Arsenal prepared to allow Mesut Ozil to leave for free as they look to tie Aubameyang to a new deal

Arsenal appears to be ready to cut their losses on Mesut Ozil and allow the former Real Madrid star to leave the Emirates in the summer even if they don’t receive a transfer fee.

Ozil has struggled to replicate the fine form he showed in his early days as an Arsenal player and the Gunners regret offering him his last contract worth £350k per week.

They have been keen to move him on in their last two transfer window, but his wage has been a stumbling block so far.

The club is currently trying to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to a new deal but Ozil’s wage is causing problems.

The Gabon star has reportedly told the club that he wants £300k per week as he looks to earn close to what the German is on.

Express Sports is now claiming that the Gunners have no plans to give Ozil a new deal and they have decided that they will take a financial hit to get him off their books.

The report further claims that Arsenal is prepared to allow him to leave the Emirates for nothing if any team is interested in taking him off their wage bill.

Arteta has restored Ozil to his starting XI and gave the German even more responsibilities, but he hasn’t paid back that show of faith with better performances consistently.

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  1. Well according to some on here, Ozil has been in fine form, and his wage does not affect anything.

    Good to hear some common sense for once!

    1. Thirman, do you think it will be financially sensible to have a player on 300k again when we take Ozil of our wage bill. No Liverpool player is on 200k or more (stand to be corrected ). No Mancity or Chelsea player is on much reported Ozil’s wage and they shared the last 3 epl with themselves. It seems more like a dislike or hatred for a certain player than what is good for Arsenal. We have not won the league for sometime now so imo our highest earn should not be on more than 200k

      1. Well it’s all relative, but I do not mind giving Auba a huge salary, because he is arguably the best striker in the league. That said, I do agree with you on trying to have a cap of say 200k. Things went completely off the charts under the previous regime, so we cannot repeat the same mistakes.

  2. “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”?
    We need to replace the whole team and retain Ozil at any cost to give us 1 goal a season!
    If Ozil gets a free transfer that would be the best news of the decade. Good riddance .Well.if we can sign that player from Valencia it would be a great move going forward.Hope Arsenal go in for young players rather than high cost rejects like Ozil, Coutinho, Dembele, or aging playes like Willian or Smalling


  3. I would let him go for free to remove his salary from the books. Its crippling us!

    The sooner he goes the sooner we can take the next step forward

  4. There is a major difference in allowing him to leave and him not wanting to leave. He says he is not going anywhere so end of story.

    1. We calculate his wage and pay him then let him go where he want because he right now doesn’t have Arsenal at his heart other wise many players have accepted pay cut to help their clubs but for Ozil its opposite we better delete his name in our pay role in all means since he was given the golden chance but he could not prove him self.

  5. The article should read
    ” Is Arsenal prepared to pay 300k a week to any club who will take Ozil off our hands.
    With clubs edging closer to bankruptcy every day because of Covid19 who is going to pay 350k p/w to any one?
    Would Arsenal take Sanchez back and pay his 400k a week salary?
    Of course not so why does any one think
    a club will pay Ozil 350 k p/w?
    That’s it no one.
    Ozil and his agent have confirmed that Ozil will drain every last drop out of his 18 mill salary next season.

  6. Spot on GB. At a time when people throughout the World are struggling to make ends meet and indeed to stay alive ,as a caring responsible Club, Arsenal should resist any demand from an agent of player for what amounts to a 50% pay rise.If Auba does not have the common decency to realize how lucky he is in the current economic climate he is not much of a man and should be sold.

  7. Grandad and Stevo,

    Could not agree more.

    Ozil and his agent have stated time and time again that he is not going anywhere so finding a club to take him off our hands is a non starter.
    Auba: I thought that contracts were shorter and worth less money as a player ages. Paying another player silly money when we all know how that has already affected the financial future of Arsenal would be economically disastrous. He should consider himself lucky to get the same terms as his present deal. If he doesn’t like the sound of it then he may well find his options are not quite as rosy as they were before Covid-19

  8. Whenever will these many articles start talking at least some sense! So, the Express is saying, APPARENTLY, which I much doubt, that some peculiar club , as yet unnamed, are actually prepared to take over OZILS contract , provided they have no transfer fee to pay. And I notice the Express does not say, APPARENTLY, which other club in the world would be that catastrophicaly stupid and wish bankruptcy on themselves. And why don’t thy say it? Because it is not true, obviously.
    If Arsenal could have got OZIL off our pay roll, THAT EASILY, they would have done it ages ago. but they have not and why not?

    As for Auba, he will not play another game in our colours, as neither will several others either. Auba needs to be sold in June to have any hope of even getting a now much Corona reduced fee or else lose him for nothing. The chances of playing any more games this side of June 30 is zero and the club knows that , even if some twerps on here do not and so continue fooling themselves. TWAS EVER THUS WITH SOME FANS.

    1. For further clarification, I do not say this article did not appear in the Express, merely that the Express folk are just space filling at this empty of news time on the sports pages. But only a naive twerp believes it and passes it on as a likelihood. And only a naive twerp believes that even the Express themselves believe it. Papers print impossible and non happening stories all the time and sane fans know that only too well.

      1. Jon this last post (5.13 pm) I agree with 100%.

        By the way, have I missed where any other player in the club have stated they will take a cut in their salary?

        Jon, I replied to your last post regarding Sansom etc are you going to continue that debate?

    2. The league will finish behind closed door and Auba will play. Please explain to me why the players, essential staff and families can not be isolated away for a period of time allowing them to train and then on completion of said training/isolation play games behind closed doors.

      Obviously there is absolutely no scientific reason this can’t happen and it will happen for this exact reason given the financial/legal implications if not. It poses zero risk of overwhelming medical services which is the only reason for the lockdown in the 1st place and frankly only hasn’t happened already due to the optics and confusion/fear in general. If I’m being generous to the various authorities an argument could be made that they are waiting until they could test everyone after the isolation (ie when testing isn’t overwhelmed once the numbers of new cases are declining.) Still there really is no need for the testing after the isolation and it would again be an optics thing both for the public and those involved rather than any serious science based concern. The only issue would be logistics and it’s hardly a particularly difficult one.

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