Arsenal playing poorly but rubbish refs ARE killing us

I do not like it when Arsene Wenger goes on too much about the decisions of the referee after Arsenal have just lost a game or drawn one we should have won, especially when the team has not performed well as has certainly been the case a lot this season.

But having said that, the Frenchman is often right about his assessment of the officials and how costly their mistakes are to the Gunners. I would just like to point out a few from our latest game, although I am not trying to get away from the fact that Arsenal played poorly especially in our defending at set pieces.

The thing is, Gooners, that sometimes a side can get something from a game despite playing badly and that could have been the case yesterday. Arsenal should have had a penalty in the 66th minute when Mustafi was clearly kicked after Welbeck’s header from a corner crashed off the bar.

It may not have been on purpose but it was a foul and we should have had a spot kick which would have made it 2-2. Who knows what would have happened after that? What about the tackle on Alexis Sanchez that damaged his ankle? Clear yellow card at least but the ref gave nothing.

Earlier in the half there was a clear pull back on the Chilean which the ref did see as he gave a free kick but the automatic booking never came. The incident from this weekend’s loss that really got me fuming, though, was when Bellerin was penalised for jumping into a defender to attack a header. It was almost identical to when Alonso jumped into him for Chelsea’s opening goal at Stamford Bridge, apart from the fact that Alonso actually caught our player with his elbow and so hard that he had to be subbed off.

At that point in the game at Chelsea we were holding our own but after going behind we had no choice but to take the risk of pushing forward and Chelsea exploited it fully. We also saw the game against Bayern Munich turned by two dodgy penalty calls and a ridiculous red card for Koscielny.

It does not excuse our performances but are you really telling me that the officials are not killing Arsenal with these calls?

Sam P.


  1. Budd says:

    I am pretty sure McClean got an yellow for the foul on Sanchez.

  2. antonioro says:

    This is the real story of Wenger’s downfall.It all begun when UEFA announced the financial fair play rule.Wenger changed everything,preparing to take on the big,wealthy clubs in England and Europe.The news coming around Europe are great-“Real Madrid-stop on transfers for 2 years,Barcelona drowning in debt,Manchester City sheiks scratching their heads,Abramovich desperate”….etc.A huge opportunity for Wenger to dominate England and Europe within budget,making tons of money for club and owners.He prepared himself respecting the rules-getting rid of the expensive players,buying young ,cheap players-make rhem into stars and sell for big profit-buy cheap again and repeat.And ofcourse,building the so-called “British core”-young players making the “home grown quota”.Play them few years and sell for huge amounts to rival clubs which don’t invest in toung players.Your budget go huge,all the young stars around the world cannot go to Real,Barca,MU,City,Bayern anymore coz they banned for transfers until they put the financial in order.And,voila,here is Arsenal,debt-free club,woth home grown quotabalready in,huge financial resources -buy,buy,buy. and cheap too ,coz not competition-take it or leave it.Buy for 10 millions,sell in 1-2years to Real for 80-90.Wenger was in fire already,making money for club ,having a competitive team and pleasing the fans with star players.Arsenal is back,Wenger is a genius!After everything was in place,a team with average players,lots of average young Brits players,no-name young players and no real stars at all-boom….everything get burned to the ground-City,Real,MU,Bayern,Chelsea-they all find easy ways to go around that stupid UEFA fair play rule and the prices in players,instead of going down go to the sky.They all become more powerful than before instead of getting weak.Home grown players,English players?Just promote some kids from academy just to make the squad number.They don’ t even stay on the bench-but the rule is obeyed,right?So,Wenger was betting on a dead horse,he got stuck with a mediocre team,full with overpaid mediocre Brit players,youngsters no one heared about(see Sanogo case).Nothing to sell(who wants bunch of unknown or mediocre players?),uncompetitive on both England and Europe,fuming fans,embarrasment of the press.And,in top of that-ugly and shamefull retirement-well,this is the story.It didn’ t happen overnight as a lot of you think.Wenger tried to hit the big pot in the Casino and missed-now ,all of us, are picking up the consequences.

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    It’s always about the refs or the 4th official….
    Fv*k Mr. Potato Head!

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    I’m begining to think refs are the reason we dn’t score lots of goals or why we don’t approach games with the right tactics and mentality!…..i’m so sure they are the reason we’re stucked with these bunch of players as well
    How Logical?

  5. Budd says:

    Watching Liverpool vs City I stand by my thoughts at the beginning of the season in which our squad is fundamentally good enough to challenge for the title. For the life of me, I don’t understand why we always play this sterile 4231 even when Ozil is not playing. Bellerin is a player who would thrive in a 352 system. Same as Gibbs. I know all the stick Gibbs is getting but ffs, these were wingers pushed back in an attempt to cover holes in the squad, hoping for a transformation which never came. I don’t think Ramsey himself is a bad player if you tell him to play simple and to stay in the middle of the park. Alexis and Ozil can play at least three positions and simply because of that you can have at least 9 options when you build the tactics with these two on the pitch. I can go on and on with every player and I can find you 15 players who could genuinely challenge for the title in a well managed squad. Not sure if Wenger makes the tactics but if he does, in this age when everything is won on finest margin then it’s clear he’s not invested in adapting the game to the opponent. Heard that the first team coach is this guy Primorac. Wonder what the fsck is he doing, why is he still here. Why is Steve Bould here when defense is in shambles?
    All this have to be said reflect poorly on Wenger management and on our current players’ attitude and mentality. Unfortunately, the old dad figure is not really hip with the millenials. It works with Sanchez and Ozil, people coming from poor upbringing but I am afraid future is even grim than it is now. Think for one second who are our first team players tied for a 4 years contract and more. Just take a second and think about. They are Kos, Coq, Bellerin. How will you rebuild around these a team capable of challenging for the title at the end of the cycle? Wenger will leave a mess and that in itself is not the scariest stuff. Scariest stuff is that we don’t have anyone capable of cleaning it and gives a direction within the board. Dark clouds ahead but hey, I believe this is what we want so we better get used with it.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Isn’t it amazing? ?? The things that you can see ? once you unplugged your head away from Wenger’s ass? ?

      1. Budd says:

        Yeah, realized this two years ago and there’s plenty of literature on this site. Too bad you haven’t got time to actually read my posts and stared at my avatar instead.

      2. bran99 says:

        surely, Budd has changed. he used to be like the current Mikdemma or Midkemma, I don’t know

  6. mark says:

    When do you hear Chelsea complain about the refs?

    When a team (Arsenal) is struggling they look for excuses..

    1. davidnz says:

      The 100 years from 1905 till 2005.
      More recently last season when they
      were 17th in the league at one stage.

  7. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Just one question,
    How can you kill something that’s been dead for over a decade??

    1. davidnz says:

      To be fair Nicholas Bendtner
      was unlucky and did have
      a few good games and is off course
      now doing well in the Albanian league.

  8. davidnz says:

    Winning captain.
    “We deserved to win.
    We need to respect the officials
    Ref was great today.
    He let the game flow made it a great spectacle.
    A pleasure to have him always.
    Put a dozen bottles of wine in his car”.
    Losing Captain.
    “We did not deserve to lose
    The officials are incompetent.
    The ref is a blind cheating idiot
    He totally ruined the game.
    Never again.
    Put a bomb in his car 🙂

    1. bran99 says:

      PSG lost and their captain (infact all players) praised Barcelona’s heart form the first minute to the last, only Madridiots are still complaining about the refs to this very day. not necessarily complain but for Wenger? yes he does that whenever we lose

  9. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Just remember that this is only a sport, a hobby, a form of entertainment and that No one is forcing anyone to stick around when the going gets rough.? Suck it up and let your egos concentrate on something more meaningful, in the real world ?

  10. HA559 says:

    We’ve been playing poorly all season. The difference is that the Referees helped us in the first half of season, and now they are not.

  11. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Thursday night football!

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