Arsenal players warned of taking even more financial hits if this season isn’t completed

Despite rejecting a proposal to have their wages cut by 12.5 per cent for a year, Arsenal players have been warned that they could face even more cuts should the Premier League season be abandoned.

The coronavirus outbreak has created chaos in the world at the moment with football around the globe at a standstill due to the increase in the spread of the virus.

The Premier League has been affected hugely with every team looking for ways to keep their clubs afloat during these trying times.

Arsenal is one of several teams which have reached out to their players in the hopes of getting them to take a pay cut and save the club some money at this time.

The club asked the players to take a 12.5 per cent pay cut across the next year, but they unanimously voted against such a cut.

Raul Sanllehi, who spoke on behalf of the club, claimed that the team wouldn’t be able to offer them better deals later if they don’t accept the pay cut proposal, according to Football.London.

The report also claims that the players were enraged further when the club told them that in the event of this season being scrapped, they would have to take even more severe pay cuts to remain on the club’s books.

The players really do not look good at this moment in time and should have a serious rethink about their stance.

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  1. jon fox says:

    I can’t imagine right now even being bothered to watch any more of our games when I have such distaste, bordering on outright hostility, to the attitude of our players collectively. They are damaging our club and as such are my enemies. Many will think likewise. Unlike some, I have NEVER , NOT EVER,AS IN NO WAY ON EARTH, EVER, supported ANY single player above our club.

    The players are bent on forcing us to choose between them and the club by their self centred actions. So be it then. I know which side I am on!

  2. SueP says:

    I sound like an old record now
    This is not just the players. It is their representatives, Gordon Taylor and the PL who are only concerned with extracting more wealth at the expense of every one else
    I’m embarrassed to remember that when Arsenal were having more success on the pitch and the revenue was pouring in we were part of a think tank involved in a bigger, better European Champions league for the few at the expense of the rest. I hope that is how I remembered it. Someone will no doubt put me right
    Anyone here who thinks the team deserve to be paid in full while the majority of the nation is suffering and will continue to suffer for years to come – economically and socially – I would love to hear your take on it

    1. Reggie says:

      Agreed Jon and Sue, MERCENARIES! the lot of them.

  3. stevo says:

    The club sees this as an excellent opportunity to lower the salary levels dramatically (a good thing I say) and keep them low. 12% now becomes 25% next season and once players accept that then their will more cuts to follow may be 50% cuts. So I understand the players will simply unite at 0% pay cuts as long as possible. It is an important moment. They may even threaten going on strike. Whoa 🙂 Rules around FFP could be temporarily changed to allow Billionaire owners to pump in money beyond the normal limits which some can afford to do like the oil clubs. But not ours 🙁 So there could well be a huge show down coming up between players and clubs. Some welcome entertainment as replays of games played 20 years ago can only fill the gap for so long 🙂

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