Arsenal prepared to sell midfielder this month but only on two conditions

Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka will be allowed to leave Arsenal but only if certain conditions are met.

Despite getting assurances from Mikel Arteta that he has an important role to play at Arsenal, Granit Xhaka reportedly still wants to leave the Emirates.

Since he fell out with the club’s fans and got stripped of the captain’s armband, Xhaka seems to have made up his mind to leave.

Arsenal has, however, been blocking his move with Hertha Berlin the most serious of his numerous suitors.

The Daily Star is reporting that Arsenal is prepared to sanction his sale this month, but two conditions must be fulfilled for that to happen.

Firstly, Arsenal would only consider talking to any club about his transfer providing a bid of at least £25 Million is offered.

Secondly, the Gunners can only allow him to leave when they have found a replacement.

The report further claims that Arsenal’s preferred choice to replace Xhaka is Juventus’ Adrien Rabiot. The Frenchman has struggled for minutes at the Allianz Stadium since he moved to Italy this season and he may have to move away to progress his career.

Juve is unwilling to let him go but Arsenal hopes that with money on the table, the Italians may change their position.

For now, a move away for Xhaka appears doubtful and the Swiss star appears to be enjoying his football again under Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal is taking the right stance here, there is no way they should accept lower than their valuation and of course, they should have a readymade replacement in place before any deal is sanctioned.


  1. Xhaka should cost at least 30 M, due to his experience, his important role at Arsenal/ Switzerland national team and his physical attributes

    If we sell him at that price, we can buy someone younger than Rabiot

    I hope he wouldn’t move in January though, because we don’t have another left-footed DM. Torreira/ Guendouzi/ Willock/ Ceballos are right-footed and we need to balance the double pivot

    1. From one obsession to the other…It was Left footed Inverted winger you were always screaming before.
      Now I’ve noticed in more than five articles or so.
      It’s a left footed DM you keep singing.
      Who gives a fvck if a DM is left footed as long as he does well on the pitch?
      How many left footed DMs plays for Real Madrid or Barcelona?
      How many plays for Chelsea or Man City? Liverpool?
      You’ve done the wingers, The RB, and now the midfielder, I’m really waiting for you to talk about us needed a keeper who’s left footed

      1. Eddie, I’m sitting here, on my own, laughing out loud at your response…brilliant my friend brilliant.

        What I will look for at the next game is MA pivoting from one inverted right leg, to the unverted left leg, while dribbling down his shorts in exasperation at our fitness levels.

        I hav to hand it to you gotanidea, the terms you use to play the simple game of football makes it seem the new rubik cube of sports entertainment – keep up the good work, as I want to see Eddie explode again with your next terminology of what makes a decent footballer!!!

        Le Coq, you have a rival in the entertainment area – and he doesn’t even try!

        1. Lol…Ken whenever I see him talking about us getting a player who’s left footed to do this or that. Just like PEA, it really does my head in😂😂… He sounds like the English Media always saying stuffs

        2. Ken, this got an idea poster is really the most irritating and constantly “say the first thing that comes into my head” tyoe on this site. He (I think he is male, despite that picture with his profile) seems to deliberately avoid any proper thought. This whole inverted nonsense is ripe for sending up , as Eddie did so brilliantly and I laughed at his witty reply too. I have often scorned got an udea but have come to realise tht he is beyond any persuasion to use reason. He love buzz words, such as “inverted” and what he wrongly sees as “new ideas” and trots them out as personal gems of wisdom , when it apparent that he has not the slightest idea what he is talking about. PERSONALLY, I LIKE TO ASSUME THAT MY FELLOW DEBATERS ON HERE HAVE AT LEAST A NORMAL DEGREE OF ABILITY TO THINK THINGS THROUGH. No such luck with got an idea, who really should be known as got no idea!

      2. I can’t even name a Liverpool starting Midfielder that’s left footed.. from Milner to Fabinho to Keita to Henderson to Wiljnaldum to Lallana.
        So whats the meaning of balancing a double pivot with a left footed DM?
        Even Rodri and Gundogan aren’t left footed.

        This guy has “gotnoidea”

    2. It doesn’t matter if the dm is right footed or left footed…what are u talking about?

      Go for rabiot, ndidi, or someone else…anyone would be better than xhaka

      1. If doesnt even matter which footed a winger is.. right footed LW, cuts inside to shoot. Left footed LW better at crossing..

    3. Xhaka is a £10mil footballer who we paid 35mil for. If someone offers in excess of 10, we sould snap there hands off and i will drive him myself, even if it was Australia.

  2. We definitely need a CM who is more mobile and two footed ….quick feet with good linkup play …inshort my wish we find another Santi carzola. For me he was one of the best midfield players who have played in priemer league.

      1. I like Isco a lot but Isco is more of advance midfielder n he lacks stamina. He would be a good replacement for Ozil but I won’t play him as CM. I like the other young Uraguay midfielder Madrid has, that kid has good attributes n technical abilities to become a good CM. We should try to get him if Madrid do sell but I doubt it as Zizu’s likes him n he always plays him in his team.

  3. As most successful players who have won titles preferred to transfer to title winning club sides to be playing there so that they could continue with winning titles there. In view of this, I think if Arsenal find a left footed or both legs footed or even a right footed DM player who will be an improvement to what Xhaka brings to the team at Arsenal and Xhaka still wants out of the Ems this winter window despite Arteta don’t want to see him leave Arsenal this winter window. I think the club should cash in on Xhaka leaving the club during this ongoing January window but if they received a very good price that matched the football quality he currently has at Arsenal say at least £35 – 40m in transfer fee cost I would think. But Arsenal will need to replace him if he leaves but I don’t if Adrian Rabiot will fit the bill or not as replacement to Xhaka if Arsenal sign him this winter window. But whoever Arsenal sign should be the kind of midfielder that will make immediate impact to the team’s efforts to get a top-four place this season and win the ELC too. In this respect, can Christian Eriksen at Spurs make immediate impact at Arsenal on the sustainable basis till season end if Arsenal succeeded to sign him this winter? But that’s assuming Arteta wants him to come to the Ems.

  4. Gotanidea is entitled to express his/her views without being abused or mocked, especially by people who can’t use proper language/grammar. I often find the contributions interesting. Lighten up.

    1. Spot on
      You posted before me
      It was humiliating and I’d be mortified if I was vilified like that
      Fun is fun but it became unpleasant to read the further on I went
      And I’m not a snowflake: just a human being

    2. thank you very much.. I really felt ashamed when I read the comments from the others.. its really disturbing that one arsenal fan is being mocked to that extent for a an opinion one can agree or diagree with but not abuse like this

  5. Got an idea/ got no idea
    I read your posts some of which I understand and the technical stuff which I don’t. I’m a fan who never played the game but enjoys and have enjoyed watching The Arsenal for half a century
    You carry on as you are
    You have a different approach but that’s what makes you different

    1. thank you very much.. I really felt ashamed when I read the comments from the others.. its really disturbing that one arsenal fan is being mocked to that extent for an opinion one can agree or diagree with but not abuse like this
      i don’t agree with all the transfer wishes, we all like different players but I am pretty sure gotanidea knows the technical aspects better than the people abusing him

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