Arsenal players reportedly miss playing under Arsene Wenger

Unai Emery’s tactics questioned by his players who miss playing under Arsene Wenger.

After 22 years at the helm, Arsene Wenger was forced to depart the Emirates. However, he remains a popular figure among some fans and players.

Unai Emery is into his second season with Arsenal, but the players seem to be struggling with his style of play.

Reports in the media claim that the club’s players have begun to question Emery’s tactics as the former PSG boss continues to change things up.

He started his reign with a high press before abandoning that style, he also wanted them to play from the back and has changed that too after a backlash from the fans.

In their last game against Wolves, Emery shocked everyone by going with a diamond formation as he looked to accommodate Mesut Ozil in the side.

The same report also claims that the tinkering of formation has left the players confused and they no longer know the club’s identity.

While the team had their bad times under Wenger, there was at least an identity of possession-based football and most of the club’s stars reportedly wish the Frenchman was their manager now.

Emery has another chance to impress the players and fans this weekend against Leicester City and the players will be hoping that they don’t get forced into yet another new tactic.


  1. A manager who sets up to play attacking football and gives players the confidence and freedom to enjoy themselves and express themselves on the pitch.

    A manager who sets up to play to our opposition’s strength and tactics instead of focusing on what we can do, who clearly is always scared of opponents, requests players must run like mad men and whose tactics got questioned even while he was on a 21 game unbeaten run.

    Who would you miss or cherish playing more under?

    Veratti had a lot of words to say about Emery and his tactics but we all chose to ignore it. 5 games into the season, Myself and a few others on here started questioning his tactics and approach but we got called names like plastic fans and glory hunters.
    I bet y’all âsses wouldn’t mind to be called worse than glory hunters if it means Emery getting sacked now.

    P.S: I’ve also read that some players are snubing Emery and turning to Freddie Ljunberg in trainings now as till now they fail to understand Emery and how he wants them to play

  2. of course they do. They could lose and nobody would hold them responsible. Too bad Emery is this plus horrible football.

  3. Even if much of the blame game is on the coach,these players too are not serious like they want to win.They dont sprint when they recover possession.Next they will miss EU when He’s gone

    1. You wouldn’t know if they are serious or not, with the strange ever changing tactics they are forced to execute – running around aimlessly like a headless chicken.
      …ever wondered why Ozil is having issues with the coach? It’s basically because he wants to stick to the system he is familiar with.

  4. Absolutely spot on John. I want Unai out and I don’t think we will miss him but I feel the players are also to blame. Does emery tell Ceballos to switch off and not track his man? Emery was actually right when he said his tactics worked on Saturday as we would have won 1-0 if it wasn’t for individual errors. As fans we don’t see alot of what’s going on. How many of you wanted Bellerin Holding Tienrey to make an instant return to the premier league? Emerys was shown correct as have all been very rusty against lesser opposition.

  5. Kroenke wanted to have fans put blame on Wenger but he did Miracles with no money for a decade, securing CL with academy.

    Stadium paid for in 2013, money was promised then and he had Suarez okay to come and term of his contract; Kroenke ruined a deal at closing, same for Kante year after, 2014/2015 season.

    The greed of Kroenke to save 5M had us miss on such players wanting to join! That’s precisely when Reds and City are going to take advantage and leave us behind, Kante going to reinforce Chelsea instead!

    This was supposed to be a new era and indeed Suarez wanted to join as he loved Wenger football and believed we were most likely to be champions, we sure will have been and even more so year later with Kante, Ozil, we would be champions til this day and won CL!

    He did all perfectly right and perfectly timed; stadium fully paid; he envisioned us make Emirates as special as Highbury with trophies back!

    So, indeed, the fans did not realise what Wenger had to put up with but we all remember how close we got to sign Suarez and Kante, but no one realise how pissed and crushed was Wenger to not be given these miserable 5M to secure those 2 key deals after all he had accomplished with no money and a stadium paid for.

    We then desperately bought Auba and Laca to solve attack but no money to buy another top player as a DM nor to buy a top CB to replace Vermalen. Just one top player per window in 2016.
    The transition years were 2013/2014/2015, then we couldn’t compete anymore in new market.

    Don’t get it twisted, 75M for Pepe is on payment plan, same for Saliba! We did have a 50M budget, Kroenke tricked us, flashing Pepe deal and Saliba Wich is 25M, not 35. Lille got 25 upfront, St Etienne 10 and Celtic 15. That’s 50, another 10 for Martinelli and Ceballos loan. That’s 60 but we sold for 15 at least. 45M!

    Look how Pepe’s trick comes back on Kroenke, a total lost so far, zero! We have young players as Nelson or Saka who can play on that side too.

    If Wenger had Pepe, he would not play him as everyone expects, maybe in center or on other flanks. He often comes in center to score. Don’t think he would have signed him but Koulibaly which was solving our central defense. Then you can play 3 in middle and attacking football, not 4 defending in middle!

    Kroenke treats fans like total idiots, messes up freaking Suarez, I couldn’t believe Wenger had him to agree, and Kante! But in the end get booed and kicked out of a stadium he built for us! We would be champions 5 times and CL twice at least with these 2 players!

    That’s the total messed up of that Kroenke, then had us kick our Prof from his home as a result year later! No wonder! Fans are like Kroenke, no respect for Arsenal or you don’t kick the ones who allows you to have this stadium!

    1. Mogunna, while I agree with the overall theme of your post, Wenger also changed the type of players, which had given Arsenal success. He preferred physically small technical players instead of tall physically and mentally strong players in midfield and defense. This allowed Arsenal to be bullied off the park by so called lesser opposition.
      If you look at the winning Arsenal teams, if the opposition didn’t want to play football, because they were worried they would be played off the park, Arsenal could match any team in physicality and “get down and get dirty”. That’s why teams were often beaten before they walked on the pitch. The fear factor has gone.

  6. Of course some of them miss Wenger, because Wenger spoilt them. Wenger’s leniency has been plaguing Arsenal till now, even after he left

    Had Guardiola managed Arsenal, he would’ve sent the social media celebs away. Guardiola’s and Klopp’s ruthlessness is something that I can’t expect from Ljungberg and Henry, if one of them replaces Emery

    I can’t believe the players miss Wenger’s slow merry-go-round passing style and the time wasting schemes. Most of them must have forgotten the 8-2 and the 6-0 defeats

    1. It took 3/4 seasons to have Liverpool where they are now next we should offload Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka and kolasnac and probably Laca and Auba and bring in better players from South America and Spain give Emery a chance

    2. they would lose 6-0 and still post on social media, saying sorry and that they’ll try harder next time… Was a joke. I know Emery isn’t much better but I miss nothing about the latter years of Wenger. Again, I’d rather the club search for the right manager and make some mistakes, than stick with the mediocrity and stagnation that Wenger let seep into the DNA of Arsenal. One that we are still struggling to get rid of. Emery is a clown, but a lot of these players are perfectly fine dropping points every week and it shows.

    3. @gotanidea
      Whenever one of you guys wants to dump on AW, you always throw those 2 matches out like they encapsulate his whole time at the club, as if it tarnishes all of his other accomplishments. It doesn’t, so save it, it’s gettin stale….

  7. Considering most of wengers players have departed and 90 % of the first team never played under wenger and lacca always came off after 60 mins in a huff every time, i doubt the validity of the claim. There is Emery bashing and there is utter garbage.

    1. Watch the foxes and blades play. They
      don’t indulge in marathon passing.
      They get their payers to run
      at defenders.
      Emery better relook his passing game

  8. Before putting on your rose-coloured spectacles and waxing on about Wenger in a nonsensical fashion get your facts straight…our former manager was well-aware of the real plan regarding the whole Emirates rouse and made a deal with the devil so long as Kroenke allowed him to run the show unopposed…if he was surprised by what eventually transpired and was the true caretaker of this club he would have spoken at some point about what was really going on behind the scenes…even when he was being raked over the coals, and rightly so, he never once offered up an honest commentary about anything Arsenal related…his silence spoke volumes…instead of recognizing things had gone stale and that it would be best for the club if he moved on so that we could cherish the memories and possibly attract the likes of Klopp or Pep, when they were available and had both expressed interest, he stubbornly stayed far too long…even Fergie, albeit they got it wrong, had a hand in the transition phase once he knew that his time was coming to an end…in the end Wenger had become a one trick pony, much like most of the players he brought in during his final years…let’s remember his last brilliant maneuvers led to the Sanchez saga, saw Ozil be awarded a ridiculous contract and ultimately saw Ramsey leave on a free transfer…if you really want to heap praise on someone focus on the tireless efforts of David Dein because once he left things were never the same

  9. I think it’s time we stop talking about Wenger and unimpressive Emery. I think if we go 9-10 points behind top 4 Emery will be sacked. And I for one will be incredibly glad if Arteta takes over. He has a no nonsense character and was a good captain for us. He knows Arsenal well and have been a good student to Guardiola. I really hope this happens.

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