Arsenal playing transfer hardball with Italian giants paying dividends

Arsenal makes Lucas Torreira decision and forces Napoli to reconsider the move.

Arsenal has been very protective of their top stars this season and they may have forced SS Napoli to reconsider their move for Lucas Torreira.

Torreira emerged as a target for the Italians as he became unsettled under Unai Emery. The Spaniard used him sparingly this season and played him out of position when he fielded him.

This caused the player’s agent to go public with his client’s unhappiness at the Emirates. However, there have been changes since Emery was sacked and he seems to be enjoying a new lease of life at the Emirates.

Reports from Daily Star claims that Napoli has been told by Arsenal that he is not for sale next month.

The Italians had been keen to make Torreira one of their first signings under Genaro Gattuso, however, the report claims that they have been forced to consider an alternative now.

Napoli is said to have turned their attention to Celta Vigo’s Stanislav Lobokta and the Italians are reportedly keen to land him in an €18m deal.

Torreira is now a key member of the Gunner’s squad under Arteta, but the Spanish boss is yet to know his best XI.


  1. Reggie says:

    I would keep Torreira if he is happy because he has ability but if we keep Torreira and xhaka as Arteta is hinting. Dont expect results to change much. Our midfield needs an overhaul, i see Torreira being part of it but keeping the same players in midfield will yield the same results.

    1. Spartan says:

      How will keeping both yield same results if the new new coach is using them differently?

      1. Reggie says:

        Because they are limited and xhaka is hopeless.

  2. Tom says:

    I love Torreira.

    I just had this conversation. Isnt it weird how impressive he has been playing in his position?
    Funny that, he did exactly this at his last international and league teams…play him where he is meant to play, he will do that.

    If there is some positives, its things like this. Martinelli is an equal magic substance. Tierney I believe too, and Saka.
    The sort Ozil has shown in the last few games.

    If arteta believes he is in this for the long hault, then it can happen. Keep the support I guess.

    Only evidence so far is the change seen. Forget the result.
    The performance had elements that can be played well for 30min periods alongside strong 30min spells of intense attack and control. We have shown we can play it for 80mins against a top 4 team and we have good players out, whilst they dont.

    1. Sue says:

      He’s a beast! Remember that 4-2 win over the spuds? He’s playing just like that now! 👍
      What on earth was Emery thinking???

      1. Calabar Gooner says:

        Absolutely correct Sue. So we cried for a mid field warrior for years and then we finally got him, but came close to loosing him again because of poor coaching. SMH

    2. Siamois says:

      Well said;;

  3. Innit says:

    I pray 🙏 that we keep Torreira. We’ve needed a player like him for a long time

    If he goes then I hope
    1. We get good money 4 him
    2. We get an even better DM

    Torreira is one of our few quality players

  4. agu eman says:

    Arsenal always pay over the odds for European players then can’t get rid of them.
    If we can get 25m for Torreira I would sell. He tries hard but he is not what we need.
    Xhaka wanting out is a huge New Year gift for Arsenal.
    Unfortuately Ozil Mkhitarian Mustafi are proving almost impossible to shift.
    Apart from replacing Xhaka unless we sell another player a loan player is all we will get.
    Another round of rumours, done deals and players seen at Heathrow upcoming.

  5. Grimlar says:

    Arsenal have needed someone like Torreira for a long time and he will be a big loss if he goes.

    Both Xhaka and Mustafi have played well for Arsenal at times, but equally there are weaknesses in both players such that I feel Arsenal should be looking to improve on them if they both go.

    Arsenal tend not to do a lot of business in January, so I would probably be quite happy if they that was all they did, ie sell both Xhaka & Mustafi for reasonable fees and get good replacements. That should be enough to steady things up for the rest of the season and then sort out the team more in the summer.

    I know the target is Champions League qualification, but aimng for the Europa League may be more realistic in the short term and even that is far from certain the way things have been for us recently.

  6. Jim will fix it says:

    Torreira for me wont cut it and im not even sorry if it hurts all your feelings!
    Get in players like Sangare, Berge and Szoboszlai as the midfield trio and watch everything improve instantly. How will it improve you all say? These guys are physically more suited and are better ball playing players than Xhaka, Torriera and Guendouzi!

    1. Rabbi says:

      Shut up with this your Sangare. Three new players and they are suddenly suited to the EPL. None have played here before now to start with. You think this is Football Manager?

      1. Jim will fix it says:

        Their height and physical build are better suited. Lets just wait and see when Torreira struggles against a quicker team and fouls in dangerous positions, then what will you say?

  7. Viera Lyn says:

    Make no mistake, we’re presently in a relegation battle and what we do or don’t do come the January transfer window will play a prominent role in our ability to survive this very real scare…consideirng our upcoming schedule, our present injury predicament and the fact that there will be a lot of pressure on Arteta’s to get results in Europe, we are in a very precarious position…it’s one thing to be hot and cold, but when you draw so many games, late game dropped points are an absolute killer…we keep harping on our inability to keep clean sheets, but I’m equally concerned with our lack of scoring punch…minus Auba, we have relatively little secondary scoring, especially when you factor in that most of Martineli’s and Saka’s tallies were in Europa…other real concerns: Pepe losing his starting position to a very weak Nelson, Willock’s sloppy and selfish play of late, the lack of viable and healthy CB options, Laca’s ineptitude and our second half tactical adjustments or lack-thereof…did see some things I liked in the first-half of the yesterday’s game, but once they made a very decisive tactical change before half we never seemed to have any answers…I like Arteta but unless this club is willing to extend themselves in January, the kind of quick turnaround we require might be too much, too soon for an inexperienced manager…this is all very depressing

  8. Siamois says:

    No matter how much you love torreira he will be sold, Arteta in order to take the job made 3 demands bin January, one new defender and 2 DM,in the mould of Fernandinho only youngersnd someone like rodri, to add someone with basically a modern DM needs,steel, physicality, playing simple and forward passes,ni longer being bullied, truth been told i wouldn’t know about the attacker but not a goal scorer someone to wreck havoc and panic in oppositions boxes to leave auba and Co to score goals!;

  9. ozziegunner says:

    My concerns regarding Torreira are the off the field issues, such as his supposed inability to settle in in London, problems with English and his homesickness for the Italian weather.

  10. Atuhairwe says:

    Toreira has problem just needs to add more not to sell him now see how we are strugling in defance coz of injuries and relieing on one Player we should be with Options like other big teams.

  11. Minden Raider says:

    Grimlar. Surely the target with this bunch of flops is to avoid relegation not ‘fight’ for CL or EL place. Sadly we will lose to MU and CP

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