Arsenal, please beat Man United for the sake of your African fans

Arsenal simply have to win this match for us. by Ankoanko

Three points are three points, whether you get it from West Ham, Fulham or even Liverpool. Three points will remain three points, but there is in the UK something you call a 6-pointer, well today’s match qualifies for that. But if any match would’ve deserved more than 3 points, then this could surely be the one.

Well I know in UK the biggest matches are the dreaded North London Derbies, sometimes it feels like you are willing to lose any other 3 points than those, and it is for obvious reasons, there’s nothing sweeter than silence from the noisy neighbors. But in Kenya, or more so Africa, our biggest match of the season regardless of the competition is today’s match, Arsenal vs Man Utd.

Yes NLD means much to the gunners worldwide, but in Africa and more so Kenya, we have countable Spurs fans, to be honest, some of us enjoy beating Chelsea more than Spurs, but our biggest rival of all time is Man Utd.

We have had Arsenal fans commit suicide because of these matches, people lose their wives because of these matches, not once or twice have I heard a man betting on his wife should Arsenal lose to Utd, and recent history suggest, the Utd fans have been having a lot of laughs at our expense. This rivalry has a hit music record labeled “Kati ya man U Na arsenali Ni gani Kali?” Meaning which is the best team between Arsenal and Utd?

This song once used to be number one hit in the charts, albeit a few years ago, and recently since Moyes appointment, we have been at peace, up until the appointment of OLE, God! We have no peace whatsoever, threats about this match started from last Sunday, they have been swearing at us until you get the nerves before even the match day.

If we lose today God forbid, I am not even sure how I will be able to get the strength to get out of my seat. I have no idea how you guys watch, but here we watch our matches in clubs, which is usually filled with fans from all quarters, but the dominant clubs in Africa are Arsenal, Man Utd, and Chelsea respectively.

Now to our beloved Arsenal players, win this one for us, it wouldn’t matter much if we finished in top four, (of course we want to) but losing to Utd is something we can’t swallow. We compare El Classico to this, not the other way. It would mean more than three points to us, it would mean more than derby bragging rights to us, it would mean a voice at your work place, it would mean celebrating in their face like they do, it means silencing them until the end of the season, it would mean so much for us. So kindly please please please, win this for us, if you can’t win it, at least let’s not lose it.

Muha Ankoanko from Nairobi Kenya.


  1. You got it. Am a Nigerian and I have bets with a united fan to decamp from Arsenal if they defeat us today. Let hope the boys will this match. Its fire for fire the boys must use to defeat this united. Our boys need to be stronger physically and be clever because these nitwits will always want to play on the counter.

  2. Naked truth Muha Ankoanko….today I can’t even put on my arsenal jersey coz it might get torned if we loose

  3. anko anko hapo umesema ukweli! an arsenal fan from kenya i can’t afford to loose this match because the humiliation and intimidation that comes with it is unbearable..from family members to friends,.then there is workmates!!!.pliz win this for us.

  4. hope we will win, as you said its a six pointer – should we lose bye bye champions league – gooner = forever

  5. Some Kenyan fans killed themselves and lost their wives just because Arsenal lost? That’s another level of worship

    I agree that this game is important, but a loss is not the end of the world

    EPL is highly competitive, therefore there is still a chance Man United could stumble in their next matches. That is if they win today, which is very unlikely

  6. Losing one’s wife in a bet seems a bit extreme. I had a friend of mine, who was offered 200 camels for his wife in Morocco some 40 odd years ago. He wished he took the offer as his wife divorced him not long after.
    I don’t know what he would have done with 200 camels, as there are over 2 million of them running feral in central Australia.
    Australia exports camels to the Middle East to improve their bloodlines and for meat, out of interest!

    1. I bought Kangeroo meat for the first time there a while back, it looked good, no fat and a huge steak of red beef. It was horrible cooked though, really really chewy, like bouncy chewy no pun. Do they eat that in Austrailia or is just tourists that eat it.

      1. BoT, Kangaroo meat is very lean, tasty (like venison), healthy (low cholesterol) and nutritious; however it can be ruined (as you describe) by being over cooked. Australians do eat it as well as tourists; interestingly Australia has the only supporters to its coat of arms in the kangaroo and emu that people eat. The kangaroo and emu cannot physically run backwards, which is supposed to represent Australia always going forward. Saltwater crocodile is also excelent if you visit Cairns or Darwin.
        By the way kangaroo leather is used in top football boots.

  7. I am Kenyan as well and this matchup is a huuge deal over here……Arsenal to beat United so that we have peace next week. COYG

  8. For the first time, Man U is going to crack today. In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, Amen!

  9. I know a guy who totally smashed up his car with a baseball bat when Liverpool let the league go by drawing 3-3 with Palace! ? but to commit suicide or bet your wife ?? oh my!!
    I want an Arsenal win today, but if they don’t I won’t be getting the rope or pills out!!

    Best of luck today Muha COYG

    1. I’m with all my African friends on this-Will anyone PLEASE swap me their Camel?or?for my wife?Not interested in the game now.Didnt realise getting shot of the misses was as easy as that.And to be fair how difficult can it be to look after a Camel?
      Decided to stay at home and not go to the Emirates today.Too excited on other things to care about football.Just realised there is far more to life than Football-CAMELS

          1. I’ve changed my mind Sue.Ive just studied the Camel in great detail.It is a very slow moving LUMP with a particularly FAT ARSE.Therefore I’ve decided to call it ALEX

            1. Got to tell you-This has brought a great debate to the six of us on a train going into Waterloo for the game.I know how passionate all African fans get about their Clubs be it Arsenal or whoever.But SUICIDE?Really?And When Shankly said “Football isn’t a matter of life or death-it’s more important than that” he certainly wasn’t wrong as far as these guys are concerned was he?
              Gentlemen-Its a game.Get a perspective.We all love our Club bit there really are extremes that are too much.
              Watch the game and enjoy.We will win today I am sure.
              But I’m still up for swapping the misses for Alex the Camel ?

              1. ??? hilarious!! As soon as I read fat arse, I knew it was going to be called Alex ?
                Enjoy the game Phil (& your sherbet ?)

        1. We Africans need to treat these games with moderation. A football game should be taken as just that, a game. It should not create friction or enmity. In any game there are three options: win, draw or loss. We should always anticipate that any of the three can happen and be prepared for the worst. Why should any right thinking person bet on his wife? Is the wife a chattel, a goat or a respectable partner? Which authority allows such insanity? This is tantamount to inhuman and degrading treatment for women which is a violation of human rights! Besides, losing a single game doesn’t mean the world has come to an end. Perhaps my African brothers need to appreciate that games are a form of recreation and not a matter of life and death. If coaches were also as emotional as some of these brothers how many times would they have died in their careers? Let us treat games as recreational activities and we shall then enjoy them without undue stress.

  10. I find the unbalanced mentality described in this article as psychologically dangerous , assuming -and I have no reason to doubt – that it is true. This level of mania is deeply DAMGEROUS to the fans involved and shows a lack of grown up mentality. We all applaud passionate fans and so do I; very much indeed. But what is described in this article is a sickness and I would be deeply afraid of it personally. Despite the legendary Shankly tongue in cheek quote, many football tragedies before that remark and esp since have shown what a shallow lie that is. If you really think football is more important than family or life itself then you are not mentally healthy. Sorry if I offend and I do not mean to but truth , as I see it, compels me to write what I feel.

    MOREOVER, I DO NOT APPROVE OF ANY ARTICLE OR THOUGHT PROCESS THAT SEEKS TO SINGLE OUT AFRICAN-or any continents, country’s, town’s, village’s, street’s or single living room’s – FANS AS SPECIAL. Football belongs equally to us all. By “all” I refer to our one common to all human race. All in all, an unhealthy article , even somewhat sinister and divisive in tone.

    1. You are spot on Jon. I have also made a similar comment above. It can’t be African or Kenyan to behave this is way. This is fanaticism at its most extreme. I am a neighbour of Kenya because I am a Ugandan but I have never lost sleep because my beloved Arsenal has lost a game. At any rate I have other bigger things to occupy my mind like my family’s well being, my work, my neighbours etc. Let us learn to put things in their true perspective and stop caricaturising Africans as some people have done in this article. May I suggest that Admin should use his right judgement and stop publishing such articles which smack of racism!

      1. Bravo David, and midkemma too, for your whole post and in particular the final comment. I have long been campaigning for this rightful banning of racist nonsense , both on here and in the far wider world context. One Utopian day in the future , the ” backward looking and not so bright” section of our common human race will stop being the enemies of their and our OWN single race. I really do pray we leave these stupid no thinking attitudes in Jurassic Park, where they belong , together with the “dinosaurs” that have them. I don’t know about you, ( though I am pretty sure I DO, TBH,) but I want to spend MY time with the millions and billions of fine, interesting and decent folk who inhabit our planet and NOT with dinosaurs, WHEREVER they live. Mr Admin, PLEASE take note of David’s point!

  11. Betting your wife…
    I wonder if people in Kenya think it is wrong to treat women as objects to own?

    Not once or twice…



    I am speechless.

    I guess if women can be traded… Can I own a Kenyan guy to mow my lawn and do my dirty dishes? I don’t like discriminating against people for irrelevant reasons, I think it would only be fair for some Kenyan men to be taken as slaves.

    Not because of their skin colour before anyone says that, I find it disgusting to read about men selling women, sickening to the core.

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