Arsenal players set to accept 12.5% pay cut after all…

There were many column inches telling us that the Arsenal players had refused to accept the 12.5% paycut for the season, as outlined in the proposals put out by the Board, of which the five main points (as reported by the Daily Mirror) were….

* A 12.5 per cent pay cut for 12 months from April 2020 to March 2021
* The full amount is then refunded if Arsenal qualify for the Champions League
* If Arsenal do not qualify for the Champions League, no money is returned back
* If Arsenal fail to qualify for the Champions League, but qualify for the Europa League the cut becomes 7.5 per cent
* If the season does not finish and/or Arsenal does not get full money from broadcasters then they will ask the Arsenal players to find a “further solution”.

Now it seems that the players ARE going to agree to all these points, but with added incentives of:
* Their money back if they qualify for Europe either this season or the next.
* A 100,000 GBP bonus if they win the Europa League, and…
* A 500,000 bonus if they win the Champions League.

That last one is a bit far-fetched, to say the least, and the club could cover that by putting a fiver on with the bookies, as they would probably offer 1000/1 on that happening anyway!

Winning the Europa League is a bit more possible, but it would still take some massive improvement, and they would have to actually qualify for it in the first place!

But, the fact is that the players initially voted against this package, and I must stress that the paycut has not yet actually been agreed, it is just being reported that they are close to an agreement, so I would say: don’t count your chickens just yet…


  1. Yes ok, if its true, the minuscule pay cut compared to others who are furloughed or worse is a start. If the club has decided that that is enough to help us through the crisis then thats that. It just seems all to little too late but the little darlings will now have to tighten their belts to struggle and get through all this. I don’t know how they will manage, poor things.

  2. Arsenal will make the EL at least.
    7% is easy for those on huge salaries.
    What they buy like luxury cars + houses are set to drop in price by more than 15%.
    Disgusting that multi millionaires will there for actually profit from millions of others misery.

  3. The filthy rich are on a different planet to the rest of us. My experience with them is – the more they have, the more they want and the tighter they become! This will never change…..

    1. Oh No Sue! No indeed, and you are quite wrong to say this will never change. You are right in that they don’t wish to change but huge change will be forced on all of them for certain. You only need to see the clear way the land lies to know that without a shadow of doubt. Sheer world economics will enforce a massive salary reduction on all top level players and not mere deferreals either. Surely you can see that too?

      1. I was not just referring to footballers, Jon.
        I hope a pay cap is introduced… can anyone please explain to me why someone needs 500k a week to live on!!

  4. The time it has taken to reach this point suggests to me that they didn’t feel the need to show solidarity with the rest of the world until it was foisted upon them.
    Even then they want bonuses as part of the deal.

    1. Yes I’ve just heard that too. Very sad. He wouldn’t have got away with those tackles today! Mind you Peter Storey had a nasty streak and chopper Harris didn’t get that name for nothing

      1. R.I.P. Norman Hunter.

        Many a “feisty” clash with that particular Leeds side !

        Great mention of Peter Storey SueP (lets’ not go into his recent past !).

        A number of the “Storey era” side would not remain on the park too long after the first whistle in today’s game – ‘appy days !!

        Take care all.

  5. I have already declared war on all Prem players at all clubs, our own very much included, who have not already enacted cuts. Such as Mark Noble and KdB, plus a few others have shown their own humanity. But as for the others they are not only greedy scumbags but are also stupid and dull witted. They clearly have no idea of the massive fan backlash and even more massive still economic downturn that will cause them far more enforced wage cuts and permanently too, in the near future.
    MANY WILL BE FORCED TO LEAVE THE GAME ALTOGETHER AND I DOUBT A SINGLE FAN ANYWHERE WILL SHED A TEAR FOR THOSE IMMORAL COWARDS WHO ARE THICK IN THE HEAD AND THICK IN THE POCKET. Their thickness of head will remain but their thickness of pocket will drastically lessen and they will have no choice. Too stupid to see that, most of them!

    I also want to address the foolish Prem talks going on today to try to find a way of completing this season. As I have long said, completion will not and cannot happen. This season has already finished but they are too stupid and too pig headed to see this. They will be forced, in the end, to award all prizes as the current positions lie, with Liverpool as champions but with probably no teams relegated this season with WBA and Leeds, only, being promoted.

    1. Jon i wish you we’re right on this but unfortunately we have seen time and again that things will not change. When this virus is in the rear view mirror the outrage will soften and things will get back to normal.

      1. Enda. I really do not think so this time and I’ll explain why, if I may!

        Unlike many other previous bad times, everyone in the land has been affected in some measure and strongly too and it will go on in effect for some long lasting time, unlike bird flu, sars, CJD and other less damaging things, even the crash of 2008. In all those things only SOME were much affected but inTHIS, even such as Prince Charles, Boris and the rich, powerful and famous too have been much affected as well as countless other heroic folks, all of whom have close family and friends. The Thursday clapping has become a national symbol of our gratitude, not only to the NHS but to all who keep going in difficlut circumstances.

        IN EFFECT IT ILL BE MORE LIKE AFTER WORLD WAR TWO, when everything changed in society and the NHS was thus born and giant new attitudes taking shape. In my considered and worldly wise opinion, as I am near to 70, the defeat of Corona will be such a landmark moment. What will most linge is that we are all in this togther and no one, however rich, talented or powerful can escape it, just like in thee war. There has been too an oft underrated social revolution esp among younger folk, in social attitudes and the realisation thet inour global village we are all lined and one poersons misfortune may soon also be anotherw. In short , people are getting nicer and I esp credit the rise of female influence on decision making bodies around the globe for this progress. Women do not , by and large, start wars not fight them. Women are the peacemakers and the bringers of harmony(though a very broad generalisation I will freely admit).

        Though this Just Asenal site concentrates , in normal times, on narrow team and club matters, many on here are deeper thinkers and have much life experience to bring to more serious debates. I hope I am not blowing my own trumpet too much when I claim to be among those folk.
        So then my well meaning friend, I hope and believe your stance is not correct but we shall in the fullness of time see who is right.

        1. I agree Jon, football will always have a role in society but there will be a percentage, myself included, who will give less time and money to the greedy selfish sport. There will always be football fans but this virus will change peoples attitudes to numerous things, jobs, money, travel,the environment, down time, tv, holidays and leisure time. Football wastes so much and is run so badly and has tarnished its image so much, it will be far lower down on peoples to do list and financially take a massive hit, that they will all have to deal with.

        2. Jon I also hope you are correct and in the fullness of time I would gladly be proven wrong. Hopefully this man of half you’re years and life experience will be seen as a clinical non believer.
          Stay safe Jon

  6. As much as I moaned earlier… it’s nice to see Mustafi has marked his birthday with a donation to the Arsenal foundation… which will provide over 16,000 meals as well as other supplies to the vulnerable in Islington.. 👍

    1. Sue, this is what many have been suggesting – we have no idea what individual players are doing and contributing with regards to the virus effort.

      It’s all very well to call the players this and that, saying how they are ruining the club, but if one doesn’t know the facts, it’s all bluster and irrelevant.

      It seems that, if our players agree to the proposed cut in salaries, we will be the first club to have done so in the premier league – and here we are, finding out that, just this story, puts one of our players in a completely different light.

      I’m not sure what fans are asking for now, is it that our players should take pay cuts in order to save our billionaire owner money, which somehow or another will save our club – or is it to donate to the corona virus effort?

      If it’s the former, then we have no concerns it seems, as finally, Silent Stan has promised to give money to ensure our club will be able to survive the virus – at last some action from him regarding the clubs future!!!

      If It’s the latter, it seems that players have to announce to the world what they are doing, in order to show penance for their salaries, which (although grotesque of course) the club willingly agreed too!!!

      I am certain that other players are donating money to the cause – as we should expect them to…but how they do it is, surely down to them?

      The spud club is showering itself in wonderful PR, the latest being that Daniel Levi, following on from his reported £3 million bonus, has asked pochettino to take a cut in his severance pay, along with the backroom staff who were sacked with him.
      Plus, haven’t heard a squeak from their players!!!!

      Perhaps kronkie should approach Unai Emery as he was sacked as well, and ask for some money back.

      Of course, it’s The Arsenal that we are worried about, but this great mustafi story show that we have no idea what our players are doing away from the publicity seeking headlines – power to mustafi and every other footballer who is doing his/her bit without any fuss whatsoever.

      Perhaps an article on mustafi’s generosity wouldn’t go amiss, along with the news that the players have agreed to take the pay cut…something that SHOULD be made public and which I agree with, NOW IT SEEMS kronkie is doing the same thing…what’s 12.5% of $10 billion dollars?!?!

      Would have still preferred the other suggestion though, players donating 12.5% of their nett worth, as I wonder if the players cut in salary, is what kronkie is going to “gift” to the club as his part of the support he claims is going to happen?

      1. My only comments Ken are that you nearly always suggest that Kroenke should be doing more with his billions. You have quite rightly mentioned the goodness of Mustafi and the excellent behind the scenes work of football as a whole. There are many examples.

        I don’t know the answer to this but may be you do. Does Kroenke give generously to charity? I ask this as you think he should be taking a 12% hit like the players. It’s likely that his business and personal wealth will have taken quite a hit during this crisis but you frequently have to make the point about his billions. Not in an envious way of course, but as a political point. It sneaks into your reasoning. I’m sounding like a fan of his, but I’m not at all. His stewardship of Arsenal hasn’t brought the success we craved and bad decisions were made, but that is a different story.

        As much as I have described the tardiness of the players to forgo a small portion of their income they still wanted to make sure that it was covered by getting into Europe with bonuses. Try as I might to look at their actions in a better light I still see a big football family hanging on to their big pots of money. And human nature suggests to me that Kroenke and all the other mega rich out there want to protect their wealth and status too.

  7. Ken.. thinking about it, as much as I don’t agree with the amount they’re paid (not just AFC), if we were in their position, would we turn it down if offered to us?!

    That was a really nice gesture from Mustafi.. and no doubt over the coming weeks we’ll hear about more from other players.. I think sometimes Ken, it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon, without knowing entirely what’s going on behind closed doors..
    Wasn’t surprised about the spuds, not at all! I wonder if Poch and co agree to it??
    Ooh Ken with regards to your final paragraph – yes I wonder.. he’s guaranteed ‘millions’ will be injected.. have to wait and see and hopefully be pleasantly surprised!! And the club are also in talks with Mikel over taking a pay cut on his reported 5m salary..

    1. Sue, I couldn’t agree with you more – the bandwagon is well and truly on the road and out of control.

      I should have mentioned Bob Wilson’s Willow charity sending out 10 tonnes of food to the poor and needy (I think that was the amount).

      There is so much going on within the football community that some don’t want to recognize, for whatever reason.

      Take care out there by the way.

      1. That charity is amazing! 👏 Almost as amazing as your responses (which I’ve just mentioned on another post) What a way with words you have, Ken, love it 👍
        You stay safe, Ken..

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