Arsenal predictions for the rest of the season, will there be any glory?

Arsenal predictions – Good reasons to believe there will be some success this season.

There are four mathematical possibilities for Arsenal this season, winning the Premier League, finishing top-four, the FA Cup and Europa League.

I think I can safely say without being mocked that Arsenal will not be overhauling Liverpool this season to claim the title.

That leaves three realistic opportunities in my opinion, top-four, FA Cup and Europa League.

I would love to predict that Arsenal will finish top-four but I just cannot do it. There are just too many teams in better shape ahead of us.

But the FA Cup and Europa League I believe are well within our reach.

Obviously the draw is all important and as things stand a home tie against Championship outfit Leeds United is very decent.

The same applies to the Europa League, Olympiakos are definitely very beatable and I would be surprised if Arsenal does not overcome the Greek giants.

If Arsenal gets unlucky and draws Liverpool or Man City away in the FA Cup fourth round or Ajax or Inter in the Europa League then prospects of glory would be lessened.

But at the same time, Arsenal could draw relative minnows. As I said, a lot depends on the draws in the respective competitions.

All things being equal I am confident that Arsenal will go far in both cup competitions and I am certainly hopeful that we will lift one trophy this season.

These are my predictions for the rest of the 2019/2020 season.

Premier League – 7th
FA Cup – at least quarter-finals
Europa League – winners

Of course, this all depends on the progress we have seen under Mikel Arteta continuing and I am fairly confident it will do.


  1. jon fox says:

    An optimistic set of predictions that I personally cannot share Martin. I can only see 7th as a slim, though, not now, a remote possibility and to win the EL means we will have to beat at least a couple of teams who have more talented players, ESP IN DEFENCE! The FA Cup though is always a lottery and I COULD NOT RULE IT OUT. It has to be about NEXT season though, in my honest opinion.

  2. Reggie says:

    I think my predictions will wait for a few more games yet. Utd result was great but in truth it was one result. Its a bit ludicrous to judge the players and the manager on the game against utd. Yes the team seem lifted and yes the crowd seems lifted but the foundations need to be a bit deeper for me to have any real idea of what we can achieve. At the end of January, if we are within 4 points of 4th, still in fa cup and playing consistently, then all our hopes and predictions can have more substance. If we are out of the fa cup and 9 points off 4th, i don’t think the expectation will be that great. Lets give it time, we are a bit premature after one win.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  3. gotanidea says:

    Realistic prediction

    I’m just worried of the game at the Stamford Bridge, after the Crystal Palace and the Sheffield United games. Lampard knows that our playing style is vulnerable to quick counter-attacks and speedy runners

    Even when Arteta was still at Man City, Chelsea scored first and won the ball possession by 54% at the Etihad Stadium. Arteta didn’t have the answer when Lampard changed his tactic in the second half at the Emirates, so I hope Arteta still has other tricks up his sleeve

    1. AlexLaca9 says:

      Our tactics seemed effective against a team that specializes in counterattacking football (Man Utd) and Chelsea are a possession based and direct team instead of purely counterattacking. Our fitness levels should have improved by the time we play them again so hopefully the players maintain their intensity much longer and understand arteta’s system even better. I’m more worried about the lower half teams that have been giving us hell this season, they’re where the bulk of our points should be coming from

  4. Innit says:

    Well all we can do is try our best in FA Cup and Europa League

    We won’t finish Top 4

    So we need to focus on the cups

  5. Trevor Dearling says:

    The team is improving under the new management. If? Our defenders stay strong we will move up the table. If? We shore up the defence over January seventh sixth is a real possibility.The FA cup! Luck of the draw. BUT the european cup, thats a real hope. We are fearedxdue to our excellent record. Just maybe, the back door to the Champions League.

    1. Mogga Emmanuel Silvano says:

      Just only 8 points behind Chelsea??? Arsenal can really play champions league

  6. Andrew Elder says:

    A lot depends on the January transfer window considering the injury list we currently have. At least there is no more talk about relegation and if we can somehow win a trophy and finish above the Spuds that would be a bonus.

    Personally I am looking forward to next season and if Arteta can achieve what, another young manager, Julian Nagelsmann has achieved for RB Leipzig that would be something else. The future looks bright COYG!!!

  7. Dan the cannon says:

    its a bit of a stretch right now but top four isn’t that improbable if we continue as Arteta has started. Others have said above its early doors and I agree as we have injuries and a general lack of fitness to play the Arteta way consistently through a game. As long as we are competitive in every game we play and see the same pressing, desire and happy team then I’m a happy gunner regardless of the results. Can’t see why a cup run isn’t possible but my barometer of success is how we progress in our style and the team play this season.

  8. Le Coq Monster says:

    Predicting is like betting without the money!…………….half of us will be way off the mark, what will be will be.

    1. ozziegunner says:


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