Arsenal prepared to ban any journalist showing signs of coronavirus

Arsenal has taken a serious step to prevent the spread of the dreaded coronavirus in London.

The virus which originated in China is fast spreading across the world and there have been confirmed cases in Italy with several of their league games over the weekend postponed after an unexpected outbreak in the European country.

Arsenal is serious about preventing the virus from spreading across to their domain and they have taken steps to prevent its spread.

According to Talksport, Arsenal will not allow any journalist with a symptom of the disease to attend their prematch press conference ahead of their FA Cup game against Portsmouth.

The report claims that the Gunners have sent out questionnaires for any journalist who wants to attend the conference.

Among the questions the Gunners will ask is if the journalist has a symptom of the disease including cough and sore throat.

They also ask if the journalist has been close to anyone with a confirmed case of the virus.

If a journalist answers yes to any of these questions, they are then denied access to the conference.

The club also says that their staff is permitted to deny access to anyone they suspect to be unfit.

The club will hope that this would help to stop the spread of the dreaded virus.

There is, however, one huge flaw in all this, they are expecting journalists to be honest with their answers. Well, without sounding cynical, the press is hardly the most honest profession, especially football journalists who spend their careers making up stories and twisting words.


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