. He was all over the place trying to make things happened so much so that he ended up playing more in midfield than in attack.

Aubameyang 4
I love Auba but that was no captains performance. He was largely anonymous and was generally poor.


Pepe 3
I so want this lad to show us what he really has but again he disappoints. He could have scored but really his contribution was almost zero and this game was perfectly set up for him with so much space available. Has to do better.

Willock 7
Saved the game with his goal-line clearance, had a chance of scoring as well and he was only on for 15 mins including injury time.

Martinelli 5
Average rating, did nothing much when he came on but hardly his fault was it?

Emery 1
Has to go, no ifs or buts.


  1. Martinelli should have got higher. He had an assist to Lacazette

    Ozil should have lower

    Tierney and Lacazette are my MOTM. Solid defending and an Assist from Tierney and 2 goals by Lacazette

  2. Why did u think Ozil should have Lowe @ innit. He was basically the only player active in our midfield. He attacked well and defended well too. What would ozil actually do to hv u praise. Even in a shit set up, he still show spirit and played with heart today. He ceeared the chance that lead to our first goal. I guess he needs to score hat tricks every game to satisfy u.

    1. @OK- it’s because he is an idiot.He DOSENT rate Ozil and let’s everyone and anyone know this.But let’s just remember it is @innit who had Mick McCarthy on his list of preferred Managers to replace Emery and stated only yesterday that Wenger NEVER bought a DM to the Club ( Viera Petit Gilberto Song Coqulien ) and NEVER played with one ( Viera Petit Gilberto Song Coqulien ).
      Honestly he is blinkered from reality.He tries to be the Son of @ Got No Idea. Says it all

  3. So painful to watch my team struggle to move the ball every week. What can I do? Nothing… Can’t force the board to sack. I’m giving up… I love Arsenal..

  4. Martinelli has the best ball control in the entire team. He can go forward with the ball like players similar to Willian, Pulisic, Sterling, Son, Moura. He needs to start more games, as a winger.

    Lacazette the only won who tried his best rewarded with two goals. More of a Captain than Aubameyang if I say so myself. No way is Aubameyang Captain material.

  5. This is showing now how much Wenger is missed and hard to fill his suit. He was beyond a coach and best one. Sacked for being too demanding, when Suarez, Kante wanted to join him, Kroenke ruined both deals back to back, Kroenke low life refusing to pay 45M!

  6. It’s so painful seeing this week in week out. The formation was poor, the tactics was even more poor. We keep conceding shots on goal. I wish Laca didn’t score that goal but Southampton were poor in finishing. I’ve said all I want to say. This man can’t take us anywhere and I wonder why the Arsenal hierarchy can’t see this. I don’t think they care about football or even us the fans

  7. FYI Arsene Wenger managed to get into UCL knock out stage with a team that had fabianski, djourou, squilacci, André Santos, Frimpong, Benayoun, Chamack….

    Imagine if Unai had this team. LOL….and people thought Arsene was a fraud!

    1. If Wenger had these set of players in Arsenal today, we would have been fighting for the 2nd or 3rd position at least.

    2. I think we are getting carried away here. Under wenger, competition was not as tough as it is now. If Wenger was still our coach, with the current competition, I can assure you we will still be as bad as we are now. Emery is not the answer. Neither is Wenger.

  8. Why would you rate players if you give a generous 1 to players mate?

    How can we play with such a crazy formation? Simply nuts; 8 players to defend is crazy, for players even more so, all lost.

    The changes are just pure insanity; takes Chambers, Bellerin, Torreira to leave Tierny alone with Luiz sokra in defense! What da heck! Southampton couldn’t believe, it was a total joke, they ended missing as much it was absurd. Score should 5-2 and Wenger back urgently!

    1. Come on now, with Wenger, we know this team formation would be different

      Bellerin Chambers Holding Tierney
      Niles Willock
      Pepe Laca. Auba

  9. Any coach would play this team at least once! Or Chambers infront of CBs ! How can he gets formation soooo far from several better options is simply unreal. Like some betting scam going on with Kroenke!

  10. Please do not rate players if you rate coach kis zero when it comes to put right formation and tac tic for it! Thanks mate!

      1. Be carefull what you wish for Mogunna !…………………I visited Santa Claus, sat on his knee and was just about to wish for Emery to be sacked when Santa said to me……..” Good Ebening !”……………….not sure if I dreamed that, but I am on drugs since our last league win ! hahaha

      2. I do not think his job is safe. Please recruit Pochetino now. He is available. don’t wait till tomorrow

  11. Not sure rating or taking it on Emery is worth time, not fare. When you see a boxer KO and so dizzy , you must throw that sponge! Kroenke does not, Emery is completely dizzy KO! He saw a good performance and score reflecting game! He been talking dizzy for many rounds (games), to keep him up there is a discgrace to sport, beyond it is not human. The man is agonizing, beat up, face all blown up with pair of black eyes,bleeding! That’s business bllionaire crual world! Please someone call for help!

  12. Ozil dissapointed. He had two wide outlets in Bellarin and Tierney and two strikers and his best contribution was a flail shot on target. I thought Torreira played well in the first half, but he and Guendouzi trotting back just before the penalty was painful to watch. They can’t ask for cover if they are the cover. Even in the “desired” 4-3-3 people are clamouring for, they still would have had just Ozil ahead of them.

    1. If you watched the match closely you would see that Emery played Auba and Lacazette as wide wingers while playing Ozil in the centre. That negated any creativity that Ozil had to offer. That was Emery’s fault.

  13. How bad is Emery ?…………………….just watching X Factor Celebrity and can honestly say Vinnie Jonees is a better singer than Emery is a coach !………………..he is more in tune than Emery is !

  14. One thing’s for sure – I’ll be giving MOTD a miss later! Can’t remember the last time I tuned in after we won! 🙄

    I really am amazed there has been no news on Unai yet. So that means we’ll have more of the same on Thursday.. then we’ll lose against Norwich, with a Puki hat trick (Note: A drunk Delia won’t be needed). And we’ll have to listen to more crap about how Unai will turn things around! 😬

    Sorry I can’t be bothered to rate any of them! So fed up right now….

    1. A drunk Delia !……………….if we were doing ratings I wouldn`t give her one !……………….and I`m desperate ! ……………..not even if she kept begging….” lets be having me !” hahaha

      1. @Sue.. Surprised you haven’t heard anything about Unai Emery..? #Smiles…..

        The media are no longer surprised by Arsenal’s performance again.. I just hope we are not gradually levelling up with teams like Westham… It’s unfortunate….

        1. Yes Dickson……………..comes to something when even the media have accepted we are shite and cant be bothered to pan us ! ……………….I`ll be phoning The Samaritans if ever Adrian Durham feels sympathy for us ! 🙂

        2. My nephew is a hammer.. and I now know how he feels, Dickson! All he has to look forward to is a relegation battle and maybe a cup run, if he’s lucky. That is exactly where we’re heading!

      2. 😂😂👍 I had to laugh earlier, Le Coq when you said about some of your comments being binned. I think I’ve just managed to catch them before they’ve vanished.. and my fav to date, is the conjoined twins one 🤣

        1. Yes, the conjoined twins comment !……………it wasn`t even that rude in terms of langauge !…………..Jon Fox got that removed for complaining about it, before he come to terms with my humour !……….think he thought I was being serious ! hahahaha

  15. I agree much better from Özil than we’ve seen all season. Now in the right formation he can make things happen, but in the useless setup he was in today, it was impossible.

  16. Our current form is relegation stuff. If we cannot beat the likes of Palace, Southampton etc at home then we are well and truly screwed. Emery must be fired now and we should beg Wenger to come back until someone fit for purpose is hired. Emery FO!

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