Arsenal players show willingness to improve under Mikel Arteta

Arsenal players showed against Bournemouth that there is significant room for improvement.

Mikel Arteta started his reign as Arsenal’s permanent boss against Bournemouth and it was a game we all anticipated for so long.

The Spaniard couldn’t get his new team to beat the Cherries, but we could see that Arteta is probably worth the hype.

Arsenal started their game with Bournemouth under pressure to impress their new manager and to also give the fans reasons to be hopeful, and they didn’t disappoint if you have followed them all season.

In previous games, going behind and struggling to break down their opponents seem to deflate Arsenal’s confidence and opens them up for their opponents to kill of the game, but in this game, they refused to allow going behind to put them down.

For a long time, I haven’t seen Arsenal players put in good individual shifts in a game as they did against Bournemouth.

Mesut Ozil who has more often gone missing in games was in this one until he got substituted and that summed up the team’s overall performance in the game.

For me, the willingness of these players to make a good start under Arteta shows that they could become better players under the Spaniard.


    1. Can we get Jack Grealish.
      I just like his style of play and he will be a massive improvement on our midfield and generally up our attack.We must start scoring.Sue pliz help us out on this one.

      1. We don’t need another CAM since we’ve got Ozil, Ceballos, Nelson and Smith-Rowe

        If Arsenal want to recruit another CAM, James Maddison would be a good option. His crossing stat is currently one of the best in EPL

        1. @gotanidea make your mind before you comment. You can’t say we don’t need a CAM and propose we get Madison.All those you have mentioned are not on Grealish level.That guy can unlock the potential we are wasting with the strikers we have.

        2. We do need a proper CM, the biggest void we have in team is left by carzolla. Ozil is not a CM. For our team to click we need a CM who can link defence n attack, is good with boot feet, can pass the ball and dictate the pace of game. If you look at all the Arsenal teams of past under Wenger we have always have fantastic midfield which was based around a talented CM.

      2. I would like him in the team as well. I think he will suit our style of play, he is young n good with ball in his feet. I hoped ceballos would be great CM but he has failed to impress but on other hand Gralish is way better and he is used to league as well. I say get him Arsenal

  1. If this is a performance industry then our highly paid players should beat the likes of a struggling Bournemouth. The future is not bright unless we get in players with energy and character.

    1. Is long since I saw arsenal play with intensity & quick clear passes this is an indication of good things to come.

  2. Arteta is having his honeymoon period, because the players are eager to claim the starting spots under their new manager. Emery had his honeymoon and Ljungberg had it too, if you remember Emery’s promising winning streak last season

    Just wait until the players’ ego and jealousy start to take over. That’s why it is very important to get rid of the senior players who have failed three managers at Arsenal, starting from Xhaka

    I hope Arteta could get at least one player of his choice in January, using Xhaka sale money

    1. Ljungberg was judged by the board as not being good enough after the draw at Norwich and the loss to Brighton at home. He barely had a chance to actually prove himself. Fans had also already made up their minds because unlike Arteta he was stepping up from the club and he didn’t have s much hype. Ljungberg would’ve had to be exceptional to get the job from what I can infer. Arteta is kind of lucky to be coming in from another club because the perspective he’d be viewed from would be different than that of Ljungberg. Arteta is here to stay regardless of this season

      1. Ljungberg was already assistant coach to a failed emery management team. Even is selections were almost like he selected Emery’s team for him. Arteta was someone new and fresh with a completely different idea to the old failed system and it was very logical that the board went for him because he was an assistant to the best in the league, the other was an assistant to a somewhat failed system. and it was no surprise there when we started losing under ljungberg to teams we shouldn’t. the west ham game was a 9 minute miracle period. on any day, we’ld lose that too so stop the ljungberg hype. He is a great legend. and that is the end to it.

        1. Kstix, exactly my point!! Everyone here knew I was vocal about supporting Freddie and asking us to give him the time.
          Unfortunately the board had their plans.
          These guys keep saying Arteta has Freddie to thank for making the transition easier… Really I’m asking what transition?
          And Kev said Arteta’s lucky to get the job..How is it luck when Arteta was the first choice before even Emery got the job?
          Whoever’s doing it would’ve had my support, Freddie or Arteta, I wanted any of them

          1. Don’t you get my point? I’m implying that if Arteta was Emery’s assistant he probably would’ve failed in those two matches against Norwich and Brighton as Ljungberg did and be thought of as not ready yet for a big job. Remember the situations when you’re stepping up from the club and coming from the outside are different. This is a struggling side so every performance is crucial to decide whether you’re good enough. Ljungberg was judged based on those two matches. As for the transition my point is that Emery had Arsenal playing negative football and Ljungberg had us playing a bit of good football. That has made it easier for Arteta to implement his attacking tactics rather than if he took over directly from Arteta. I didn’t think I had to explain this. Those who were definitely in favour of if Arteta being our full time head coach would definitely be fewer if he was in the same situation as Ljungberg

        2. ljungberg have been an assistant to Emery for 5 month? I don’t think he had much to say in anything under Emery. When i comes to team selection, he used what he had, and looking at the team that played yesterday, it is very much the same.

          I do agree that arsenal played alot better yesterday, with a new coach, but for me Arteta and Ljungberg is still very much Tomato Tamato. But i will wait a few rounds before i start my judgement of Arteta

        3. If you think Ljungberg and Emery were similar in terms of management then you’re seriously lost. You mean the man who used to select a defensive team and rather used formations and tactics which meant we were adaptive rather than taking it to the opposition?? I don’t know what you’ve been watching. I stand by my word that the result against Norwich and Brighton would have been the same for Arteta had he taken over from Emery. If Arteta was put in Ljunberg’s place the board would have looked at those two results and thought the same because it is risky going for an inexperienced coach rather than a proven one. Him coming in from City who are winners and the hype surrounding him also added to the decision of the board. They are also humans so the thought of the unknown of what Arteta could do also lured them. I don’t know the matches you people watch to think Emery and Ljungberg were similar

          1. Your just blinded by your love for Freddie as an Arsenal ex player. You want similarities between him n UE…look at team selection, playing torreria out of position as B2B like Emery, bring on and relying on poor young players….I go on and on. You tell me the difference you saw between him and UE? …one thing is for sure we are definitely watching different matches or one of us is smoking some hard stuff lol!

          2. I’m not blinded by any love. I call it on the face of evidence on the pitch. Saying UE and Ljungberg were similar is ignoring the truth. So because Ljungberg made some wrong selections it means he’s similar to Emery?? I can’t take you seriously if you think so. As I keep saying go back and rewatch our match against Norwich. Even in a match where we average we looked far better in possession than we ever did under Emery. Emery also had us playing negative football. I’ve seen our U23’s and if Ljungberg was similar to Emery I would’ve already known that before his first match. I can’t take you seriously on this one

      2. Your assessment is wrong, Arteta has been working with two of the great managers in the world of football he has been part of a coaching team that has won primer league twice. He has improved young players as it is evident from their performances plus at Everton then Arsenal he was always regarded as a leader. On other hand Freddie was an incredible player for us, one of the best but he was not a leader n I don’t think he has that in him. His work with youngsters has given us nothing as our youngsters are poor as hell, no one in UE time has improved actually they declined …Freddie was assistant coach then so what did he do, he improved no one. This is pretty evident from the skill n stats of our first team players n young Academy players. What we have seen in one game from Arteta is way beyond what this team showed us under Freddie for 6 games. I said it then n I will stick to it Freddie is no better then UE.

        1. I couldn’t care less if you think Ljungberg is no better than UE. I know that’s not true based on how I actually saw the boys play on the pitch. Your opinion about Ljunberg’s work with our youngsters bringing nothing is rubbish because it’s ignorant. I would advice you to research on what Ljungberg helped our U23’s achieve.
          All what you’ve said also shows you don’t even get my point. My point is if Arteta was Emery’s assistant and was given the job he would be at the right place at the wrong time. He would have had to be exceptional to be given the job. Him coming in from City and working with Guardiola is a different scenario as compared to if he was already within the club. This team couldn’t even beat Bournemouth who have been quite dreadful. What shows that Arteta would’ve beaten Norwich and Brighton which were the two matches Ljungberg was judged on as not being good enough for the job?? I rate Arteta and I believe he has that world class coaching potential as many suggest but I want you to understand my point and not be ignorant of the facts. Our match yesterday was better than any match we’ve played this season under Emery. What you’ve seen from Arteta in one game is not only down to him. Ljungberg helped change the negative mindset and style the players had under Emery. Our passing was better and our control of the game improved. If you think it’s all down to Arteta then you clearly ignore what another coach’s reign can inherently o to another. If Emery was sacked last week and Arteta had a full week to train us we probably wouldn’t play as well as we played at Bournemouth. That’s being realistic.

  3. I’m optimistic about the future if this club. The club needs to take some pointers from clubs who struggled in the past and now have got it right-Liverpool. Progress is a process and that’s what Arsenal needs because it’s no longer news that we were once great….
    Better days ahead for this beloved club of ours.

  4. lets give Arteta a chance. He is taking us somewhere. He is a complete football person despite alleged inexperience

  5. Firstly I acknowledge Arteta’s choice of coaching staff. They are experience mixed together unlike UE choosing Fl and also unwilling to let the coaching staff give suggestions about games.Arteta has something about him that I like. I hope he cements this Job cuz he’s got something about him can’t wait to see who comes in January and also praying we don’t get youth players cuz the EPL ain’t Netherland league where Ajax propelled with a youthful team

  6. I find it pretty dumb that people say he drew his first game, and it’s classic Emery’s performance.
    Even under Ljunberg, we struggled to create more chances as we were playing sideways.
    Can anyone please remind me when last we took possession both in the first half and second half under Emery? Can someone please remind me when last we went away and dominated the game completely and comfortably without having up to 15 shots taken against us?
    Can someone please remind me when last we went away and took the game to the opponents, without being scared?
    And people came up with all sorts of negativity yesterday, saying it was classical Emery’s performance…
    Clowns for real.We could’ve won that game if only Lacazette wasn’t so wasteful. Like Arteta said yesterday, we could’ve had two to three goals because of Ozil. Even the defenders did their job, but Lacazette was Lacazette whenever it’s an away game.
    If Luiz or Sokratis had been the ones to make us drop those valuable points yesterday, we’d have read up to 5 articles condemning them.
    Martinelli better start on Sunday and Lacazette play from the bench.
    Lacazette’s been here all season, and still If Aubameyang doesn’t score, no one else does.
    I’m hoping to see a more balance attack on Sunday, Martinelli-PEA-Pepe.
    Sure with direct play again, we could cone out with three points if our attackers convert their chances

    1. Hello Eddie
      I totally agree with your post
      Those who thought our performance was like watching Emery all over again were watching not the game that I saw on tv. It was energetic, committed to the cause and even when a goal down didn’t see the fight sucked out of them. Instead they carried on working to get a goal. It was a shame that Lacazette had a poor game because it was a game we had every chance of winning

    2. Why bring Ljungberg into this once again?? Some of you appreciate nothing. Ljunberg helped with the transition for Arteta. If Arteta took over from Emery the results against Norwich and Brighton would probably be the same for him. Do you know that the Everton many said were bang average and offered nothing just beat a 12th Burnley side that beat Bournemouth last week?? Didn’t we also have the better chances against Everton?? I guess Ljungberg was so incompetent he improved absolutely nothing. Bournemouth is the easiest fixture so far Ljungberg would’ve gotten. They’ve had like five consecutive losses bar the fluke win over Chelsea. I’m not taking anything away from Arteta because I could actually see improvements. If Ljungberg coached the side that would probably be his best so far. We were average yesterday but it’s clear to see Arteta has slightly improved us. Ljungberg derseves some of the credit for not taking us backwards

      1. Kev I have nothing against Ljunberg. I’ve always stated I’d love to see him or Arteta become our coach.
        I stood behind him fully when he was in charged, and I never expected miracles from him, same way I don’t expect miracles from Arteta.
        But please stop this your Arteta has Freddie to thank line you keep repeating.
        Freddie made weird selections in his first two games, we kept the ball well unlike under Emery but it was still sideways passes. I never judged him though, and even if he was in charge for the rest of the season I won’t judge him. He took over without having staffs and we didn’t go down the table but neither did we even rise up the table. I love Freddie, I believe he’ll be a good manager which is why I wanted him to go coach Malmo instead of staying back to become assistant manager.
        Arteta’s first game saw a lot of improvements in gameplay, tactics and instructions, all better than what we used to see under Emery and Freddie.
        Stop saying it’s easy for him because Freddie took over, nobody knows what would’ve happened if Arteta took over from Emery, so stop sounding as if you’re certain he would’ve struggled if he replaced Emery.
        Freddie isn’t the reason the guys closed down the opponents on time yesterday, Freddie isn’t the reason we created lots of chances yesterday. So stop making it look as tho Arteta has to thank Freddie, Arteta has to thank Arteta for his work

        1. I’m saying Ljungberg deserves some credit because he had us playing a bit of good football before Arteta took over. Even against Norwich which was Ljunberg’s first game the way we passed around the ball was much better than that under Emery. The same thing against Standard Liege. Don’t make it seem like I’ve implied Arteta has done nothing and has only inherited Ljunberg’s good work. I state clearly that Arteta has improved us and I would’ve aid the same if this is the kind of performance we would deliver if he had taken over from Emery rather than Ljungberg.
          Bournemouth would definitely have been the easiest game for Ljungberg. That Everton performance alone though average is better than what we saw under Emery. It’s one of the few matches if any that I felt we weren’t going to lose to the opposition in an away match. The same Arsenal was almost thrashed by a Watford side that hadn’t even won a match. I have every right to believe Arteta would struggle if he took over Emery and that is me being realistic. Dontcyou know Arteta would’ve been limited by the quality of our players?? Go back and rewatxh the games against Norwich, Brighton and City. Individual error cost us big time. We couldn’t even beat a Bournemouth that was beaten by Burnley. It’s not Arteta’s fault though. It’s the team because I could see good tactics. No-one said Freddie is the reason we created chances or closed down opposition but this narrative of Ljungberg doing absolutely nothing is just wrong. He found himself at the right place at the wrong time. If Arteta and Ljungberg were switched and Arteta was Emery’s assistant he would probably be in the same soup. It’s not Freddie’s time yet. I’m sure you get my point now so don’t pretend I’ve implied everything good thing we are doing is down to Ljungberg

  7. Well to Arterta because you could clearly see slight improvements in how we played even if we didn’t win. That performance alone is better than any of those under Emery in the EPL. Bournemouth was also a good game for Arteta to start with. However, I believe Ljungberg should be given credit for helping with the transition. As incompetent as many say he was he improved our attacking game and I could see he tried to make us press more and that is something Emery promised and failed. Our performance yesterday was average but I was more interested in seeing if Arteta could improve us in the slightest way which he did. One thing I would say is that the standard has been lowered in judging player’s performances. None of our players were great but because we aren’t used to many of them delivering good performances we overrate their impact.

    1. Hello Kev
      I agree with much of your post
      Average performance based on the league in general but above average from where we were under Emery
      It is so difficult to judge our performances when you consider how far down we have fallen.
      I took a real positive about us just being average☹️

      1. Hi SueP, it’s kind of sad that we’ve come to this but then we can only blame the club for everything that’s happened. We are poor at business and making crucial decisions. I stopped taking Emery seriously after his first season where he cost us the UCL and even a 4th place finish in the EPL.
        I can only hope Arteta is the man because even though the signs are good it’s only through a long run of games that we can actually know how good he is.

        1. Kev, if it is reasonable to blame Emery as head coach, what percentage of the blame is attributable to the players, who played under Emery to be in the top four and then blow it over the final games with abject performances. Poor defending, poor officiating, gifted penalties and missed penalty attempts all played their parts.
          It is early days for Mikel Arteta, but the majority of these players have failed under Wenger, Emery and Ljundberg. Arteta must be supported by the owner and Board in the transfer market, if he is to meet the expectation of supporters. The players bought in must be ones Arteta wants, not just who are available and the Board thinks fit the budget.

    1. Great supporter Sue as usual…that’s what one does, support when one can, by actually going to the ground, watching, being part of the crowd and spending one’s hard earnt money.

      I’m hoping those empty seats under UE will disappear and Leeds will be a cracker, just as chelsea and manure will be!!!

      1. That means a lot coming from you, Ken 👍
        With all that class oozing from Mikel, I can’t imagine there being any empty seats!! 😀
        Yes some great fixtures on the horizon. Lots to look forward to, Ken! Safe journey down and home again. Wow, your wife won’t be seeing much of you with all these games!

  8. MA is like my physics teacher.Very serious,no excuses,ruthless and within a week improved the marks of every student in the class.The future looks bright indeed

  9. result was a draw but one of our better performances this season. It’s a long road ahead though, and looking at our schedule we got some tough games ahead and may slip further down the table. But I still think we can get some positives out of this season. Mainly, selling players we dont need, and Arteta bringing back some identity to this club. Shame Emery wasn’t sacked a month earlier, and board didn’t spend another month scrambling… This current season is finished for us unless there is a Europa League miracle.

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