Arsenal prepare opening £35million bid for top striker target

Arsenal are tentatively favourites to claim the coveted Fourth Place in the Premier League, and it is important not only to give us a long-awaited return to the Champions League, but also to help us to attract top players in the summer.

The most talked about striker target for the Gunners is the Man City hitman Gabriel Jesus, who scored four goals for his club last week, and our chances of landing him will be greatly enhanced if we win the race for Top Four.

There has been many details in the media about how the personal terms are all but agreed, but Arteta and Edu are still waiting to commence negotiations with Man City, but now the Arsenal expert Chris Wheatley, has revealed in Football.London that the club are preparing a bid of £35million for the Brazilian.

Now I know that the 25 year-old only has one year left on his current contract at the Etihad, and he has struggled for game time under Pep Guardiola, but with his prolific goalscoring record in his 4 years at City and his relatively young age, I would have expected a price more in the range of £50million for Jesus.

In my opinion, if we can get him for that price then it is a no-brainer, but with other clubs sure to be interested it is more likely to just be an opening bid.

But as I said at the beginning, surely we need to guarantee a Champions League place before we can expect to get such a high-profile signing at whatever price.

Darren N

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  1. You expect price range to around 50 million? This is why us fans are called armchair managers.
    He’s not Aguero, he’s not Benzema that with a year left anyone would be paying over 40 million for.
    I think 35Million is just okay, but if we have smart negotiators, I bet we can even get him for less than 35.
    Either ways, bring him to the carpet and bring another quality striker too

  2. He is a good striker, hardly prolific. 50 million, 1 year left on contract, 30-35 million is a fair price in this market.

    40 million or more and we should walk away.

  3. We should not behave desperate to sign him.

    With a year left on his contract £20 mil is a tidy price for me, his decision as to where he wants to go will influence his value too, remember Vlohovic even though we were prepared to pay more he was actually acquire for less.

    There is no other team in the league where Jesus would fits better than Arsenal, that will have to be taken into consideration.

    Further more our main striker should be in the form of an attack bully, meaning that out and out number will be still outstanding even with purchasing of Jesus

  4. I much agree with the general concensus of all posts above mine. It is way above what he is worth to suggest we pay a ludicrous £50 mill for what is a fine andPrem proven but NOT world class striker, with a single yearonly left on his contract.


    If, which I hugely doubt, City try to hold out for that silly valuation, then we will say “thanks but no thanks” and go elsewhere.
    That being said though, I firmly predict we WILL get Jesus and for far, far less than this ridiculous rumoured amount.

    This silly rumoured amount makes no sense whatsoever, so as a logical minded thinker, I dismiss it as the nonsense I say it is!

      1. Pat,I doubt we will want to pay even £35 mill, though I think in todays market it could be thought he is worth just that amount.
        I bear in mind that our main spend this summer will need to be onTWO strikers and I expect one to be a specialist striker ONLY, which Jesus is not, actually.

        We also need midfielders and a RB, SO I DO NOT SEE US PAYING £35MILL, though I think we will land him but for less.

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